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Movement for political change (4)

Well it had to happen sooner or later, I stumbled across what must be die hard Fianna Fail supporters to-day, and boy was I shocked at the rate of venom that came out of this man’s mouth

I was a “traitor”, a “good for nothing waster”, “don’t you realize we live in a democracy because of Fianna Fail”, “You are an anarchistand I should be grateful to be living in this country in the first place. “You wouldn’t be allowed to do this anywhere else” “you are spreading instability”

I was insulted and shocked and speechless. Its 23.08 and I am still shocked that someone would have such hatred .Anyway there were two of them so I said I did not insult you and the least he could do was not to throw insults at me and I was on my way.As I went on my way I thought they deserved each other in their own small universe full of hatred!

Thankfully I was well received by everybody else who were equally passionate about the removal of the current Fianna Fail /Green government

“Beware of greedy leaders”

The Concert for Bangladesh (album)

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In 1971 at the concert for Bangladesh the greatest concert of all time
George Harrison warned us about greedy leaders taking us where we should not go
I find this very relevant to-day in Ireland as I believe our politicians are doing just that!

Movement for Political Change update (2)

Movement for Political Change Visiting today Church Gate and then on to Pebble Bay ,The Rise and Friars hill. Got a great reception in Glebemount and first half of Church Gate most of the home owners were furious with the current government and all of my points were well received A special Thank you to the very kind Lady and Gentleman who offered me a cup of tea around 17, 30 as they were having their own tea! I was wondering how many current TD’s will be getting the same offer. The new logo on the head of my handout is going down a treat and is catching people’s eye as something different according to one home owner. As always do feel free to talk to me if you come across me on my quest.

contact e-mail address 1machholz@gmail.com

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Up-date from the road to politicial change

Movement for political change

Canvass Up date from Wicklow Town   


I am going out on to the door ways of the local estates now for four weeks. It is a slow possess as I try to get to talk to all of the home owners.

There is no point is just sticking a leaflet in the post box as it only goes straight into the bin!

I have visited approximately 500 households and I can tell you that most people are not interested in any politics, they are disgusted with all of the political parties and I would not be surprised to see Fianna Fail back in power.

I was nearly beaten with a shovel from one upstanding member of the community as he thought I was a green candidate.

I am taking this action to change what most people are complaining  about, by going out and trying to do something about the corrupt system and the cancers  that have managed to con their way into the Dail on our behalf, making promises at our doors only to disappear and never to be heard of again.

 Unless we manage to get most of the sitting TD, s and a fair number of the political dinosaurs from all parties out of the Dail we are frankly snookered!

Most of the people I see say they will not be voting for anybody regardless of what party

As far as they are concerned, they believe as I do, that they are all quite happy to keep this ship on its current course, because of their self interest, their massive salaries, pensions, perks and built up entitlements are all they really care about!

I have yet to come across a household that can say they got a visit from their sitting TD in the last two general elections

The current opposition need to wake up as far as I can see they are just as despised as the corrupt Fiannia Fail gangsters, because of their perceived incompetence in opposition

They are for most people just as bad for allowing Fianna Fail get away with bailing out their buddies in the Banks and Building Trade and Enda Kenny’s stroll down memory lane in the K-Club with top developers has shaken the trust people might have had in him to deliver real accountability in any future Government

As far as most people think it’s just one shower of corrupt politicians playing musical chairs with each other and “stuff the rest of us”

The oppositions recent declarations that they are going to lead the next government has infuriated a lot of voters because they feel (rightly) that the Labour party and Fine Gael are taken them for granted ,assuming they are going to just step into government  without having to show the people what difference there is between them and Fianna Fail

A kind of we are entitled to just take over attitude is not going down too well I can tell you!

If you see me out and about say hello, it sure does perk you up after getting lambasted at someone’s door

Will be in Glebemount all to-day and to-morrow

You are invited to follow me on the campaign trail

log in here daly to get my up-dates.

Help change the government

So you want to change the government great I,m with you there!
But swapping one set for another doesn’t always turn out the way you imagine!

Join our Movement for political change
sign up on Facebook link http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=112263098832133

Movement for political change

Movement for political change
We the ordinary Citizens of Ireland are bombarded with the latest government proposals and their incompetence is blatant for all to see. From the establishment of the biggest fraud in Irish history (NAMA) to the government’s unilateral decision to guarantee Anglo Irish Bank and the other corrupt financial institutions within the state, without offering the people the opportunity to have their say and after two years no criminal charges have been brought on those responsible for the total collapse of the nation’s financial independence.
Even to-day, 18 months later we still have no idea how much this Toxic Bank is going to cost us!
All we here from the Government is that we should thrust them!
This is sheer madness it makes no business sense to take over any business with first doing due diligence to establish exactly the true financial health of that business.
From the start we were told by Brian Lenihan that the total cost would be 3,500,000,000 billion
We were told 4 weeks ago that 22,500,000,000 was gone forever down this black hole and we now hear that another 10 billion is needed to plug this toxic toilet
Over this weekend we are again told that the final figure might be 70,000,000,000 billion
Clearly we cannot believe a word from this Minister of Finance or the rest of the government
We now, as a nation, find ourselves at the mercy of international bond holders who are now dictating how the country is run and the government have abandoned their sworn duty in the Irish constitution to cherish all the children of the nation equally. The current Government is complicit with the banks and the developers in causing the property bubble. All regulation was abandoned and now the citizens of Ireland are forced to pick up the pieces of what is now the largest fraud ever to be carried out in the history of the state. This has so far all gone unpunished!
We, the ordinary citizens, now face long-term unemployment; savage health service cuts, emigration, loss of our homes, evermore tax hikes, and constant displays of incompetence and no accountability from our pampered TDs, who have now become drunk with their own delusion of importance and aloofness.
The current political system serves the political elite that encompass all the established political parties of this country very well and indeed makes millionaires out of most of them. They enjoy allowances and pensions the ordinary citizens can only dream of. There should be a culture of real accountability instead of an air of entitlement along with the family dynasties. The current Dail members enjoy living in a parallel universe where they are just clocking up time and entitlements whilst sharing in the longest lottery in history.
It’s time for the citizens of Ireland to make a stand and say enough is enough and make these changes happen.
This country is our country and not the property of the political élite to be divided up in a musical chairs system that has left the citizens of Ireland with no choice but to choose between Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dee! Just listen to the incompetent opposition parties remember Fianna Fail would not have been able to do so much damage and get away with it if they were as capable as they make themselves out to be for our next government
They expect to just walk in and take control just because there are called something different than Fianna Fail or the Green Party.
Our children deserve better, help us make that change, help us to bring that real alternative to every home in Ireland.
We invite all like minded groups around the country to look at this PDF document Movement for political change manifesto (Wicklow Branch ) , please read it and if you are inclined to agree with us then let us come together in the spirit of true patriotism and help take back our country from the vested interests that have made it into this financial wasteland
We are also looking from our fellow citizen’s help, to come up with a Name for this citizen’s movement. We welcome any and all suggestions please send your proposals to e-mail address provided
Our proposals are for real alternatives to the current system of no accountability, cronyism and gombeenism and if you find yourself in agreement with some or all of our core proposals to change the political system of Ireland for the better then join us
We propose to hold a meeting at the end of September in Wicklow Town and othertowns throughout  the country in time  ( details to be posted soon ) and in the meantime you can contact me at this e-mail address 1machholz@gmail.com
So please do come and support t us instead of relying of the corrupt political system that has lost all credibility.

The time has now come for you to take up the challenge and not just complain to your friends and family
Take action, make a start, and contact us now

Thank you
Mobile phone 0860680042

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