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Behind The Global – Game Of – Thrones


Greek PM Alexis Tsipras yesterday laid out Syriza’s stance, and from what I saw he didn’t pull even one punch. Despite all the suggestions from the financial press throughout the past week that Tsipras and Varoufakis reneged on campaign promises to seek debt write-downs, they didn’t, and never have – other than perhaps in semantics.

Which I don’t find the slightest bit surprising. I would have been very surprised if they had. The misinterpretation, and the faulty expectations, are easily explained through the fact that – most of – these guys are not politicians, which they very deliberately expressed in the way they dressed for their meetings with ‘Europe’s finest’.

They don’t see the ‘space’ career politicians see to negotiate away the mandate their voters have given them. For them it’s simple: we were elected on our program – which in this case happens to be to end the misery forced upon Greece by the European and Troika schemes -, and we’re not going to move away from that just because ‘the other side’ starts threatening us, or (a crucial difference in politics) because our voters may not vote for us again in a next election.

In their view, trying to scare Greece into even more submission, which is the overlying message emanating from Brussels and beyond, is entirely null and void because Greece can’t – and shouldn’t – sink any lower than it has. Very and refreshingly simple. No surprise there, but, at least on my part, just support and admiration. Syriza is fighting the fight many others don’t have the intellect, the chutzpah and/or the courage for.

The first thing they did, apart from hiring back the government offices’ cleaning ladies the Troika got fired, was to say they wanted nothing to do with that same Troika. That to me is the most important statement so far by Yanis Varoufakis and his crew. Because that goes to the heart of why Greece is where it is, and why the entire world is.

I saw a headline last night that said something like ‘Greece doesn’t want to talk to the EU’. But that’s not true. Syriza merely wants the IMF out of the picture. And then it would prefer to talk to separate EU nations and offices, rather than top down Brussels bureaucrats. Not just because of the Colonel Blotto game theory I talked about before, but because they recognize how insidious and ruthless the IMF is. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

The most remarkable ‘news item’ for me yesterday came not from Tsipras (or Greenspan), but from former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who did something he would never have when he was in office. Sarkozy went against the grain of the official western narrative vis à vis Ukraine and Russia. He said what no acting French president could possibly say (including himself), because as president he would have been beholden to the US and NATO dictated doctrine, that Putin is evil, and Ukraine should be ‘liberated’.

Sarkozy: Crimea Cannot Be Blamed For Joining Russia

Crimea cannot be blamed for seceding from Ukraine – a country in turmoil – and choosing to join Russia, said former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. He also added that Ukraine “is not destined to join the EU.” “We are part of a common civilization with Russia,” said Sarkozy [..]. “The interests of the Americans with the Russians are not the interests of Europe and Russia,” he said adding that “we do not want the revival of a Cold War between Europe and Russia.”

Regarding Crimea’s choice to secede from Ukraine when the country was in the midst of political turmoil, Sarkozy noted that the residents of the peninsula cannot be accused of doing so. “Crimea has chosen Russia, and we cannot blame it [for doing so],” he said pointing out that “we must find the means to create a peacekeeping force to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine.” In March 2014 over 96% of Crimea’s residents – the majority of whom are ethnic Russians – voted to secede from Ukraine to reunify with Russia.

That is pretty close to 180º different from what the official western position is. Putin has taken note. Because it destroys everything the West, as represented by Germany’s Merkel and France’s Hollande, brought to the talks in Moscow this weekend (and Minsk today). More importantly, it throws out what NATO wants and prepares for. In the exact same way that Greece seeks to throw out the IMF.

And that is no coincidence. Sarkozy reveals his dismay at being told what to do, when he was in office, by the supranational NATO. Tsipras and Varoufakis refuse being told what to do by the supranational IMF. Same difference. Well, to an extent: Sarkozy did the NATO and IMF’s bidding when he was in office, Syriza never has.

Merkel, meanwhile, ceased resisting Mario Draghi’s mad €1 trillion+ QE program recently, and along that same vein she may today, as she’s talking to Obama in Washington, give up her resistance to the west arming Kiev. Which would be equal to a declaration of war against Russia. The pressure on her is obviously huge and increasing, but Angela should be smart enough to know that it’s impossible for Russia to stop looking out for the Donbass.

Because just about every Russian citizen has family connections in the region, who’ve been shelled by their own government for close to a year now. And if Russia were to retreat, chances are these people will be obliterated in very ugly ways. What Merkel should be demanding at the ‘peace’ talks is for not-so-very-democratically-elected PM Yatsenyuk and his shady government to step down, and nationwide fair elections to be held that include the Donbass. But she won’t.

full article at source: http://www.theautomaticearth.com/2015/02/behind-the-global-game-of-thrones/

NATO Preps Civil War in Afghanistan

The big three who can help save Afghanistan … As its forces withdraw, Nato should not be afraid to seek help from Russia, India and Iran, says Shashank Joshi  … Exactly 11 years ago, with the wounds of 9/11 still fresh, the United States and Britain invaded Afghanistan. They arrived in anger, collected allies along the way, and grew in ambition. Today that anger has faded, those allies depleted, and their ambition exhausted … There is no easy solution, but Nato should not be afraid to ask for help. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: We need help and should ask our friends. We only want peace for Afghanistan.

Free-Market News: According to this UK Telegraph columnist, India, Iran and Russia should be approached about supporting Kabul in its attempts to maintain a centralized government in Afghanistan.

This is nothing more than a recipe for a civil war, however, and is line with other NATO and US efforts to maintain “stability” in the region.  What is never mentioned about current efforts and what the mainstream media never probes is the actual composition of the army being set up in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is made up of Pashtuns and other minorities that have been traditionally confrontational. It is the Pashtuns versus all the rest…………………………

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/28130/NATO-Preps-Civil-War-in-Afghanistan


Western intelligence openly active in supporting and directing “rebel” forces in Libya.

By: Patrick_Henningsen

Western   intelligence openly active in supporting and directing “rebel” forces in   Libya.

Clearly, Assad is unlikely to resign from power, which creates the ideal   media conflict between him and his western detractors.

Predictably, and once again, in this situation President   Barack Obama‘s calls for sanctions against Syria and for its leader   President Assad to “step down” from power are all part of a PR and diplomatic   process designed to soften the ground for an impending NATO, or “coalition”   group military intervention in Syria.

No one can deny the strategic importance of Syria on the grand chessboard.   It’s bordering neighbors include no less than Israel, Turkey, Lebanon and most   importantly now, Iraq. It is also a natural political ally of Iran and   aligned firmly with the region’s last remaining independent militia, Hezbollah.   To bring Syria under the globalist umbrella would be a key jewel on the   globalist crown in their effort to control the entire Middle East and Central   Asian region. In addition, Syria is one the region’s most economically   independent sovereign states and possesses an incredible basket of natural   resources. For all these reasons, Syria is a very high priority for globalist   economic privatisation and dismantling of the state that is currently in   place.

Israel’s stake in Syrian regime change is first and foremost- land. The Golan   Heights, as well as its formerly occupied prize in the form of South Lebanon   will be firmly within Israel’s grasp if the country should eventually come under   US and European globalist control.

Unlike Saddam Hussein in Iraq, or Gaddafi in Libya, President Assad’s   confidence in Syria’s ability to overcome the current western-backed coup is not   misplaced optimism. Unlike other soft targets in the surrounding region, Syria   maintains one of the largest, most loyal, and well-trained standing armies and   air force operations in the region. They have state-of-the-art anti-aircraft   defense systems in place, and a very sophisticated and well-oiled intelligence   network, one which has given its near neighbor and traditional adversary,   Israel, a very difficult time penetrating over the decades.

fullarticle at source here:http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article30062.html

Syria\Libya ,every life is precious

The blame game is now full underway, why is it ok to bomb Libya and not to bomb Syria?

Syria\Libya ,every life is precious The current leaders in both of these countries are despots and they are equally to blame for the many thousands of lives that are been lost

Syrian Armed forces are killing their own people and the West is just looking on .The clams in this video clip that the rebels were using bombs and weapons are just pure fantasy .If ordinary people had these weapons they would stand and fight!

Libya is still in the grip of gaddafi

There must be a lot of wheeling and dealing going on in Libya, Gaddafi is still hanging around and people are still losing their lives .How long can the people of Libya continue with this uncertainty?

The people are just pains in this obvious chess game of the regional powers! I hope the people’s revolution does not become bogged down and they lose sight of the democracy they have almost achieved.This was not ment to be an oppertunity for the west to try out their new war toys .Real people are diying  with every air strik !

NATO Bombs Tripoli in Heaviest Strikes Yet

The strikes, within a 30-minute period around 1 a.m., caused thunderous explosions and fireballs that leapt high into the night sky, causing people in neighborhoods a mile or more away to cry out in alarm.

Just as one strike ended, the sound of jet engines from low-flying aircraft in the stormy skies above the capital signaled the imminence of another. Huge plumes of black smoke rose and converged over the darkened cityscape.

“We thought it was the day of judgment,” one enraged Libyan said.

The intensity of the attacks, and their focus on the area of the Bab al-Aziziya command compound in central Tripoli, appeared to reflect a NATO decision to step up the tempo of the air war over the Libyan capital, perhaps with a view to breaking the stalemate that has threatened to settle over the three-month-old Libyan conflict.

As NATO intensified its airstrikes, the American State Department’s highest-ranking Middle East official, Jeffrey D. Feltman, was in Benghazi on Tuesday on a visit aimed at providing fresh impetus to the rebel cause. Speaking at a news conference, Mr. Feltman said that the Obama administration had invited the Libyan opposition to open an office in Washington, but stopped short of offering the formal recognition the rebels have been seeking.

“This step marks an important milestone in our relationship with the Transitional Council,” Mr. Feltman said, referring to the rebel governing body, who he said had accepted the American invitation


Libya war continues!

We haven’t heard much news from Libya in the last few days and according to this video clip the fight for freedom of the ordinary citizens of Libya goes on and Gaddafi is still holding on and every day he does someone dies .He should be brought before the international criminal court

Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya ‘mission’?

The people of Libya want their freedom and the right we in
the west have I don’t believe they are out in the streets because they want
gold in their pockets! Once they have this freedom they should choose whatever
currency they want and more power to them. I don’t think its a bad idea for a
new gold based currency I think the world does need it as the Dollar is currently
worth nothing and the Americans are printing
in whatever amounts they want and all because Obama says

“Yes We Can” Well
I got news for you Obama the Libyan People say “Yes we can too”

Libyan authorities distributing weapons among households


TARHOUNA, Libya—Libyan authorities are instructing civilian volunteers, some as young as 11, in the use of automatic rifles and distributing the weapons among households here to combat an insurgency against Col. Moammar Gadhafi, according to people being trained.In this photo taken on a government-organized tour, students are shown how to handle weapons at a school yard in Tarhouna district, Libya, on Wednesday.

Photo Associated Press

The extent and quality of the instruction, which the government stage-managed for foreign journalists Wednesday in this Gadhafi stronghold, are unclear. But the effort, if widely carried out, would appear to raise the risk of widening Libya’s 10-week-old conflict.

“We want every home to have a Kalashnikov in case of necessity to fight against the enemy,” Abdel al-Muftah, who oversees the training in Tarhouna, told students in a high school classroom, a pair of binoculars hanging over his desert-camouflage uniform. “Any day now, we expect the enemy to attack us here.”

Behind him as he spoke, 16-year-old Sannah Kanouni fumbled with a Kalashnikov rifle, trying to follow a trainer’s tip on disassembling it. The gun toppled on its side. Losing focus, Ms. Kanouni got swept up in a mini-demonstration by her classmates, pumping her fist and

, plus the economic and politic status of some countries across North Africa and the Middle East.

Adult weapons trainers led a similar rally in the courtyard of an elementary school, firing their weapons skyward. Among the participants was Abdullah Iyad, a fifth grader in a brand-new camouflage uniform his mother had purchased. Smiling, the 11-year-old said he had just received his first hour of training to take apart a Kalashnikov and put it back together.

The foreign journalists had been bused to this rural district 80 kilometers, or 50 miles southeast of Tripoli to watch weapons training at schools, the grounds of a clinic and a windswept desert plain.

As did Ms. Kanouni, many of the trainees displayed more enthusiasm for their 69-year-old leader, at least when television cameras were rolling, than competence with the weapons placed in their hands.

The government’s message was that people here and in other rural districts outside Tripoli would pose an obstacle to any advance by the rebels toward the capital from the cities they hold in eastern Libya. This community of 300,000 people is seat of the Tarhouna tribe, a pillar of Col. Gadhafi’s regime.

Yet people interviewed here about their training said they would simply defend their home ground rather than join in any government offensive. Reflecting the government’s line, many of them sounded incredulous that Libyans had risen against Col. Gadhafi, whom they said was being attacked mainly by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with an assist on the ground from militants of Al Qaeda.

“Our enemy is the barbarian, colonialist crusader aggression,” said Ms. Kanouni, who wore a black headscarf fully covering her hair. “It’s NATO, [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy and Barack Obama.”

Col. Gadhafi’s government has in the past distributed weapons to civilians, including children, and for years has put high school students through military instruction. But many adults being trained now say they are receiving weapons for the first time, and school officials here say military training is now being given to children before high school, though they say it is not required below seventh grade.

Mr. al-Muftah, the training overseer, said the new emphasis on arming civilians here began after NATO air strikes demolished a sprawling local army facility in late March in its campaign to blunt Col. Gadhafi’s armed assault on protesters seeking his ouster. The wreckage of dozens of buildings resembling hangars and the remains of scattered armored vehicles were visible behind a tall concrete wall that had been partly blasted away.

He said about 200 people were being trained for four hours each day for up to nine days at each of 15 locations in the district. Each person completing the training goes home with a Russian-made Kalashnikov, he said.

“My job is to lead a group to fight NATO; we heard NATO will bring in soldiers on the ground,” said Moamar Abugarar, a 37-year-old high school Arabic teacher who is helping to train 40 men, ages 18 to 70, on the lawn of a local clinic. He said his pupils—drivers, computer engineers, doctors and farmers—were learning to use Kalashnikovs, shoulder-fired grenade launchers and Russian-made artillery guns mounted on pickup trucks.

Those weapons, along with some M-60 machine guns, also were on display outside town along with 100 volunteers who had been bused from Tarhouna to fire them across the desert and pose for TV crews.

Source and full article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703367004576289444037822716.html?mod=WSJEUROPE_hpp_MIDDLESecondNews

latest from Misurata,

Where is NATO why are these tanks able to enter into this city and this use of cluster bombs only confirms that Gaddafi is getting support from someone, maybe from a western government, has Spain something to answer here! Is Spain helping Gaddafi ?

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