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Hello Again !!its Live Line (2)

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Audio clip from Live Line .

electricians’ strike action


The leader of the State’s largest trade union

Has declared his support for electricians planning to strike from tomorrow and he said his union would give a “strong recommendation” to its members to support an all-out picket.

What Planet are these people living on! You should be on the streets demanding work and retraining for the unemployed, Mr. Connor!

  • “The TEEU (www.teeu.ie )  is entirely justified in the action it is proposing and our union believes it is most regrettable that electricians in the TEEU have been forced to engage in such action by reason of the employers’ refusal to negotiate, despite a recommendation from the Labour Court that they should do so,” Mr O’Connor said in a statement.

    “The electricians have only served strike notice having exhausted every possible alternative procedure against a background of the declared intention of the employers to implement a pay cut of the order of 10 per cent and detrimentally alter other conditions of employment, all of which are in contravention of the Registered Employment Agreement for the industry.”

    Things have changed wake up and look around you all the electricians that are now standing in the dole queues would gladly work for 20 euro an hour

    Mr O’Connor said that ultimately the electricians must be supported by all workers because the employers’ objective of cutting pay and “tearing up agreements” reflected the primary aim of the “wealthy elite” in society to preserve their own position.

    Talking about preserving your own position, you are part of these wealthy elite,

    What salary do you get; it’s a multiple of the average industrial wage most of your members get

  • “As soon as the TEEU seeks the support of other trade unionists through the Irish Congress of Trade Unions by applying for an all-out picket, Siptu (www.siptu.ie )will immediately ballot its members affected, with a strong recommendation that they support the electricians.”

    This action is like Turkeys voting for Christmas.

    Unless you wake up, we the general public cannot afford to pay these over the top rates!

    (I am unemployed) Whatever the pay I would gladly be getting any kind of job now

    The TEEU said on Friday night it would attend any talks to resolve the dispute but said that the strike notice for Monday remained in place. However, the talks broke down yesterday afternoon, with no plans for further discussions before tomorrow’s planned strike action.

    The TEEU now looks set to place pickets at more than 200 construction sites and at a number of manufacturing firms around the country. The union wants to push the rate for electricians up by more than 11 per cent, from an existing €21.49 to €23.98 an hour. Employers are pleading an inabilty to pay the increase and are looking for a 10 per cent cut in wages.

    TEEU general secretary designate Eamon Devoy said that his members were looking for money due to them since 2006/2007.

    Assistant General Secretary
    Technical Engineering Electrical Union
    5 Cavendish Row
    Dublin 1.

    Telephone: 01 874 7047
    Fax: 01 874 7048


    The Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), the body that represents some of the larger contractors, has said its members were not in a position to pay the increases sought by the electricians.

    “The members just cannot afford to pay any increases,” ECA executive secretary Chris Lundy told The Irish Times . He said members we’re getting Government letters “left, right and centre” looking for cuts in the price of contracts, most recently from the OPW.

    If the strike should go ahead, work on a number of construction projects such as the Terminal 2 development at Dublin airport, the new Intel project in Co Kildare, the Corrib gas project and the new Lansdowne Road stadium could be affected.

    This kind of action from the Trade Unions only enforces the notion that the Union Bosses are not down with the ordinary people on the ground and that there is no sense in squeezing employers now for more pay that will only make them less competitive and thus ensure more job losses

    We need immediate massive investment in the unemployed for retraining up skilling and back to education and the investment must equal that of the investment in the Banks

    “You do not have the support of the General public for this strike action lads!”

Hello Again !!its Live Line (1)

Hello Again
!!its Live Line (1)

Da –da Lid-dil-lis –da –da etc etc !!!

As I write this article I am listening to what in fast becoming a program I look forward to every day now

Anyway I will tape the show as best I can

You will hear this Union Boss telling reluctant electrical contractors they have to charge new higher hourly rates and the small contractors are saying that they have to live in the real world and charge what the current market will pay now

This gob-s*** spends the entire time making a complete buffoon of himself and reminds me of the loony 70s Trade unionist that went on strike for cups of tea in the English car factories then

He sounds as if he has his nose completely up is *** and is clinging on to his chairman Union Red Book Mantra

This proves to me that I was right about the trade unions here in Ireland; they are one and the same with the current government

They have lost their roots and are complexity out of touch with the ordinary working people

Time and Time again ordinary working electricians were ringing in to the show to say they did not want to charge these new charges because the current economic conditions do not support them! People just cannot pay these ridiculous hourly rates

Well none of these rates are as bad as the hourly rate I was quoted for my Renault car repair

Remember the 120Euro per Hour Bill Cullen wants to charge, He must want to buy a new Porsche and hopes that people like me will just cough up the bread

the point is there are a lot of people still out there that have not yet coped on that we are now in a depression and the good times of ripping off Joe public is over for good

So get real!!

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