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If it rings a bell with you ?? “Angel flying too close “

Supporting the musical Arts

My good friend Anthony has just posted some of his latest music creation on his myspace page please support him and have a listen at this link http://www.myspace.com/anthonystapleton

Pat Metheny

For all you jazz fans out there and those of you who can appreciate real genius and creativity
This is just a treat, I am myself not that heavy into Jazz but I do know genius when I see it
a welcome diversion

To all our Blues fans

To all thoese Blues fans out there look at this


Dublin’s Theatre News

Hi There,

I want to share with you these gems,

These are a few clips from a stage performance of Samuel Beckett,s work “an Abandoned Work” in the International Bar in Dublin of a very bright and seasoned actor .

His name is Kevin Malone and I have never being so impressed by an actor’s total portrayal of a character and his absolute ability to captivate his audience in a very busy Irish Pub!

I apologise for the poor quality of sound and vision . I am working with very limited resources !

This video doesn’t exist

Please give a warm welcome to Mr. Malone

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