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Irish Cancer Society up-date

Hi Thomás,


I hope all is well. My name is Shane Breslin and I’m part of the Irish Cancer Society web team. I hope you don’t mind the unsolicited email but we’d love for you, as a respected Irish blogger and someone who has blogged about tobacco in the recent past, to be part of our first ever Google+ Hangout On Air on Thursday.


This is a big week for the Irish Cancer Society. On Friday and Saturday we host our National Conference for Cancer Survivorship, our largest ever conference with more than 800 cancer survivors and healthcare professionals coming to the Aviva Stadium.


But before that – and this is the bit that will hopefully involve you – on Thursday the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Heart Foundation will jointly present new research showing how cigarette branding makes smoking more appealing to teens, and we thought you might be interested in taking part.


Minister for Health Dr James Reilly announced earlier this year that Ireland would become the second country after Australia to adopt standardised packaging, which is also known as plain or generic packaging. This means that there will be no branding, fancy colouring or attractive cigarette pack designs any more.


Our new research, which was carried out with 15-16-year-olds around Ireland, shows that standardised packaging would make them less likely to smoke.


The research studies:

  • ·         Teen smoking attitudes and behaviours;
  • ·         The role of branded cigarette packaging;
  • ·         Reactions to “plain packaging”.

The research is being launched in Dublin on Thursday morning and we’d love to invite you to an online briefing at 3.15pm (Irish time) on Thursday afternoon, where we’ll explain a bit more about what it’s about and answer your questions about standardised or “plain” packaging.


If you have any questions about standardised or plain packaging that you’d like to ask, feel free to send them on in advance and we’ll do our best to answer them on Thursday.


Before I finish up, some important housekeeping notes:

  • ·         If you would like to attend, please RSVP before 4pm tomorrow (Wednesday, September 18th)
  • ·         You’ll need to be signed into a Google account to access the Hangout On Air. This usually means a Gmail or YouTube account. Please let me know the email address you use to access any Google product.
  • ·         You won’t need a webcam. While many Google+ Hangouts On Air take the form of video conferences, this one will be a webinar, with a presentation and text-chat communication.
  • ·         Places in the Hangout are limited – as with all Google+ Hangouts On Air, the participant numbers are limited to 10, so please RSVP before 4pm on Wednesday if you’d like to be one of the attendees.
  • ·         If you can’t make it on the day, or you don’t make it into the first 10, you can watch the webinar live on our YouTube channel at 3.15pm on Thursday, or watch it in its entirety on YouTube anytime from Thursday evening on.
  • ·         Find out more about Google+ Hangouts On Air here.
  • ·         This link, about Google+ Hangouts, should also give you some valuable information about system requirements – if you have an up to date computer, with a decent broadband connection and an up to date browser (we recommend Chrome) then you should be fine.
  • ·         And finally, we look forward to welcoming you to this first ever Irish Cancer Society Hangout On Air!





Shane Breslin | Online Content Lead Irish Cancer Society | 43/45 Northumberland Rd, Dublin 4 T: +353 1 2316 654  |  Fax: + 353 1 2310 555 E: sbreslin@irishcancer.ie W: http://www.cancer.ie National Cancer Helpline Freefone 1800 200 700 Registered in Dublin no. 20868 CHY 5863

James Reilly back in hot water after he reveals just 5% of Irish medicine is generic

James Reilly (in front of microphones).

James Reilly (in front of microphones). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opposition politicians may have largely abandoned their sallies on Minister for Health James Reilly’s position on the bumping-up of a site in Balbriggan belonging to his associate, for development as a primary care centre, but controversy and malodour involving the Minister and his actions are not going away. Today we learn of continued resistance by consultants to his late-in-the-day reform of work practices, but it was earlier this week that the Minister revealed in the Dail that practically all medicines used in the Irish public health system are expensive non-generic medicines. This compares with just 20% use of non-generic medicines in our closest neighbour, the UK.

Minister Reilly was responding to a series of questions from the Sinn Fein health spokesman Caoimhghin O’Caolain……………………..

full article at source: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/james-reilly-back-in-hot-water-after-he-reveals-just-5-of-irish-medicine-is-generic/

That damned, elusive stinking snail (Minister James Reilly)

“We seek him here, we seek him there, and those Irish senior citizens seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? – Is he in hell? That damned James Reilly, that stinking snail “

Government is looking after its own “insider pals” 30K pay hike for HSE boss!

THE new HSE chief yesterday defended his €30,000 salary hike as Health Minister James Reilly signalled the Government should look again at public service pay.

Tony O’Brien, who previously earned €165,000 as a health official, before taking over as Health Service Executive director general designate recently, is to be paid €195,000.

Asked if it sent out the wrong message when he is overseeing €130m in health cuts, affecting many elderly and the disabled, Mr O’Brien said the salary figure was a matter for the Government and it was less than his predecessor earned.

He was speaking as Dr Reilly insisted the €700m in cuts that will be needed in the health service next year…….full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/hse-chief-overseeing-130m-cutbacks-defends-pay-hike-3216507.html


This is another well placed pal is been given a lottery salary and perks while the ordinary Joe is been fleeced, stripped of essential home care services and don’t mention A&E services .This is a blatant example of the out of touch politicians and their pals as they continue to dismantle the hard won health services every Irish citizen at one stage was entitled too . Now it is all about the haves and have not’s. Greed is alive and well and if you are with the “in” crowd you will be looked after and to hell with the rest of us. This Government is looking after its own insider pals and this will not be the last example I fear! As long as idiots continue to vote in such brazen gangster politicians they will continue to feather their own nests and that of their insider pals.

The fun hasnt even started just wait for the water charges and the increased household charge(Irish poll tax) are forced through .I wonder who is going to get the top job in these new Quangos ?more that likely more pals of the gangsters in Government!

On that note Big Phil has this message for you lads!

Wake up Ireland, Get up off your knees and rid ourselves of the political élite who have robbed us of our country and whose greed has no bounds!

James Reilly Tax

Last week James Reilly, the Minister for Health, got himself into hot water when his name was published in Stubbs Gazette for unpaid debts. He was part of a syndicate that invested in a nursing home to get tax relief.

He put up £60,000 of his own money (about €76,000). There were 13 members in the syndicate and they raised about €2.25m to set up a nursing home. Apart from what they put in themselves, they borrowed €1.9m from Bank of Ireland.

Five of the original investors, including Dr Reilly, agreed from the start to buy out the others. When they failed to pay they were taken to court, where they were ordered to pay up. With nothing paid, James Reilly’s name appeared in Stubbs Gazette.

This is typical of the type of tax scheme that helped fuel the property bubble and is leading to disputes all across the country as commitments are not honoured. Tax relief for nursing homes is given by way of capital allowances (annual deduction) for expenditure on buildings. Fifteen per cent

full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/james-fitzsimons-taxpayers-could-foot-bill-for-dr-debtstyle-schemes-3168384.html



Remember “a salary of 250,000 for consultants in public hospitals in chicken feed”?????

what else can you expect from “insiders ”

reaping benefits from insider information !

New Cancer treatment with Antineoplastons (Ministers reply)

James Reilly to me

REF.New Cancer treatment with Antineoplastons

see posting : http://thepressnet.com/2011/10/03/antineoplastons-cancer-drugs-in-fda-trials-since-1995-results-publicly-audited-by-congress-to-gain-final-fda-approval/

I acknowledge receipt of your email.  Your correspondence will be brought to the attention of Dr James Reilly T.D., Minister for Health and to the relevant officials in the Department of Health.  If the content of your correspondence relates to the functions of another Minister’s department, it will be brought to their attention for direct reply.                                                                                                                                                                Yours Sincerely,                                                                                                                    Constituency Office of Dr James Reilly T.D., Minister for Health                                           Unit 3, 1st Floor, Chamber Building                                                                                      Street,                                                                                                                         Swords,

“In truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.”

Photo by machholz

By Namawinelake

A phenomenon of the current financial crisis has been the colossal sums of money involved – the banks may cost us €70bn to bailout, we have an annual deficit of €18bn, our national debt is likely to peak over €200bn. For a country with a population of 4.6m, these numbers are truly gigantic. Indeed they are so big that we sometimes lose sight of what the numbers will mean to us individually or as communities. Having already suffered levies and charges to our wages, we have also seen cut-backs to services, and these look set to intensify. The closure of the Roscommon Accident and Emergency facility may have attracted a lot of headlines, but in truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.

see full article at source here: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/protesters-in-cork-launch-bond-tracking-facebook-page-see-daily-updates-of-bondholder-repayments/

A&E services must be taken away because of Health and safety concerns?

By  RTE News

About 5000 people have turned out in Portlaoise this afternoon, to protest over plans to downgrade the Midland Regional Hospital in the town.

It comes amid concerns that a shortage of junior doctors would see the removal of 24 hours emergency services from the hospital.

Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan has insisted the Midland Regional Hospital will not see any curtailment of services.

The HSE say they will be able to maintain 24 hour emergency services from 11 July, pending a number of remaining junior doctor posts being filled as anticipated.

Speaking at the protest this afternoon, Chairperson of the Portlaoise Hospital Action Group, Kathleen O’Brien called on the Minister for Health James Reilly to upgrade and maintain services at the hospital.

Source : http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0703/portlaoise.html

Comment :

There appears to be a pattern here, any services that a
local authority or in this case the HSE do not want ,they maintain that is
because of a Health and safety risk .What a laugh!

Wicklow hospital ,was closed because of such triumph up concerns.
We have allowed this Health and safety lark to destroy entrepreneurship. I
wanted to set up a business along the coast here in Wicklow but had to give up
because of health and safety concerns and the enormous costs of public liability
insurance .But allowing the government to use this health & safety lark to
close down hospitals is going too far. Nowhere else in the world would the
people put up with this absolute crap? As previously called upon I call again
to all workers in the various hospitals around the country to come together and
force the government to back down .Get your Unions to make a stand.

The Health services we have struggled to create must now not be taken away from us because of incompetent politicians who are serving their true masters in Brussels and
in the IMF. These cuts are been implement because there are  no more Funds available to keep the hospitals going .After they continue to bail out toxic and corrupt banks .The current government promised “not one red cent more”yet next
week they will be pumping another 5billion into the corrupt institution  AIB .
 It has nothing to do with better services or centres of excellence this is the spin we are been fed .The bottom line is if you want these services close to you, You must get up off your arse and stand with the rest of us that seem to do all the fighting for our local
services and send a message to your local TD’ and make it clear this is the
last straw ,no more spin no more promises of centres’ of excellent  we want to keep our local hospital services or else !

Tell them  to take “CUTS” in their own Salaries and those of the outrageously overpaid consultants!

The new Government have reneged on their promises to the public and even
today I see Eamon Gilmore stating that there will be more cuts on the way .This
madness of pumping billions into criminal toxic banks is insane. This is downright
treachery of the Irish nation!


We need action, not meaningless statements from Government TD’s to save St.Columcilles A&E – Brady

Sinn Fein councillor John Brady has called on the 4 Government TD’s in

Wicklow for action instead of meaningless statements to save the A&E

at St.Columcilles Hospital in Loughlinstown.

Earlier this week Cllr John Brady broke the news about the closure of

the A&E by releasing information contained in a report compiled by the

HSE and given to HIQA.

Cllr Brady said “Since i broke the news about the closure of the A&E

in St.Columcilles  the 4 Government TD’s in Wicklow have either issued

statements condemning the closure or expressed concerns, the only

non-government TD in the county Stephen Donnelly believes he is above

this type of issue and is quickly becoming a one trick pony, he has

not uttered a single word on the issue. What we need at this time is

action from all the Counties politicians especially the Fine Gael and

Labour ones”.

Cllr Brady continued “This is a political decision to close the A&E

and it will take political intervention to save it. Health Minister

James Reilly has claimed to represent change in our health system and

has ordered a review of all hospital services. Yet he is presiding

over continuing cuts such as this. He should intervene to prevent this


I have sought a suspension of standing orders at Wicklow County

Councils AGM on Monday next and i hope i will receive cross party

support for the retention of the 24 hour A&E at St.Columcilles”.

Cllr Brady concluded “It is time now for Fine Gael and Labour to put

up or shut up. They are great at making statements and promises. We

seen that when Wicklow District Hospital was closed last year, they

spoke about the provision of a site and the construction of a new

hospital in Wicklow. Now they are in power the silence on the issue is

deafening. The closure of 24-hour A&E at St. Colmcille’s Hospital,

Loughlinstown will continue the Fianna Fáil legacy of cuts to hospital

services and this policy must end now”.

A public protest has been organised for Friday 24th June, it will take

place outside St.Columcilles, Loughlinstown between 4pm and 6pm and

people are asked to try attend to show their opposition to the closure

of the vital service.

What did they expect ? Just another election promise broken!

By Paddy Clancy


FURIOUS cancer campaigners are demanding the resignation of Junior Minister John Perry over his failure to keep a promise to return breast-cancer services to Sligo General Hospital.

Dozens of activists turned on the small business minister at a press conference in Sligo yesterday, when he claimed to have made progress on the issue.

Several women shouted at the minister: “We want our votes back.”

Mr Perry said he had ensured the return of mammography services to the hospital by the final quarter of this year and that recruitment of a second permanent medical oncologist would now go ahead.

However, campaigners claimed that Mr Perry had promised the full reinstatement of breast-cancer services that were moved to a centre of excellence in Galway two years ago.

Campaigners also claimed that the mammography services to be made available later this year would be carried out on a machine that is already paid for and currently lying idle in the hospital.

They also said the appointment of a second oncologist was not a new development, as the HSE had announced in April that it was going to advertise this position.


Mr Perry presented an HSE discussion document outlining consideration for breast cancer patients within Sligo General Hospital catchment area but campaigners demanded a direct meeting with Health Minister Dr James Reilly.

He said he regretted that he had not got the full return of cancer services to Sligo within 100 days of the new Government. However, Mr Perry added: “This is a start.”

He also denied that he had pledged to resign as a minister if he failed to deliver on the issue within 100 days.

The Save Our Cancer Services (North West) steering group said in a statement that Fine Gael and Labour had given unambiguous commitments that they would restore cancer services to Sligo once they were in power.

– Paddy Clancy


Irish Independent



What did they expect ? Just another election promise broken!

John Perry is just another career politician making promises he has no intention is keeping ,he got what he wanted a secure job for the next 5 years and a lottery pension .What surprises me is the fact so many people fell for the same old crap and promises made by the local gombeen politicians from the established political parties. I was hoping that the people would see through the same old game of political musical chairs, one lot gets kicked out and the next lot comes in with promises of change and once they have their feet under the table they drop them all .Soon you will have the lot that got kicked out come back on the airwaves with new promises and calling for change and the people will again make that change by putting back that lot again .What a rotten system and we the public deserve no better because we are stupid enough to fall for it every time.

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