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Ireland forced into taking on the so called bailout

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RTÉ headlines just showed President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi claiming that the decision for Ireland to seek a bailout was entirely the Irish government’s decision and has nothing to do with the ECB.

The very text of the Trichet Letter, however, shows us that the ECB demanded that the government apply for a bailout – evidence that is borne out by comments by staffers in the employ of Manuel Barroso, who previously went on record with a similar version of events.

For Mario Draghi to try and pretend that the bailout was NOT forced on the Irish by Europe is an OUT AND OUT LIE. We can NOT let Europe get away with this – share this, and let the Irish people know that Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank and the EU at large can NOT be trusted and are the root cause of all our suffering these past years.


Mr Brian Lenihan
Tánaiste and Minister of Finance
Government Buildings
Upper Merrion Street
Dublin 2, Ireland
Frankfurt, 19 November 2010
Dear Minister,
As you are aware from my previous letter dated 15 October, the provision of Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) by the Central Bank of Ireland, as by any other national central bank of the Eurosystem, is closely monitored by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) as it may interfere with the objectives and tasks of the Eurosystem and may contravene the prohibition of monetary financing.
Therefore, whenever ELA is provided in significant amounts, the Governing Council needs to assess whether it is appropriate to impose specific conditions in order to protect the integrity of our monetary policy. In addition, in order to ensure compliance with the prohibition of monetary financing, it is essential to ensure that ELA recipient institutions continue to be solvent.
As I indicated at the recent Eurogroup meeting, the exposure of the Eurosystem and of the Central Bank of Ireland vis-a-vis Irish financial institutions has risen significantly over the past few months to levels that we consider with great concern. Recent developments can only add to these concerns. As Patrick Honohan knows, the Governing Council has been asked yesterday to authorise new liquidity assistance, which it did.
But all these considerations have implications for the assessment of the solvency of the institutions which are currently receiving ELA. It is the position of the Governing Council that it is only if we receive in writing a commitment from the Irish government vis-a-vis the Eurosystem on the four following points that we can authorise further provisions of ELA to Irish financial institutions:
1) The Irish government shall send a request for financial support to the Eurogroup;
2) The request shall include the commitment to undertake decisive actions in the areas of fiscal consolidation, structural reforms and financial sector restructuring, in agreement with the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the ECB;
3) The plan for the restructuring of the Irish financial sector shall include the provision of the necessary capital to those Irish banks needing it and will be funded by the financial resources provided at the European and international level to the Irish government as well as by financial means currently available to the lrish government, including existing cash reserves of the Irish government;
4) The repayment of the funds provided in the form of ELA shall be fully guaranteed by the Irish government, which would ensure the payment of immediate compensation to the Central Bank of Ireland in the event of missed payments on the side of the recipient institutions.
I am sure that you are aware that a swift response is needed before markets open next week, as evidenced by recent market tensions which may further escalate, possibly in a disruptive way, if no concrete action is taken by the Irish government on the points I mention above.
Besides the issue of the provision of ELA, the Governing Council of the ECB is extremely concerned about the very large overall credit exposure of the Eurosystem towards the Irish banking system. The Governing Council constantly monitors the credit granted to the banking system not only in Ireland but in all euro area countries, and in particular the size of Eurosystem exposures to individual banks, the financial soundness of these banks and the collateral they provide to the Eurosystem.
The assessment of the Governing Council on the appropriateness of the Eurosystem’s exposure to Irish banks will essentially depend on rapid and decisive progress in the formulation of a concrete action plan in the areas which have been mentioned in this letter and in its subsequent implementation.
With kind regards



By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


So this is for all to see that small countries within the EU are nothing more than surfs (financial slaves to be sucked dry whenever the big boys gambling debts go sour) why aren’t our politicians taking these gangsters in the ECB to the international court of justice? They have enslaved our nation and we are nothing more that cash cows being milked for all they can take off us! The water tax and property taxes are just the latest and our collaborating sell-out government are guilty of TREASON! Out national pension fund was stolen and we the people are now saddled with an ODIOUS debt that Enda Kenny said was not our debt!
We need now to default on this ODIOUS debt and withhold any further payments to this gangster outfit in Brussels. An international investigation must now take place and our NEW government must jail any and all Irish politicians and civil servants who enabled this treachery! None of the politicians and civil servants must be allowed to benefit from state pensions or fat golden handshakes! This should also be the case of All Irish water employees!

We should sue the ECB for 300 Billion and they should be forced to pay every home mortgage in the state!


Irish Government lies on water charges

Irish People :we take it Lying Down

Protest against corrupt and inept Irish government and an overwhelming  Irish public apathy!

A parting shot across the bows of Irish Politicians…..

by austbe

I have decided to write one last article before I take the break I have to take.

This post is firmly pointed at current politicians, both in Government and out and future politicians who may enter the political world in the Local, European and National Elections in the not too distant future here in Ireland.

My inspiration for this article has come from a number of international views articulated over the past week or so… and from my own personal views.

In order to escape accountability for its actions, the Irish Government now does everything in its power to promote a collective amnesia in the Irish people.

Secrecy and Silence are to of the tools in the Governments first line of defense.

If Secrecy fails, Government resorts to attacks on the credibility of it victims, the Irish people.

If Government cannot silence its detractors, it tries to make sure nobody is listening and it does a very good job of this with its stranglehold over the national broadcaster RTE and control over vested insiders in the commercial media.

After every scandal, shortcoming or failure of government we are preached at so much that we now expect to hear the same predictable apologies and excuses.

Either it never happened or, the accuser’s are lying or, the accuser’s are exaggerating or, the people brought it on themselves! or simply, it just happened, its in the past and we need to move on.

With our People now experiencing depression level economic conditions, more and more of our people everyday, are arriving at the horrendous conclusion the Suicide is the only way out.

Our Children are being educated and raised for export because successive Governments have failed to provide a future for them and by extension, failed to provide a future for the whole Country.

We do not need a plethora of Politicians and Public Servants to continually remind us of their commitment to values and social practices they fail to deliver on, while espousing that we are exceptional among the community of Nations.

We simply need them to do the job they were mandated to do, with the interests of the Irish people their only priority.

But the truth is, successive Irish Governments have long since sold their integrity to the Financial Institutions.

Outspoken Citizens who dare to castigate Government for its failures are in turn castigated for having the audacity to suggest Ireland is not exceptional and in recovery.

Europe offers, on a regular basis, the mantra that Austerity has worked here in Ireland and that we are turning the corner, when in reality the progress they point to is a total fiction.

They simply choose to ignore or deny the existence of the realities of life in Ireland today.

For the rest of us who have been sacrificed on the high altar of Financial protectionism, the people who are subjected to systematic enslavement and worse, we have not forgotten!

We do not deny reality for we are living it!

Despite Government here and in Europe’s best efforts to compel is to move on and forget.

The People of Ireland do not harbour any illusions about Ireland’s political club members and their very real self-centered intentions, nor do we forget about the Odious Debt that has been woven into the fabric of Irish society now and for future generations.

What I do not understand, is why so many Irish people, despite their obvious reservations and disgust at the failures of the past eight years, still ultimately support either Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or Labour and still support the notion that these prophets and deliverers of our failed, burdened society, still have the right, never mind the ability to lead us out of this nightmare.

Is this a form of collective Stockholm Syndrome?

That’s it from me, signing off until sometime in the future, take care and god bless.

“Austerity and Evections will push people to open revolt”

By Thomas O Cléirigh


The Banks have no legal or moral right to dictate to the Irish people, the Irish government have totally lost all credibility and are no longer the legitimate government of this republic.

We the people are slaves to no one, least of all to a bunch of “Gombeens” and the cheerleaders of corrupt bankers and their pals in Europe .We have now got to make a stand and if this means open revolt so be it! Throughout this crises we have taken everything that was thrown at us as we looked on and saw the gangsters who have brought this financial meltdown upon us be rewarded,and the attempt by the collaborators within the Irish government to keep the same old system in place by passing the blame for this catastrophe and the enormous costs on to the shoulders of the ordinary downtrodden citizen whilst the elite within the political system carry on sucking us dry as they feather their own nests whilst preaching the Austerity gospel according St Angela in Berlin.

Arise noble people of Ireland and take back our country from the corrupt financial vulchers and their henchmen who infest the Dail .

Yesterday at the GPO I bore witness to the testimony of an X cocaine addict, he told the assembled 250 demonstrators he was sentenced to 3 years jail for the theft of 400 Euros worth goods whilst under the influence of the drug from a well known retailer, he rightly asked why was he put into jail when bankers have stolen billions from the people of Ireland and they were rewarded with golden handshakes of   up to 600,000 euro pensions.

This is the society our corrupt political system is maintaining and the same old gombeen politicians are also in bed with the gangsters in the Bank .the central bank governor is also a member of the boys club as are the top union bosses and our national airwaves are well under the control of the vastest interests who by hook or by crook will push us into financial slavery. They have already stolen our national independence and we are now paying interest of Euro 1,000,000,000:00 every month on Private held Bank gambling debts that we are not responsible for. This is not our debt and we should have done exactly the same thing Iceland did and arrest the previous government ministers and all directors of the various Bank directors on charges of fraud and corruption and dereliction of duty.

If the Government are now set on allowing the same toxic bankers to steal the homes of the ordinary citizen then we are on course to an all out revolution and I will be in the front line.

Kenny ,Noonan and Gilmore are  guilty of incompetence at best and treason at worst .They have broken every promise in their election manifesto and I blame them for the countless lives lost in the meantime by desperate citizens forced to take their own lives as a result of these leaches who are continuing to collaborate with faceless bondholders and hot money men in the IFSC . The system is rotten and our political system is infested with self enriching leaches out to get as much as they can for themselves.

All thrust has broken down between the people and the Government, Kenny and his band of collaborators are no longer acting in the best interest of the people of Ireland and they should all go or be pushed off the stage!


People of Ireland and fellow citizens come stand up and take back our country!

Thomas O Cléirigh

No to imposed debt slavery


“Governmental propaganda suggests that public opinion demand this or that decision; it provokes the will of a people, who spontaneously say nothing. But, once evoked, formed, and crystallized on a point, that will becomes the people’s will.

The government really acts on its own; it just gives the impression of obeying public opinion, after having first built that public opinion. The point is to make the masses demand of the government what the government has already decided to do.”

We have a perfect example of this propaganda Coup by the puppet Irish government as they have bamboozled their own citizens into paying off the gambling debts of bondholders .The bondholders have total control over the media, the Irish Government and the Troika, these are the tools they use to subdue us, the ordinary citizens and any decent is presented in the Irish media as marginal incompetent anarchists. It would seem the majority of our citizens have become complying robots.

Wake up citizens of Eire and take back your freedom!

Thomás O Cléirigh

The leaked European Commission document into Ireland’s economy

From: The Journal.ie 

OVER THE PAST three days, TheJournal.ie has brought you extensive coverage of a leaked European Commission report into Ireland’s economy.

The draft report goes into detail about suggestions and criticisms for how Ireland is proceeding after the 2010 bailout and where more money could be saved. In it, the Troika recommends extensive cuts to doctors’ salaries and the cost of medicine, further pay cuts for all public sector workers and legal rules which would require local authorities to break even.

It alo reveals how the Department of Social Protection is planning to hire private companies to find work for the long-term unemployed, and documents the Irish government’s fear of a mass boycott over the planned water charges………………

full article at source: http://www.thejournal.ie/in-full-leaked-european-commission-document-ireland-752062-Jan2013/

Lying Politicians And Words they use to get away with it

The Irish governments hijacking of words like stability, Recovery, Investment, and Labour using of the Irish Flag, and Fianna Fail using the TA or Irish for Yes are typical examples of using language to bamboozled the gullible voters who will vote once again to get screwed by the same gombeens in the Dail . .There is no provision for jobs creation, no financial stimulus to retrain the unemployed, there is no stability in squeezing the taxpayers with ever increasing taxes to pay interest on private toxic bank debts. This treaty change will curtail any future Irish government from building infrastructure and hospitals without the go-ahead from our new masters in Berlin.

Yes my friends the Irish Government ministers are great at using language and playing to the media (Government controlled of course) by cloaking themselves in the national flag and hijacking events like the 1916 commemorations trying to display themselves as patriots when in fact they have sold us out to the likes of Goldman Sachs and the financial gangsters still running our nation’s nationalizes banks

Do they take us for complete idiots?????

Apparently yes they do! Wake up Ireland and take back our country from these leaches!

 Vote no!

Meet the real Taoiseach of Ireland “Peter Sutherland”

Goldman is doing the business in Ireland and is well placed within the Government as Peter Sutherland is the top advisor to Edna Kenny .Sutherland a former attorney general and EU commissioner, was also a board member at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) during the financial meltdown, is well placed within Fine Gael party and is Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs international.

What more can I say .We are truly screwed .Democracy is dead in Ireland the Banker dictatorship is in total control .It’s time for a second republic to replace the old leach infested and totally corrupt one .With unelected moneymen like this running around government offices advancing the Goldman agenda our country is no longer a democracy. Kenny is a front man, a mouthpiece, a puppet who is been manipulated along with his turncoat Labour champagne socialists who will agree to anything to stay in power. There is an air of change in Europe and the gutless blue shirts and their clueless Labour partners are about to end up with egg on their faces touting tickets for a match that is all but over.

A wave of revolt against German inspired Austerity  is sweeping Europe and the Germans are beginning to feel the heat .Merkel,s own party colleges in Berlin are openly calling for a change in direction .If the Irish government is not going to listen to its own people they will pay the consequences very soon and it won’t be pretty.

Related articles:  http://www.indymedia.ie/article/97934


By indymedia.ie

Listen folks, do your homework. Goldman Sachs has taken over Ireland and the Irish Government. Research the people they have put in place around the EU to manage the takeover of other countries. Peter Sutherland is their man on the ground in Ireland.  People must now wake up to the fact that this banking dictatorship has plundered the middle classes and caused increased levels of poverty in this country and others.  If the people of Ireland in particular do not start fighting back through a policy of non – compliance we are all finished. We need our government to get the message that we know who pulls their strings.  The only way we will ever break free of the Goldman Sachs parasitic financial tyranny that has enslaved Ireland is to refuse to pay back any money owed to a financial arm associated with Goldman Sachs, and force the government not to comply with them, or their demands. It will be hard at first, granted, but the long term result will be freedom from the tyranny we now live under. One of the main reasons why this Government (and the last one) refused to take back the Oil and Gas the resides of the west coast of Mayo is that the Goldman Sachs financial policemen, the IMF and ECB, threatened to cut off the bailout funds if Ireland reversed the contracts granted to Shell and the other Oil companies who are stealing our resources at present. Please!, for the sake of children make some change that will mark the end of this nightmare, because if you don’t you will have to defend your cowardice to them when they start asking hard questions.

full article at source: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/100982

This is Europe’s rejection of Merkcosi austerity (Vote NO )

From www.thepressnet.com

French and Greek citizens reject the mouthpieces for AUSTERITY..The Irish Government should take note, the same faith awaits them! Irish citizens should now reject the German inspired latest round of impending austerity concealed within this so called fiscal stability treaty. The current shower of collaborators in the Irish government will not be happy with the results in France and Greece .The Peoples of Europe are now getting up off their knees and the sell-out politicians and mouthpieces for German austerity are been kicked out of their plush offices.

Now that France has also rejected the Austerity madness ,Ireland should now reject this failed and divisive policy that has been touted as the only way forward for Europe ! .We need investment in our unemployed, re-education , up-skilling and a massive stimulus packet on par to the Marshall plan after the second world war for Europe! Merkel has created a wave of anti German feeling through Europe and her own party has suffered a major loss in the regional elections this weekend .The German citizens are beginning to realize that dictating austerity measures on to the smaller states within the EU is not a great way to keep friends or customers happy!

The German economy is contracting and Austerity will soon have to visit Germany itself .Merkel has been a disaster for Europe and the Euro! Merkel is the mouthpiece for the bondholders and moneymen and she is now going to have to face the new reality in Europe. Forcing other people to pay the gambling debts of the major German banks is only going to backfire, people will only take so much and she should know this coming from East Germany.

We in Ireland must also step up and take deceive action against this austerity madness, Our political system is totally corrupt and the media is under the control of the gangsters in power .We must send them and their masters in Berlin a strong message!“NO way we will not pay” we will not comply with their demands, these bank debts are not ours and we will not hand you the whip (“A YES VOTE”) that in turn will be use on us. Citizens of Ireland follow the Greeks and the French say no to more Austerity. Make a stand. Vote NO and join the real Europeans for a more inclusive Europe for all.



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