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The Rotten Heart of Europe? A technical note on EMU

The Rotten Heart of Europe?
by Arno Tausch

A technical note on EMU and the rise of world-wide narco-capitalism

Where now for the Dow?


Dow Jones possible run for the rest of the year!

Whilst I would not concur with the exact layout this graph is showing and I would not go along with the end of year high I will agree with the Dow ending higher than it is now and to put an exact figure I would say 11 650 area would be my choice !

so if you are in the spread betting business I would wait first to see how far of a retracement we are going to have I would say around the 9850 would be my guess .

My personal stock pick is still City

A screaming buy anywhere around the 3.50$ for the long term 12 months or more I would anticipate a price of 5-7.5$

But I am not sure that you will be able to get the stock at 3.50 as it is in the process of building its next push up to the 5.50 area.

Still I will be accumulating it anywhere below 3.80 $

Happy Trading!


  • PS. This is not an invitation to trade the markets or trade stocks; this is a personal declaration on my own trading activities.

If you are interested in trading the markets you should at least get some professional training first.

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