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Yes, a breath of fresh air is sweeping through Ireland and these patriots

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh
In 2007 we had a national debt of 24.8 billion today that debt is now 250 billion and going up all the time! So 220 billion has gone where???? Certainly the people of Ireland did NOT get these billions we were lied to by our bought and paid for corrupt politicians who took on 230 billion Euro of extra private corporate debt and no one can say where it has gone! Just imagine what the country would look like if the gangsters in Government had given every citizen say 300 Euros a week since the 1st of January 2008 I have no doubt the economy would be in much better shape! Instead we have a corporate dictatorship now ruling the country and they are busy asset stripping the natural resources of our nation on the monopoly money created out of thin air!

In so doing they have enslaved us and the future generations into financial slavery! For the last 4 years these lying Bast**DS in Government have stripped the weakest members of the Irish society of their dignity, the means to sustain themselves, they have stripped away the communities of the vital health services, education and housing! There is now an attack on some of the most needy the un-married mothers of Ireland. The low hanging fruits in the orchard! This is war a war on the poor and the ordinary people of Ireland by corporate greedy merchants! The political class has now lost all creditability and all of the political parties are on the same gravy train, out for themselves and the “what’s in it for me parasitic system must now be taken down!

A new breed of citizen is now emerging from these downtrodden members of our corrupted society, Yes a breath of fresh air is sweeping through Ireland and these patriots, like these woman speaking at the GPO this afternoon will not be pushed back into their boxes and they will not be pushed into accepting the crumbs the disgraced political class throw down on to the floor. These are the true hero’s of Ireland to-day standing up against the corrupt state and their hired thugs! May they continue to get stronger because Ireland needs these people!

700,000 Irish citizens won’t register with Irish water!


The Herald can reveal that only around 171,000 households registered after the reduced price structures were announced by the Government on November 20.

Irish Water has claimed that 1.04 million households have now “validated their info”.

But it said that only 79pc of that figure, or 821,600, were on the public water mains and are considered customers of the semi-state.


The utility estimates that around 1.5 million households across the country are on the public network, meaning that in the region of 678,400 of those have not registered.

The figures will make for some grim reading for the Government, which had hoped the new charges would encourage people to supply their details to the embattled company.

By the end of the first week of November, when higher charges were still being proposed, 828,000 homes had validated their information with Irish Water.


Wicklow :20.01.2015

By; Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

A quick check on Irish water activities in Gleabmount this morning revealed they had sent in a crew to collect their barriers around 10.45 this morning and as the rain seem to be down for the day no new attempts to go into any new estates was visible: I called into to support our friends manning the entrants to Rose Hill and spirits was very high all around: Hot toasted sandwiches were brought out and hot tomato soup to the protesters manning the entrance of rose hill! Support from Rathnew was also on hand: This community spirit is now a fact of everyday life up and down the country and the complacent and out of touch government and main stream political parties are ignoring this at their peril! A new dynamic and permanent change is in the air and the political landscape of Ireland has changed forever! The people have awoken to their own strength and they will not be forced back into a box: They have tasted their own strength and I advise all politicians to get out of their way! These citizens will dictate the next Irish governments manifesto and about time too!
Water is a Human Right!


Irish Water . No citizen’s right to protest ? BUT you do have the right to peaceful assembly!

A little clarification for people who believe their citizen’s right to peaceful protest is protected under the constitution. This is not strictly true and this subtle misconception could be causing some problems with the Gardai.
No right to protest ?
As far as the State and the Gardai are concerned you don’t have a right to protest under the constitution. You see the word protest is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution. What is mentioned in the constitution is (peaceful) assembly [Article 40.6.1 ii]. Hence if you are holding a peaceful assembly you are in accordance with the citizen’s rights under the constitution.

2015-01-08 12.07.44
However if you say to a Garda, with your hands in the air, that you are a “peaceful protest” they take that to mean you are in breach of the peace, as that is the essence of a protest. However illogical that may sound to you that is how their logic works when doing their job and interpreting your rights.
So it might be advisable to avoid vocalising the “peaceful protest” claim, and instead stick to the “peaceful assembly”, or if asked if are you protesting either do not respond, or respond that you are simply expressing your opinion [article 40.6.1.i].

Additional protection
It might also be advisable to look at strengthening your position with a few more articles of the constitution first:
40.3.1 – “The State guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate the personal rights of the citizen.” – hence they cannot legislate away you rrights.
40.3.2 – “The State shall, in particular, by its laws protect as best it may from unjust attack and, in the case of injustice done, vindicate the life, person, good name, and property rights of every citizen.” – (see later re: your dwelling)
– This is your starting point to ensure all subsequent rights are adhered to by the Gardai, as follows:
40.1 – “All citizens shall, as human persons, be held equal before the law”. – So ensure they apply this to Irish Water equally.
40.4.1 – “No citizen shall be deprived of his personal liberty save in accordance with law.” – You are not breaking a law peacefully assembling and so should not be arrested.

40.6.1.i – “The right of the citizens to express freely their convictions and opinions.”
But this is the kicker
40.5 – “The dwelling of every citizen is inviolable and shall not be forcibly entered save in accordance with law.”
The problem Irish Water now have is that the Water Services Act 2013 clearly states in Article 20 that they can only fix meters to premises that contain dwellings, and as you haven’t broken any laws your dwelling remains inviolable and outside their reach.
“20.— (1) The functions of each water services authority under paragraph (f) of subsection (1) of section 32 of the Act of 2007 shall, in addition to being performable by a water services authority, be performable by a metering authority in so far only as they relate to premises that contain one or more dwellings…”
Remember, your dwelling land (in the land registry) extends from the centre of any alley behind your house to the centre of the road in front of your house, and furthermore you can remove the right of access to that dwelling if you so choose and deny the right to set up a temporary work area.

If you are ignored by the meter installers at this point you can make an official complaint of criminal trespass to the Gardai, who should caution the meter installers to leave the land (if the Gardai are doing their job properly). If the installers continue then the Garda should arrest them; but you must make the specific complaint.
If the Gardai fail in this duty you should make a complaint to the relevant ombudsman.
They will probably try and wriggle out
Now if Irish Water, or probably more likely the Gardai, say they are on a public footpath then they still cannot install a meter because if they do they are in breach of the Water Services Act 2013, because it specifically states they can only install meters on dwellings. Public areas are prohibited by virtue of them not being included in the Act. Remember anything that is not specifically included in a legal document is therefore excluded. You must make this clear to all parties and Gardai and demand they apply the law.
The key to this is making the right requests and using the right language with the Gardai to get the response you want.
Using a stronger constitution
The articles listed above are from the 1937 blue book, the English version, however these articles are noticeably weakened from the original text which was written in Irish. It would be beneficial to all to insist on using the direct literal English translation of the Irish version to afford more protection.
It should be noted that the constitutional text in both official languages is authentic. Article 25 provides that in case of conflict between the enrolled texts, the Irish language text prevails. Here is an example of how the literal translation is stronger:
The State guarantees not to interfere by its laws with the personal rights of any citizen, and it further guarantees to defend and assert those rights with its laws in so far as it is possible.
The State guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate the personal rights of the citizen.
An unfair contract
What with the inequity being meted out by the judicial system during the meter installation, it is interesting to note that Fine Gael’s Water services Act 2013 itself looks pretty tame, simply setting out the legitimacy of the new company, but people are forgetting that the real meat of the Act was legislated back in 2007 by Fianna Fail, and it is a very inequitable piece of legislation.
Just looking at section 8 it is awash with any number of different fines, charges, offences and prison sentences they can level against citizens, with fines up to €15,000 and 5 year prison terms. Then you look at section 29 and you find the Minister, the water authority and any of its agents are indemnified and immune from claims or prosecution; and this indemnity has been extended to Irish Water and its agents in section 23 of the 2013 Act.



Protest at the Wicklow Garda station

By : Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

The people of Wicklow came out tonight to show the local Garda that they will NOT be intimidated by the thugs in uniform who came into the Glebemount estate this morning and arrested peaceful protesters: This sort or of bully-boy tactic will only contribute to the already distrust between the towns people and the local GARDA : The people of Ireland demand that the GARDA stand by their oath of office to protect the citizen and their property and not side with known criminals and corrupt billionaires! We will not just stand by and allow our human right to water be sold off to the corrupt corporate en-slavers of our country!

Ireland says NO ! We are not Troika whore’s

If we have learned anything yesterday we have all now seen with our own eyes that RTE is lying on behalf of the corrupt government: I would also seem that most journalists in Ireland are also unable to count! To say that there were only 30 thousand people at Wednesdays’ demonstration is plainly insulting to myself and the 100,000 plus citizens who braved the bitter cold and wind and made a point in exercising their constitutional right to protest peacefully! We need not take up anymore time here on proving this assertion! RTE has turned its back on the ordinary citizens of Ireland and have prostituted themselves to the gangsters in Government! Nevertheless they will have a price to pay when the people of Ireland make a clean sweep of that Den of thieves they call “The Dáil” 100,000 people know they were there and they have families and friends! Ireland and her people are not for sale and we will bring down anybody who will try to make us into commodities or consumers for the shit and crap we are continuously been exposed to! News Flash! News Flash as I write this note I hear Dennis O Brien has just Esso Ireland! So add this to the long list of boycott companies this parasite has! The crowds at Wednesdays’ march were so great I was not able to meet up with our fellow citizens of “Dublin says no” , so hopefully we will meet up again on Sunday outside the central bank at 12.00. You are all true heroes of modern Ireland >

SITESERV, O2 AND DENIS O’BRIEN… You Gotta Love the Cheek!!

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I was delighted to see Catherine Murphy TD using the information from my investigation into how Denis O’Brien was “awarded” the metering contract and how he magically managed to get the award even though GMC Sierra /Sierra GMC was not even a registered company at the time of tendering. The government cannot answer the questions posed by Catherine because I took it into the public domain months ago along with the proof (excerpts from the CRO, for instance) which was seen by thousands of people here on Facebook.

Facebook subsequently made the post disappear at the request of an outside influence, no doubt. I eventually managed to get most of it back but needless to say there are many sections that didn’t make it back, courtesy of Facebook!

What makes this information even more scary is the fact I gave the information to several journalists that I personally know and they refused to even take it as far as their editors because they were afraid of the “Denis legal machine” that is being used to shut every journalist in the country,up and constantly threatening them with hellfire and brimstone if they print anything negative about him. So therefore I am going to print it on here again for the world to see because I have absolutely nothing to lose and because I know it is the truth, having researched and written the articles myself..


SITESERV, O2 AND DENIS O’BRIEN… You Gotta Love the Cheek!!

Right here we go with a bit of tongue in cheek in the first part but gets a little more serious in the second part when you see how the corruption made its presence felt…

Irish company “Siteserv” owed Anglo Irish Bank €150 million. Then Denis O’Brien jumps off his executive jet which took off from his tax haven in Malta and buys Siteserv for €45 million in cash which is a full €105 million short of the debt owed by Siteserv. So how did Denis “the very lucky friend of Enda and Michael and the other Michael of the 02 variety (Lowry)” manage to buy Siteserv for a lot of Euros less than the debt? Well let me tell you how he did it… His mate and confidant is a man called Hugh Cooney who happened to be the Chairman of Siteserv and also happens to be the Chairman of Enterprise Ireland.

Now the same Mr. Cooney also happens to to be on the Advisory Committee of the National Treasury Management Agency which is closely linked with our old friends NAMA! Surely good old Hugh didn’t influence the sale of Siteserv to Denis over any other bidder? God forbid that would happen in Ireland in this day and age

OH BUT WAIT there is a sting in the tail after all… A FRENCH company has now claimed it was denied the opportunity to make an offer for Siteserv…The Altrad group, which owns companies in the same areas of business as Siteserv, said at the weekend that it had been prepared to offer €60 million for the Irish firm. But it was effectively denied the opportunity because its representative was told the Irish group was not for sale.

Now remember that Denis’s purchase has left the taxpayer short of €105 million. This is a great deal for Denis and Irish Water and Denis jumps for joy knowing that he has stolen €105 million from you and I AND can now proceed with planning his purchase of Irish Water!

Oh yeah, before I forget… The shareholders of Siteserv received €5 million of tax payers money in dividends for their shares even though the company was broke and “under the care of NAMA”… Money that rightfully belongs to the Irish taxpayer!

Denis O’Brien company purchased “Siteserv” and GMC/Sierra from IBRC (Anglo Irish Bank) for the paltry sum of €45 million when the true cost of what the loan owed by Site Serv / GMC Sierra was €150 million and therefore leaving the taxpayer with bill to pick up the balance of €105 million.

Siteserv having been sold to Millington, which is an acquisition vehicle controlled by Denis O’Brien. The installation of water meters is being thus implemented by GMC/Sierra Ltd, J Murphy & Sons Ltd, and Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. Sierra is part of the Siteserv Group)

1. 26th July 2013, Irish Water announced the appointment of GMC/Sierra as one of the main regional contractors engaged by Irish Water to manage the Meter installation Programme. BUT…GMC/Sierra (Company Number 530230) applied for registration as a NEW company with Denis O’Brien as a director on the 11th of July 2013.The company was formally registered ON THE SAME DAY! From experience of many thousands people, it always takes weeks to get formally registered and to receive the certificate stating that you can trade.

2. After a one day registration however, two weeks later GMC/Sierra were awarded the Irish Water contracts… HOW?

GMC/Sierra was not even a limited company or in existence at that point yet was awarded a government contract to put in water meters. GMC/Sierra would have had to tender for the contract under EU law and would have had to tender documents INCLUDING A TAX CLEARANCE certificate – so how does a company that did not exist get a tax clearance certificate or produce insurance documents or any paperwork at all – get a contract? Is the Revenue complicit in this fraud or were they told what to do?

3. Denis O’Brien bought the liquidated assets but not the name or debt and therefore he had no choice but to start a new company with the same name but no legacy. Why have the mainstream media or other journalists not picked up on the anomaly?

4. Another operational trick they are pulling is a differential in the registered address they supplied to the Company Registration Office. Why are they doing this?

Well the answer is apparently simple… They have two companies using a variation of the same name: GMC/Sierra Ltd and Sierra GMC Ltd. This trick is done in order to eventually make the holding company legally speaking (SIERRA / GMC LIMITED) an unlimited company so that it doesn’t have to file accounts for interested parties to inspect!

1.GMC Group
GMC House
Millennium Business Park
Cappagh Road
Dublin 11



The bottom line is that GMC/ Sierra – Sierra/GMC were awarded a contract illegally by the Minister Phil Hogan AND The Department of the Environment! No if’s buts or anything else, it was corruption at the highest possible level and again involves Denis O’Brien and Fine Gael Ministers, ex Ministers – for a 2nd time!!


Eddie Hobbs: Constitutional betrayal of our right to water


Water, as well as the nation’s other resources, ‘belong to the State’ as stated in the 1937 Constitution, but Article 10 needs to be rewritten, writes Eddie Hobbs

Today’s water protesters, whether they realise it yet or not, campaign on a fissure between the Irish people and the State, which, left unaddressed, will keep recurring until the issue of who owns our natural resources is properly addressed by constitutional amendment, anything short of which is merely tinkering with the symptoms of a carefully-laid flaw.

In the1930s, Europe was grappling with the destruction of imperial empires after the First World War. Fearful of socialism, it venerated the state and its new strong leaders, breeding, at the extreme, a new kind of government –authoritarian and all-knowing. Invoking the primacy of the state, fascism took a grip on Germany and Italy, while clerical fascism also gripped Spain, as observed by Eamon de Valera, influencing the writing of the 1937 Constitution which he supervised.

This may partially explain why the Irish people have been alienated by the State from their own natural resources, including oil, gas, minerals, forests, fisheries, and water. Today, they enjoy fewer rights to natural resources than under Britain’s monarchy. Strolling through the Constitution is something few of us do – which is why part of it is reproduced below – but, set against the backdrop of the abject failure of the State to act in the common good on the issue of water and public fears about potential privatization, Article 10 will bring you to a shuddering halt at the words “belong to the State”.

Unlike many European countries, Ireland took explicit ownership of natural resources in its Constitution. While the Constitution recites its role in acting in the common good, the State reinforced its hegemony by ensuring that these principles of law, including the alienation of the people from their natural resource endowment, cannot be actionable through the courts under Article 45, which leaves the people marooned by the State when, acting as trustee, it fails in its duty of care.

Had this flaw not been engineered, today’s water protesters could be fighting through the courts and not in the streets for what the UN General Assembly in 2010 declared to be a human right: “The right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights.”

Ireland abstained from the vote on the UN declaration.

full article at source:http://www.irishexaminer.com/viewpoints/analysis/eddie-hobbs-constitutional-betrayal-of-our-right-to-water-298453.html

My reply to RTE Primetime & Pat Rabbitte 18/11/14

Joan Burton locked in for 3 and a half hours Jobstown Tallaght

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