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Joe Behan and his cry crocodile tears on East coast radio.

This was sent into East-coast radio by me this morning

Hi Declan,

It is a bit rich for Joe Behan to cry
crocodile tears on behalf of young buyers and existing mortgage holders and his
comments about special
.His support of Fianna Fail
in bringing in the IMF has cause all of
these problems .His comments on the Greek
sovereignty is another example of a politician who conveniently forgets he is
un-flinching support for the Fianna Fail government that pumped billions into Anglo Irish Bank and
ultimately robbed us of our sovereignty. Mr Behan was able to lose one plum job
in the

Dail and go straight back into another plumb job in Teaching where he is now
facing three months holidays at the expense of us the taxpayers .Tell him get
off the stage.

Listen here to the program: http://eastcoast.fm/listenagain/EastCoastFM-Mon-09.mp3

Best wishes.


I am aware that Mr. Behan left the Fianna Fail fold earlier

because of differences in policy. But what must be remembered is that his

support for the Fianna Fail government after he supposedly left them, enabled

the draconian austerity measures
to be brought into effect that will now rob

the people of Wicklow
of its A&E services and Wicklow schools will be

facing severe shortages of funds which will mean special needs will be cut and

now and for generations to come. This Guy looked after himself as all Fianna

Fail coders do and we can do well without his crocodile tears!

“great to get a shot in the arm”


Great supporting e-mail this morning “great to get a shot in the arm” every now and then. T

Hey Paul !!

Do you have any friends in Wicklow?  Perhaps you can get them to look at Thomas’ web/blog ! (see below) I’ve met Thomas on 3 or 4
occasions. He’s very solid and wants to put ” value for money/transparency/accountability/honesty” as a priority in Dail Eireann. Spread
the word on your Facebook page. Thomas would be way better for Ireland than that Roche, Dick. Thomas has put in a lot of effort already.
Back in Sept/Oct he went door to door and spoke with over 5000 homeowners. He’s also held meetings in Wicklow town with a couple of
economist as guest speakers. I know there’s a few other Independents running in Wicklow but they don’t seem to have Thomas’  fire, drive,
commitment or perseverance.
As I said, Spread the word,
Say “HI” to Slim,
All the Best,



to all independent candidates for Wicklow 

 Now that we know how many independent candidates  are standing for Wicklow I am calling on all of them to come together and demonstrate our willingness to work together for Wicklow and  Ireland .I would be happy to discuss a broad alliance on policies and issues for  Wicklow and the Irish nation. This would be a demonstration to the voters of Wicklow that we the independents are ready to work together and we are not a bunch of maverick individuals as described by some people from the established political parties.

As Independents we must be prepared to break the strangle hold of the established political machinery of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Labour Party

“Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”


                               Fine Gael and Labour looking after business!

Goes  to show the markets are not jumping for joy(see  “Ireland’s credit rating grouped with Botswana “ ) with the prospect of Fine Gael or Labour taking office soon .They are only offering more of the same gombeenisem  and stroke politics.

Looking after themselves is their number one priority. Here we have ten people who have been telling us the citizens of Ireland that we are livening beyond our means and have justified imposing sever austerity measures never before see in this country .I see the results of these measures every day in all estates around the county of Wicklow below you see their pension payments that they will receive for the rest of their lives and none of the established political parties have come out and promised to cut back on these lottery pensions .These payments are immoral and cannot be justified.

I see evil and I am standing up against it are you with me?

They show how bankrupt the political system and how corrupt it is!  

By voting for the established political parties you are voting for a continuing of this type of behaviour. I am ashamed to go to the doors of people and just stand there and not be able to do anything about this, when you see people who can’t pay for the heating or their car tax or are dreading the next ESB bill or the next VHI notice of payments due.

Wicklow Friday 25th February 2011, 22:00  

                                                       Constituency Betting  

    Singles Only. 5 Seats. To win a seat for the constituency at the next general election. All in, run or not. **Not all candidates are confirmed. Bets will stand regardless.** Others on request.

Billy Timmins (FG) 1/6

Tom Fortune (Lab) 11/8

Pat Kavanagh (Ind) 25/1

Anne Ferris (Lab) 1/3

Pat Fitzgerald (FF) 11/8

Gerry Kinsella (Ind) 25/1

Andrew Doyle (FG) 4/9

Joe Behan (Ind) 11/8

Niall Byrne (Green) 28/1

Conal Kavanagh (Lab) 4/9

John Brady (SF) 7/4

Peter Dempsey 33/1

Dick Roche (FF) 4/6

Stephen Donnelly (Ind) 14/1

Robert Kearns (Ind) 33/1

Simon Harris (FG) 4/6



Judging from the paddy power betting I haven’t got a hope so why do I continue to put myself to the expense of standing when I can’t reach all 130,000 voters in the county when I can only speak to 20 people every hour and only commit to 5 hours every day until the Election Day

Because I want to be able to show my Children I did something to try and stop this outright robbery and I stood up to this corrupt system.

                        Evil prospers when good men do nothing.”

Brian Cowen   310,000:00 Euro FF       Noel Dempsey  313,000:00 Euro FF

Mary Harney  310,000:00 Euro NP       Willie O Dee   270,000:00 Euro  FF

Noel Ahern    310,000:00 Euro FF       Ned o Keeffe 250,000:00 Euro FF

Martin Cullen  265,000:00 Euro FF       Bat O Keeffe   258.000:00 Euro FF

John Gormley  229.000.00 Euro GP       Eamon Ryian  229.000:00 Euro GP

                           Good Men and Woman help stop this now

Wicklow independent votes with Government on budget

Posted by Stephen Dunne on Dec 8th, 2010, 10:00 // 1 Comment

Budget: fiscal plan passed after weeks of deliberations at Government buildings

A Wicklow TD who walked away from the Fianna Fail party two years ago yesterday voted for the Budget.

Joe Behan, now an Independent, cast his vote in favour of the first austerity plan, which will impact on the income of all Irish citizens.

Prior to the vote, there were fears on Government benches that finance minister Brian Lenihan’s fiscal adjustments would be defeated as the Dail arithmetic was tight following the public announcements of a number of backbench TDs.

However, along with Behan, independent Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy Rae also voted for the austere Budget, which is cutting most social welfare rates by €8. The state pension will not be touched.

Behan told WicklowNews.net that he believed voting for the Budget was in the “national interest”.

The Government passed the first test on the plan with a five vote majority, 82-77, including Behan’s support.

“I based my decision on the four-year plan,” Behan told WicklowNews.net.

“I felt it was a reasonable effort to stabilise the public finances.”

He added: “We have to do something about it, we cannot just ignore it.”

1 Response to ” Wicklow independent votes with Government on budget “

  1. WillW says:

    Jackie Healy Rae is promised a new hospital in Kenmare and a bypass of Kilorgan.

    Michael Lowry gets to build Las Vegas in North Tipp.

    What did Joe Behan get? Will there be any Christmas presents under the tree in Bray this year?

    FF have been in power for the last 14 years and the N11 between Arklow and Rathnew is still not complete. Every other road project in the country has leapfrogged Co. Wicklow in priority while we supposedly had two FF TDS working on our behalf. Roche and Behan – useless

    Behan resigned from the Fianna Fáil party in protest at a previous budget making medical cards to the elderly means tested. But in 2010 he votes for a budget that makes cuts to widows, the blind and carers? Go figure? Planet Joe is a special place.

  2. source : http://www.wicklownews.net/index.php/2010/12/wicklow-independent-votes-with-government-on-austere-budget/

Endgame for Government as Dáil to debate Finance Bill

The way has been cleared for a general election on February 25th following agreement between the Government and main Opposition parties to get the Finance Bill through the Dáil and Seanad by the end of this week.

Agreement on the timetable for the Finance Bill was reached in talks at the Department of Finance yesterday between Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan and the finance spokespersons of the other parties.

The deal involves the Finance Bill passing all stages in the Dáil by Thursday evening. All other business, including questions to the Taoiseach, will be set aside when the Dáil resumes today.

The Seanad will meet on Friday and Saturday to approve the legislation. The parties have agreed that if necessary the Dáil can meet again on Saturday evening if flaws in the legislation are identified.

Government Chief Whip John Curran said Mr Lenihan told Opposition finance spokepersons a second Finance Bill would be needed later this year to deal with the tax implications of civil partnership.

“Particularly he specified that there had been plans and provisions and work done in relation to tax affairs that would fall as a consequence of civil partnership,” he told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland  today. “That can’t be dealt with in the current timeframe and all the Opposition spokespersons were conscious of that and indicated that when a new government is formed a new Finance Bill to give effect to these measures will be required.”

Yesterday’s agreement between the parties originated with Green Party TD Eamon Ryan, who contacted Fine Gael’s Simon Coveney last Saturday offering to speed up the Finance Bill if Fine Gael and Labour would agree to defer their motions of no confidence in the Taoiseach and the Government.

Mr Ryan said the deal showed the political parties could do business in the interests of the country. “A bit of calm and order has been restored to the political system and that can only be a good thing,” he said.

Mr Lenihan also welcomed the agreed timetable. “I thank the Greens, Fine Gael and Labour for their constructive approach.” He also welcomed that agreement had been reached on an additional day of consideration in the Seanad to allow for appropriate reflection on the text and further consideration of the Bill.

“I think it’s a good day’s work, and it is important for the country that we are seen to unite at least in dealing with this measure,” he said.

The Minister said he would have preferred a fortnight to discuss the Bill but that once Opposition parties had cleared all other Dáil business, it was feasible to pass it in the time agreed. The motions of no confidence will be deferred until this day week and will be debated if the Dáil has not been dissolved by that stage.

However, the expectation is that Taoiseach Brian Cowen will go to Áras an Uachtaráin to seek a dissolution of the Dáil before those motions come up for debate. He is not obliged to go into the Dáil to announce his decision but he may do so at the start of business next Tuesday. Asked if the agreement on the timetable meant the general election would now take place on February 25th, Fine Gael finance spokesman Michael Noonan said he expected the Taoiseach would call the election on Sunday or Monday but added that Mr Cowen may want to go into the Dáil on Tuesday morning to deliver a valedictory speech: “I can’t predict, but it’s some time within that time frame,” he added.

Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore said the tabling of his party’s motion of no confidence and the agreement on the timetable for the Finance Bill meant that the people would get what they had been demanding for many months, an early general election.

He said Labour remained strongly opposed to major provisions of the Finance Bill and would table amendments in the normal way. Independent TDs Michael Lowry and Jackie Healy-Rae will decide on their support for the Bill after a meeting with Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan today. Another Independent, Joe Behan, has already said he will back the Bill.

Earlier in Brussels the European Commission said it was important for Ireland’s credibility and stability that the Finance Bill was passed by the Dáil as soon as possible.

Two prominent Fianna Fáil TDs, Ned O’Keeffe and Noel Ahern, announced last night at party selection conventions that they would not be contesting the election. Fianna Fáil Galway East TD Noel Treacy said this morning he was unable to contest the general election for medical reasons.


Comment :

I fail to understand why the established political parties are pushing through the Finance Bill when they all say they are against it ,This shows that the differences between them is wafer thin also one must ask why the rush are they try to scupper the attempts of the Independents to get themselves elected

Just listen to Rosin Shorthall in the clip again

In Wicklow there are approximately 130,000 voters and with less than 30 days left now to the General election as an independent I have no hope of reaching all of these voters with my merger finances and resources (Manpower) .The established political parties believe  the Dail is their private club house and as Rosin said we the independents are just a “Rag Bag”.I am also not “Hard Left”

You can prove her wrong and show her and all the other political elite that the Dail in for all the citizens of Ireland  

Wicklow “Independent” TD helping Cowen again!

The Government looks set to win this week’s crucial Dáil vote on the European Union-International Monetary Fund rescue deal having secured the support of three independent TDs to back the motion and ensure a slim majority.

Fine Gael yesterday moved forward its decision on the issue by two days, announcing that it would be voting against the motion at the conclusion of the two-hour debate on the memorandum of understanding in the Dáil next Wednesday.

The main opposition party had not been expected to make a formal decision until its front bench met on Tuesday. In a surprise move, a party spokesman confirmed yesterday that it would be voting against what it described as a bad deal that needed to be renegotiated.

Party finance spokesman Michael Noonan said the party would treat the debate as if it were a motion of confidence in the Government and would base its arguments on the failures of the Government and not on the content of the memorandum itself.

However, the Government last night claimed that Fine Gael had brought forward its decision to quell what it said was the embarrassment of emerging divisions within the front bench on the party’s approach.

A Government spokesman said enterprise spokesman Richard Bruton seemed to have suggested this weekend the party might back the plan, while energy spokesman Leo Varadkar had said it would vote against. However, Mr Bruton said last night he had adopted no public position and had no problem with the party opposing the plan.

Labour and Sinn Féin have already said their TDs will vote against the motion on the memorandum of understanding.

Any prospect though of a government defeat was dispelled when it was confirmed that three independent TDs – Michael Lowry, Jackie Healy-Rae and Joe Behan – will all vote with the Government.

Separately, the backbench Fianna Fáil TD Mattie McGrath indicated he would vote against the Government unless the deal was changed to reduce what he said were “punitive” interest rates and to impose a maximum salary cap of €200,000.

Mr McGrath told The Irish Times l ast night that he had written to the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank over the weekend, asking them to change the terms of the draft memorandum.

In the event of Mr McGrath voting against the motion, the Government should still win the Dáil vote by 82 votes to 80 in the absence of any further revolts from within Fianna Fáil or the Green Party. That is considered very unlikely.

Government Chief Whip John Curran said yesterday he believed the Government would have the numbers to pass this motion without the support of the opposition.

Mr Lowry, a TD for Tipperary North, told The Irish Times  that both he and Mr Healy-Rae, from Kerry South, would vote with the Government. “It’s right that it gets a Dáil endorsement. My understanding is that there would be huge consequences if somebody legally challenged it on the basis of it not having Oireachtas approval.”

Mr Behan, who represents Wicklow, said his support was the logical culmination of his support for the Budget last week. “Really there is no alternative. We need this money if we are going to survive as an economy. How are Fine Gael going to come up with the money?”

The Fine Gael spokesman said it would vote against it for three reasons: it was a bad deal, elements needed to be renegotiated and Fine Gael, through leader Enda Kenny, had more influence with the European Commission than the Government.

Earlier, Mr Curran challenged Mr Kenny to support the motion. In a statement, he attacked Mr Kenny for what he called his “glib line” for not supporting the Government, namely that it had the necessary numbers.

The IMF board in Washington has delayed its decision on endorsing the memorandum on Thursday to accommodate the Dáil vote

Comment :

Again all I can say is that we the people of Wicklow have been betrayed by the so-called independent TD for Wicklow

This guy is happy to saddle me and my family along with the rest of Ireland with the private debts of billionaires, he supported the robbery of the lowest paid workers and the mugging of the blind and care workers and all the time keeping his own salery because he thinks Brian Cowen is the greatest Fianna Fail leader!

What a Twit !

Joe Behan TD : Independent???? more like arch Fianna Fail

Joe Behan TD

Photo of Joe Behan
  •  TD for Wicklow

supposed to have changed party on 17 Oct 2008

  • Entered the Dáil on 24 May 2007 — General election
  • Email me whenever Joe Behan speaks (no more than once per day)
  • (at his rate you wont be getting any e-mails ever!!)

Committees and topics of interest

Asks most questions about

  • Subjects (based on headings added by the Dáil record): Special Educational Needs, Aviation Safety, Social Welfare Benefits, Schools Building Projects, Medical Cards 

(based on written questions asked by Joe Behan and answered by departments)

RSS feed Most recent appearances in parliament

Written Answers — Social Welfare Benefits: Social Welfare Benefits (2 Dec 2010)
“Question 125: To ask the Minister for Social Protection if he will support the case of a person (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter. [45724/10]”
Health Services (18 Nov 2010)
“I thank the Ceann Comhairle for giving me the opportunity to raise this important matter on the Adjournment today. As Members know, dementia is an umbrella term for a group of conditions which cause brain cells to die. Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly known form of dementia and is a condition which has a potentially devastating impact on the cognitive, emotional and physical life…”

Irish Banking: Statements (18 Nov 2010)

“Is it the intention of the Government to seek the approval of Dáil Éireann when negotiations are concluded, before this is finally accepted as a fait accompli? As the situation is unprecedented, at the very least the representatives of the people should have a say in the final decision.”

More of Joe Behan’s recent appearances

Please note that numbers do not measure quality. Also, representatives may do other things not currently covered by this site. (More about this)

  • Has spoken in 9 debates in the last year — well below average among TDs.

  • Has received answers to 31 written questions in the last year — below average among TDs.
  • People have made 2 comments on this TD’s speeches — well above average among TDs.
  • This TD’s speeches, in the printed record, are readable by an average 18–19 year old, going by the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level score.
  • 9 people are tracking whenever this TD speaks —Has used three-word alliterative phrases (e.g. “she sells seashells”) 17 times in debates — well below average among TDs.

Comment :

What a Hypocrite This same man went and voted in the most devastating, draconian budget in the history of the state that is now going to cost the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society

I suppose once a Fianna Fail man always a Fianna Fail man

No doubt about it this guy is a full time member of the Fianna Fail appreciation society


This guy is no more an independent that Brian Cowen is

How many pieces of silver did this guy get for his vote?

Shakedown as TDs escape cuts

Shakedown: Low-paid and the poor hit hardest as TDs escape cuts

08/12/2010THE low-paid and the poor have been hardest hit by a savage budget that spared no one except the TDs needed to vote it through. Finance Minister Brian Lenihan chopped social welfare payments and hiked taxes — but decided TDs on €92,672 a year did not warrant a further pay cut.

Instead, he targeted families, middle-income earners, the low-paid and the poor as he introduced a €6 billion combination of tax hikes and spending cuts.

At a press conference last night, Mr Lenihan rejected suggestions that he should feel ashamed, with both he and the Taoiseach insisting they were “proud” of their work.

The main welfare payments were cut by €8 per week, with the changes to take effect from January. Mr Lenihan left the standard old-age pensions untouched for fear of a backbench revolt, but cut the widow’s pension, the invalidity pension, the blind person’s pension and carer’s benefit.

He drastically reduced the value of tax bands and credits, amended the PRSI system, and replaced the income and health levies with a new “universal social charge” imposed on anyone earning more than €4,004 a year.

The effects of the changes will bring another 132,000 low-paid people into the tax net and impose hikes running into thousands of euro on middle-income earners.

The changes mean:

* A single PAYE worker earning just €15,000 will now lose €399 a year under the universal social charge.

* A single PAYE worker earning €25,000 will pay an additional €989 a year in taxes and charges.

* A family with two children and one income of €55,000 a year will pay an additional €1,519 in taxes and levies.

Families were hit at every turn because, as well as seeing their taxes hiked, child benefit payments were cut and school transport charges increased.

Child benefit will be reduced by €10 per month for the first and second child and €20 for the third child.

Health premiums are also set to soar as a result of the Government decision to charge more for private beds in public hospitals.

Petrol rose by 4c per litre from midnight while diesel rose 2c. In a bid to “stimulate” the property market, Mr Lenihan slashed stamp duty from 7% to 1% but it will now apply to first-time buyers.

He announced further cuts to ministerial pay in a bid to alleviate public anger, with the Taoiseach’s salary falling by €14,000 to €214,000 a year and ministers’ salaries falling by €10,000 to €181,000.

But they represented cuts of just 5% and 6% respectively, at a time when the Government is proposing to slash the minimum wage by 12% from €8.65 to €7.65 an hour.

Mr Lenihan also introduced a cap of €250,000 on public sector pay but it won’t apply to existing judges.

He also left TDs’ pay untouched, but said increases to PRSI would ensure effective cuts for high earners in the public service. He also said public service pensions above €12,000 a year would be cut by an average of 4%.

Mr Lenihan defended the EU/IMF rescue plan but admitted that part of the reason for the severe correction was the rising cost of interest repayments due to the bailout of the banks.

He insisted the budget was the “first step” in ensuring Ireland got back on its feet, adding: “It is a substantial down-payment on the journey back to economic health.”

But Fine Gael finance spokesman Michael Noonan said it was a “puppet budget from a puppet Government” that offered “no hope, no jobs and no future”.

Labour social protection spokeswoman Roisin Shortall said the “cruel” welfare cuts would “cause enormous hardship and drive yet more poor families to the St Vincent de Paul”.

Campaigners also criticised the budget, with Barnados chief executive Fergus Finlay saying it would condemn thousands to the breadline.

“I never thought I would see the day when an Irish government legislated to make families hungry, but it happened (yesterday).

“The cuts in social welfare and in child benefit will force thousands of families to make choices no family should ever have to make,” said Mr Finlay.

Protests took place outside the Dáil last night as Government motions to pass key budget measures were voted upon.

But the Government’s task in passing these measures became considerably easier after Independent TD Joe Behan confirmed he would support the budget, thus widening its majority to four.

Meanwhile, the Taoiseach insisted he would lead Fianna Fáil into the general election. It came as backbenchers continued to express unease about the party’s prospects should Mr Cowen stay in place.

source http://budget.irishexaminer.com/analysis/shakedown-low-paid-and-the-poor-hit-hardest-as-tds-escape-cuts-138761.html

Donations to Wicklow TD (General election2007)

I found this interesting information on donations to Mr. Joe Behan and Andrew Doyle at the last general election

according to this site http://politico.ie/index.php?option=com_politican&Itemid=1031

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 2,500.00         € 2,500 Cheque Company Beman Services Ltd. Seandair Glencormac Kilmacanogue Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Property & Construction Clarkson Financial & Property 29 Lower Hatch Street Dubln 2

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 2,500.00 € 2,500 Cheque Property & Construction Connolly Architects 2nd Floor Bridge Street Arcade Bridge Street Wicklow Town Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Bank Draft Political Party Fianna Fáil Fianna Fail East CC c/o Michael Lynham Lynhams Hotel Laragh

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Company Greenstar Unit 6 Ballyogan Business Park Ballyogan Road Sandyford Dublin 18

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Property & Construction J Wood & Co Ltd. Town Park Estates Delgany Wood Delgany Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Property & Construction Jimmy Ennis Engineering Ltd. Unit 270 Holly Road Western Industrial Estate Dublin 12

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 2,000.00 € 2,000 Cheque Company Kevin Devlin Transport Ltd. Woodstock Demesne Kilcoole Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Property & Construction Kimpton Vale Ltd. Collegefort Carpenterstown Road Castleknock Dublin 15

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Property & Construction Marrakesh Ltd. Kilmurray Bray Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 2,500.00 € 2,500 Cheque Property & Construction Miller Bros Stone Development Co Ltd. Main Street Roundwood Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,000.00 € 1,000 Cheque Property & Construction Mordaunt Construction Ltd. 9 Avondale Crescent Dublin Road Arklow Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Property & Construction Newlyn Developments Ltd. Bluebell Business Centre Old Naas Road Dublin 12

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 2,000.00 € 2,000 Cheque Property & Construction O’Kane Engineering Ltd. Enterprise Park Baldonnell Business Park Dublin 22

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 2,400.00 € 2,400 Goods & Services Company Paramount Ltd. t/a Esplanade Hotel Strand Road Bray Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Individual Peter Cosgrave 15 Hogan Place Crand Canal Street Dublin 2

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Individual Ronan O’Caoimh 1 Southern Cross IDA Business Park Bray Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Company Softco Ltd. Softco Corporate HQ South County Business Park Leopardstown Dublin 18

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,000.00 € 1,000 Cheque Company SV Delahunt & Co Ltd Abbey Hill, Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,200.00 € 1,200 Cheque Individual Thomas Healy Tomdarragh Roundwood Co. Wicklow

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 1,500.00 € 1,500 Cheque Property & Construction Treasury Holdings Connaught House 1 Burlington Road Dublin 4

2007 30 Joe Behan Fianna Fáil € 2,500.00 € 2,500 Cheque Company Tynte House John & Caroline

2007  Andrew Doyle Fine Gael € 1,000.00 € 1,000 Cash/Cheque Individual Denis Doyle Ballymennin Lower Wicklow Town Co. Wicklow

2007  Andrew Doyle Fine Gael € 2,500.00 € 2,500 Cash/Cheque Individual Paul McGuinness Avonmore House Laragh

Full lists for all TD’s at source

source http://politico.ie/index.php?option=com_politican&Itemid=1031

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