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Wicklow river been Polluted

For the last 15 years a river flowing down through the town of Wicklow is been polluted By a 24 “drain pipe and raw sewage is pumping out of this pipe on a regular bases Some local developer took some short cuts and the local council don’t want to know!

In spite of writing to the local council over the last 15 years and to minster Gormley ,We the residents still suffer the consequences of this pollution

So much for the green party, s protection of the environment I suppose there are only active when the TV cameras are rolling and they can get some Air Time .

We demand action be taken to stop this pollution and the perpetrators be made clean up their mess

Mr John Gormley replies

17 July, 2009

To-day I receiver this response to my e-mail on my posting (our natural environment) from

Mr John Gormley



Dear Mr Clarke,


I have been asked by Mr. John Gormley, T.D., and Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to refer to your recent email in connection with our natural environment


A further email on this matter will issue as soon as possible.


Yours sincerely,


Eddie Kiernan

Private Secretary

>>> Thomas Clarke <thomasclarke3@gmail.com> 02/07/2009 23:29 >>>

Dear Sir,

For 15 Years I have along with the residents of our estate have being trying

To get those responsible for the pollution of our estates river stream

Brought to account, but alas we are still where we were 15 years ago and the

Pollution still goes on

I am now calling on the Minster to make the local authorities do their job,

And find the culprits and stop this destruction of our natural environment

(Please follow the link below to see video clip) This letter is published on

This blog

Thank You

Thomas Clarke

An open letter (2)

This video doesn’t exist

The current waste of a natural amenity

Latest post box findings

I am living here in the town now for 16 years and I can honestly say I have never met any of these gentlemen

  • I sure they mean the best for Wicklow town but the history of Fianna Fail in both councils for the last 15 years is shameful to say the least .Having dominated local politics

    we in the town have

  • no cinema
  • no community centre
  • the harbour area is a shambles
  • having paid for the building of the swimming pool there is no open access
  • the drug problem in the town is as bad as ever
  • Questionable planning was pushed through by Fianna Fail and their buddies!
  • Large building developments were allowed without proper supervision of the developers in the finished product
  • Large infrastructural road works started without the insistence of local labour being used (ongoing)
  • Self help support group for the towns unemployed is not being supported! we need action Now!
  • There is no mention of what new proposals, (backed by new funding from central government) that would enhance local business activity and bring new jobs to the town.
  • there is no mention of what  proposals they have, to maintain the few jobs we still have in the town
  • No youth centre for the towns youth
  • Wicklow towns roadside litter problems have gotten worse!
  • No up grading works for the murragh  nature land parcel done!

Local issues for the local elections

Wicklows roadside rubbish problems

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Wicklow’s road side rubbish is getting worse!

Kids have nothing to do and nowhere to go so they find a place to go and drink, more and more are

Finding their way to this spot in the ****** road somebody is going to get hurt on this road soon  unless the council does something about it!

Local issues for the local elections

Environmental pollution /Wicklow Town

This video doesn’t exist


Wicklow Town

For 15 years we have being asking the county council to investigate the origin of this raw sewerage coming out of this 24 inch pipe

As can being seen in the video clip, raw sewerage is pouring directly into the water stream in our estate

When will this environmental pollution stop?

Who is responsible for this ongoing pollution?

Local issues for the local elections

A Job well done (2)

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The County Council and town council

 still need to fence off this area to finish off this job

Along the Marlton road Wicklow Town

Local issues for the local elections

A Job well Done(1)

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Having endured this illegal dumping and littering problem along the Marlton road here in Wicklow

At long last the two councils (Town &County)

 Got stuck in and started the clean up,  thank you for a job well done.

Local issues for the local elections

Wicklow beauty Spot


A Wicklow beauty Spot

A beautiful place in Wicklow you should come and visit is powerscourt Town House and its waterfall

Music by My Friend

Anthony Stapleton  


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Wild Wicklow seas

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Walking with the Kids along the coast Wicklow  May 2009

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