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“We need to shake the barley all over again”

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


This latest article from the slog depicts a carbon copy of my own frustration with the blogging world.Only last week a number of Irish bloggers effectively threw in the towel as it were. Because of the lack of any meaningful progress against the political and financial dictator sell outs running our small country! The slogs descriptions of the wider control of the control of the internet may well be a major factor but I am not prepared to excuse our own people’s couldn’t care less attitude. The fighting spirit of the Irish has been neutralized and I am beginning to suspect that this is not just people being lazy! I believe we are the victims of a massive brainwashing campaign.With the help of chemical poisoning, the fluoridation of our drinking water and the seeding of the very air we breathe! Is it any wonder we have the highest levels of cancer deaths in the top 9 categories in all of Europe. Al this is a country that has no heavy industry. Something is terribly wrong as our people are dying off like flies. Everybody in Ireland knows somebody who has cancer!

The tripe being spewed out by our national TV station RTE and the unfettered access to our nation by the SKY Corporation is enormously damaging .RTE is stuffed to the gills with political puppets and the party line is rigorously enforced. The National radio is also used to great effect, especially the Live Line program .Yep Paddy is kept satisfied by giving him his two minutes of fame on the national airwaves, and so our treacherous political collaborators can continue to dismantle our republic as they successfully divide all of our people into various segments that can easily be marginalized.

This Friday we are witnessing  an  attempt to take another chunk of constitution away, as the established political gangsters tell us we have too many politicians in the upper house and we need to get rid of them ,by getting rid of the upper house altogether! Well the house is stuffed to the gills with political appointees and their pals and it was by no measure a true representation of the people of Ireland, but getting rid of a body put there by our founding fathers is more than a little concerning. I don’t trust these puppets and politicians who are in the pay of Brussels .We need more checks and we the people need to be more involved in the processes of running our country! Leaving it up to the musical chairs politicians has be a disaster for our country and the crimes committed by the current lot of gangsters in the Dial will go unpunished as has the previous shower of gangsters who were in before them and are about to get hold of power again!

My faith in the written word and in the current totally corrupt political system is now gone!

I am actively looking at alternatives to bring the fight to the people of Ireland.

We are now financial slaves being dictated to by faceless unelected money men who‘s power stretches all the way to Berlin and paddy is happy to eat the crumbs that he is allowed to scoop off their boots!

A parting shot across the bows of Irish Politicians…..

by austbe

I have decided to write one last article before I take the break I have to take.

This post is firmly pointed at current politicians, both in Government and out and future politicians who may enter the political world in the Local, European and National Elections in the not too distant future here in Ireland.

My inspiration for this article has come from a number of international views articulated over the past week or so… and from my own personal views.

In order to escape accountability for its actions, the Irish Government now does everything in its power to promote a collective amnesia in the Irish people.

Secrecy and Silence are to of the tools in the Governments first line of defense.

If Secrecy fails, Government resorts to attacks on the credibility of it victims, the Irish people.

If Government cannot silence its detractors, it tries to make sure nobody is listening and it does a very good job of this with its stranglehold over the national broadcaster RTE and control over vested insiders in the commercial media.

After every scandal, shortcoming or failure of government we are preached at so much that we now expect to hear the same predictable apologies and excuses.

Either it never happened or, the accuser’s are lying or, the accuser’s are exaggerating or, the people brought it on themselves! or simply, it just happened, its in the past and we need to move on.

With our People now experiencing depression level economic conditions, more and more of our people everyday, are arriving at the horrendous conclusion the Suicide is the only way out.

Our Children are being educated and raised for export because successive Governments have failed to provide a future for them and by extension, failed to provide a future for the whole Country.

We do not need a plethora of Politicians and Public Servants to continually remind us of their commitment to values and social practices they fail to deliver on, while espousing that we are exceptional among the community of Nations.

We simply need them to do the job they were mandated to do, with the interests of the Irish people their only priority.

But the truth is, successive Irish Governments have long since sold their integrity to the Financial Institutions.

Outspoken Citizens who dare to castigate Government for its failures are in turn castigated for having the audacity to suggest Ireland is not exceptional and in recovery.

Europe offers, on a regular basis, the mantra that Austerity has worked here in Ireland and that we are turning the corner, when in reality the progress they point to is a total fiction.

They simply choose to ignore or deny the existence of the realities of life in Ireland today.

For the rest of us who have been sacrificed on the high altar of Financial protectionism, the people who are subjected to systematic enslavement and worse, we have not forgotten!

We do not deny reality for we are living it!

Despite Government here and in Europe’s best efforts to compel is to move on and forget.

The People of Ireland do not harbour any illusions about Ireland’s political club members and their very real self-centered intentions, nor do we forget about the Odious Debt that has been woven into the fabric of Irish society now and for future generations.

What I do not understand, is why so many Irish people, despite their obvious reservations and disgust at the failures of the past eight years, still ultimately support either Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or Labour and still support the notion that these prophets and deliverers of our failed, burdened society, still have the right, never mind the ability to lead us out of this nightmare.

Is this a form of collective Stockholm Syndrome?

That’s it from me, signing off until sometime in the future, take care and god bless.

Mountain Moral Monday Aug 5, 2013

We need the people of Ireland to wake up and fight the en-slavers  the puppets of the Troika and the faceless money men who are at this moment continuing to steal our nations natural resources ,imposing tolls on our already paid for roads and the poisoning of our water supplies with florid , the destruction of our community services  (health and education) and care  for our elderly .Our society  is been pitted against itself in order that these faceless gangsters keep control over  every one of us and out country!

We the people are been brainwashed into believing we are responsible for the debts of gamblers we are also been brainwashed into believing we are worthless .Our self worth is been ripped out of us and we are isolated and categorised into little boxes and the control systems are everywhere .just drive down any street and count all the cameras .When did we allow ourselves to be monitored 24/7 by the state and the police??? So we are been monitored by gangsters are you happy with this???

Take back your own self-worth defend your rights guaranteed in the Irish constitution .make no mistake we need to protect our rights each and every day!

People of Ireland wake up and take back your lives ,smash your TV’s and stop accepting the lies  and crumbs from the puppets in the Dáil! These self-serving leaches who are helping criminals suck us dry!

Is Mise

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Mr. Rabbitte and his sellouts collaborators in the Dail should be hounded everywhere they go!

An overpaid stuffed up face of a puppet labour politician get to hear what the people of Ireland want to say. Mr. Rabbitte and his sellouts collaborators in the Dail should be hounded everywhere they go until they get out of the Dail and their lottery pensions taken away from them !

Why are we in Ireland still paying corrupt bankers who are laughing at us?

sent in to me again to-day (first video)Although I don’t agree with everything this guy is saying I do agree with what he is saying about the home mortgages forgiveness

What has changed ???

Nothing has changed in Ireland ! we now know the the bankers were laughing at us ,the poor smucks who are struggling to pay off their overpriced mortgage for shoe boxed sized homes .We the people should now demand immediate mortgage forgiveness on every home in the country ,I am saying every home (Not commercial mortgages or buy to let mortgages) and yes I have paid off my mortgage but I am in favour of forgiveness of home mortgages. All the politicians with their dirty fingers in this corrupt pie should be brought to book and put on the dole full stop!

We the people have paid already for this as we have bailed out the banks and we the people own these shit holes now so we own this money to ourselves


Wake up people of Ireland and see the crap we are putting up with!

Thomás o Cléirigh

“Austerity and Evections will push people to open revolt”

By Thomas O Cléirigh


The Banks have no legal or moral right to dictate to the Irish people, the Irish government have totally lost all credibility and are no longer the legitimate government of this republic.

We the people are slaves to no one, least of all to a bunch of “Gombeens” and the cheerleaders of corrupt bankers and their pals in Europe .We have now got to make a stand and if this means open revolt so be it! Throughout this crises we have taken everything that was thrown at us as we looked on and saw the gangsters who have brought this financial meltdown upon us be rewarded,and the attempt by the collaborators within the Irish government to keep the same old system in place by passing the blame for this catastrophe and the enormous costs on to the shoulders of the ordinary downtrodden citizen whilst the elite within the political system carry on sucking us dry as they feather their own nests whilst preaching the Austerity gospel according St Angela in Berlin.

Arise noble people of Ireland and take back our country from the corrupt financial vulchers and their henchmen who infest the Dail .

Yesterday at the GPO I bore witness to the testimony of an X cocaine addict, he told the assembled 250 demonstrators he was sentenced to 3 years jail for the theft of 400 Euros worth goods whilst under the influence of the drug from a well known retailer, he rightly asked why was he put into jail when bankers have stolen billions from the people of Ireland and they were rewarded with golden handshakes of   up to 600,000 euro pensions.

This is the society our corrupt political system is maintaining and the same old gombeen politicians are also in bed with the gangsters in the Bank .the central bank governor is also a member of the boys club as are the top union bosses and our national airwaves are well under the control of the vastest interests who by hook or by crook will push us into financial slavery. They have already stolen our national independence and we are now paying interest of Euro 1,000,000,000:00 every month on Private held Bank gambling debts that we are not responsible for. This is not our debt and we should have done exactly the same thing Iceland did and arrest the previous government ministers and all directors of the various Bank directors on charges of fraud and corruption and dereliction of duty.

If the Government are now set on allowing the same toxic bankers to steal the homes of the ordinary citizen then we are on course to an all out revolution and I will be in the front line.

Kenny ,Noonan and Gilmore are  guilty of incompetence at best and treason at worst .They have broken every promise in their election manifesto and I blame them for the countless lives lost in the meantime by desperate citizens forced to take their own lives as a result of these leaches who are continuing to collaborate with faceless bondholders and hot money men in the IFSC . The system is rotten and our political system is infested with self enriching leaches out to get as much as they can for themselves.

All thrust has broken down between the people and the Government, Kenny and his band of collaborators are no longer acting in the best interest of the people of Ireland and they should all go or be pushed off the stage!


People of Ireland and fellow citizens come stand up and take back our country!

Thomas O Cléirigh

Millions fleeing Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal

By Matthew Lynn

When times are hard, people have always looked to make a living for themselves somewhere where the prospects are better. Times have been very hard in much of peripheral Europe for three years now, and so it should be no great surprise that we are now starting to see a massive movement of people.

Even so, the figures are startling. Italian emigration was up by a third last year, rising to 79,000 people. Traditionally, Italians have migrated from the poor south, but the biggest category now are young people from the wealthy north of the country. The under 40s make up half the total, compared with a third two years ago.

A study by Real Instituto Elcano in February showed 70% of Spaniards under 30 have considered moving abroad. Portugal has seen 2% of its population leave in the past two years. The numbers leaving every year has doubled since 2008

friday NU today 135


. A record 3,000 people are leaving Ireland every month, the highest level since the famine of the 19th-century. Some of them are Poles going home, but many of them are Irish.

full article at source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/theres-more-than-one-way-to-leave-the-euro-2013-06-12

Survey shows 300,000 people have emigrated from Ireland in past four years

Over one quarter of Irish households have seen a close family member emigrate in the past two years, according to a survey commissioned by the National Youth Council of Ireland.Half of those aged between 18 and 24 have considered emigrating.Four out of ten adults aged between 25 and 34 have also considered leaving the country.The survey is part of a new report on emigration and its impact on young people.It suggests that emigration is not just a matter for the country’s youth, as over one quarter of those aged between 35 and 54 have also considered moving abroad.

One in ten Irish people had seen a close family member emigrate and had considered doing the same thing themselves.In the past four years, over 300,000 people have emigrated from Ireland; 40% were aged between 15 and 24.The NYCI, an umbrella body which represents over 50 youth organisations around the country, is calling for the Government to develop and implement a strategy for Irish emigrants.It also wants to see the appointment of a dedicated minister with responsibility for emigration policy and for the Irish abroad.Speaking on RTÉ‘s Morning Ireland, Deputy Director of the National Youth Council of Ireland James Doorley said that many young Irish people emigrating to Australia, Canada and elsewhere faced issues when they arrived in a new country such as accessing health services or looking for work.

Mr Doorley said that the experience of emigration for many young Irish people was often positive but there was a need for a Government strategy to assist those who struggled after emigrating.

The survey also shows that most young Irish people intended to return home to Ireland after five years abroad.

Mr Doorley said that some young people travel to Canada with enough money in savings to support themselves financially for one month without realising that it can take six months to get a job.

He said in other destinations people struggle with loneliness and other issues.

He said the NYCI wanted the Government to engage with young Irish people abroad who may be having difficulties adapting to their new homes.



By Thomás O Cléirigh


At a recent demonstration I came across this man holding this poster ,It just about sums up what most of us think !

So if you add these 300,000 people to the live register we get a glimpse of the real disaster the current Government and Fianna Fail brought down on us. I feel so sick hearing that the Fianna Fail Gangsters are now heading the polls .How can this be?? I have been asking everybody I know if they support FF and not one says they do! .So are 30 % of the Irish voters lying or are they suffering from dementia?. This government have implemented massive austerity measures dictated by Berlin on our people causing untold suffering on every family and the gangsters before them robbed us all of our independence, none of the current political parties that have sat in the Dial gravy train deserve a single vote and its time now for new untested and un corrupt blood, to clean out the Fine Gail and Labour cockroaches and leeches that are sucking our country dry.

For our children’s sake wake up citizens of Ireland and take back our country from the Berlin puppets!

Life goes on and I suppose we must keep positive!Good people will come forward who have a positive vision for our country and you the voters must also want to belive in a positive future for Ireland and support them .More of the same negative political musical chairs will not wash anymore !

But I suppose we must keep positive!


Austerity demonstration in Dublin to-day

By Thomás O Cléirigh


Campaign against the Irish Poll taxes :
Thousands turned out to-day in Dublin to protest against the imposed taxes on the Irish people on behalf of the Troika. These unelected gangsters have bought and paid the local politicians and Ireland has now a puppet Government carrying out the Dictates of Berlin.
The Irish people are now the cash cow that the bondholders are squeezing dry with the help of the collaborators in Leinster House and the top Union Bosses who are just as bad and the traitors Noonan and Kenny not to mention Gilmore. This is just the start !


Message to the Irish Government


Mr.Kenny and Mr.Noonan
We the people do not want to bail out gangsters within our corrupt banks we the people need to be bailed out !

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