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AIB Stock Up-Date


Chart from stock charts.com

My personal view!

I have being enjoying the rise in AIB shares of late, but as a seasoned market player I was expecting the price to come back again.

I use the American markets as they are more user friendly and I don’t want to pay so called brokers for the rotten and expensive service they provide.

I can get in and out at a stroke of a button!

The rise in the share price is nothing more than speculative, as nothing has happened to justify the rise.

The threat of nationalization is still very real!

I expect AIB to come back to at least the 3.5 $ mark (50 day moving average )

All market trading is a gamble so don’t use any funds that you are not prepared to lose

The best advice is to educate yourself first about the company you propose to invest in

Stay away from so called training courses that ask you for thousands, the likelihood is you will never make back the cost of the courses.

Good hunting!

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