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Irish Live Register: Rises 3,300 to 426,700 in December; 133,577 added in 2009; Unemployment rate still set to peak in summer 2010


Source: CSO

Taken from Finfacts Team
Jan 8, 2010 – 12:30:04 PM

Irish Live Register: The seasonally adjusted Live Register total increased from 423,400 in November to 426,700 in December, an increase of 3,300, according to the CSO.  In 2009 there was an unadjusted increase in the Live Register of 133,577(+46.1%). This compares with an increase of 119,642 (+70.2%) in 2008. The unemployment rate still set to peak in summer 2010.
January of this year has represented the spike in claimant increases in any month, with a record 33,000, or 11.3%, rise – – 26,700 additions in February, 20,000 in March; 15,800 in April; 13,500 in May; 11,400 in June; 10,500 in July; 5,400 in August and 600 in September.

The total fell 3,000 in October. and rose 900 in November.

There was an annual increase of 88,273 (+45.4%) in the number of males on the Live Register in 2009 and a corresponding increase of 45,304 (+47.5%) in the number of females.

I have being unemployed since January last year 2009

I was told at the Dole office as I was self-employed for the past few years I was not entitled to any state benefits, no Jobseekers allowance, and I did not need to register every week.

so go and don’t bother us again attitude !

Since I do not qualify for the jobseekers allowance, it would appear that I do not show up as unemployed in the CSO stats.

So now extrapolate this fact to the approximately 65, 000 thousand or so other X self-employed people. Who lost their self support means they had.

These would be chippies, electricians, brick layers and people who have lost their own businesses

And you begin to get the real unemployment figures.

Like every other government in the world this government is fiddling the real figures

I would estimate the real unemployment figures are close to 536,000 Thousand.

The greatest scam is that I paid all my taxes and paid into the PRSI, I also paid all taxes for my staff and I end up with no entitlements!

The lesson here is don’t set up yourself in Business in Ireland

Just go out and try to get a job in the public service

There are approximately 360,000 thousand lucky people already looked after for life.

But if you take in the now subsidized financial sector, and the thousands of guanos and advisers

We must be looking at 600.000 thousand plus.

Every time you here someone talking about the good job the government is doing just ask the question who is paying their salaries, inevitably it is the taxpayers!

Nothing is going to change for the Unemployed unless they get out on to the streets and take action themselves

Join the union for the unemployed

Demand jobs now and not empty promises

Join the CAB to-day

Sign  up and demand an emergency jobs creation and up-skilling program for the unemployed to-day!


Unemployed unite now!

The Taoiseach has told the Dáil that the number of people who signed on the Live Register last month was up 11,400.

Brian Cowen said this morning that the total number on the register is now 413,500.

He said the growth was the slowest rate of increase since January.

This is absolute bullshit

I am unemployed and I am not showing up in these stats because I was self-employed I registered in January in the first week

But I was told I was too well off and because I had savings I would not be receiving nothing, no help, after 35 years paying taxes and never once on the dole I was told this!

Persons that were self-employed do not get the dole full stop!

There must be10’s of thousands who fall into this category

What about all those thousands of carpenter’s plumber’s electricians etc from the now empty building sites!

Self employed sales reps are another category, in the financial services such as life insurance companies (example is Acorn Life insurance ) they have the largest direct sales force in the country and their sales force are all “self-employed”

Most of them are really unemployed but they do not register in these Statistics.

Then there are those who wanted to better themselves and now do part time courses they too do not receive the dole

Anybody that does not get the dole does not show up as unemployed in the Statistics that Mr. Cowen is quoting and he knows this fact!

The real figure is closer to 15.75% to 18% and rising!

June traditionally sees an increase in the numbers joining the dole as part-time teachers and other people employed in the education sector leave their jobs.

Opposition leaders accused the Taoiseach of misleading the Dáil about the figures.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said the real increase was 21,721 rather than 11,400.

Mr Kenny said the economy was in crisis and that the Department of Finance was in paralysis

No Mr. Kenny it is denial and still maintains all is well from their glass palace they wouldn’t know any better!

Mr. Eamon Gilmore say’s the Taoiseach was quoting the more attractive figures.

Mr Gilmore says the Taoiseach’s comments that the figure represented the slowest rate of increase this year was akin to saying the country is sinking, but sinking more slowly.

Replying to a question from Mr Gilmore, the Taoiseach said he expected the unemployment rate would be in the region of 15.5% by the end of the year and that it could be higher in 2010.

For a Taoiseach to admit this is tantamount tosaying he can do nothing !

What does this incompetent Taoiseach intend to do about this disastrous situation then?

Tax the Sh** out of those that are lucky enough to have a job, and screw the rest of us that cannot do anything about it because we are an easy touch

And then go on holidays for three months.

We can change all of this at a stroke if we get organized

To-day again we here on the Joe Duffy radio show the inevitable people complaining about all this stuff (listen to audio clip)

They get their 2 minutes to complain and a generally sympathetic Joe says a few words of comfort and that’s that on to the next whinge of the day

When are the people going to realize that calling a radio show is not going to change anything?

When the pensioners were going to loos their medical cards they did not rely on calling on radio shows, they came out on to the streets

I guarantee if we go on to the streets we will get the support we want very quickly



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