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Mr John Gormley, T.D., Minister for the Environment Reports!

I have just received this e-mail from the Mr. John Gormley’s office and I am surprised that he has taken the time to look into this ongoing problem for our small housing estate!
See original report here

This video doesn’t exist

RE: REP2697/JG/10

I have been asked by Mr John Gormley, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to refer to your email in relation to the pollution of a river stream flowing through your housing estate.
The Minister has asked me to advise you that the day-to-day operation and maintenance of sewerage and water infrastructure are matters for the local authority concerned, in this instance, Wicklow County Council. Accordingly, any concerns in relation to pollution or the risk of pollution of the environment from any source, should be taken up directly with the Council or with the Environmental Protection Agency who have a supervisory role in relation to the environmental functions of a local authority.
However, to be of assistance in this instance, the Minister has requested a report on the matter raised in your email from Wicklow County Council and as soon as this report is to hand a further email will issue to you on the matter.
Yours sincerely,
Eddie Kiernan,
Private Secretary

The Master and the puppet


For the last two days I have being receiving support from mainly the Labour party and the Fine Gael parity

But I can’t help fell that I am just getting the parity line from most of the respondents

While it is to be commended that our politicians take time to respond to the likes of us mere voters

A little more personal touch would be more credible

  • Looking even at the support I am receiving I have to expose the lack of any ideas and suggestions to help the unemployed get back into the work force
  • there is not one respondent calling for the prosecution of the officials (public servants )responsible for this financial disaster
  • What about the sacking of the still in place senior bank staff that are responsible for the outright fraudulent activity at Anglo Irish Bank as well as the other banks?
  • The Directors that are still in place in the major Banks have shown themselves as being totally incompetent in spite of receiving huge salaries .Why have they not be been sacked and charges brought against them ,why was the Cab not brought in to investigate this fraud!
  • I call it fraud because; I have lost most of my pension, along with my job, and any kind of stable financial certainty in the future! All because of the incompetence of people who were supposed to be professionals, but turned out to be gamblers!
  • It seems a foregone conclusion (as far as nearly all the TD’s in the Country)that the taxpayers of this country will have to foot most of the bill to bail out well placed developers who in the past, have had access to senior Ministers at the Galway races Tent

It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to see why the Government wants to help their buddies, but they seem to have gotten used to the high flying lifestyle and forgot that they are supposed to be there for all the people of the nation and we the forgotten will make our voice heard whether they want to hear us or not.

So here down on the ground there is a lot of disbelief and outright shock but be warned, this will soon turn to anger and it will get nasty, that you can be sure of.

The biggest shock of all is the complete conversation of the Greens to the Fannia Fall dogma that when in Government you must forget all about you principles and every decision you make must be made to keep yourself in Power and forget the promises’ you made to get in there in the first place

if there was an exam at the end of this Dail term the Greens would get an A for haven outdone themselves in becoming the New PD’s

I’ll Do the Job!


With the country going down the toilet a row has broken out with the KillarneyJarveys and Mr. John Gormley, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government via the local town council

Efforts by the council, over several years, to get jarveys to use equine sanitary devices on their carriages have failed.

Horse dung has been a controversial issue in Killarney for years, with large deposits of dung in areas such as Muckross Road, Mission Road, Ross Road and Killarney National Park.

Despite the use of equine sanitary devices in other countries, the Killarney jarveys have consistently argued such devices could prompt horses to bolt.

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