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Focus Ireland update on Ireland’s homeless

Dear Machholz,

We wrote to you last year about the crazy situation where dozens of young people who have experienced homelessness are trapped in emergency homeless accommodation because their income is too low for them to afford to move on into independent living.

When the welfare rates to young people were halved in 2009, young people who had grown up in care were protected, recognising that they would need a full payment if they were to provide a home for themselves. However young people who become homeless after they reach 18, but were never in care, receive no such protection.

After a period in emergency accomodation, such young people are ready to move on with their lives, possibly with tenancy support services – but even if they can find a private flat and get rent supplement they cannot afford to take it up because after their rent contribution they would be left with only €70 to €100 a week to live on.

As a result they remain stuck in Emergency Accomm odation whose facilities they no longer need and which is more expensive than supporting them to find and maintain a home. . It is hard to get on with your life – take up education or apply for a job – when your address is an emergency homeless hostel. At present the only way out is to wait until they turn 25!Homeless1

Last year, Focus Ireland supporters sent over 2,000 e-mails to their TDs and Senators asking for action on this situation. This resulted in dozens of Dail questions and a very positive response by the Minister Joan Burton. But since then … nothing. There has been no change at all in the position of these young people.

305To help push this issue forward, Focus Ireland, in collaboration with other homeless organisations around the country, is holding a briefing session for TDs and Senators in the Dail on the 17th April. At thie briefing we will outline the problem and put forward a solution which will use the Youth Guarantee to assist these young people mo ve out of Emergency Homeless Accommodation and on into training, education, employment – and a sustainable home.

We are writing to you now to ask you to send a reminder to your local TD/Senators to attend the briefing and put their political weight behind finding a solution to this problem. There is an easy-to-use prepared letter here.

With thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely

Mike Allen Director of Advocacy Focus Ireland

Labour Party supports the campaign for a statutory right to aftercare

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for contacting me on this important issue.

The Labour Party fully supports the campaign for a statutory right to aftercare to be included in the bill. The right to aftercare should be a priority for vulnerable young people as they prepare to leave the care system and the current situation whereby they have no legal right to aftercare needs to be rectified.

Kathleen Lynch TD and Jan O’Sullivan TD have tabled an amendment, on behalf of the Labour Party, to the Child Care Amendment Bill 2009 which would include the right to aftercare in the Bill.  Unfortunately, the Minister was not willing to accept the amendment at committee stage.

The bill will be discussed in the Dail on Wednesday and  Labour party spokesperson on Health, Jan O’Sullivan,  will be pressing the issue of aftercare to a vote and will be putting pressure on Government TDs to vote for this very important  Labour party amendment.

I have attached a copy of the proposed amendment below.

Best wishes,


Liz McManus, T.D.
Spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

19. In page 67, to delete lines 26 to 32 and substitute the following:
22.—Section 45 (as amended by the Act of 2004) of the Principal Act is amended
by substituting the following section for section 45:
(a) Where a child leaves the care of the Health Service Executive, the
Executive shall, in accordance with subsection (2), assist him or
her for so long as the Executive is satisfied as to his or her need
for assistance and, subject to paragraph (b), he or she has not
attained the age of 21 years.
(b) Where that person attains the age of 21 years, the Executive shall
continue to provide such assistance until the completion of the
course of education in which he or she is engaged.
“Amendment of
section 45 of
Principal Act.
(2) (a) The Health Service Executive shall assist a person under this
section in one or more of the following ways—
(i) by causing him or her to be visited or assisted;
(ii) by arranging for the completion of his or her education and by
contributing towards his or her maintenance while he or she is
completing his or her education;
(iii) by placing him or her in a suitable trade, calling or business and
paying such fee or sum as may be requisite for that purpose;
(iv) by providing a residential aftercare programme for him or her;
(v) by co-operating with housing authorities in planning
accommodation for children leaving care on reaching the age
of 18 years;
(vi) by arranging for any existing or emerging health care needs to
be addressed by appropriate qualified persons;
(b) For the purposes of this section, the Minister shall prescribe the
manner in which aftercare may be provided.
(4) In providing assistance under this section, the Executive shall comply
with any general directions given by the Minister.
(5) For the purposes of this section, the reference in subsection (1)(a) to
the care of the Health Service Executive includes special care provided
under Part IVA (as amended by the Child Care (Amendment) Act 2011).”.”.
—Jan O’Sullivan, Kathleen Lynch.
Liz McManus, T.D.
Spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources



as you can see Liz Mc Manus wasted no time in expressing the labour Party’s suport for the amendment to the Child Care act 2011

No News from the other 4 TD’s for Wicklow

Mary Harney should be tied to a trolley

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation has said there were 569 patients on trolleys in hospital emergency departments this morning – the highest number ever recorded.

The worst affected hospitals were Cork University Hospital with 48 patients waiting; Beaumont Hospital had 45 patients on trolleys and the Mid West Regional Hospital in Limerick had 44 patients waiting.

Today’s morning figure broke yesterday’s record of 511 patients on trolleys.

Later, the number of patients on trolleys had fallen to 259.

The HSE said that many planned operations are being postponed due to overcrowding.

While the HSE is currently unable to give a figure on the number of procedures affected nationally, it said some planned operations were being deferred at University College Hospital Galway, Cavan General, Our Lady of Lourdes in Drogheda and the Mid West Regional Hospital in Limerick.

Some routine surgery has also been deferred at Cork University Hospital and at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin.

There are around 11,000 inpatient beds in hospitals but over 1,500 are not available for new admissions for a variety of reasons.

These include cost savings, refurbishment, infection control and the fact that over 500 beds are being occupied by patients who are ready to be discharged but who can not go home or have no nursing home place.

It says that much of the increased pressure in emergency departments is due to people suffering with swine flu and other seasonal illnesses common at this time of year.

A peak is also common due to the post holiday period and the recent cold snap has also resulted in pressure on the system.

Fine Gael’s Health Spokesperson Dr James Reilly described today’s figures as shocking and said Government policy on health was hitting frontline services.

Dr Reilly said there were fewer beds available to patients, longer waiting times and more cancelled operations, which was exacerbating the problem in emergency departments.

Shortage of non-consultant doctors

A consultant in emergency medicine at Cork University Hospital has said a shortage of non-consultant hospital doctors was contributing to delays in treating people who attend emergency departments.

Chris Luke said many junior doctors were leaving Ireland when qualified and were being replaced by non-Irish doctors or locums.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio, Dr Luke described the staffing of frontline hospital services as precarious.

Meanwhile, Labour Health Spokesperson Jan O’Sullivan has called for a ‘new approach to tackling the crisis in our healthcare services’.

She added: ‘Letting people languish on trolleys in corridors and examination rooms, for hours on end or even longer, is completely unacceptable in this day and age.’

All planned operations at Cork University Hospital are to be postponed tomorrow.

Its Clinical Director, Professor Richard Greene, said the cancellations were due to the pressure on the hospital’s emergency department.

Prof Greene said the number of patients on trolleys was the worst he had seen in his two years as clinical director.

He said he hoped the situation would improve at the hospital next week, when the medical admissions unit opens.

source: http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0105/health.html


This is just the start we can expect more trolleys or even a shortage of trolleys in the coming months as Mary Harney’s failed policies become more of a reality for the unfortunate sick citizens of this nation.

The policies that have tried to force a two tier health system on our nation the sooner this Government is kicked out and a new universal health insurance system for all the citizens of this country is implemented the better .Health should not be considered a commercial commodity to be traded in an so called open market there in no such thing.

We must break up the power of the medical dictatorship currently monopolizing health care in our country. Universal health care for all .

Mary Harney should be tied to a trolley and drove all around Ireland and made beg for forgiveness for all the pain and suffering she has caused to countless families and then she should be left in some corroder and forgotten !

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