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Mountain Moral Monday Aug 5, 2013

We need the people of Ireland to wake up and fight the en-slavers  the puppets of the Troika and the faceless money men who are at this moment continuing to steal our nations natural resources ,imposing tolls on our already paid for roads and the poisoning of our water supplies with florid , the destruction of our community services  (health and education) and care  for our elderly .Our society  is been pitted against itself in order that these faceless gangsters keep control over  every one of us and out country!

We the people are been brainwashed into believing we are responsible for the debts of gamblers we are also been brainwashed into believing we are worthless .Our self worth is been ripped out of us and we are isolated and categorised into little boxes and the control systems are everywhere .just drive down any street and count all the cameras .When did we allow ourselves to be monitored 24/7 by the state and the police??? So we are been monitored by gangsters are you happy with this???

Take back your own self-worth defend your rights guaranteed in the Irish constitution .make no mistake we need to protect our rights each and every day!

People of Ireland wake up and take back your lives ,smash your TV’s and stop accepting the lies  and crumbs from the puppets in the Dáil! These self-serving leaches who are helping criminals suck us dry!

Is Mise

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Michael D is back!

Yesterday I was in Dublin City centre outside the national art gallery when who did I spotted none other than the “missing person “the president of Ireland the elusive Michael D. He sprung out of his big car and dashed inside before we the ordinary folk of Ireland could shake our fists at him .Maybe he was desperate to water the flowers or something but I can verify it was him so he is in the country .His car was promptly parked on double yellow lines (of course) and I did contemplate taking his presidential  flag as a souvenir .

Irish presidency race

Thanks be to God the people of Ireland saw through the spin of Mr. Sean Gallagher and
the Quango Queen

I’m sure I wont be seeing either of them in the local dole queue anytime soon though!

Funny Friday on live Line and “Michael D”

Funny Friday, the day of the presidential election count – with Michael D
Higgins a favourite to win

Listen to the show  its great Michael D

http://www.rte.ie/radio1/podcast/podcast_liveline.xml (‎28 ‎October ‎2011, ‏‎13:00:00)

Vincent Browne & the seven candidates

Vincent Browne & the seven candidates for the presidential election.

see full debate here: http://www.tv3.ie/videos.php?date_mode=0&full_episodes=1&locID=1.2

More like snow white and the seven dwarfs’

From what I saw, I thought Dana gave me the messages she as president would not just sign any bill into law that would rob the citizens of Ireland of more of our sovereignty.
With all the really bad news still to come out, I believe we are in fact been prepared
for a Lisbon 3 Treaty where we will be asked to vote for a new amendment that
will effectively place a so called European constitution above our own Irish constitution
.This amendment has gone through the Spanish parliament already last month.
This amendment gives the right to the ECB to impose restrictions and the budgets
on national governments .Who do you think is demanding we take on more
austerity measures and who does this ultimately benefit? Why Deutsche bank of course!

So for the presidential candidates, my question is, which one of you could I trust not to just rubber-stamp any attempts by the mouthpieces of the big money men in the Dail to carry out the dictates of the Deutsche Bank through the puppets in the ECB.I think Gay Mitchell will bend over backwards to accommodate any of the dictates of his pals in Europe he is a political insider and will keep his masters in Europe happy at the expense of the Irish citizens. David Norris? Too many questions and you never know what is
going to come out next! Martin Mc Guinness, too many questions about his past IRA membership. Garda Jerry McCabe etc, but he did come across well enough to be a possible winner! Michael D was perhaps the most likeable candidate, quite, articulate
and appealing but I would like to have heard a bit more about his vision of
Ireland in the future and I would like to hear more about how he would maintain
his  independence whilst president .Sean Gallaghercame across like Michael Martin in an alter-boy smock his attempt to brush over his activities within Fianna Fall (voluntary or otherwise) put me totally off and I can’t swallow the idea of a Fianna Fail fixer
ending up as president . In my book he is the undeclared Fianna Fail candidate!
Mary Davis came across as another insider playing the two
sides off one another effectively running with the power of the day and landing all those plumb quango board jobs. Sorry, Mary could not answer some questions, and I don’t see why I should continue to pay for the next seven years the plush surroundings of this Quango Queen .The idea she could collect 156,000 euro from the special Olympics is just immoral !Her whole demeanour  was “I’m worth it”

So what are we left with ? Why  snow white and the seven dwarfs’ !

Take your pick.

Quango queen Davis defends State boards payments

Independent Presidential candidate Mary Davis (Quango Queen) has defended the payments she received for appointments to State boards during the last decade.A report in today’s Irish Independent newspaper says she earned almost €190,000 as a result of being appointed to three State bodies since 2000, on top of the salary she was receiving as Managing Director of the Special Olympics.





Say what you like this is just another snout in a good few troughs Mary .You are one of the insiders that have benefited well from the cronyism that infests our political patronised system .The Special Olympics has been used by you to real effect and has been a real money spinner for you and continues to be so. The salary of 156,000 Euros you are receiving from the special Olympics is outrageous and immoral especially when you think that most of the families involved could only dream of such income .I’m not voting for you so you can now spend another 250,000 to 340,000 per year of taxpayers’
money on top of all the rest you managed to get from us.We the people want to an end to insider snouts sucking the system dry and you are a perfect example! No Thanks Next!

You won’t be getting my vote!

I am firmly in the camp for the abolition of the Seanad!


But I have received this from Michel D

Dear friends,

 My colleague and former student Donncha O’ Connell is running in the Seanad elections 2011 on the National University of Ireland Panel. This is a panel I was elected to myself in 1982 and I know that while the Seanad is in need of reform, Donncha is somebody who would have a real contribution to make not only on the issue of reform, but on so much more. He has not only been an inspiring University teacher, but he has given service of inestimable value in the public area – on human rights, disability, and constitutional and political reform. He has done this with generosity and commitment at local, national and international level. I strongly support his candidature and respectfully ask you to give him your number 1 vote. May I also ask you to help spread the word by forwarding this email with your own personal message to those on your own mailing list. Donncha would make a great Senator – one whose Seanad contributions I am certain we will all be proud of. I thank you for your time and your assistance. With warmest regards, Michael D Higgins


Whilst I am firmly in the camp for the abolition of the Seanad,

As I believe this is an elitist tool to perpetuate the notion that some citizens are more important than others and should have a right to have their own debating chamber away from the preying eyes of the likes me who never did get the chance to get to university because of my parents financial position and the negligence of the state in whose care I was placed in.

Out of respect for “Michael D” I have forwarded his appeal for support for Donncha O’ Connell in Seanad elections 2011

I have also received this other appeal from Diarmaid O Cadhla having gone through my own attempt to collect votes I do feel for anybody putting themselves up for election and so I show my support to all candidates except thoes  from Fianna Fail and the Greens who I view as trators to our country !

Dear friend,

 Attached is a .PDF copy  ( Seanad_Election_Letter)   of the letter I have used in canvasing for the Seanad NUI election, it is focused on the need to defend Bunreacht na hÉireann from the promised “major constitutional changes” of FG/Labour.

 If you can pass this to any NUI graduates that you know it will both help the election effort but it should also help in highlighting a very important question for our sovereignty and democracy.

 I have created some web pages explaining the approach during this election campaign, you might like to review them.

 Very best wishes,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla

National Spokesperson

Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention

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