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Sean living on 188 euros a month ?????

Fitzpatrick’s net income down to €188 per month
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 – 04:11 PM

Former Anglo Irish Bank chairman and bankrupt Sean Fitzpatrick has a net income of just €188 per month, documents furnished to the High Court have revealed.

A statement of affairs, provided to the court as part of Mr Fitzpatrick’s bankruptcy proceedings yesterday, also disclosed that the former bank chief has debts of more than €145m, compared to assets of just over €47m.

The High Court was also informed during today’s brief hearing that now state-owned Anglo Irish Bank withdrew their application to have their own trustee appointed to control Fitzpatrick to replace the court-appointed official assignee Mr Chris Lehane, who was given control over Mr Fitzpatrick’s assets.

Paul Gardiner SC for Anglo, who claim they are owed €110m by Mr Fitzpatrick, told Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne that the bank no longer wished to proceed with its motion to have a trustee appointed over the bankruptcy to replace Mr Lehane. Anglo sought to have its own trustee appointed in order to have more control over the bankruptcy process.

Mark Sanfey SC for Mr Fitzpatrick, who was present in court, said that his client had furnished a statement of his affairs as required under the bankruptcy proceedings. Ken Bredin Bl for Mr Lehane said Mr Fitzpatrick was cooperating with the process.

The Judge also made an order passing the statutory hearing, which means that the bankruptcy process will continue under Mr Lehane, who will discharge Mr Fitzpatrick’s assets for the benefit of creditors. There were objections against the court making that order.

In the statement of affairs, Mr Fitzpatrick revealed that his current income is €188 per month. He receives €3,693 per month net of tax, as payment from an Irish Life annuity. However the statement shows that Mr Fitzpatrick makes a net loss of €3,505 per month on three properties, he jointly owns, which he rents out.

Mr Fitzpatrick receives a rental income of more than €50,000 per year from a house in Bray, and apartments at Smithfield Market, Dublin and Killiney Court, Killiney. However the figures show that when mortgage repayments and other overheads such as insurance and management fees are taken into account, he makes a net monthly loss of €3,505 on the properties.

Mr Fitzpatrick’s statement also shows that he is joint owner of his family home and another house in Greystones, and an apartment in Marbella, Spain. Only the Marbella apartment is not subject to a mortgage

The statement lists his assets, which include property interests in the UK, France, Hungary, South Africa and the US. The statement shows other assets including his interests in Nigerian oil and gas firm Ekeh and with the Quinlan property group.

He also holds a number of investment portfolios, including ones with a number of stockbrokers firms NCB, Davys and Goodbody’s as well as investment banks Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. He also has 4.9 million Anglo shares that are worth nothing.

He also provided details of money he has held in various bank accounts in Dublin. His other listed assets include a 1992 BMW, which has no value, and an 2008 Volkswagen Passat worth €10,000.
Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/fitzpatricks-net-income-down-to-188-per-month-474676.html#ixzz10H1pR6qj



This morning I read over the wires that the Green Party Members are now having second thoughts about the proposed “NAMA”

I have being writing about this preposterous piece of legislation for the past few months and It is

Very disappointing that the Greens of all people would take so long to come around to the notion that this con job on the Irish public is for one unconstitutional leageliey suspect!

But most of all it is downright fraudulent to expect that they could palm off these huge debts on to the ordinary Irish public , the very victims of these Bank crooks and despot Developers !

To the Greens I say Listen to the Grass roots; the people are not going to take this blatant attempt to saddle them with the debts of the ruling elite!

It shouldn’t take a Supreme Court judgement to tell you that this is wrong!




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