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Cowen won the motion of confidence at the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting

Brian Cowen has won the motion of confidence at the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting.

21.35 ‘One has to make a stand’ Micheál Martin tells reporters at Leinster House.

‘I fully respect the decision of my colleagues.’

21.29 Taoiseach Brian Cowen tells RTÉ News that he has accepted the resignation of Micheál Martin as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

He says the leadership issue has not affected his friendship with Micheál Martin.

21.24 Party Whip John Curran says tonight’s result and victory for Brian Cowen ‘brings an end to this issue’.

He says Micheál Martin’s future was not discussed. ‘It wasn’t an issue for tonight’s meeting.’

Mr Curran disagreed that Mr Cowen had been weakeend by the leadership issue of recent days.

21.21 Tonight’s vote has been welcomed in the Taoiseach’s constituency in Co Offaly, says Midlands Correspondent Ciaran Mullooly.

21.19 ‘The party has always been united,’ Ned O’Keeffe tells David Davin Power on Nine News

21.17 Awaiting news of official result at the plinth outside Leinster House from John Curran

21.10 Brian Cowen wins confidence vote.

21.05 David Davin-Power: Once there is a result it will be delivered by Chief Whip John Curran.

20.55 Micheál Martin is said to have given a strong speech – Mary Hanafin is believed to have given a surprisingly short address to the meeting.

20.53 After more than three hours, and having heard contributions from a range of Fianna Fáil members, the Taoiseach wrapped up the meeting with a speech shortly after 8.40pm.

The TDs who are entitled to vote had their names called from a list and cast their votes – one vote, that of Justice Minister Dermot Ahern – was cast from his hospital bed were he is recovering following an operation.

The two tellers are Dr Rory O Hanlon and Michael Moynihan; the votes will be shredded after they are counted.

20.52 A result of the secret ballot is expected shortly.

20.48 Voting in the confidence motion is under way.

20.46 David McCullagh: Leinster House has seen plenty of leadership challenges – though tonight’s confidence debate seemed relatively civilised.

20.34 The Taoiseach is now speaking ahead of a confidence vote at the meeting.

The secret ballot will take some time but a result could come within half an hour.

20.33 Brian Dowling: Some sources saying the Taoiseach is now wrapping up the discussion

It is believed that around 20 members of the party have spoken at tonight’s meeting.

19.55 David Davin-Power: About 12 people have spoken now at the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting.

19.42 It is understood Mary Hanafin told colleagues she would be ‘voting in accordance with the conversations she had had with the Taoiseach’

19.38 The latest estimate is that about eight have spoken at the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting

19.29 David Davin-Power: ‘Plenty of talking left at FF meeting i hear.’

The Taoiseach spoke for around 20 minutes.

19.20 David McCullagh: It is understood Brian Cowen addressed criticism of the preparedness of the FF organisation for for the general election and the issue of morale within FF

19.17 One supporter of Mr Cowen described Micheál Martin’s ten minute speech as ‘brilliant’

19.04 Brian Dowling: Cowen & Martin have completed their opening comments. Jr minister Billy Kelleher was speaking in support of Martin when the meeting broke

19.03 The Fianna Fáil PP meeting has broken up for a Dáil vote and will resume in around 10 minutes

18.31 Irish Times’ Stephen Collins tells RTÉ’s that it looks as if the majority of FF TDs will stay with Cowen as they don’t want uncertainty

18.26 Fianna Fáil TD Charlie O’Connor says the Taoiseach is addressing the PP meeting and he was buoyed by what Cowen had to say

17.06 Tonight’s confidence motion will be proposed by the Taoiseach and seconded by Tánaiste Mary Coughlan

Lenihan supports Taoiseach

Mr Cowen received a significant boost this afternoon when the Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan said he would support the Taoiseach.

Mr Lenihan – who many consider to be a potential leadership candidate – said he ‘did not have the luxury of indulging his ambitions’, as his priority at present was to put the country first.

On RTÉ’s News At One, Mr Lenihan said he believed the secret ballot would bring the leadership issue to a conclusion.

‘I made it clear at all stages that I was very flattered at their interest in me being leader of the party … but made it clear that current financial matters made it impossible for me to disrupt the good working relationship.’

Minister Lenihan added that Brian Cowen was the best person to ‘lead us into this election’.

However, the Minister for Finance admitted he shared concerns expressed by fellow TD Willie O’Dea that Fianna Fáil might be punished at the polls.

Reacting to Mr Lenihan’s decision, Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness said: ‘I think what Brian Lenihan has been saying to you is not what he has been saying to the backbenchers.

‘He did encourage dissent, he did encourage us to look at the numbers,’ Mr McGuinness said.

Mr McGuinness added that Brian Lenihan ‘did express an interest in the leadership, and that is what is shocking about what he has revealed today, because that is not what he had to say to us in the course of last year’.

No confidence

Meanwhile, Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin has said that approaches were made to him last year by TDs concerned over the leadership of the party, but he continued to support Mr Cowen.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr Martin said that one of the defining moments that changed his mind was the handling of the International Monetary Fund’s arrival.

‘The management of the IMF, the presentation of the IMF coming into the country, that to me was a watershed moment,’ Mr Martin said.

‘I think the way that was managed and communicated and ministers came out, from my information, without the full knowledge of what actually was going on at that time.’


Liz McManus active in the Dail


Liz McManus , Dail activities during the week  24.01.2010- 29.01.2010


Liz McManus
(Wicklow, Labour)

Last year broadcasting legislation was passed by the two Houses and the Joint Committee on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources was charged with carrying out a selection process for appointments to the boards of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and RTE. That process was completed before Christmas. We all know the Minister, Deputy Ryan, has an eccentric view regarding appointments to the public services. He seems to think a telephone call and a chat is enough.
We now have a situation where, I understand, four Cabinet meetings have been held and yet these appointments have not been made. I have no idea what is going on, but the committee on which I sit carried out its duty in an exemplary fashion. We made our recommendations to the Minister, Deputy Ryan. He does not have to accept them, but we have no word—–

Question 48: To ask the Minister for Finance if the public sector pay cuts apply when contract employees in a university here have their funding 100% sourced from philanthropic or private sources; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Brian Lenihan Jnr
(Minister, Department of Finance; Dublin West, Fianna Fail)

The Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (No 2) Act, 2009 makes provision for the reduction in the pay rates of all persons employed by public service bodies with effect from 1 January 2010. Universities come under the definitions within the Act as public service bodies, contract researchers where they are employed by such a public service body are subject to the pay reductions provided for under the legislation.

Question 89: To ask the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform when digital closed circuit television will be provided to a Garda station (details supplied) in County Wicklow to replace the out of date analogue system; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

John Curran
(Minister of State, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Dublin Mid West, Fianna Fail)

I am informed by the Garda authorities that the recording equipment currently employed for the existing Garda CCTV system in the station referred to by the Deputy will be replaced with digital recording equipment during the first quarter of 2010.

 Question 115: To ask the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs if he will give assurances for continued funding in 2011, 2012 and onwards for a community development project (details supplied) in County Wicklow in order for it to continue its work with the County Wicklow partnership; if the current level of funding will continue into the future; his views on the important work being carried out by the community development projects; and if he will make a statement on the matter

John Curran
(Minister of State, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Dublin Mid West, Fianna Fail)

As I outlined previously to the House, my Department has seen the need to redesign its community development/social inclusion programmes, particularly the Local Development Social Inclusion (LDSIP) and Community Development Programmes (CDP), drawing on good international practice and to support the ongoing evaluation of the programmes. Both programmes have a community development element and were delivered through separate local delivery structures. These programmes came to an end on 31 December 2009 and have been superseded by a new programme, the Local and Community Development Programme (LCDP).

The aim of the new programme is to tackle poverty and social exclusion through partnership and constructive engagement between Government and its agencies and people in disadvantaged communities.

The new programme will preserve elements of good practice from the CDP/LDSIP Programmes and will enable groups to objectively demonstrate the positive impacts they are securing for local communities. An implementation strategy, involving the stakeholders, is underway in preparation for LCDP roll-out over the course of 2010.

In advance of proceeding to establish a single programme across CDPs and Partnerships, my Department undertook an evaluation of individual community development projects. Many of these projects span across two decades, with quite diverse activities. The objective of the review was to identify those projects that produce tangible, appropriate benefits for the communities they serve. The vast majority of projects, including the project referred to by the Deputy, fall into this category and have been offered funding under the new programme in 2010. Where projects were not recommended for continued funding, an appropriate appeals mechanism has been provided.

I am pleased to have been able to ring-fence funding for community development projects for 2010 and to maintain it at 2009 levels. In few other areas of public spending has it been possible to do this. The Deputy will appreciate that ongoing funding for 2011 and beyond will be subject to budgetary considerations at the appropriate time.


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