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Proncious De Rossa so out of touch with the ordinary man in the street !

Listening to the Marian Finucane radio show I was disgusted by the support Mr. Proncious De Rossa was giving the governments candidate for a plumb job netting Mr. Cardiff 276,000:00 euro a year .How Mr.De Rossa can stand over this immoral salary when Irish citizens are struggling to put food on the table and pay the toxic Banks penal interest rates. I feel just sick and Mr.De Rossa should now consider his own position and I for one will not be voting for this out of touch politician supporting Mr. Cardiff ! The insiders are always backing up incompetence and corruption among themselves. De Rossa is so out of touch and one can expect nothing else he has been in Europe now too long and should be given his P45.     

At least Nessa Childers was able to save the day and stand up to this blatant attempt to reward an incompetent insider! 


Money talks and Bullsh** walks!

namawinelake has a new posting about “Niall Mellon on NAMA “–

“money is not my god”, “I’m not one of these developers looking for €200k salaries” but he welcomes NAMA’s profit-sharing initiatives.

Niall Mellon, the property developer behind Knockrabo Developments and the Niall J Mellon group was a guest on RTE Radio 1 yesterday on the Sunday edition of the Marian Finucane show. The show is available online here and Niall’s contribution kicks in at around 40 minutes and lasts just over 30 minutes. The interview gave an interesting counterpoint to the interview the previous day with the NAMA chairman, Frank Daly. Niall himself (pictured here in 2008) is reportedly one of the Top 20 developers in NAMA, and there has been no news about whether or not the44-year old developer has agreed a business plan with NAMA. In addition to property development, the soft-spoken developer is probably best-known for his housing charity work in South Africa. I came away from listening to the interview thinking Niall is either a modern day saint or one of the cutest hoors you might ever come across. Here are the interview highlights:

read full article at source here  http://wp.me/pNlCf-1yr


This is not uncommon as most con artists have a variety of personalities “the likable rogue” has help C J Haughey get away with sheer robbery most of his political life .As for NAMA been part of the solution is just farcical and coming from Niall Mellon a developer in trouble what else can you expect .Saint or rogue ? I dont know, but Nama is part of the problem, Its become a  safe haven for the very people that cheered on the exploitation of home buyers .These very people are now sitting in plush offices that are now been paid for by the taxpayers of Ireland and developers have even the cheek to expect to get paid 200,000 Euros  by Nama  is simply outrageous .

I am glad to hear that Niall mellon isn’t  getting paid a salary from Nama but his services might be called upon to build homes for the soon to be evicted Irish home owners maybe  homes Niall built in the first place .

A lot of the other developers have their hands out and Nama is obliging, . What bulsh*** .I heard a saying on TV last night

Money talks and Bullsh** walks!

If only ,here in Ireland we are drowning in Bullsh**from our political
masters and our money is doing the walking out of the country!

Frank Daily Reveals some of NAMA’s secrets

Saturday, I had the time to listen The Marian Finucane talk showon RTE 1
Marian was talking to the NAMA chairman Frank Daily Listen here to show .What I
found most surprising was after nearly 15 months NAMA still has to approve one
business plan and even this one “was close to finality” This is surprising to
say the least Then we heard that NANA wrote to the Government last year about
Upward Only Rents and leases, to highlight the effects any change would have on
NAMA,(presumably negative). Anyway listen and learn here
NAMA chairman Frank Daily

“rampant use of cocaine within RTE”!

By NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter EXCLUSIVE

Sunday December 19 2010

FORMER RTE presenter and friend of Gerry Ryan, Gareth O’Callaghan, has lifted the lid on the rampant use of cocaine within RTE.

In an explosive interview with the Sunday Independent he has claimed the scourge of cocaine has infected every level of RTE — including management — and says Mr Ryan once offered him coke in the RTE staff canteen, telling him: “Don’t knock it till you try it”.

In his most revealing interview yet, the insider has also claimed:

  • Four more high-profile stars are using cocaine.
  • It’s rampant in the media business.
  • He is going to name Mr Ryan’s dealer to gardai.
  • He’s been threatened with sinister calls since going public.

The shocking allegations come as pressure mounts on the national broadcaster for failing to do enough to cover the cocaine addiction and death of its biggest star.

A poll carried out by the Sunday Independent has also found that 68 per cent of people believe there has been a conspiracy of silence in RTE on Mr Ryan’s drug-taking, with one respondent saying: “If he has been taking cocaine for years, several of his colleagues must know the source”; while 57 per cent believe there should be a Garda investigation to find the person, or persons, who supplied Mr Ryan with drugs.

Mr O’Callaghan said yesterday: “I know of three or four stars in RTE alone that are using the drug.

“People would get a huge shock if they realised how bad it actually is. That some of the people they look up to as celebrities — who they listen to on the radio, who they watch at home on their TV sets — use cocaine.”

The former 2fm star also claimed he knows the names of Mr Ryan’s drug dealers and will pass them on to gardai in the hope of securing a conviction.

“People need to come to terms with the fact that Gerry Ryan was a chronic drug abuser. And he was dealing with one or two individuals who he would have known for years. I know of one or two individuals who are well-connected in the industry. Two names which are regularly bandied about in media circles as the same people who supply the drugs to a few of them, including Gerry, and I have no problem talking to the guards about it.

“I will contact the guards with their names and if they can collect evidence and do something about it then all the better. These names don’t come up again and again for no reason,” he said.

And he warned: “The ramifications for these individuals if they were to be identified would drag the names of well-know media stars into the murky pool of water.”

Speaking about the time Mr Ryan urged him to try cocaine he said: “Gerry asked me once if I had ever taken drugs. He had a great knack at sort of throwing a grenade into a conversation, and make it sound as normal as could be.

“It was after a segment he was doing on a cocaine bust that had been in the news and we were talking about it afterwards in the RTE canteen and I was saying how shocked I was by it,” explained Mr O’Callaghan.

“He said, ‘Have you ever taken drugs, Gareth?’ And I said, ‘No way, never’. He looked at me with sort of disbelief — as if he thought I was pulling his leg, but I was adamant I would never touch them.

“That’s when he said, ‘Don’t knock it ’til you try it,’ and gave me this look with a glint in his eye. I can still remember it. I took it as an invitation. I shuddered. I knew he was doing it at that stage.”

Speaking about the huge resistance he has come up against since speaking out about Mr Ryan’s drug addiction, he said: “It’s been the biggest shock of my career that people who I have worked with for 18 years have formed a solid impenetrable wall of silence. Since I have spoken out the phone has stopped ringing, I would usually be asked out for a drink — this week the invites have stopped. Close friends of mine have stopped calling.

“You have to wonder what these people are hiding?

“One individual rang me anonymously saying, ‘Who the f**k do you think you are?’. And I asked him, ‘Are you afraid of what I’m going to do? Are you scared I’m getting a little too close for comfort? Did I cause you to lose sleep last night because you’re going to lose a lot more by the time I’m finished.’ There’s something very sinister going on here to protect a lot of people.

“What has probably shocked people most about my comments is that I’ve always been seen as the quiet one. I never joined in but I was in a position to observe quietly and silently.

“I’ve seen a lot in my time and I think it’s time the truth came out and this is all brought to a head.

“I feel quiet isolated this weekend. But I have had some very uplifting and positive calls from people in anti-drugs groups and addiction centres who have voiced their support and said well done for trying to break down this terrible wall of silence.”

– NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter EXCLUSIVE

Sunday Independent


It’s not like we need this kind of news coming out to us from the national media about the state owned news service.

The top jocks are well paid and they know it only too well the State has them on a leash and they do a great job for their political master’s just look at the numbers that come out to the streets to demonstrate at the loss of our sovereignty .The main news media have successfully labeled as extremists those of us that stand up against the total incompetence of the gangsters that have taken control of the Dail

Now that we hear that some of these political leaches are departing they are hailed as courageous public servants that have dedicated their lives to the service of the public and aren’t they entitled to their pensions and payoffs. Now this “rampant use of cocaine within RTE”!

I cannot think of one area in Irish society that has not been exposed as corrupt .The overpaid and talentless top jocks have been pampered all these years and the incestuous situation within RTE is yet another indication of a clapped out management .As in every other state organization it’s who you are and who you know gets you a top job .So what changes are we likely to see at RTE? Is there anybody going to Jail? Will there any prosecutions? NO but don’t pay your TV license and you end up in Mountjoy Jail!

Like I say the system is rotten and decent people must not give up on expecting to contribute to change that will once again bring pride to all our people .We the ordinary decent people of Ireland must not give up on the criteria we ourselves live by each day and the criteria we expect our children to live by .Again we see an absence of accountability this whole business will be pushed under the carpet it this the message we want to teach our children? Is there one law for the well connected, top politicians and the rich? And another one for the poor ?Just yesterday listening to the radio I heard some top political advisor tell Marian Finucane that in our County Wicklow the result of the next election will be  two Fine Gael  two labour and one Fianna Fail TD’s will be elected .This is the problem here we are even told how we are going to vote in the next general election surely you out there would love to prove the established parties wrong they don’t even have to have any new policies as it seems to be enough to be just called something other than Fianna Fail what about Moral s, Truth , accountability. Who is going to Jail for the financial wasteland that is all around us and our children will have to pay for? Who is going to put the political crooks into jail what top civil servants will loose their jobs and pensions? Answer none because the politicians that are going to replace the crooks that are kicked out are of the same system .It’s a musical chairs political system and they all have a vested interest to keep it running because they want to get the same perks and pensions for themselves !

Unless you the people out there promise themselves  that this time they will make a change and show these so called political  advisers that you have your own mind and you do have high standards that you expect will be met. The established political parties are all the same waiting to get into power in order to clock up their entitlements and perks. You now have the opportunity to make a real change in the next election don’t throw it away by taking the easy way, why not set some standards for a change ?

Paul Sommerville on Marian Finucane

We the people have lost all confidence in the this political system and the economic terrorists/Traitors need to be brought to justice

Not one figure Brian lenihan has told us has been true, he is a compulsory liar and so is Brian Cowen they are a disgrace to the Nation.

The Bond Markets don’t trust a word that they say nor should we the Irish People .

They are still not telling us the truth nobody  believes them !

Why havent we got any people with backbone to push them aside ,they have betrayed their duty to the irish constitution

Will we the ordinary people  have to get up and do the job ourselves??

The State broadcaster is failing to tell us where all the billions went

Colum Kenny: How RTE is letting the Anglo money trail go cold

The State broadcaster is failing to tell us where all the billions went — and who is still benefiting, writes Colum Kenny

Colum Kenny Home

Sunday September 12 2010

We are still no wiser about where all the billions went. And ‘billion’ is such a little word for so big a scandal. It means one thousand million. And 26 thousand million is not even half of what Anglo will get from ordinary taxpayers , either directly or through Nama.

Pakistan estimates that the entire cost of recovering from its recent flood disaster will be €12bn. Anglo-Irish Bank alone will cost the Irish taxpayer four or five times that, with Nama perhaps one day recovering a fraction of the total.

Last weekend on RTE, Marian Finucane seemed set to take her cue from the Sunday Independent article in asking where had the billions gone. She said, as this newspaper had said, that they did not disappear into thin air. But she was too easily deflected by panellists unable or unwilling to follow the money trail.

She should have quoted even more from the article that had identified the elephant in the room.

And that elephant is the failure to follow the billions handed out to golden circles, billions that were never burnt in a barrel. They are still out there. But it is not just a question of where money went. Now it is also a question of where it was coming from, and why.

Last week, it emerged that 20 per cent of the deposits in Anglo come from the Isle of Man. That is presumably the ‘risk investment’ of tax avoiders who depicted themselves as entrepreneurs, but who are now fully guaranteed by ordinary Irish taxpayers. It is scarcely the small savings of Manx fishermen and farmers who worked very hard.

Irish citizens are punch drunk, and it is only very slowly dawning on us how much nonsense has been talked for the past two years. RTE is always a good place to test the national mood. The station reflects it, and shapes it. Last week alone, for example, there was Marian Finucane ready to go forward, but then reluctant to push her guests too hard. Keep pushing, Marian.

And there was a curiously conflicted RTE news bulletin on Wednesday night, when presenters indicated a couple of times that we ‘should’ know in October exactly how much Anglo owes. Yet, when we finally got to hear the Taoiseach talking, we learnt less of finality and more about the deputy from Offaly’s propensity to dodge and dive.

RTE seems reluctant to ask rude questions that need to be asked. Perhaps the organisation worries about its power, and worries about that phone-call from Government that reproached it for raising on one of its phone-in programmes the real prospect of a run on the banks. RTE depends on the Government for decisions about its future funding and structures.

Last Thursday, on Morning Ireland, Brian Lenihan brazenly distanced himself from any notion that the Government ever wanted a good-bank/bad-bank division at Anglo. He certainly had had all of Ireland fooled on that score. Now he is singing a different tune, creating a deposit bank at Anglo where taxpayers pay interest on the deposits of Isle of Man investors, but where no loans are available from that deposit base for Irish business.

Morning Ireland did not push him on this contradiction, perhaps because Lenihan has been ill, or perhaps because they are weary of exposing Fianna Fail’s contradictions. It is too much like shooting fish in a barrel. But it still needs to be done.

Even more restrained last week was RTE’s much promoted documentary called Freefall, billed as an account of how we got into our banking mess. At a time when citizens are increasingly eager to get real answers, this programme might, for the most part, have been made 18 months ago.

Not alone were there few new insights, but it gave the political stage entirely to Fianna Fail, placed the crisis solidly in the global context of which Fianna Fail likes to depict it as just a part, and featured no relevant bank officials or board members. Nor did our former banking ‘regulator’ appear, not even in one of those delicious clips of him telling us all not to worry, the sky could not possibly fall and our banks were fully capitalised. Oh, how we laughed.

The programme did have RTE’s usual line-up of approved commentators but, for all of RTE’s revenue, it had little bite in terms of pinning anything on anyone.

For its part, Prime Time last week was grittier, but it was largely bound to studio where we could get no further than seeing Miriam O’Callaghan banging her head against a West of Ireland stone wall called Minister Eamon O Cuiv. The endless ability of Fianna Fail ministers to bluster is truly mind-boggling.

Me? I know as little as any minister, and least of all where the thousands and thousands of millions have gone. Did the banks gamble most of the money recklessly on the US sub-prime market, with the tacit or explicit consent of the Regulator and Government? Is that what they are hiding?

It was not the poor wretches to whom bankers shoveled inflated mortgages and who are now royally screwed who got most of the money. Not even big Irish builders, who could only spend so many billions on what are now ghost housing estates and empty offices. We have yet to get the full story. Why?

And will we never see anyone account for their recklessness or criminality? Why all the delays and excuses? Were well-tried common-law offences replaced by statutes so weak that they are useless in terms of accountability and justice in banking?

The Dail could be providing answers, but it is not. No Oireachtas committee is pursuing the betrayal of our State on a daily and thorough-going basis, explaining where exactly the money went and who sent it there.

The media has been throwing some light on events, but not enough. Insufficient resources are being devoted to in-depth current affairs.

The media is hit by the recession, and much of it has little taste, or time, to devote to investigative journalism. This is where RTE could be doing better, given its big resources and public service remit. Its documentaries and dramas have been behind the curve when it comes to the scale of this crisis. We have yet to see the real despair and hurt that the betrayal of Ireland is now causing people, or be told anything like the full story.

RTE itself became infected by the virus of the greedy age that we have lived through. Its competitors resent its commercial profile, and the kinds of big payments it has been able to make to presenters and managers to sustain its dominant position. Last week, National Newspapers of Ireland launched an appeal to the Minister for Communications to ensure fair competition between public service broadcasters and the press in this digital age.

RTE’s best defense against attacks on it is to concentrate on public service broadcasting of a robust kind, one that provides answers to questions about where all the billions went, who sent them there and who is still benefiting.


I want to go up to the Sunday Independent office and shake your hand Mr. Colum Kenny

At long last the hard hitting questions are now coming out on to the pages of our newspapers .This is an excellent piece of journalism, however one critic it does not go far enough. The questions posed here have been asked on my blog for many months and it should not be up to independent citizens to highlight the shortcomings of those we have put our thrust in, the government of the day are guilty of the biggest con job in this state’s history and the newspapers of the country and the main media have chosen to tow  the current governments line.

Can I say what a breath of fresh air this article is and it has made my day?

do please continue to pursue the Money the billions  stolen from the citizens of Ireland and please insert that word everybody is afraid to “Derivatives”   

Anglo and Allied and Bank of Ireland are hiding Billion worth of “derivatives” in losses  

this word appeared for the first time last week in one of the Sunday papers

go and ask the banks about these enormous losses if they say that they have no dealings in these financial nuclear bombs ,well they are lying

Why is NAMA looking to recruit “Derivatives traders and valuation specialists”?

Anglo has denied in having any “Derivative positions “they are lying

For a review of previous postings of mine on the “Derivatives”    just put the word Derivatives in the search bar on my blog   and pay particular attention on the 16th of January article “Irish Banks Derivative trading losses”  

Thank you once again

RTE Presenters Pay sickening

Former ‘Late Late Show’ presenter Pat Kenny was RTÉ’s highest paid star in 2008, earning €950,976.

The presenter, who now hosts current affairs show ‘The Frontline’, earned €922, 949 in 2007.

‘Ryan Confidential’ host Gerry Ryan was the second highest paid star, according to figures released by RTÉ today.

He earned €629,865 in 2008. The previous year the radio star earned €676, 354.

Marian Finucane earned €470,013 in 2007 – jumping to €570,000 in 2008.

Ryan Tubridy’s pay also rose from €366,867 in 2007 to €533,333 in 2008.

‘Liveline’ host Joe Duffy and sports broadcaster Eamon Dunphy saw their salaries rise during the same period, with their salaries at €408,889 and €328,051 respectively in 2008.

Miriam O’Callaghan’s salary for 2008 was €301,667, while Derek Mooney earned €286,809 in the same year.

Sports commentator George Hamilton earned €219,833 last year, while current affairs broadcaster Sean O’Rourke earned €218,656 during the same period.

With these times of depression am I the only one here in this country that thinks these ladies and Gents are getting Lottery checks every month, when it comes to their wages


This confirmation of the amounts that are paid out on all of our behalf is just sickening

Our corrupt politicians and their cronies are saints compared to this lot

They are over pampered and certainly vastly overpaid. 80 to 90 % in my estimation at that!

Who will stand up to them? Nobody will ,can you get on to the radio shows and complain NO,

Why because they control what ,and who goes on to the radio and TV

Welcome to BaNAMA republic

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