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Getting rid of Cowen is not going to help these Fianna Fail traitors!

FIANNA FÁIL IS in turmoil today, following the announment of former junior minister Mary Wallace that she will not contest the next election, and the surprise call by Ned O’Keeffe for Taoiseach Brian Cowen to resign on the same day.

Cork East deputy Ned O’Keeffe said that although Brian Cowen had “the best interests of the country at heart” he had lost the confidence of the public. He said that Cowen ought to resign immediately.

A total of 13 sitting Fianna Fáil deputies have announced that they will not contest the election since November, the Sunday Times reports. A Sunday Independent/Quantum Research poll today finds that 53 per cent of the public believe such TDs are not contesting the election in order to take advantage of existing pension benefits.

There is growing speculation that the next Fianna Fáil deputy to announce a departure will be Sligo-North Leitrim TD Jimmy Devins.

source: http://www.thejournal.ie/fianna-fail-in-turmoil-wallace-becomes-latest-to-announce-departure-2011-01/

Comment :

Getting rid of Cowen is not going to help these Fianna Fail traitors!

These Rats are leaving the sinking ship and they are carrying off their loot (their fat pensions)

I call on the Fine Gail and labour parties to state that they will change the pensions entitlements of all politicians and bring them into a more realistic value in light of the severe cuts the citizens of Ireland have to endure also these people were instrumental in bringing private debts of the banks on to the shoulders of the ordinary people of Ireland and they must now be made pay for their incompetence and should forfeit at least 65% of their pensions and that goes for all state guanos No state officials should be walking away with such monstrous pay out while the same state is closing down hospital wards and beds

Sligo General Hospital cuts

Fianna Fáil Sligo-North Leitrim TDs Jimmy Devins and Eamon Scanlon have resigned the party whip over their opposition to cuts in breast cancer services at Sligo General Hospital, at least this is what we are told in the papers but don’t hold you breath because if you look carefully you will see that the boys are not ruling out supporting the government on all other matters

We have 2 local lads feeling the heat of local opposition to the stated HSE cuts for their region now for the last 2years

Why has it taken until now for the boys to open their mouths and take action, well the local hospital action group are getting some real support now from the local community and the prospect of new independent candidates popping up is causing the boys, to be seen to be doing something to stop local hospital services being taken away .

These two local opportunists are helping the most incompetent government stay in power

And I hope the people in Sligo  give then a right trouncing in the next election

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