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Tonight with Vincent Browne (Budget 2014 )

Vincent visits the protests outside Leinster House as the details of Budget 2014 are announced.



By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Let the world know this “Austerity” is been imposed on the people of Ireland by brute force! Corrupt politicians and blackmail from our “friends “in Berlin!

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Well the gangsters in the musical chairs political system we have in this BA-NAMA republic struck again and this time they were not going to tolerate any demonstrations .On a night they told the world Ireland was going to leave the Bailout process in December and that Austerity has worked!

We find out that the Youth of the country are been told get lost and piss off out of the country, So no free GP care for the general populace (another broken promise)The old are subject to a smash and grab and I expect the real pain is well hidden and will first emerged in the Finance Bill ! This is where they slip in the real pain for the ordinary workers. The rich are going to be delighted as their wealth is going to stay untaxed and its business as usual. In the video this ***** comes and says 3000 jobs are been created a month but he neglects to tell us that these “Jobs” are in fact part-time jobs and are very low pay at that! The lying politicians in the labour party are a disgrace to the name of Labour and have betrayed the entire worker movement of this sold out country!.

The working man and woman in this country must now get up of their backsides and take to the streets and fight for their rights .The Youth of the country must take on these puppets of the hidden faceless money men and take to the streets! It’s your future and these politicians just don’t give a toss about you!

Wake up Ireland and take back our country from these so-called public servants who are busy getting rich themselves whilst pauperizing our people!

The Union bosses are the mafia that keeps the government in power

By Thomás O Cléirigh


The Union bosses are the mafia that keeps the government in power and not the troika .These wolves in sheep clothing are nothing more than the real collaborators doing the biding of the faceless moneymen that allow the union bosses to extract enormous funds from their members and suck the country dry as they or their pals sit on the various guanos boards of course for hefty fees. The Union bosses are taking salaries equivalent to the Minsters of government and they have the perks and pensions to match. These sell-outs have betrayed the workers and the Irish workers are still like sheep following these leaches as they milk the insider system for all they can get.

Workers of Ireland wake up don’t you see these union bosses are part of the problem and are in no way going to rock the boat. They are out for themselves! Get out of these unions or kick out these puppets of the Labour party now.

These same union bosses have stood ideally by as our health services were  dismantled ,over the last 5 years they have done nothing for the ordinary man in the street they have watch and done nothing as new taxes were imposed on families to pay for private debts of corrupt bankers .These unions are nothing more than puppets of the political system , a extra insurance the government of the day has against workers going out on to the streets and demanding true democracy just like they have in Iceland. We need people power and not hidden planted insiders who run the unions on behalf of the government of the day.

The unions have abandoned the unemployed and they are out to keep themselves in their plumb top jobs! It is totally immoral that workers should be accepting Austerity while these sell-outs continue to pay themselves lottery salaries. When I hear of old folk dying in each other’s arms because they cannot afford to heat their homes I say it’s time to take the fight to the streets and kick these leaches off our backs now .Every decent worker should down tools and go on a general strike with or without the unions now. No more Austerity do as Iceland did tell the Government and their Union insider pals to get stuffed we don’t need their permission to take back our country from gangsters!

Have you ever wondered why Irish workers are not joining other European Workers in demonstrating against the imposed austerity that is paying the gambling debts of hidden faceless moneymen?

Simple: The union bosses are bought and paid for by the real power brokers who rule over us now!

BUDGET: Gilmore has hung ordinary workers out to dry

Eamon Gilmore, leader of the Irish Labour Part...

Eamon Gilmore, leader of the Irish Labour Party, at the party’s 2010 conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“LABOUR is the party of work.” That was one of Eamon Gilmore’s mantras in last year’s General Election as he tried to convince voters that he was the man to fix our unemployment crisis.

Today the Tanaiste might want to consider giving his organisation a change of name — because this is a Budget that savages the ordinary worker and will leave more people in danger of getting ensnared in a poverty trap.

Labour’s proudest boast is that it managed to protect the core weekly pay rates for social welfare recipients.

When you look at what they had to sacrifice instead, however, this looks like a pretty hollow victory. The junior coalition partners apparently had no great problem with the PRSI increases that will cost every single worker above the minimum wage an extra €264 — no matter whether they are earning €20,000 or €20m a year………………………………

full article at source:  http://www.herald.ie/news/budget-gilmore-has-hung-ordinary-workers-out-to-dry-3317734.html

Gilmore’s Labour Think-In

By Thomás O Cléirigh

Q: Will the Labour party be making the hard decisions like tackling the over bolted salaries of the top civil servants, the lottery pension of the political gangsters who scarpered off from the last government .Their own ministerial lottery salaries and perks , the massive pay packets of their so called special advisers??

A: of course not! The easy targets like the ordinary people will be squeezed until there is no more to get .These champagne socialists have gotten rich off the back of the Irish taxpayers and are used to the finer things in life as their bolted faces reveal .The time has come for the Irish people to rid ourselves of these waffling bloodsucking leaches !

Mr Justice Seamus Hughes and the Neanderthal man

By thejournal.ie

THERE HAVE BEEN calls for a District Court judge to resign after he described Travellers as being “Neanderthal men… abiding by the laws of the jungle”.

Mr Justice Seamus Hughes, a former Fianna Fáil TD,

is reported as criticising a defendant who appeared before Athlone District Court, saying:

Nobody has indicated it to me, but I suspect he comes from a certain ethnic background that would give him even more form given the type of behaviour in which some of them engage… As I’ve described it before, they are like Neanderthal men living in the long grass, abiding by the laws of the jungle.

Pavee Point, an advocacy group for Travellers, said that it would be difficult for Travellers to believe that they could get a fair trial under Judge Hughes following the ………..

full article at source: http://www.thejournal.ie/judge-travellers-comments-law-of-the-jungle-592523-Sep2012/


On closer inspection what we have here is a failed Fianna Fail insider, Gombeen, fixer, parish pump politician expressing his own deep prejudice against a fellow citizen. This gobshite should be removed forthwith from the bench .I would like to know how he got his promotion who “looked after” this failed moron Fianna Fail politician by giving him this consolation post (It this another example of Jobs for the Boys????)

This trumped up gombeen and the rest of the criminal elite running the country are the real menace to Irish society, their behaviour in government has robbed countless families of their ability to support their families and have financial slaves of our entire nation.

The likes of this prat has ironically been put into the position of casting judgement over citizens who never had a fair start in life in the first place! The Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour self-serving political leaches are the real criminals and they are the

Neanderthal men living in the long grass, abiding by the laws that suite themselves “.

The Irish constitution guarantees that all of the citizens of the republic will be treated equally and I have never come across a section of our community who are more honourable! This failed gombeen politician is not worthy to unite  the shoe laces of the man he has described as a Neanderthal  

By Thomás O Cléirigh




Thank you for sharing your inspiring article! As I write this from Ireland ,I am hearing Emanon Gilmore (the vice prime minister of Ireland ) waffle about the Irish labour partiers resolve to stay the course and do the necessary to help get jobs and save the health services .Since He and his other liars in Government got into office we have witnessed disastrous cuts to every single public service not to mention the hundreds of thousands of job losses. This puppet has broken every promise he and his party made to the Irish electorate .

Mr Gilmore is an out and out Troikaroite -freak .The Irish labour party has ditched their loyalty to the ordinary working man in favour of the secure pensions and perks of high office and they are now diligently carrying out the disastrous policies of the Troika dictatorship that is placing an unsustainable burden on the shoulders of the Irish taxpayers who are now expected to pay in full the gambling debts of toxic and corrupt bankers without question.

Gilmore has swallowed in full the notion that it doesn’t matter that these debts placed on the shoulders of the Irish people are private Bank debts, no, what matters is that a corrupt politician agreed with the equally corrupt ECB that no European bank should go belly up and that all banks debts should be socialized and thus the responsibility of the ordinary people. So the champion of the working man is now the cheerleader for the Bankers. His declaration that the Croak Park agreement will continue to be supported is just Nuts!

This political waffler and self-serving leach is protecting a cost to the nation we cannot afforded Gilmore is protecting his own voter base and to hell with the rest of the country .Gilmore and his party are nothing more that puppets in the hands of the Troika .The labour party has abandoned the ordinary people of Ireland to the financial slave traders of Europe.

The Slog

The Troika is still hard at work breeding extremism via barmy wish-lists and unpayable taxes

Like some State-sponsored IVF treatment for enabling the birth of hard Left and Right Parties, the Troika continues its triumphant tour through the ClubMed region.

I pointed out last week how the Greek neo-nazi Party Golden Dawn has gone from under 0.3% of the vote to being bigger than Pasok. Yesterday it was the Greek Communist Party’s turn to express their admiration for the neocon hit-squad

Waving the standard banners and anti-austerity slogans,  Greek Communist Party (KKE) trade unionists took over the Labour Ministry’s facade in Athens, effectively locking the Troika out from a meeting between Yiannis Vroutsis and the Troika scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

But the conference did eventually take place, and this is what emerged as the Troikanaut wish-list:

  •  possible rise in the retirement age from 65 to 67 years old.
  • a decreased notice…

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Home Help Cuts

By Thomas Ó’Cléirigh

A demonstration was held in Wicklow Town to-day staged by the Independent workers Union against the Saveage Home Help Cuts which is supported by the so called Labour party in Government and apparently the established big Unions.

The time has come for the workers of Ireland to reject the compliance policies of SIPTU and their lottery paid bosses .As ordinary workers have to struggle to pay the penal taxes and charges imposed on them by an out of touch government supported by the so called Labour Party the Workers friend “The labour party is just as out of touch as they have sold their souls to the puppets of Berlin and the faceless moneymen who are busy stealing the resources of our country!

It is an outrage and totally unacceptable that any UNION boss should be paid  from workers contributions  a salary of over 300,000 Euro per year when the same workers are expect to live on just a fraction  of this sum of money! “Jack O Conner is all right jack “just like the rest of the Union bosses in Ireland they are still enjoying the lottery perks of office while their members are told to shut up and put up with “severe austerity measures dictated by their real bosses in Berlin!

Pull these Union leaches off you back!

Workers of Ireland get up off your knees stand up for your hard won health services.

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