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Mario Draghi’s Nightmare Gets Worse: European Loans Decline At Record Rate

By Tyler Durden

Back in July we posted “What Keeps Mario Draghi Up At Night, And Why The European Depression Has A Ways To Go” in which we presented “Europe’s annual change in M3, alongside the far more important bank lending to the Euro area private sector. It is the latter which [then had] just dipped to a record low, indicating once more that Europe’s monetary transmission mechanism is not only clogged up (a rising M3 should have a favorable impact here) but hopelessly broken. In other words, it is the brown line in the chart below that is what is giving the ECB chairman nightmares, and is leading to such secondary effects as record high unemployment and negative GDP growth virtually across the entire Eurozone.” Needless to say, in a Keynesian a world in which credit growth and only credit growth leads to economic growth (see Ray Dalio for more), and in which the ECB is a net extractor of liquidity (and thus debt), this means that the European depression will simply get worse as soon as the current episode of foreign capital flows tapers out and the “current account” injectors realize that it was nothing but another case of greater fool risk-chasing in Europe.


full artical at source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-09-26/mario-draghis-nightmare-gets-worse-european-loans-decline-new-record-pace

The remains of Charles Byrne need to be put to rest !

LONDON December 22, 2011 (AP)

The skeleton of an 18th-century celebrity nicknamed the ‘Irish Giant’ should be removed from a museum and buried at sea in keeping with his last wishes, two experts have argued, reviving a debate about the ethics of handling human remains.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, medical ethicist Len Doyal and legal researcher Thomas Muinzer said there is no good scientific reason to display the skeleton of Charles Byrne, who died in 1783, and a strong moral case against it.

“What has been done cannot be undone but it can be morally rectified,” the two men wrote. “Surely it is time to respect the memory and reputation of Byrne.”

Byrne stood about 7 feet, 7 inches (2.3 meters) tall as a result of acromegaly, a condition caused when a tumor on the pituitary gland stimulates an excess of growth hormone.

He became a celebrity in 18th-century London as the star turn in a museum of curiosities but died aged just 22.

Despite Byrne’s wish to be buried at sea, his body was purchased by pioneering surgeon and anatomist John Hunter, who often hired grave robbers to supply him with corpses. For two centuries Byrne’s skeleton has been on display at the Royal College of Surgeons’ Hunterian Museum in London.

Doyal, of London’s Queen Mary University, and Muinzer, of Queen’s University Belfast, said that while Byrne’s skeleton had been of use to medical research, that was no reason to put it on public display.

“Moreover, now that Byrne’s DNA has been extracted, it can be used in further research,” they wrote.

The museum’s director, Sam Alberti, conceded Thursday there was a “powerful moral argument” for respecting Byrne’s wishes. But he said that was outweighed by the skeleton’s continuing benefit to medical research.

“Patients with the condition today live long and much happier lives,” Alberti said — in part due to knowledge gleaned from Byrne’s DNA.

Byrne’s skeleton has helped scientists identify several dozen people in Ireland with the same genetic mutation — all believed to be related to Byrne through a common ancestor.

One of them, Brendan Holland, says the skeleton should remain — and he thinks Byrne would agree.

“What would his view be if he knew what we know now?” Holland said in a video for the British Medical Journal website. “He would almost certainly agree with my view that this is the right thing to do today.”

source :http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/ethicist-18th-century-giant-buried-15213151

Comment :


To the Irish Foreign Minster

This is outrageous!  The dying wishes of this poor Irishman, who was exploited throughout his life is now been ignored in favour of the continuation of the exploration of his remains! There is no moral justification in this blatant abuse. I am calling on you and the Irish Government to demand the abuse of this Irishman’s remains be stopped immediately! Even in death an Irishman deserves his dignity to be protected .I believe the Irish government should now demand the release of this man’s remains and the Irish government should see to it that his last wishes be carried out .This is the very least our government should do. Do you think the Americans would allow this kind of abuse of one of its citizens?? No they would not!

Please support this cause .


The euro will fall towards $1.30 before year-end.

LONDON: A darkening euro zone economic
outlook, a shrinking interest rate advantage and scepticism over European
authorities’ ability to resolve the sovereign debt crisis have raised the risk
the euro will fall towards $1.30 before year-end.

The single currency has already broken below $1.40 — a level around which sovereign demand has been clustered — and plumbed a six-month low around $1.3790 on Friday after the European Central Bank on Thursday signalled a halt to its policy tightening.

A near 5 percent fall in the euro against the dollar in the 10 days reflects investor concern
over the stability of fiscally weak euro zone countries, including Greece and
Italy, which in turn has shaken confidence in the region’s banking system.

Full article at source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/forex/Euro-risks-fall-to-130-as-Europe-struggles-on-debt/articleshow/9923882.cms

New Blog posting from David Mc Williams called The future: tax the rich

David mc Williams has a new posting

By David Mc Williams

The captain of the universe, known as Captain Copycat, runs an investment fund called Copycat Partners LLP, registered in the IFSC but run out of a swanky office in St James in London.He is having a taxing week.Copycat Partners’ investment strategy is to copy what the next lad does and thus make money.When the market is going up, Captain Copycat buys assets and rides the wave. Copycat’s behaviour obviously reinforces the upward market momentum.In contrast, when the market is going down Captain Copycat sells everything aggressively, using simple gambling tools known as ‘put options’.

This in turn pushes the market down further.

full article at source here:http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2011/08/22/the-future-tax-the-rich?utm_source=WebsiteSubscribers&utm_campaign=9ed9ed1084-Weekly_Roundup_10_August_2011&utm_medium=email

up date on “This is a declaration of unilateral financial dictatorship”


Well we did not have to wait for long for the markets to spot that the two stooge’s were again trying to sell a pigs ear to the rest of us .The Dow was down last down 428 points and the Dax closed down 346 points This is bad and the con artists in Berlin and Paris have badly Fu**** up .But what if they actually wanted to cause this mayhem. What if this is the beginning of a much bigger plan to make the conditions for the less desirable members of the euro club leave voluntary (all be it with a gentle push from the big boys)

More to come !

Banks that think they’re casinos put us all at risk

By David Mc Williams

Anyone who worked in financial markets will know that — at its most base — the “market” is in fact only a coked up, whoring 28-year-old from Basildon on hyper-wages, with a Porsche and a Chelsea season ticket.

This is hardly the type of far-sighted leader that we should be depending on, nor the opinion we should be worried about. Has he become the arbiter of economic policy in the early 21st Century? Is this where we have got to? The young lad in London who is “shorting” the European bond market mightn’t easily find Florence on a map and his geopolitical interests might not go further than the price of a footballer’s transfer fees in the closed season and who won ‘The X Factor’…

full article at source:http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2011/08/10/banks-that-think-theyre-casinos-put-us-all-at-risk

comment on post “London Riots – Scum steal from injured boy. “

Author : nectemere URL


Could this be a symptom of a sick society.
Ireland exhibits such symptoms in the sink estates to be found in every town.
Generations of parish pump social stigmatising of certain areas and the inhabitants , council arrogant neglect and social repulsion is evident.
Irish society is not the picture painted by John Mc Gahern or JB Keane , an Ireland of simpletons .
The deprivation festers in England and a price has to be paid.
How many security personel are overseas fighting and killing muslims, arabs and others and for what?
There is a job for the security forces in England.

An Irish Junior Minister argued on TV that Euro 700 million must be given over to corrupt dictators in Somalia and elsewhere while Irish people die on trolleys, dignity is torn from the oldest and poorest pensioners ( 2,000 more than expected died from lack of fuel to heat their homes last year.)
When asked on tv3about the Irish  disaster in education, health and welfare Ms Lynch Labour TD Minister said that by this time next year we will be back in the markets and on the way to recovery?
That we must continue to give this money and to increase it to over Euro 800 million.
Now that is a yellow pack mentality.She is on a track, to give away 700 million and is unable to apply her mind to anything outside the box set for her in her little world of dishing aid to African ddictators who starve their people.
Over 500,000 including self employed unemployed are forced to live on 200 / week or less while African dictators enjoy private jet style living standards and armed forces of over 200,000 kill their own people.
Mr Kenny’s Government are happy to send vast amounts of borrowed money to these dictators who starve their people?
While the Irish citizen on the hospital trolley is forced to pay for the madness of Kenny, Gilmore and assorted cronies.

Are we next ?

Looking at the pictures from London one is generally shocked at the violence .listening to lifeline I am equally shock at the suggestions coming from some people as to what the police in the UK should do .One caller was calling for the shutdown of social networks, Now what one minute , did I not hear from the British government only last week them complaining about the middle east governments closing down the internet in order to control news and bring in the Army to police the streets .How quickly people want to emulate the despot dictators who are currently oppressing their citizens in the middle east?
Whilst I do not condone the outright violence  in England, Governments must also step up to the challenge of balancing the resources a country has to make sure that no one segment of society is left behind and I believe that the unemployed and the low paid are at a tipping
point in this country as our own government seem to think they can pile on ever
more severe  austerity measures  without some kind of backlash .You cannot
ignore the plight of people the vested interests and the protected select few ,have
thrown on to the scrap-heap, at some point enough is enough. Let the Fine Gael
and labour government here be warned!

London Riots – Scum steal from injured boy.

This is shocking behaviour and the thugs here must at all
costs be brought to justice

Scum is too good a word to describe these thugs


EU stance shifts on Greece default

By Donal Buckley
Freelance journalist/writer.
This is an extract from the Financial Times.

What works for Greece will apply to Ireland with one condition.
Such rationalisation of debt to affordable levels is conditional on Ireland having political leadership to achieve debt reduction and bond holder participation in debt forgiveness.

July 10, 2011 8:33 pm

EU stance shifts on Greece default

By Peter Spiegel in Brussels and Patrick Jenkins in London

European leaders are for the first time prepared to accept that Athens should default on some of its bonds as part of a new bail-out plan…

The full article can be found at:http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/5ffeabf0-ab09-11e0-b4d8-00144feabdc0.html

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