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Labour Party supports the campaign for a statutory right to aftercare

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for contacting me on this important issue.

The Labour Party fully supports the campaign for a statutory right to aftercare to be included in the bill. The right to aftercare should be a priority for vulnerable young people as they prepare to leave the care system and the current situation whereby they have no legal right to aftercare needs to be rectified.

Kathleen Lynch TD and Jan O’Sullivan TD have tabled an amendment, on behalf of the Labour Party, to the Child Care Amendment Bill 2009 which would include the right to aftercare in the Bill.  Unfortunately, the Minister was not willing to accept the amendment at committee stage.

The bill will be discussed in the Dail on Wednesday and  Labour party spokesperson on Health, Jan O’Sullivan,  will be pressing the issue of aftercare to a vote and will be putting pressure on Government TDs to vote for this very important  Labour party amendment.

I have attached a copy of the proposed amendment below.

Best wishes,


Liz McManus, T.D.
Spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

19. In page 67, to delete lines 26 to 32 and substitute the following:
22.—Section 45 (as amended by the Act of 2004) of the Principal Act is amended
by substituting the following section for section 45:
(a) Where a child leaves the care of the Health Service Executive, the
Executive shall, in accordance with subsection (2), assist him or
her for so long as the Executive is satisfied as to his or her need
for assistance and, subject to paragraph (b), he or she has not
attained the age of 21 years.
(b) Where that person attains the age of 21 years, the Executive shall
continue to provide such assistance until the completion of the
course of education in which he or she is engaged.
“Amendment of
section 45 of
Principal Act.
(2) (a) The Health Service Executive shall assist a person under this
section in one or more of the following ways—
(i) by causing him or her to be visited or assisted;
(ii) by arranging for the completion of his or her education and by
contributing towards his or her maintenance while he or she is
completing his or her education;
(iii) by placing him or her in a suitable trade, calling or business and
paying such fee or sum as may be requisite for that purpose;
(iv) by providing a residential aftercare programme for him or her;
(v) by co-operating with housing authorities in planning
accommodation for children leaving care on reaching the age
of 18 years;
(vi) by arranging for any existing or emerging health care needs to
be addressed by appropriate qualified persons;
(b) For the purposes of this section, the Minister shall prescribe the
manner in which aftercare may be provided.
(4) In providing assistance under this section, the Executive shall comply
with any general directions given by the Minister.
(5) For the purposes of this section, the reference in subsection (1)(a) to
the care of the Health Service Executive includes special care provided
under Part IVA (as amended by the Child Care (Amendment) Act 2011).”.”.
—Jan O’Sullivan, Kathleen Lynch.
Liz McManus, T.D.
Spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources



as you can see Liz Mc Manus wasted no time in expressing the labour Party’s suport for the amendment to the Child Care act 2011

No News from the other 4 TD’s for Wicklow



A  whistle  stop tour in Co. Wicklow was organised by Labour TD Liz McManus
for  her  colleague  Mary Upton TD, Labour’s Spokesperson for Arts, Sport &
Tourism,  to  ensure  that the arts in Wicklow are fully supported into the

“We  can be all proud of the achievements of the Tinahely Courthouse Centre
and  the  Mermaid  Theatre  in  Bray and I was very keen that Mary Upton TD
would  see  for  herself  the  huge provision of arts in Co. Wicklow”, said
Deputy Liz McManus.

“I  have  also  received  many  emails from local constituents who are very
concerned  that  funding  for  the  Arts will be cut in the next Budget and
recently  had recent meetings with both the Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray and
the  Courthouse  Arts  Centre  in  Tinahely  in  relation  to  this  issue.
Unfortunately  Arts and Culture is often seen as an easy target for cuts in
straitened economic times.

“I  was  delighted that the Labour Spokesperson for the Arts, Mary Upton TD
agreed  to  come  to  Co.  Wicklow to visit both centres.  We met with Nora
Hickey  and  Fergus  Hannigan in the Mermaid Arts Centre and they expressed
their  views  and concerns to us.  We then travelled down to Tinahely where
we met Frank Gallagher and Shelley Hayes in the Courthouse Arts Centre.

“We also had an opportunity to drop into Avondale House in Rathdrum as part
of  the  tour as this is a major tourist attraction in Co. Wicklow and Mary
was  very  interested  in  Avondale  House  as  she is also Spokesperson on

“I  was  very happy that I had the opportunity to visit both Art Centres in
Bray and Tinahely and I promise that I will continue to pursue the Minister
for  Arts,  Sport  &  Tourism  to ensure that existing levels of funding is
maintained  and to push for additional new funding for the Arts in the next
Budget”, said Deputy Mary Upton.

… ends …
Liz McManus

Liz McManus leaving the stage

As an Independent observer of the Wicklow TD, s Dail performance I must on the bases of the data I have before me conclude that Labour Party Wicklow TD Liz McManus is in fact the hardest working TD, of them all and this can be verified by looking at her performance is the Dail
Her efforts on behalf of other people and her staunch support of small groupings of people on the margins of Irish society all stand on the record
Mrs. McManus has informed the labour party of her intention not to go forward as a candidate in the next election and so will no longer be a TD after the next general election
I only hope we are lucky enough to get someone of the same conviction to serve their local community as she has done, but this time without having to serve a corrupt political system that inhibits ones best efforts on behalf of ones constituents

Liz McManus on Job Seekers Allowance

Wicklow Labour TD Liz McManus has expressed her deep concern at the numbers of
Irish people who are being refused Job Seekers Allowance because of the
Government’s rule on Habitual Residence.
“A number of people from Co. Wicklow who had been living and working abroad
have contacted me in the recent past to say that the Government is refusing
to allow them sign on for Job Seekers Allowance because they don’t comply
with the Habitual Residence Condition”, said Deputy Liz McManus.
“A lot of these people were forced to emigrate in the 70s and 80s when they
couldn’t find work here at home. Many of them are now returning to Ireland
for various reasons and find that they are being turned down for basic
social welfare assistance. This is causing great hardship and indeed some
people are now homeless as a result of this rule.
“The people affected are all Irish citizens and feel they are being let
down by this uncaring Fianna Fail/Green government. No recognition of
their Irish status is being taken into account. Many of these newly
returned social welfare applicants sent home large amounts of money to
their families when times were tough all round. Many of them have come
back home to care for elderly and sick relatives and yet cannot get any
assistance from the Government.
“I am calling on the Minister for Social Protection to examine this
Habitual Residence Condition and to ensure that no Irish person is
penalised because of it”, concluded Deputy McManus.
… ends …
Liz McManus 087-2357369

Wicklow TD’sDail comments for June 15th

speaker:Dick Roche : 11 Dail debates


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Confidence in the Taoiseach and the Government: Motion (15 Jun 2010)


Dick Roche: Fine Gael has no confidence in Deputy Enda Kenny.

Confidence in the Taoiseach and the Government: Motion (15 Jun 2010)


Dick Roche: We remember its policy on stamp duty.

Confidence in the Taoiseach and the Government: Motion (15 Jun 2010)


Dick Roche: Fine Gael supported it.


speaker:Billy Timmins : 2 Dail debates


Confidence in the Taoiseach and the Government: Motion (15 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: One cannot get a passport for the past five months. Do

not twist the facts.

Confidence in the Taoiseach and the Government: Motion (15 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: I thank the Acting Chairman. The Minister, Deputy

Carey, stated the Government has not heard any constructive criticism.

It has not heard it because it has not listened. It has not listened to

anybody. A great number of constructive proposals were put forward by

this side of the House but they fell on deaf ears and the country has

suffered as a result. In the past week I heard a number…

speaker:Billy Timmins : 4 Written Answers


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Written Answers – Visa Applications: Visa Applications (15 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: Question 302: To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality

and Law Reform the position regarding the case of persons (details

supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter. [25108/10]

Written Answers – Overseas Development Aid: Overseas Development Aid (15 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: Question 361: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs

the number of applications he received under each fund of Ireland Aid

annually since 2007; the number of successful applications; and if he

will make a statement on the matter. [25519/10]

Written Answers – Overseas Development Aid: Overseas Development Aid (15 Jun 2010)


Billy Timmins: Question 362: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs

the amount of disability funding as a percentage of overall funding

annually since 2007; the details of Ireland Aid’s disability strategy;

and if he will make a statement on the matter. [25520/10]

Closure of libraries in two schools in Co. Wicklow


Labour TD Liz McManus,

has warned of the serious affects that the closure of libraries in two schools in Co. Wicklow may have.

The two schools that are under threat of having their libraries closed down by the Government are St. Kilian’s Community College in Bray and the Abbey Community College in Wicklow Town.

“I am deeply shocked at the news that the libraries in these two schools

will have to close because of the moratorium on recruiting librarians”,

said Deputy Liz McManus. “The Demonstration Library Projects were set up

in 22 schools around the country to ensure that young people are able to

read and to encourage a love of reading. They provide students with a

welcoming and safe environment where they can read, do homework, or prepare

for exams.

“An estimated €9m was spent on building and stocking these libraries and I

understand that €1m would keep the service going. This is a modest amount

of money for a significant return. These libraries operate in schools that

are located in disadvantaged areas and are specifically aimed at students

who are the most likely to leave school without formal education.

“The school library service has been tried and trust and has delivered for

many young people. Now it is being destroyed by this Fianna Fail

Government who are hell bent in creating economic havoc. They expect us to

shore up the banks while at the same time they are undermining the

potential of our young students attending 2nd-level schools.

“I am calling on Dick Roche as the only Government Minister in Co. Wicklow

to condemn this measure. It is quite clear that where there is strong

opposition in Fianna Fail that they are able to alter Government policy.

While Fianna Fail Deputies are arguing about stag hunting, there isn’t a

whimper about the loss of library services. It is time to stand up and be

counted. Pulling the plug at this stage is tantamount to educational

vandalism”, concluded Deputy McManus.

… ends …

Liz McManus 087-2357369

New Jobs for Wicklow Town


Wicklow Town – Profitsflow.com – has announced that they are creating 20

new jobs.

Labour TD Liz McManus has warmly welcomed the recent news that a company in

“This is indeed very good news for Wicklow Town and I would like to extend

my congratulations to Profitsflow.com”, said Deputy Liz McManus. “At a

time when businesses are forced to cut back because of the economic

downturn, it is heartening to see a local company taking on 20 new staff.

“These are the kind of high-tech jobs that we want to attract to Co.

Wicklow and I feel that this will be a great boost for Wicklow Town.

Hopefully we will see more new companies setting up and offering employment

to people living in the county”, concluded Deputy McManus.

… ends …

Liz McManus 087-2357369




To-Night at 21.00Hrs

The Labour Party in Bray is hosting a meeting covering the area of NAMA &

The Irish Economy next Wednesday, April 7th at 9.00pm in the Strand Hotel,

Seafront, Bray. The guest speaker will be Pat Rabbitte TD, former Labour

Leader and currently Spokesperson on Justice.

Wicklow Head shop closed


Well done Wicklow towns citizens

After months of campaigning we have managed to rid the town of the scourge” Head Shop ”

This is a well deserved result for the Town and a let it be a message of hope to all other communities that are suffering from this scourge.

We must never the less be on the lookout in case someone else decides to try and open another one.

Headshops on the move


Liz McManus


Wicklow TD Liz McManus has welcomed the publication of a draft Labour Party Private Members Bill to restrict the spread of Headshops which are causing so much concern around the country.

“Under the terms of our Bill, the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill, 2010 specific planning permission would be required for a change of use of a premises to open either a head shop or a sex shop”, said Deputy Liz McManus.


“The proprietor of a grocery store, take away or Internet café must apply and obtain planning permission to open for business. However, that same owner or a new owner can then decide to convert the premises into a Headshop or a sex shop overnight without even having to apply to the local authority for planning permission for change of use. In effect there is nothing to stop a person from seeking and securing planning permission to open a sweet shop and then, overnight, turning it into a head shop.


“Because no specific planning permission is required for change of use from one existing retail function to another, members of local communities have no opportunity whatsoever to express any concerns they might have.


“These Headshops are selling products which are not covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act, but which clearly mimic illegal drugs and have damaging physical and psychological effects on those who consume or inject those products.


“Because these shops are not illegal but are unlicensed and unregulated and can sell their products to minors as well as adults there is serious concern in local communities at the failure of the authorities to take action.


“We accept that our Bill is not a total solution to the problem of Headshops. That would require the banning of the dangerous substances that are on sale in these outlets, but we accept that this is a complex and difficult procedure that may take some time.


“Our Bill offers an interim solution that would, if enacted, at a very minimum restrict the further spread of these outlets, concluded Deputy McManus”.

If you have a problem with the spread of these headshops you can contact Liz directely at the following link http://www.labour.ie/lizmcmanus/clinics.html

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