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Meet Irelands champagne socialists and so called worker champions

Q: Why are the Irish trade unions not marching out on the streets protecting the public health services we have won for our people in the last 90 years?

A: The Trade Unions bosses are in cahoots with the corrupt politicians and I’m all right Jack is alive and well. We need to turf out these “insiders “out and create real worker oriented unions that will stand up for the ordinary man and woman in Ireland!

A union boss getting paid more that the President of Ireland or the president of the USA????

Where is the sense in that???

Wake up Ireland and get up off your knees!

THE SECOND-LARGEST trade union in the State has urged its members not to pay the household charge

Coat of arms of Dublin

Coat of arms of Dublin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Unite yesterday called on its 60,000 members not to register for the charge ahead of the March 31st deadline.

Unite was among several trade union groups which yesterday voiced their opposition to the €100 household charge.

“We are urging people not to register and will stand beside those who are willing to show courage and resist the charge,” spokesman Rob Hartnett said at a press conference.

The union is not opposed to a property tax but to the idea of a flat rate charge, he said. It wants members to “push the Government towards a fairer and more equitable solution”.

The union, representing lower paid civil and public servants, also called on the Government to scrap the charge yesterday.

The Civil, Public and Services Union was not urging members to boycott the charge.

Motions on backing the non-payment campaign and taking industrial action over the charge will be discussed by members at the union’s national conference next month, a member of the union’s executive, Terry Kelleher, said yesterday.

The general feeling of members was that “once again the lower paid are hit the hardest”, and the most vulnerable were being “made to pay for the crimes of the wealthy”, Mr Kelleher said.

This position was reinforced more by the household charge than any other Government initiative, he said.

The Dublin Council of Trade Unions welcomed the campaign against the charge and supported “efforts of the organisers to encourage people not to register and not to pay”, Des Derwin of the umbrella body noted yesterday.

The executive of the council took up the position at its February meeting, he said. The body represented most trade unions in Dublin but not all unions have taken up this position, he added.

So far some 280,000 of the 1.6 million households in the country have paid the charge.

Householders were aware that they were in a “significant majority” of people who had not registered, Mr Hartnett said.

“If there was already a million and a half people registered for this charge, then people may not have the same level of courage,” he said.

Dublin City Council Socialist Party councillor Ruth Coppinger, who is part of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes, acknowledged the number of householders paying would increase before the March 31st deadline.

“There is a myth being perpetuated that people simply are confused and don’t know how to pay it . . .

“I think that is out of touch with the reality,” she said.

Householders felt this charge would increase and this was one charge they had power to withhold, she said.

The campaign is to mount a protest rally at the National Stadium, Dublin, on Saturday.

Trade union Siptu last month called for the Government to suspend the imposition of the charge until a “fair and progressive property tax” could be introduced.


The Trade Unions and their betrayal of the workers

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The Trade Unions and their betrayal of the workers is one of
the most striking things about this recession .Their absence on the streets and
at demonstrations outside the Dail. A perfect example of this is the slashing
of the bus services in Dublin .With the obvious distress that this action by
CIE is causing to their elderly customers you would expect at least the trade
unions would spring to action in defending their member’s jobs and their conditions.
Yet , I did not see any of the trade unions yesterday.   I’m disgusted with the trade unions and especially the big boss who have sold out their members to the corrupt political elite. I have never been a union member, I have worked all my life and I am glad now, at least I did not contribute to the coffers of these champagne socialists and so-called workers champions.

The trade unions in Ireland are nothing more that jobs for the insider boys who are only interested in looking after their lottery salaries and perks on state boards .Workers should set up an alternative independent union that will represent ordinary workers and one where the union bosses receive a salary equivalent to the average industrial wage just like the average member .You might have more luck with then!

In any case it has come down to the individuals and  true Patriots like the men and women I met yesterday, who  come out on to the street and try and jolt the collective citizenry to take action against the blatant selfish actions of those who are supposed to be looking after the collective good of our people .Those who we as a people have placed our misguided thrust in once again .Wake up Ireland!

A HIGHLY paid teacher union leader who earns up to €158,000 a year has not

By Anne-Marie Walsh Industry Correspondent

Friday May 06 2011

A HIGHLY paid teacher union leader who earns up to €158,000 a year has not
taken a pay cut, although thousands of his members have had their salaries

The 15,800 rank-and-file teachers who are members
of the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) have
endured a 14pc pay cut in the past two years.

But its general secretary Peter McMenamin’s pay remains the same — even
though it is linked to a grade in the civil service that has also been hit by a
pay cut.

Mr McMenamin refused to comment last night on why he is still on the old
pre-pay-cut salary level — and refused to reveal exactly what he is paid.

His union would only say that his pay scale ranges from €131,748 to

The pay of officials in the teaching and lecturing unions is funded through
subscriptions from members.

These subscriptions are usually deducted from salaries at source, by the
Department of Education and Skills.

The revelation about Mr McMenamin’s pay comes as more than half the 23 public
sector union leaders refused to disclose how much they were being paid.

But it has emerged that none of the other senior
TUI officials — among the unions most resistant to public sector reforms
outlined in the Croke Park
Agreement — have taken a pay cut.

In stark contrast, senior members of the INTO teaching union have taken a

INTO general secretary Sheila Nunan, whose pay is also based on the same
assistant secretary grade as Mr McMenamin’s, revealed she had taken a pay cut.
However, her potential earnings remain around €153,885.

The TUI, which only recently backed the Croke Park deal, defended its
decision not to cut the pay of officials at head office in the wake of the last
Government’s pension levy and pay cut.

The wages of more than 300,000 public servants were slashed by an average

TUI president Bernie Ruane said: “Both TUI’s annual congress last year and
the union’s executive committee decided that head office staff would not have
their pay cut.

“The union opposes pay cuts for anybody and accordingly refused to make cuts
to the salaries of its own staff.”

The motion put forward by delegates at the TUI conference, which was
defeated, called for pay cuts to ensure membership and employees of the union
were “treated equally”.

Many unions who would not reveal pay details have been most resistant to the
Croke Park agreement, including university teacher union IFUT, which has still
not backed the deal.

Teacher unions, including the TUI, only recently agreed to work extra hours
that were due to commence at the start of the last school year.

Others, including the AHCPS, would not give pay figures and would only refer
to the public sector pay grades their leaders’ wages are linked to.

General secretary of the Public Service Executive Union, Tom Geraghty, whose
union represents 11,250 mid-ranking civil servants, said he regarded questions
about his pay “intrusive prurience”.


The Garda Representative Association said that its leader’s salary was
“personal information”.

General secretary of the largest dedicated public sector union, IMPACT, Shay
Cody, would not give details of his current pay but did reveal he had taken a
pay cut.

His spokesperson said his pay was no longer linked to the pay of the Cork
county manager, which stood at €171,313 in 2009.

He said Mr Cody had taken a voluntary pay cut and waived a portion of his
salary on appointment, and also declined a public sector pay award.

Construction union BATU, which has up to 500 public sector members, said
officials’ pay had dropped by 40pc in the last two years but would not say what
general secretary Paddy O’Shaughnessy’s pay was.

However, other unions were more open about their leaders’ wages.

They included SIPTU, where staff took a 5pc pay
cut while national officers took a 10pc pay cut, bringing general president Jack
‘s basic pay down to €112,000 a year.

The survey also reveals huge discrepancies in what unions pay their

For example, the head of the small trade union, OPATSI, is paid around
€45,000 — less than a third of what some teachers’ representatives get.

Jimmy Kelly, head of UNITE, which has 60,000 public and private sector
members, earns €60,000 a year, while PDFORRA leader, Gerry Rooney, with 8,000
members, earns €96,000.

Meanwhile, employer body IBEC refused to give details of its director general
Danny McCoy’s pay.

– Anne-Marie Walsh Industry Correspondent

Irish Independent

source: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/union-chief-keeps-top-pay-as-teachers-suffer-2639341.html


A touch of “I’m all right Jack”!

“We do not and cannot accept the principal that incompetence justifies
dismissal “
This only exposes to cosy number these top Union Bosses have
the talk the Talk the talk but do not walk the walk! They are living in another
world and are just as out of touch as their political pals with the masses . This is why we are not seeing mass demonstrations on the streets these guys are quite happy with
the way things are and have gone native with the politicians and are keeping
the masses off the streets

We need a new clean out of the top Unions they are not representing
the real needs of the workers!

The current union bosses can be relied to tow the line just like their champagne socialists
in the Labour party.

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