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Joan Burton locked in for 3 and a half hours Jobstown Tallaght

Focus Ireland update on Ireland’s homeless

Dear Machholz,

We wrote to you last year about the crazy situation where dozens of young people who have experienced homelessness are trapped in emergency homeless accommodation because their income is too low for them to afford to move on into independent living.

When the welfare rates to young people were halved in 2009, young people who had grown up in care were protected, recognising that they would need a full payment if they were to provide a home for themselves. However young people who become homeless after they reach 18, but were never in care, receive no such protection.

After a period in emergency accomodation, such young people are ready to move on with their lives, possibly with tenancy support services – but even if they can find a private flat and get rent supplement they cannot afford to take it up because after their rent contribution they would be left with only €70 to €100 a week to live on.

As a result they remain stuck in Emergency Accomm odation whose facilities they no longer need and which is more expensive than supporting them to find and maintain a home. . It is hard to get on with your life – take up education or apply for a job – when your address is an emergency homeless hostel. At present the only way out is to wait until they turn 25!Homeless1

Last year, Focus Ireland supporters sent over 2,000 e-mails to their TDs and Senators asking for action on this situation. This resulted in dozens of Dail questions and a very positive response by the Minister Joan Burton. But since then … nothing. There has been no change at all in the position of these young people.

305To help push this issue forward, Focus Ireland, in collaboration with other homeless organisations around the country, is holding a briefing session for TDs and Senators in the Dail on the 17th April. At thie briefing we will outline the problem and put forward a solution which will use the Youth Guarantee to assist these young people mo ve out of Emergency Homeless Accommodation and on into training, education, employment – and a sustainable home.

We are writing to you now to ask you to send a reminder to your local TD/Senators to attend the briefing and put their political weight behind finding a solution to this problem. There is an easy-to-use prepared letter here.

With thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely

Mike Allen Director of Advocacy Focus Ireland

Ireland will enter a less invasive programme in 2014?????? (Bulls***)

A former deputy director of the IMF has warned that it’s unlikely Ireland will be in a fit state to exit it’s bailout programme next year.His comments completely contradict suggestions made by the Social Protection Minister Joan Burton who said yesterday that Ireland is well-placed to exit the programme sooner than expexted.Donal Donovan, now a member of the Fiscal Advisory Council, has said it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see the back of the Troika in such a short period of time.He says it’s much more likely that Ireland will enter a less invasive programme in 2014 to make the bailout exit smoother.


This is of course a lode of bull. This country is the 2nd most indebted country in the world! We haven’t a hope in hell of ever paying back. The government is just winging it in the meantime in the hope of getting some crumbs that might fall from the table when the Greeks eventually Default!

We are all taped out Kenny ,not one red cent more will you get from me!

Our total national income is nowhere near enough to even pay the interest on the debts our government have taken on! With 35%of out tax take just going on interest payments this is just not sustainable. I have published this graph on a number of times on this blog and I would ask you all to copy it and send it to your local TD,s and ask them to justify why we are still trying to please our real masters in Berlin. We must stop believing the absolute crap Kenny and Noonan are spreading we will not get any relief from the Berlin mafia as we are paying our dues and that is all they want us to do .

We are been bullied and like all bullies we have fallen on our knees and we are begging for mercy and a few crumbs from our bullies table .We must get up off our knees and rid ourselves of our financial tormentors in the ECB and in Berlin. Enough is enough it s now payback time .we must fight back and first plan of action is to default. This will happen in the end in any case! These debts are not ours and we were not bailed out we bailed out the ECB and Deutsche Bank! We need patriots who will fight for the Irish Nations self interest and not puppets and collaborators like Kenny, Noonan, and Gilmore who have sold us out to the financial slave drivers in Europe!

Ireland stand up and fight back now!

Parents stage Dáil protest over care payment cuts

Crop of Joan Burton at launch of the Labour Pa...

Crop of Joan Burton at launch of the Labour Party's 2011 General Election campaign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Evelyn Ring

The group wants to reverse the stopping of domiciliary care payments and is  seeking a meeting with Social Protection Minister Joan Burton to discuss the  issue.
The group claimed the entire application and review system for  the payment was flawed and needed to be overhauled.
The allowance is  paid to children with a disability who need more care and attention than  children of the same age without a condition.
Last year, 403 reviews  of the payment were undertaken. While 164 cases were considered eligible, 187  were not. A total of 53 reviews were pending at the year end.
One of  the protesters, Eileen O’Toole, from Greystones, Co Wicklow, has four children  with autism, ranging in age from 5 to 12.
Her oldest son Dillon sang  the Labi Siffre hit ‘Something Inside So Strong’ at the gates of Leinster House.
“Dillon represents all the children with autism whose voices cannot be  heard,” said Eileen, who added that the allowance paid to Dillon’s three  brothers was up for review in July.
The Carers’ Association area  manager from Carlow and Kilkenny, Pat Grogan, said the domiciliary  allowance  amounted to about €309 a month.
“Most of the parents I know are using  the money to pay for speech and language therapy and other therapies that should  be available to them through the HSE.
“I know that times are hard but  you should not be hitting vulnerable people.
“I think the minister  should take stock of what is happening here and take responsibility for the  allowances being withdrawn without any face to face evaluation,” he said.
While the minister had extended the time for returning review forms  from 21 to 60 days, anomalies still existed, he said.
Mr Grogan said  some parents were being reviewed for the payment after just one year.
Another protester, Lorraine Ryan from Bagenalstown, Co Carlow, said the  domiciliary care allowance for her six-year-old autistic son, Maurice, was cut  in January this year.
Ms Ryan, who has also lost the carers’ allowance, said the protest was to let the Government know  they were not going  to go away.
Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/parents-stage-dail-protest-over-care-payment-cuts-191668.html#ixzz1t37CCLPC

Right To Work on Sept 14th at the Dail! 5:30pm – 7:30pm

The Dáil will return from its eight-week summer break this
afternoon for what is expected to be a busy autumn session. The Dáil and Seanad
will have plenty of other legislation to process. The Government is committed
under the terms of the deal with the IMF and EU to introduce a number of
substantial pieces of legislation. The Budget will be introduced at the start
of December and you can bet the poor and the unemployed will be hit hard while
these pampered lads and lasses will sit in the Dail and spout off with their obnoxious
platitudes as they pass even more severe austerity measures .If you really want
to have a say then come down and face these public leaches and give them some
of your mind

Machholz will be there will you???

the following was extracted from  Facebook :link here :https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=238410742863801

Joan Burton – Could you live on €188 a week?
Dole is not a ‘Lifestyle choice’
 The government is planning to cut spending on social welfare. It is taking orders from the IMF-EU and wants to make us suffer. The unemployed are being sacrificed to pay off the international bankers.
Joan Burton’s has claimed that unemployment is a ‘lifestyle choice’.
But this is a real insult to those who are looking for work. Very few of us have cho…sen to live on €188 euro a week. And the last thing we need is another Maggie Thatcher who is trying to turn us into scapegoats.
 The real spongers in this country are not to be found on the dole queues. We should instead be looking at bankers who have walked away with pensions of over €600,000 a year – after making a mess of the country.
 The Minister for ‘Social Protection’ Joan Burton has just announced a cut to fuel and household allowances. Struggling households of the elderly, carers, loan parents and the unemployed will be hard hit with this attack.
Joan Burton has also stated that if we refuse to accept places on schemes we will have our dole cut by 44 euro a week!
 The number of free units of electricity available per year will also be reduced from 2,400 to 1,800. On top of this the smokeless fuel allowance to 150,000 people living in major cities such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Tralee will be abolished.
 Blaming the unemployed for unemployment won’t create a single job and is a smokescreen to disguise what’s really going on: Unemployment is caused by the greed of the rich. Investment has dropped by 70% in the last two years. This has happened because people who made a fortune during the boom years are sitting on their cash and waiting for wages and welfare to drop.
This is the source of unemployment and no amount of punishment of the poor will rectify the situation.
Burton’s attacks on the unemployment shows that she wants to cut social welfare again in the next budget. The only way to stop her is to organise and get on the streets in big protests.
 Across the Middle East, and in Greece and Spain, people are rising up and demanding their say in how society should be run. We need to do the same in Ireland.
 On September 14th, the Dail is opening after a long summer break. We, the unemployed should get out in their in our thousands to say:
• No More Cuts
• We want a public works schemes to give us jobs.
Join us in trying to bring the spirit of revolt to Ireland!

  Right To Work on Sept 14th at the Dail!

 Join the campaign text JOIN to 0872604143

Minister Burton refuses to pay rent costs

Minister Joan
Burton, Minister for Social Protection refuses to pay the rent for the Combat
Poverty Agency

Minister Burton refuses to pay rent costs, for the
Combat Poverty Agency

The Minister for the Social Protection confirmed that her department was no longer paying the costs of the premises of the Combat Poverty Agency (Dail Eireann, Debates, 12th July 2011, 406). The lease costs for its offices had been
€228,000 each year for 2008, 2009 and 2010, with €57,000 to the end of March 2011, when the department exercised, without penalty, the right to break the 21-year lease


Jesus, that’s a lot of money for rent. How many people on the Dole could that money feed? and pay their rent or mortgage? or even pay for extra hospitial beds???

But a more important question is who is the landlord getting such a lot of taxpayers’ money? I would be inclined to agree with Minister Burton.  Get a more appropriate accommodation that is not going to cost such a ridicules amount of rent! What are the wages costing by the way????

The Dole, a lifestyle choice??? Get real Joan!

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton has been likened to Margaret Thatcher  after claiming the dole has become a lifestyle choice for some school leavers.

Sinn Fein said the Labour minister’s comments were akin to those of Britain’s  Conservative prime minister during the recession-hit 1980s. An unemployed  support group and opposition politicians also rounded on Ms Burton, claiming  those out of work faced few job prospects.

Aengus O Snodaigh, Sinn Fein’s social protection spokesman, accused the  Labour Party of abandoning its working-class roots.

He said: “The comments of Joan Burton over the weekend in which she described  dependence on social welfare as a lifestyle choice were outrageous and another  example of the Labour Party moving to the right. It was like listening to  Margaret Thatcher during the 1980s.”

The unemployment rate stands at 14.2%, with 457,948 people signing on for  benefits last month.

Ms Burton said she was trying to end the situation where young people leave  school without qualifications and end up forced to rely on the dole.

She told RTE Radio: “I meet the mothers of young people and particularly  young men who end up slipping out of the school system, who end up with  short-term jobs and end up then actually being on social welfare. I don’t think  that that particular lifestyle is good for anybody.”

Socialist TD Joe Higgins said: “The statement by the alleged Minister for  Social Protection, Joan Burton, that young people are choosing to go on the dole  as a ‘lifestyle choice’ is an arrogant and gratuitous insult to a generation  cruelly betrayed by the current economic system and totally let down by a  government that is floundering in face of the need to create tens of thousands  of new jobs.”

The Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed said those out of work  faced a lack of choice.

Policy officer Brid O’Brien said: “I think it’s an extraordinary statement  given the fact that we’ve so few jobs.”

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/republic-of-ireland/dole-claim-minister-like-thatcher-16024685.html#ixzz1SSvSzg8O



The country is looking for people to take chances and start
up business .You and your band of turncoats are set in destroying people’s
financial independents so they become dependent on the hand out system that
ensures you get a fat pension and a lottery salary whilst you dispense your
pearls of  Tripe about lifestyles as if the unemployed had a choice!

Get real Joan, and wake up Ireland!

Governor of Central Bank of Ireland claims Lenihan was “crestfallen” by EU stance on bondholders

By namawinelake 

This subject has been covered on the irisheconomy.ie website. This entry adds the transcript of the programme to highlight the precise words spoken by the governor. Also part 2 of “Burning the bondholders” will now be published tomorrow]
The under-rated Vincent Browne broadcast a special edition of his week-night programme on Friday night last as a memoriam to former Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan who died earlier on Friday after a 2-year battle with cancer. In the “pole” seat, that is the one nearest Vincent was Patrick Honohan, the governor of the Central Bank ofIreland. Other guests included Minister Joan Burton and journalist Fionnan Sheahan. Vincent started off gently discussing Brian Lenihan with the guests in the stall seats. And then about 17 minutes in he got to Governor Honohan. And Vincent gently probed the governor for his memories of his dealings with the-Minister Lenihan. And for about four minutes, Vincent tenderised the governor. And having covered the tittle-tattle about how nice Governor Honohan’s office was, we had the following:
read full article at Source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/author/namawinelake/


Here in Ireland we are reluctant to speak ill of the dead .and so with reluctance I say this.

Mr.Lenihan RIP, has for the last few day been canonized by his well placed pals in Irish society .Of course politicians from all sides are falling over themselves in praising this man presumably expecting to gain some brownie points .The airwaves are stuffed with praise for this man and it is becoming nauseating to say the least .I became sick last Friday when the Live line went into overdrive and one would have thought they were talking about Mahatma Gandhi or mother Theresa

Speaking of Gandhi may I take this opportunity in reminding everybody of one of his quotes?

“There is no God higher that truth” Now this been the case I am compelled to try and bring the truth back into the light of day.

Our country is the poorer because of the incompetence of Mr. Brian Lenihan. This man is responsible for the many, many years of austerity that is now been forced on to the shoulders of ordinary decent people because this man sold his country out the international bondholders, gangsters and gamblers. Mr .Lenihan chose to save his pals in the building industry and the corrupt bankers rather that stand up to them and make them responsible for their own gambling debts. Mr.Lenihan became dethatched from the ordinary people of Ireland and he became aloof and drunk with the effect of absolute power, His membership of a very select group of individuals (The Golden Circle) caused him to turn his back on the people of Ireland as he chased applause and honours from forging shores. His mind-boggling incompetence along with his former crew members has cost this nation, our independence and sovereignty and in other times he along with the other members of the previous government would have faced charges of treason and would have been shot!

Ironically he was accused of economic treason not so long ago by members of the current government and these same people are now enthusiastly  carrying out the same measures as Lenihan and his band of misfits came up with 

So I guess Lenihan wasn’t the only economic terrorist we had or have now. The central bank governor hasn’t exactly been the sharpest tool in the drawer  either!

There needs to be a public inquiry into the events that led to the EU/IMF bailout.


Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton has said there needs to be a public inquiry into the events that led to the EU/IMF bailout.

Her comments follow former Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan’s remarks in a BBC radio documentary, that the European Central Bank ‘forced’ Ireland to take the bailout.

Ms Burton says all those who sat around the Cabinet table of the last government need to come before a Dáil inquiry to answer questions about what happened.

Three inquiries have been held into the collapse of the banks but Ms Burton says they were all held in private and none dealt with the role of the ECB or the former government.

She is in favour of an inquiry conducted by a Dáil committee.

The Government plans to hold a referendum seeking to give the Dáil powers to carry out such an inquiry, and compel witnesses to attend.

She said if Mr Lenihan was ‘bullied’ by the ECB we should know about it because it is very important to the future of Europe and for the current Government in dealing with the financial mess.

Irish taxpayers, according to Ms Burton, need to know what happened the night of the bank guarantee and in the weeks running up to the bailout, so that the country can move on.


Well done Joan Burton but it is a little late coming to this conclusion, we have been calling for this investigation now for two and a half years .I believe Lenihan and the rest of the gangsters who allowed this calamity to befall our nation should be in Jail .What proposals will Joan bring before the cabinet to bring these crooks to justice ?

Not a single party voted against the bill at the second stage (Bank Bailout)

consensus behind disastrous decision

13 February 2011

 By Vincent Browne
Two dates haunt this election campaign: September 30, 2008 and November 28, 2010.

The first was the date of the bank guarantee. The second was the day of national shame, the day oft he EU/ IMF rescue deal.

The bank guarantee represented the most spectacular single transfer of wealth from society at large to a financial elite in the history of this country.

The elite were depositors of more than €100,000 (depositors up to €100,000 had been guaranteed previously) and bondholders who had lent money to the banks.

Even if the banks had not collapsed subsequently, it was still a huge transfer of wealth because of the insurance it gave the big depositors and bondholders.

We are hearing much in this campaign about who did or did not support that guarantee and who said what at the time.

Finance minister Brian Lenihan said: ‘‘I stress that the provisions we are asking the House to approve are in no way a bailout for the financial system. . .

The terms and conditions on which the guarantee is provided will ensure the taxpayer gets value for money.”

Fine Gael finance spokesman Richard Bruton said: ‘‘We are offering support to this bill because we believe it is important that we copperfasten our financial system. . . I support the view of the government that it is better to provide the broad deposit guarantee involved in this legislation.”

Taoiseach Brian Cowen said: ‘‘In the event of there being a future situation where one had to work out the assets of an institution, if it emerged after working out those assets that there was a deficit, clearly the sector would pay for the difference through a levy over time rather than expecting the taxpayer [to cough up].”

Labour’s Joan Burton offered no opposition to the bill at second stage (the crucial initial procedure where the principles of a bill are debated).She wanted to be assured there would be no exorbitant payments to executives of the banks during the period of the guarantee. She said Labour was willing to provide a guarantee, but not a blank cheque.

Micheál Martin said: ‘‘I applaud the decision taken by the Taoiseach and the minister for finance to bring this issue to the attention of the government yesterday evening.” The Greens’ John Gormley bemoaned the absence of a global financial regulator, while urging support for the bill.

Only Labour’s Pat Rabbitte expressed unease. He said: ‘‘The question remains as to why the markets are frozen towards Irish banks.

The answer has to be that international banks regard Irish banks as having too many bad debts and bad loans on their books.

‘‘Banks who have been lending Too much to dodgy builders come in the back door to Merrion St and make a case, presumably that one or other of them is in deep trouble, and we opt to convert the country into a massive AIG.

We are one massive insurance policy now for some €400 billion.” But even he protested he was not against the bill.

Not a single party voted against the bill at the second stage (where parties opposed to a measure can indicate their disapproval by voting against).

The Labour Party did vote against the bill at the final stage, but only because of disagreements with technical elements of the bill.

So every party agreed to this massive transfer of wealth and every one of them ignored alternative and less risky measures that could have been deployed.

Patrick Honohan is quoted as an authoritative supporter oft he bank guarantee. However, before he became governor oft he Central Bank, Honohan wrote in the Economic and Social Review (www.esr.ie/Vol40-2/Vol-40-2Honohan.pdf): ‘‘No public indication has been given that the authorities gave serious consideration to less systemically scene-shifting – and less costly – solutions.

For example, they might have provided specific state guarantees for new borrowings or injections of preference or ordinary shares – approaches that were widely adopted across Europe and the US in the following weeks.”

It was this guarantee that brought us to November 28, 2010. It was not the deficit in the public finances that caused that humiliation, it was the guarantee to the banks which precipitated that crisis and caused the surrender of part of our sovereignty.

To a large extent, the election campaign is about that EU/IMF deal: whether it can be renegotiated or whether it can be abrogated.

The stuff about the 5.8 per cent interest on the €80 billion loan provision misses the point that the European Central Bank is subverting our banks to the extent of €150 billion at an interest rate of1 per cent.

The 5.8 per cent interest rate will be reduced after a while, and some posturer or other in the new government will claim credit for that.

But getting rid of some or all Of the bank debt will not be a runner in the EU, according to a source that knows. And disowning it all would cause massive problems, not just with the bondmarkets, but otherwise.

If Ireland is seen to breach contracts at will, what confidence would any prospective investors or traders with Ireland have in the sanctity of their contracts?


Like I say the established political parties are all the same and they have no real differences we need independent realistic alternatives

First step is to recognize that the Irish State cannot pay back these enormous sums. The private bets of gamblers must not be placed on the shoulders of the ordinary people of Ireland and only the independents are saying so

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