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‘I had nothing to do with it,’ says former minister Martin Cullen

Martin Cullen one and only

Martin Cullen one and only (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE former minister responsible for buying the €54m e-voting machines — which have now been sold for scrap — claimed yesterday that the debacle had nothing to do with him.

Martin Cullen, who now lives in the US, refused to comment and said he didn’t want to “get into” a discussion.

Speaking to the Irish Independent at an art gallery that he co-owns in Naples, Florida, Mr Cullen said: “I had nothing to do with that. I don’t want to get into that.”

His refusal means that none of the three main players involved in buying the machines — which have now been sold for scrap for just €70,000 — will explain why they were purchased but never used.

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/i-had-nothing-to-do-with-it-says-former-minister-martin-cullen-3154088.html

Voting machines anyone?

Fianna Fáil

Fianna Fáil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here we go again, we have two cowboys (politicians) who pissed off into the sunset with their saddlebags stuffed with their massive pensions and payoffs leaving the bewildered Irish taxpayers with a heap of scrap metal .Yes it is those 7000 odd voting machines again, like a bad penny they keep cropping up all the time. Dempsey washing his hands of the whole affair “I’m a private citizen ( only an ordinary citizen????”)


and then we can’t find the other twit Martin Cullen

ducking and diving Cullen is staying stumm of course and enjoying his retirement along with the other gangsters of the previous FF government!

Ministerial helicopter flights 2005 to 2009

received this morning in the post

from www.thestory.ie

Ministerial helicopter flights 2005 to 2009 Posted: 22 Feb 2011 04:17 PM PST Helicopter flights taken by Ministers, including flight time, estimated cost, minister name, route (in some cases) and diary entry for that day (where available). Bertie Ahern was the biggest user – he got around. From early 2005 to late 2009, about €383,243.31 was spent ferrying ministers around by helicopter alone. This excludes the cost of ministerial cars, which would often be involved at some level in each trip. It also does not include the use of government jets. This is the approximate breakdown (in a few cases two Ministers traveled together):

 Bertie Ahern €76,491.65

Willie O’Dea €45,873.34

Noel Dempsey €39,802.5

Eamon O Cuiv €29,590.83

Michael McDowell €25,529.99

Mary Coughlan €25,135.83

 Mary Harney €23,352.5

Dermot Ahern €22,431.67

Brian Cowen €17,894.17

Mary Hanafin €14,177.5

Martin Cullen €13,455.83

Brian Lenihan €13,095.83

 Batt O’Keeffe €12,822.5

John O’Donoghue €10,475

John Gormley €6,890

Seamus Brennan €3,975

Brendan Smith €3,180

Dick Roche €3,180

Micheal Martin €2,347.5 (H/T Colm King) with other data available at www.kildarestreet.com

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