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Wicklow Harbour visit by German ship

By Thomas Clarke

This wonderful Old two mast sailing ship sailed into Wicklow harbour this morning and is after coming all the way from Hamburg. It is a ship from a museum and this time it has a crew of 8 men.

One of which is a wandering carpenter (see photo)

who is looking for any work that might be going and also a place to stay for the night if possible .He is wearing the distinctive clothing of a wandering trainee tradesman. He told me he is not allowed to carry a mobile phone and is also expected to travel around by hitchhiking and so he hitched a ride on this ship. The ship sails for Scotland tomorrow morning and he is expecting to find some work there ! Well the best of luck to him and the merry crew of this great ship!

Wicklow Town’s latest traffic management and road resurfacing works

Wicklow Town’s latest traffic management and road resurfacing works are ongoing and the question now is will they be finished before they run out of money?
see video link http://www.vimeo.com/17153765

Marlton Road

The completion of the pedestrian footpath along the Marlton road is a very welcome development and looks like it will be completed shortly
see video link http://vimeo.com/17154668

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