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Boycott Uisce éireann ( Privatized Irish Water)

Pic: ‪#‎IrishWater‬ ‪#‎Troika‬ Taking the piss & taking our water: Standing charge before you use water, increased bill if you don’t use enough & then it will be sold to some multinational & all our money will leave the country to some tax haven. Well that’s great logic! Only the geniuses in the global banking sector could have come up with that! & they did!! FIGHT BACK!

“EU law means water bill and charges will lead directly to privatisation”http://goo.gl/oXTT4Q

“Government plans to privatise water in Ireland (Part 2)”http://goo.gl/0OMkqG

“Richard Boyd Barrett grills John Tierney of Irish Water”http://goo.gl/jZieEC

“Brian Stanley slams privatisation of water services as an “absolute disgrace”” http://goo.gl/ZbQ2us

“Labour Party has not got the backbone to say ‘no’ to Water Tax – Gerry Adams TD” http://goo.gl/MLiY5K

Pic: #IrishWater #Troika Taking the piss & taking our water: Standing charge before you use water, increased bill if you don't use enough & then it will be sold to some multinational & all our money will leave the country to some tax haven. Well that's great logic! Only the geniuses in the global banking sector could have come up with that! & they did!! FIGHT BACK!

"EU law means water bill and charges will lead directly to privatisation" http://goo.gl/oXTT4Q

"Government plans to privatise water in Ireland (Part 2)" http://goo.gl/0OMkqG

"Richard Boyd Barrett grills John Tierney of Irish Water" http://goo.gl/jZieEC

"Brian Stanley slams privatisation of water services as an "absolute disgrace"" http://goo.gl/ZbQ2us

"Labour Party has not got the backbone to say 'no' to Water Tax - Gerry Adams TD" http://goo.gl/MLiY5K

Pic: ‪#‎IrishWater‬ ‪#‎Troika‬ Taking the piss & taking our water: Standing charge before you use water, increased bill if you don’t use enough & then it will be sold to some multinational & all our money will leave the country to some tax haven. Well that’s great logic! Only the geniuses in the global banking sector could have come up with that! & they did!! FIGHT BACK!

“EU law means water bill and charges will lead directly to privatisation”http://goo.gl/oXTT4Q

“Government plans to privatise water in Ireland (Part 2)” http://goo.gl/0OMkqG

“Richard Boyd Barrett grills John Tierney of Irish Water” http://goo.gl/jZieEC

“Brian Stanley slams privatisation of water services as an “absolute disgrace””http://goo.gl/ZbQ2us

“Labour Party has not got the backbone to say ‘no’ to Water Tax – Gerry Adams TD”http://goo.gl/MLiY5K

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Surprise Surprise, “Tuck”, you’re in luck, good marks for all in this band of do nothings.

Listening to the
east-coast radio breakfast show this morning we were informed about the latest
poll numbers for the new government and Edna Kenny’s personal ratings. Surprise
Surprise, tuck, you’re in luck, good marks for all in this band of do nothings.

“TAOISEACH Enda Kenny and Fine Gael are continuing to enjoy a honeymoon period in government with both leader and party enjoying record levels of support, a new Irish Independent/Millward Brown Lansdowne opinion poll reveals After 100 days in power, Fine Gael‘s popularity has soared to 42pc, a rise of six points since the general election.
Support for the Labour Party is also holding steady on 19pc.
Fine Gael’s rating has risen sharply despite a majority of voters believing no progress has been made on keyeconomic promises made by the Coalition in the election campaign.

Just a year ago, Mr. Kenny barely survived a leadership
heave brought about by poor poll ratings. But now his performance gets the
thumbs up from 65pc of voters, a stunning 26-point rise since he came to power.”

Let’s just look again at what is
happening here.

We have a new government, who got into government by claiming to be champions of “change” and they were going to re-negotiate the bailout terms and burn the bondholders. ( Fine Gael believes that the IMF/EU
bail-out deal has not and will not restore investor confidence in our country,
and must therefore be renegotiated to reduce the interest rate and to ensure a
fairer sharing of the cost of fixing Ireland’s broken banks. The current deal
is bad for Ireland – and bad for Europe.

• Bad for Ireland. The financial
markets are closed to Ireland principally because investors are concerned that
any more capital injections into the banks – the cost so far is €100 billion –
will sink the Irish economy.

• Bad for Europe. Our EU partners want
Ireland to return to the financial markets as soon as possible. However, it is
difficult to see how this can happen unless the market’s concerns about the
banking bailout are addressed directly).

Fianna Fail
were kicked out of office and rightly so by the citizens of Ireland but since
the new government got into office they have continuously to ditch their promises
of change and they have adopted in its entirety the policies of the previous government
and it would seem that the public are ok with this???

I do not believe
the numbers in this poll .How can the public kick out one lot and give massive approval
to another lot implement the previous lot’s policies??? It doesn’t make any sense!

If that wasn’t
enough we then get to hear Prof Brian Lucy comment on the latest bailout for Greece

he confirms that the EU is just kicking the can down the road again, they are
ignoring the fundamental problem of debt, by taking on more debt you are only
making things worse and eventually the facts will have to be faced up to. There
will be a need to forgive a large portion of the debts all the small countries
in Europe (A debt forgiveness program will have to be created and over a long
period these debts will have to be written off) This is what I am advocating
for the last 3 years now .I have never heard of anybody getting out of debt by
taking on new debts. It’s just not feasible. Go down to your bank manager and ask
him to allow you to continue to build up your debts as a way to solve your
debts and see what he or she will tell you!.

Hard decisions are going to have to be made and Kenny should now make these ASAP.

We need real leadership and brave people with the national interest at heart.First
thing is to now face reality and tell the EU/IMF we are not going to be the patsies
of Europe. We no longer are going to bailout gamblers and con artists hiding
behind the ECB or Deutsche Bank .They must now take losses and they can have a
debt for equity swap in the Irish Pillar Banks and good luck to them. To do
otherwise is nothing short of treason!Their loyalty should first and foremost to the people of Ireland whom they are supposed to be working for!

Joan Burton and Joe Higgins on Vincent Browne

After the first 100 days of the “New government” we the people now know that these people were telling lies Joe Higgins was right all along !

Another promise bites the dust!

By Michael Brennan and Paul Melia

Thursday May 05 2011

 THE Government will only cut the number of sitting TDs by a maximum of 16, in a significant U-turn on a key Fine Gael election promise.

The pledge to reduce the number of TDs by 20 to 146 had been a key part of Fine Gael‘s famous five-point plan, published just three months ago. But there was no such pledge in the Labour Party‘s election manifesto.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan yesterday announced the reduction in the number of TDs would be in line with the requirements of the Constitution. This will make it impossible to cut the number of number of TDs by 20.

The Constitution requires at least one TD per 30,000 population. Figures from the Central Statistics Office show that as of April last year, the population stood at 4,470,700.

This means there must be at least 150 TDs, so the Government can only cut the number by 16 — unless the 2011 census shows a radical change in the population size.

Mr Hogan last night ruled out putting the question to a referendum.

He said: “We believe that by putting a proposal to abolish Seanad Eireann and reducing the number of TDs, we will achieve this 30pc reduction in the number of members in the Oireachtas from the beginning of the 32nd Dail.”

The minister said the Government would set up a Constituency Commission and give it guidance on the maximum and minimum number of TDs it could cut under the Constitution to save an estimated €10m.


It would then be up to the commission to make the final decision on the number of TDs to cut — and on which constituencies would lose out.

However, the number of TDs cut could be even less than 16 using the “30pc-reduction” target mentioned by Mr Hogan yesterday.

Fine Gael’s ‘Strategy for New Politics’ election document said it would reduce the number of politicians by 35pc — which would have eliminated the jobs of 20 TDs and all 60 senators. The 30pc-reduction target would only allow for the cutting of 12 TDs and 60 senators.

Fianna Fail environment spokesman Niall Collins said it was clear that Fine Gael and Labour could not agree between them what the actual reduction in TDs should be.

“We’ll be keeping an eye on Minister Hogan to see he doesn’t interfere in the independence of the Constituency Commission,” he said.

However, he welcomed plans announced by the Government to introduce legislation requiring all Dail by-elections to be held within six months.

Mr Hogan said it was designed to end “farcical situations”, such as 17-month delay in holding the Donegal South West by-election.

Meanwhile, the spending limits for the presidential election in October are to be cut from €1.3m to €750,000.

Candidates will be able to claim back a maximum of €200,000 in expenses — down from €260,000.

“This allows campaign teams to plan well in advance of the election for a more frugal campaign,” Mr Hogan said.

– Michael Brennan and Paul Melia

Irish Independent


Well what did I tell you?

These boys don’t give a dam they are enjoying their massive salaries and perks and don’t have to call on you for the next 5 years and by then you will have forgotten all the broken promises because they will arrive at your doorstep with new ones. What a great con job !

At this rate Fine Gael and their Labour support will run out of promises to renege on .I believe we haven’t seen the last of the broken promises ,before long we will see new taxes and more pain as they continue to implement Fianna Fail policies. Still happy you voted in this crowd?

LABOUR has denied claims of cronyism !

Spotted this to-day

By Aine Kerr Political Correspondent

Monday March 28 2011

LABOUR has denied claims of cronyism after the daughter of Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore was asked to represent the State in a legal case.

Barrister Grainne Gilmore (28) was asked by the new Attorney General to be part of a legal team in a High Court case taken by objectors attempting to stop the construction of the Corrib gas pipeline.

The new Attorney General, Marie Whelan, was appointed by the Labour Party earlier this month.

But the party has denied allegations of a cosy relationship, pointing out that Ms Gilmore turned down the offer to work for the new AG and had carried out work for a previous AG under the Fianna Fail-led government.

It is understood Ms Gilmore, a barrister specialising in environmental law, worked for the former AG on “several occasions” when her father was on the opposition benches.

“She has undertaken work for the State during the period of office of the previous Attorney General,” a Labour Party spokesman said. “She was offered a brief in this case but declined it as she had offered advice to other parties potentially involved.”

The case involved attempts by objectors to stop the construction of the Corrib gas pipeline. The lawyers appointed to represent the State in this case are Niamh Hyland and Michael Cush.

Ms Gilmore currently teaches environmental law at Dublin Institute of Technology, having qualified as a barrister in 2008.

She previously completed a Master of European Law (LLM) at the College of Europe in Bruges and worked as a judicial extern for two US federal judges as well as a trainee at the European Commission‘s Legal Service (Internal Market and Environment) Unit.

She also taught EC Law, Environmental Law and Constitutional Law at NUIG.

legal Row muddies waters

– Aine Kerr Political Correspondent


Irish Independent

Then we have this

By Sam Smyth, Tom Brady and Aine Kerr

Monday March 28 2011

GARDAI are investigating if the Moriarty Tribunal judge’s personal phone line was tapped just a week before his damning report was published.

The Irish Independent has learned that specialist detectives examined the landline phone in Mr Justice Michael Moriarty‘s office at Dublin Castle.

An investigation was ordered by the garda authorities after they received a report outlining tribunal concerns that a landline used by the tribunal judge had been compromised.

One line of inquiry being pursued is the possibility that Mr Justice Moriarty’s most sensitive calls on his private phone line were monitored and recorded.

The garda investigation began in the days leading up to the publication of the report, but was shrouded in secrecy.

Detectives were still working on the phone probe all through last week.

But details of the investigation only emerged last night, amid ongoing fallout from the mammoth report into the circumstances surrounding the awarding of Ireland‘s second mobile phone licence in 1995.

Meanwhile, Taoiseach Enda Kenny last night moved to defend his special adviser after his links to disgraced former minister Michael Lowry were highlighted over the weekend.

And Fine Gael faces another onslaught of questions in the Dail this week about the tribunal report.

Aside from the political fallout, the phone-tapping allegations only added to the growing intrigue.

Officers from the garda communications and technology unit were sent to Dublin Castle to check out the building complex used by the tribunal.

They carried out a comprehensive sweep of all telephone lines used by the judge and his staff and also checked out other equipment such as computer outlets.

But they found no evidence of any interference with the lines.

It is understood that the line was traced through a number of intermediary stages back to the telephone exchange after an incident on the phone in Mr Justice Moriarty’s office first aroused suspicion.

Checks are to be made in the next few days on external phone access points to find out if attempts had been made there to bug calls.

The publication of the report last Tuesday surprised everyone involved at the tribunal through its 14 years, including the legal teams.

Mr Justice Moriarty decided not to follow the tradition of publishing tribunal reports by having them bound and printed. The 2,230-page report concluded that businessman Denis O’Brien passed money to former Communications Minister Michael Lowry, who was found to have helped secure the telecoms mogul a mobile phone licence 16 years ago.

The Taoiseach last night launched a staunch defence of his special adviser Mark Kennelly, who worked for Mr Lowry during the period examined in the tribunal findings.

Mr Kennelly worked for Mr Lowry from 1995 to 1996, during the period when the multibillion euro mobile phone licence was awarded.

There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing on Mr Kennelly’s part during his time working for Mr Lowry.

But his recent appointment as a special adviser to the Taoiseach now leaves the party open to accusations it has failed to move on from past controversies.

“Mr Kennelly has been working for Fine Gael for the past 21 years. Only one brief period was spent with Michael Lowry,” Mr Kenny said. “He (Mr Kennelly) denies all knowledge, role or involvement whatsoever in the awarding of the second mobile phone licence.”


Mr Kennelly is not mentioned in the Moriarty Tribunal report, having previously confirmed to the McCracken Tribunal he had no knowledge of the dealings between Mr Lowry and Mr O’Brien.

Mr Lowry also last night told the Irish Independent that Mr Kennelly had “absolutely nothing to do with the issues relating to the licence”.

“I think it’s a sad twist that anybody would infer that Mark Kennelly’s career should be in any way tied into this episode,” he said. “Mark Kennelly is a person of the highest integrity.”

Mr Kennelly was unavailable for comment last night.

But with opposition parties preparing to grill Fine Gael on past donations and fundraisers, the appointment of Mr Kennelly has cast a light again on party links to Mr Lowry.

TDs are preparing for a special Dail debate this week on the Moriarty Tribunal report which opposition parties will use to try and embarrass the party.

– Sam Smyth, Tom Brady and Aine Kerr

Irish Independent


and then this

EOIN BURKE-KENNEDY and PAUL CULLENMinister for Education Ruairí Quinn has rejected suggestions there was a collective failure on the part of the then-government in the awarding of the second mobile phone licence to Denis O’Brien’s consortium in 1995.

Mr Quinn was minister for finance at the time of the licence competition and was a member of the cabinet subcommittee on telecommunications which recommended opening exclusive negotiations with Esat Digifone.

Asked on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland  if he felt the government of the day fell down on the job, Mr Quinn said: “No, I don’t”.

However, he declined to enter into a detailed discussion on the matter in advance of tomorrow’s Dáil debate on the Moriarty report.

Mr Justice Michael Moriarty’s report, published last week, concluded that Independent TD Michael Lowry, then minister for communications, interfered with the competition process for the licence and secured the contract for Mr O’Brien’s consortium.

“There is a very clear record of my account that I gave to Mr Justice Moriarty in his very voluminous report, and I have no problem with the manner in which my comments have been described or, indeed, with his conclusions,” Mr Quinn said.

Asked if he thought Mr Lowry should resign following the damning revelations in the report, Mr Quinn said he supported Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore’s call for Mr Lowry to step down.

Meanwhile, former taoiseach John Bruton has expressed disappointment and regret over the licence process.

Making his first comment since the publication of the Moriarty report last week, Mr Bruton yesterday defended his actions as a member of the government that made the decision.

He said he was still in the process of reading the 2,400-page report and “would prefer not to make specific comment until I have further satisfied myself as to all the facts”.

But he added: “One has to look back on this matter with great disappointment and regret.”

He was responding to claims by Persona, which lost out to Mr O’Brien in the competition for the licence, that politicians in the then-governing rainbow coalition had failed to heed its concerns on the result.

Persona chairman Tony Boyle said yesterday his consortium contacted the Democratic Left leader Proinsias de Rossa and Mr Bruton about its reservations. Mr Bruton wrote back that the government “fully supported” the decision taken by then minister for communications Michael Lowry, Mr Boyle claimed.

In the letter, Mr Bruton wrote he was “fully satisfied that the process conducted by the minister and independent consultants was absolutely fair, objective and non-discriminatory”. He responded to Mr Boyle’s claims, citing a number of reasons why the cabinet subcommittee on telecommunications recommended exclusive negotiations be opened with Esat Digifone for the licence.

He pointed out yesterday that civil servants who assessed the bids had recommended Esat, as had an external consultant. Mr Bruton said it was the committee’s understanding that Mr Lowry was not involved in the process.

“We were also greatly reassured by the fact that civil servants from more than one department were involved,” he told The Irish Times. 

In 1995, the members of the committee were Mr Bruton, tánaiste Dick Spring of Labour and Proinsias De Rossa of Democratic Left, along with Mr Quinn.

The tribunal report stated it was “perhaps not surprising” that the four men “were left with the impression that there was a clear, unconditional and unequivocal outcome”, given the content of the documents Mr Lowry presented to them at a meeting in October 1995.

Mr Lowry bypassed consideration by his cabinet colleagues to deliver the result in favour of Esat, it said. He misled the coalition party leaders and sought to “overreach” Mr Bruton by claiming the government had no discretion in the decision.

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said it was a matter for Mr Lowry to decide whether or not to resign as a TD.


The new government is in power a wet week and we have all this promises have been broken and waffle is the order of the day .It won’t be long before we will not know whether or not the promise not to put another cent (any colour of cent ) into the toxic banks will be honoured !

Another few months of this kind of business and we the Irish public will be asking ourselves whether on not we got any real change in the Dail. One thing is for sure the signs are not encouraging and I am now dusting off my demonstrating gear for possible use outside the Dail again !

Kenny tries to reverse last minute FF ‘jobs for the boys’

By Michael Brennan Deputy Political Editor

Thursday March 24 2011

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny is seeking legal advice about reversing the state board appointments made by Fianna Fail ministers during their last day in office.

Former ministers Mary Hanafin and Pat Carey appointed several Fianna Fail members to state boards just before Fine Gael and the Labour Party came to power.

In the Dail yesterday, Mr Kenny said the appointments were disgraceful and that he was getting advice from the Attorney General on whether it was possible to reverse them.

“I am interested in putting an end to the blatant cronyism,” he said. “It is a disgrace. . .”

The Government is pledging to end the right of ministers to automatically appoint people to state boards — by setting up an oversight committee where people who wished to serve would put forward their qualifications.

But a legal source said it could be extremely difficult for the new Government to reverse recent appointments, given that they were made by ministers exercising their legal powers.


Mr Kenny had been responding to Independent Dublin South TD Shane Ross, who said the outgoing Fianna Fail Government had appointed people on a blatantly political basis to the boards of semi-state organisations on its last day in office.

“Those appointments, and others like them, should be reversed immediately and the Taoiseach should make no apology for doing so,” Mr Ross said.

One of the Fianna Fail councillors appointed by Mr Carey to the board of An Post said yesterday he had simply sent his CV into the Department of the Taoiseach to be kept on file if any state board positions became available.

Cllr Peter Ormonde, based in Birr in Offaly, said he had not given any thought to stepping down from the board of An Post because he had just heard about Mr Kenny’s remarks.

But he pointed to his qualifications for the job, saying he had a degree in business management and had the experience of serving on the Eduction Finance Board — for which he received only travel expenses.

“I didn’t go around lobbying and looking for it,” he said.

Mr Ormonde was appointed by the communications minister Pat Carey on March 8– the previous Government’s last full day in office.

A Fianna Fail spokesman said the party had no comment to make as the appointments were made in accordance with proper procedures.

– Michael Brennan Deputy Political Editor

Irish Independent


Turfing these Fianna Fail cronies out of the plumb jobs and putting Fine Gael and labour cronies in  is not going to solve the problem of cronyism.

Fianna Fail crushed at polls in Ireland


 Pat Carey, outgoing Gaeltacht Minister


By Jasper Hamill

27 Feb 2011

The Irish electorate destroyed the incumbent party only months after the humiliating €85 billion (about £72bn) bail-out from the IMF and EU.

Exit polls suggest opposition party Fine Gael have won 36% of first-preference votes, just short of the majority needed to form a single-party government.

The polls indicate Fine Gael won 72 seats, while Fianna Fáil managed only 20, fewer than the resurgent Labour Party’s 38. Fine Gael is now expected to seek the backing of independents or Labour to form a coalition.

Fianna Fáil is estimated to have only 8% support in Dublin and may have failed to win a single seat in the capital.

Taoiseach-in-waiting Enda Kenny said the humbled Fianna Fáil party had lost touch with the Irish people.

“The lesson from this general election is that government should never remove themselves from the people,” he said. The people have voted with vigour and strength … This is a great day for the Fine Gael party.”

Senior figures in the centre-right party were bullish about their prospects and suggested a coalition government was far from inevitable.

According to an early count, Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams won in Louth after giving up his Westminster seat north of the border to run in the Republic of Ireland’s election.

 He said: “If Enda becomes Taoiseach, I wish him well.

“We will support him when he is doing things that we think are good and progressive, and we will oppose him tooth and nail when he is doing things that are not in the common good.”Conor Lenihan, a Fianna Fáil candidate who stood in Dublin South-West, was one of the first to admit defeat.“Clearly the tide was out for Fianna Fáil in Dublin,” he said.Pat Carey, outgoing Gaeltacht Minister, said: “There’s no shame in losing – the shame will be if we didn’t learn from it.”Fine Gael promised “Smaller, Better Government” during their campaign, promising to reduce the deficit by cutting waste rather than hiking up income tax.

Fianna Fáil has governed for 60 of the past 80 years and guided the country towards its Celtic Tiger economic successes. It has since been blamed for the subsequent recession which has gripped Ireland for three years.



Fine Gael promised “Smaller, Better Government” during their campaign, promising to reduce the deficit by cutting waste rather than hiking up income tax.

Well we will see, I expect an emergency Budget and tax hikes and wholesale selling off of state assets, further job losses and further cuts in health services and introduction of water charges, family home taxes, closing down of some of the Banks and job losses there too for starters and an increase in emigration. All this will be for nothing as I still expect us to default anyway. I will be betting that the government will last only tops 24 months any takers?

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