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Austerity demonstration in Dublin to-day

By Thomás O Cléirigh


Campaign against the Irish Poll taxes :
Thousands turned out to-day in Dublin to protest against the imposed taxes on the Irish people on behalf of the Troika. These unelected gangsters have bought and paid the local politicians and Ireland has now a puppet Government carrying out the Dictates of Berlin.
The Irish people are now the cash cow that the bondholders are squeezing dry with the help of the collaborators in Leinster House and the top Union Bosses who are just as bad and the traitors Noonan and Kenny not to mention Gilmore. This is just the start !


2nd week in Lubeck 2013 009

To Tom
Although I am in Germany I am with you in my thoughts, I send my support and good will to you, and on behalf of all the decent men and woman who were and are been forced to leave our country because of the criminal activities of the various banks I thank you .Remember you are supported by hundreds of thousands who have been forced into emigration .The cowardly collaborators in Government are a shame to the Irish nation and it is up to ordinary decent people like yourself to get up off your knees and take on these financial slave traders.
Debt is the way chosen by the current and past governments to control our people and even though we have see the brave people of Iceland show us the way our spineless politicians have chosen to back the criminal bankers and their hidden gamblers.
Austerity and more Austerity is the medicine dished out to the ordinary people while these leaches feast Daly at the banquet tables in Lenster House and in the various Bank Centres.
One way or another, the people of Ireland will have their day and you are but the first to take a crack at these Gangsters and their political pals.
Best of luck from Germany
Thomás O Cléirigh

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