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Who ran up a €1,600 bill ringing a single mobile number in Pakistan from the Oireachtas?

This story is by Ken Foxe and based on a recent story in the Mail on Sunday: Documents obtained under FOI are below.

A politican is suspected to have run up a bill of more than €1,600 calling a single mobile phone number in Pakistan, an unpublished Oireachtas memo has claimed.

Officials in Leinster House’s telecoms unit estimated that calls to a ‘very small number’ of foreign numbers were costing the taxpayer at least €14,000 per year.

Other costs included an estimated €1,249 bill for calling a mobile in Australia, €581 to a mobile in Lithuania, €381 to a Maltese mobile, €370 to a UK mobile, €366 to a South African landline and €331 to a landline in Cyprus. The officials admitted they were powerless to establish whether the expensive calls – made in 2010 – were legitimate as they don’t track who TDs and Senators call on their taxpayer-funded phones.

But the memo stated it was ‘difficult to imagine’ how they could be genuine. ‘It is difficult to imagine what Oireachtas business would give rise to calls costing €1,621 to a single Pakistani mobile phone number, and it would be irresponsible to consider the possibility that such calls might have been an unintended/improper use of the service provided. Without availabe data it is not possible to make any judgement on the matter……………

full article at source:  http://thestory.ie/2013/01/23/who-ran-up-a-e1600-bill-ringing-a-single-mobile-number-in-pakistan-from-the-oireachtas/

David McWilliams has posted a new article, ‘ECB is merely phoning it in’

By David McWilliams

Walking around Dublin these days, it appears that everyone is on the phone.

It is impossible to stand in a queue or in a public space and not be amazed by the amount of gadgetry and texting and chatting that is going on.

This communication business continues to grow in all sorts of unanticipated ways as more and more people all over the world get connected.

For example, did you know that every minute of every day, 35hours of content are uploaded to YouTube?

It is important for those of us who watch the economy to be aware of what is going on in mobile phone companies.

Reading the economic tea leaves is a crucial part of the economics profession, and most economists have a favourite set of figures.

Mine is mobile phone company results.

Details in a mobile phone company’s accounts tell us more about what is going on in an economy than other more commonly used leading indicators. Looking at the right figures to predict the next moves in the economy is crucial because after all what use are economists if they can’t tell you what is likely to happen in the future?

You’d be pretty dismissive of a doctor who couldn’t diagnose you in advance, but could tell you on your deathbed that you had a fatal disease.

see full article at source here : http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2011/06/28/ecb-is-merely-phoning-it-in

NIH Study- Cell phone radiation alters brain activity

There have been a number of controversial reports available that provide link between cell phone use and its harmful effect on your brain.  Cell phone industry continues to claim that their products are safe; there is still no scientific data available to prove this.  A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, considered the most prominent, to offer scientific evidence that cell phones affect brain metabolism.  The study was conducted by the National Institutes of Health.

About the Study
Researchers followed 47 participants who underwent two brain scans. During the study, cell phones were placed next to both ears while the participants underwent brain imaging using positron emission tomography (PET scans). Participants were given an injection of glucose to measure brain activity; brain cells use glucose as a source of energy.

During one scan, a cell phone connected to a muted call was attached to participants’ right ear; during the other, they were with turned off phone. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew when the cell phones were off or on.

When the phone was turned on, glucose metabolism in the section of the brain nearest the antenna was about 7% higher than when the phone was off.

“This study shows that

the human brain is sensitive to this electromagnetic radiation,” said Dr. Nora Volkow, a director with the National Institutes of Health and lead researcher for the study. “Whether this electromagnetic radiation has any negative… 


consequences, that is something that needs to be properly evaluated.”

In essence, cell phone is like a radio. When you talk on your cell phone, your voice is transmitted from the antenna as radio frequency radiation (RFR). Depending on how close the cell phone antenna is to your head, between 20% and 60% of the radiation emitted by your cell phone is transferred into your head.

Well! Phone is the one of the basic necessity of human life. The best way to avoid these radiations is to have a cell phone that can work on speakerphone. Doing so, you can greatly decrease your exposure to harmful radio frequencies (RF).

source: http://www.knowabouthealth.com/nih-study-cell-phone-radiation-alters-brain-activity/7994/


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