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Out and about in Wicklow ”Mickey Finn’s Pub” in the Wicklow village of Redcross!

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh .


Weekend is here and wondering where to go tonight: fed up with the usual haunts and all the well all the known places: Looking for something special? Well how about this place .”Mickey Finn’s Pub” in the Wicklow village of Redcross! Now this place is not just a pub it is also a haven for fine food and a lot of crack! A well-known haunt for Local Dubliners down for their summer holidays and they stay a short distance around the corner in a camping park! You know what they say if you want the best place for food and drink go where the locals go! This was my first time to visit this place: I had heard about it from my son Stephen but never got the time to come calling around! Well last night I got the opportunity:

The place was busy and taking the time to mosey around I got a glimpse of the fine food been served and I found out they make their own beer on site ! more details here you can even visit the brewery
On Saturday Night they are having a “Hooley in the Brewery” night and I intend to visit there to night and give a short up date back!
Meanwhile I took these photos and short video clip to wet you appetite: If you are reading this and you are thinking of coming to Ireland then don’t short change yourself and miss out on this haven of the locals in Wicklow : Make sure to visit you won’t stop talking about it when you get back home!

Saturday 23.00 Hrs UP Date! 

Just back from “Mickey Finn’s and had a ball went off with my camera but the battery went dead just as I came in the door so I had to fall back on my other phone camera: The place was busy and there was a fantastic atmosphere and the punters were in great sprites! There are so many little places to get lost in !

If your not having a good time this weekend your not in Micky Finns!


Yes, a breath of fresh air is sweeping through Ireland and these patriots

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh
In 2007 we had a national debt of 24.8 billion today that debt is now 250 billion and going up all the time! So 220 billion has gone where???? Certainly the people of Ireland did NOT get these billions we were lied to by our bought and paid for corrupt politicians who took on 230 billion Euro of extra private corporate debt and no one can say where it has gone! Just imagine what the country would look like if the gangsters in Government had given every citizen say 300 Euros a week since the 1st of January 2008 I have no doubt the economy would be in much better shape! Instead we have a corporate dictatorship now ruling the country and they are busy asset stripping the natural resources of our nation on the monopoly money created out of thin air!

In so doing they have enslaved us and the future generations into financial slavery! For the last 4 years these lying Bast**DS in Government have stripped the weakest members of the Irish society of their dignity, the means to sustain themselves, they have stripped away the communities of the vital health services, education and housing! There is now an attack on some of the most needy the un-married mothers of Ireland. The low hanging fruits in the orchard! This is war a war on the poor and the ordinary people of Ireland by corporate greedy merchants! The political class has now lost all creditability and all of the political parties are on the same gravy train, out for themselves and the “what’s in it for me parasitic system must now be taken down!

A new breed of citizen is now emerging from these downtrodden members of our corrupted society, Yes a breath of fresh air is sweeping through Ireland and these patriots, like these woman speaking at the GPO this afternoon will not be pushed back into their boxes and they will not be pushed into accepting the crumbs the disgraced political class throw down on to the floor. These are the true hero’s of Ireland to-day standing up against the corrupt state and their hired thugs! May they continue to get stronger because Ireland needs these people!

We the people of Ireland support Greece!

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


WE the people of Ireland have been enslaved by unelected European officials and their real masters faceless money-men who have taken the power on themselves to create money out of thin air and use this power to financially enslave whole countries: Today we as a country are bankrupt with ever increasing debt accumulation caused be the penal interest on private debts forced on to the backs of our people : we can NEVER hope to pay this ODIOUS debt : The time has come to accept reality : With 150,000,000,000: already gone up in thin air we need to ask the hard questions and indeed ask the real questions the puppets in the Irish Government are not asking as they are in the pay of the faceless money-men: They have shown themselves to be puppets, and traitors to the people of Ireland!


It has taken a Greek man to stand up and call on the rest of Europe to face reality: This financial enslavement of the people’s of Europe is not a system we want for ourselves or our future generations: Our democracy is gone and we are now commodities to be milked for every cent a corrupt government can get out of us : we have no lives other than constant fear of the next bill and constant juggling of the merger few Euros we manage to keep from the corrupt imposed austerity taxes: This Greek mans speaks the truth as we the ordinary people know it to be and deserves our support in his efforts!

The real question is where did this money go? That is 150 billion????? The bank bondholders got bailed out! They do not have the right to take people’s homes as these mortgages were paid off Correct?????These billions did not go into the pockets of Ordinary Joe! Can you imagine what the country would look like if it was spent on infrastructure, schools, retraining the unemployed, or invested in our water infrastructure, or what about a massive investment in our health services and education? So we the taxpayers took on private debts from our Irish banks and a lot more debt ( European bank debts as well) we paid 48% of the total European debt and what did we get the people get out of this deal NOTHING but AUSTERITY TAXES like the Universal social charge, slashed health services, ,Property taxes ,23 various new stealth taxes and the latest one is water charges not to mention the world’s largest Quango that has cost the taxpayers so far 3,700,000,000:Billion and counting :


These are NOT my figures these are government figures the real figures could be double that ! WHERE DID THIS 150,000.000.000: go ??????????? and why are we even paying this in the first place since these debts have materialized out of thin air the money lent came from the push of a button! SO I now say push another button and delete this debt!


Let us support the Greek people in our common struggle to bring back reality, democracy and freedom to live a life free of the financial debts of faceless money-men: Let us live for the joy of living and not for the fear of never ending debt slavery!


Help make real political change in Ireland

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


Fellow citizens of Ireland,

We find ourselves bewildered by the inability of the political élite to solve the financial quagmire they have brought upon us. Ireland is now in a financial hell hole because of  corrupt and insolvent banks that are fully state guaranteed thus the gambling  bondholders have been bailed out at the cost of forcing every man ,woman and child in the state into financial slavery!  We are not responsible for the criminal practices of these faceless “insiders” and “bondholders”.  Now we have a bloated and inefficient bureaucracy that produces no goods called the Irish civil service with reckless public sector borrowings, Banks with un-quantified off-balance-sheet debts, collapsing cash and credit circulation, insolvent businesses and an incompetent ( at best ) government executive.

We are being lied to with regard to the true nature and extent of Ireland’s financial afflictions. Many would say that it is the international financial crisis that caused the problem however, I believe, it is the failure of our corrupt political class to ethically regulate itself and effectively manage, that is the true source of the current mayhem. Effectively we are and have been governed by self-serving parasites that have successfully played a game of political musical chairs with the Irish public over the last 90 years. These parasites have had a range of names such as Fianna Fail, Labour, PD’s  and Fine Gael! Just one look at the names who have been livening off our backs since I was a child and that is 40 + years ago they are known to all of us and still have leading positions within these parasitic established corrupt political organizations !

The current Government is complicit with the banks and the developers in causing the property bubble .They have abandoned their duty to the people of Ireland and have shown their allegiance to the gangsters in the banks as they have pledged practically all of our nation’s financial resources into these toxic institutions whilst abandoning the people of Ireland to the dictates of the troika!  We the ordinary citizen’s, now face long-term unemployment; savage health service cuts, emigration, loss of our homes, increasing tax hikes such as Home Tax and water tax and not to mention new toll’s everywhere!, We are constantly witnessing displays of incompetence and non-accountability from our pampered TDs and Government minsters and lottery salaries for their insiders advisers! (Have I left anything out?)

The current Dail members are enjoying living in a parallel universe where they are just clocking up time and entitlements whilst sharing in the longest lottery winning in Irish history.  Help bring a real alternative to every home and business in Ireland. I invite all like minded people around the country to  Support only truly independent candidates and groups that have shown their commitment to the ordinary people by their actions within our communities and their opposition to the current corrupt political system.

Above all please do not vote for the self-serving parasites who have made a career out of screwing our country, by clocking up entitlements to lottery pensions and perks .We do not nee career politicians and we should not be paying salaries or pensions to traitors. Wake up Ireland and make a real change by voting for new independent candidates and new social minded groups! We need to support our communities not help drive them into the ground!

It’s up to you now and get involved in a local community action group!

So what are you doing THIS WEEKEND TO HELP MAKE THIS CHANGE ????????

Ireland in 2014 a BA -NAMA Republic, a land devoid of democracy


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


No matter who you vote into power we still get the same policies and gangsters lining their own pockets .The system is totally rotten and is an insult to the memory of the men and woman of 1916 !I have already denounced the right of the current puppet Irish government to rule over me or my family!

I have successfully avoided contributing to these traitors’ coffers as much as I could possible do, by not buying anything that I did not need in the mad consuming system and by using bartering as a method of getting items or services I had to have .Or simply using the Black Economy! Democracy in Ireland is a myth, we go through the motion of voting but who we get to vote for and what they in turn do when they get their hands on the reins of power is an entirely different story! It’s a story of corruption, self-serving  insiders and sell out politicians and Unions all saying the right things but doing exactly the same politics of the previous crooks and puppets of the elite and vested interests who have total control of the media and judiciary! We are no longer a nation of citizens but a nation of debt slaves and cash generating surf’s, forced to pay for everything from water to a roof over our heads to sub standard health services and a disastrous education system that brainwashes our children and robs them of their true identity!

We are a proud Celtic nation, an accent people the Egyptian and Romans revered. We are the descendants of the great famine, Are we now going to allow ourselves become financial slaves? Cash cows, to be milked for the rest of our lives by gangsters and their political puppets who wrap themselves with the nation’s flag! Yes robbing people of their identity  makes it easy to convince them that they are worthless and to make do with the crumbs that fall from the table of the rich and powerful elite who have sold us into slavery!

The government’s latest example of selling to the highest international bidders, the cash flow generating opportunity, from the hard pressed motorist of this BA-NAMA Republic under the guise of road safety (speed traps to you and me) is apparent for all to see .These new cameras will link up the revenue, motor tax office and the cartel of the Irish motor insurance rip off merchants into one super massive cash generating machine for the operators! So you won’t be able to go anywhere with these gangsters knowing it ,all we need now is for the Supermarket loyalty cards info into the same system and a complete picture is then available for our masters to have total control over our miserable lives as debt slaves!

Happy New Year, hopefully 2014 will see the resurgent rebel Irish spirit, when the citizens rise up and pull these objects of tyranny and their collaborator operators  down all over the country!

Either way, I remain loyal to the spirit of Ireland and our rich heritage, our true Celtic culture and our constitution (First )  that enshrined the principles of direct democracy and that all citizens were equal . The protection of the natural resources of our ancient lands and the benefits to be shared equally among our people .The right of every citizen to a roof over the head, and free lifelong education and health care! We do not need career politicians eagerly carrying out the dictates of Brussels and Berlin or Goldman Sacks and the IMF.

Rise up and take back our country from our out of touch puppets in the Dial

Mise Le Mass

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

The Irish Media – Cheerleaders For Austerity

By Julien Mercille

Irish Media – A study of Irish press coverage of austerity between 2008 and 2012 conducted at University College Dublin confirms that the media have been relentless cheerleaders for austerity. The case is so overwhelming that it may even surprise proponents of austerity. The full report is available here (or from this author by email).

Ireland has distinguished itself among European countries by implementing austerity at the outset of the current crisis, while a number of other governments reacted by first enacting Keynesian stimulus packages, in parallel to bailing out their banks, before turning to austerity. Austerity might be good for elites, but it attacks ordinary people by cutting government spending on social services, health care and welfare. It seeks to make labour more ‘flexible’ by dismantling and downgrading work conditions and protections to give more power to employers over employees. On top of that, it raises regressive taxes like the VAT and encourages privatisation of state-owned enterprises and assets, often sold to investors at bargain prices.

European authorities themselves have announced explicitly, and even proudly, that austerity is used to attack the welfare state and ordinary people. Mario Draghi, the ECB president, declared in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the European ‘traditional social contract is obsolete’ and that ‘there is no escape from tough austerity measures’. He further said that continuing ‘shocks’ would ‘force countries into structural changes in labor markets’. Accordingly, Europe’s population faces repeated attacks from corporate and political elites, a fact noted by the New York Times recently when it observed that ‘Americanized labor policy is spreading in Europe’. It remarked that in 2008, 1.9 million Portuguese private sector workers were covered by collective bargaining agreements, but that the number is now down to 300,000. Greece has cut its minimum wage by almost a fourth, Ireland and Spain have frozen it, and in general labour protections have been reduced in peripheral Europe, so that austerity is ‘radically changing the nature of Europe’s society’. The developments will transform so deeply the social fabric that the chief economist of the International Labour Organisation described them as ‘the most significant changes since World War II’…………………….

full article at source: http://www.social-europe.eu/2013/12/irish-media-cheerleaders-austerity/


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

Just the other day, during an RTE attempt to support the spin on the so called “resurgent Dublin property market” we had this outburst from Brian Dobson a overpaid gobshit dependent for his livelihood  on the taxpayers of Ireland , just like Dole recipients ,teachers, Judges, Garda  etc”. This RTE prime donna has the cheek to label peaceful protesters highlighting the real news “ Idiots “ This was a perfect example showing the establishment  is engaged in censorship and the state media is stuffed full of pampas arrogant right wing lackeys like Dobson!

call on the Irish government to abolish FOI fees entirely.

Up- date on the FOI from our friends over at  www.thestory.ie

Access Info Europe and the Centre For Law and Democracy have called on the Irish government to abolish FOI fees entirely. In an open letter written to Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Brendan Howlin, Helen Darbishire from Access Info and Toby Mendel from the Centre for Law and Demcoracy wrote:

Various arguments have been put forward to justify charging up-front fees simply for making requests, none of which can be justified by reference to either international standards or comparative law and practice. Charging up-front fees for information requests violates international standards. It is clearly unacceptable to charge people to exercise a fundamental right. This is reflected in the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents, which expressly prohibits up-front charges for requests (Article 7(1)). Indeed, the drafters of that Convention considered and specifically rejected a request from Ireland to allow for such charges.

full article at source: http://thestory.ie/2013/11/18/international-ngos-call-for-ireland-to-abolishfoifees/

Perfect Storm Brewing for Ireland’s Economy

By Global_Research

Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin writes: “We are now mainly borrowing to pay interest on the burgeoning national debt”[1]

While much has been made recently of Ireland’s exit from the punishing EU/IMF bailout programme, Michael Noonan, the Finance Minister, has welcomed post-bailout ‘surveillance’. Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, said Ireland would be subjected to ‘intensive surveillance’ “twice a year, but this would involve monitoring as supposed to new measures being imposed” because “under new European budgetary rules, countries leaving a bailout will be subject to extra attention until at least 75pc of the money owed is repaid.”[2]

The Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Enda Kenny, has even gone so far as to state that Ireland would exit the bailout without the safety net of a credit line. Unfortunately for him Ireland’s economic crisis will not go away that easily. The economic consequences of the bailout may be about to bounce back and hit him in the face. Interest repayments are already taking a huge chunk out of the economy and the Irish people will be paying back EU [EFSF and EFSM] loans until 2042 and IMF loans until 2023. A fundamental economic crisis is in the making.

In 2007 Ireland’s general government debt was €47.2bn. It is estimated to be more than quadrupled to €205.9bn by the end of 2013.  As the debt has grown so have the interest repayments. In 2012 the ‘underlying’ deficit (deficits excluding direct payments to banks) was €-13.5bn of which €-6.7bn was interest repayments showing that interest repayments grew to become 50% of the deficit compared to 2008 when the deficit was €-13.2bn of which €-2.4bn was interest repayments. [See table below]

[Underlying Balance = Primary Balance + Cash Interest + Prom Note Interest]


Even the somewhat positive projections for 2014 show that all the money to be borrowed, €8.3bn, is to be spent on interest repayments.

Ireland’s low corporation tax of 12.5%, and therefore a low corporation tax take, means that ordinary taxpayers are expected to make up the shortfall. For example, in 2012, the combined figure for income tax and VAT was €25.35bn while corporation tax came to €4.22bn. [See table below]


full article at source: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article43172.html

EU parliament to probe bailout troikas

By Valentina Pop

Berlin – MEPs dealing with economic affairs are to launch an inquiry into the “non-transparent” work of EU Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund officials overseeing spending cuts in bailout countries.The European Parliament wants to scrutinise the work of bailout troikas (Photo: europarl.europa.eu)

After more than three years since the first ‘troikas’ were sent to Greece and Ireland to “advise” the governments and oversee implementation of promised budget cuts, the European Parliament is seeking to shed some light on the work of these non-elected officials.

The coordinators of the main groups in the European Parliament’s economics committee on Monday (28 October) agreed to launch an inquiry into the work of the troika in Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus.

“The troikas of ECB, EU commission and IMF are playing a key role in the eurocrisis. Their work continues to be non-transparent to a large extent,” said German Green MEP Sven Giegold, the main force behind the initiative.

He explained that the inquiry would consist of hearings of troika officials as well as independent economic studies challenging the assumptions of the troika – assumptions that were proved to be wrong in all bailed-out countries.

full article at source: http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/content/eu-parliament-probe-bailout-troikas

Budget 2014 Missing the Targets:

Over at the Blog of Dr. Constantine Gurdgiev  I have just read his excellent analyses on the current situtiation regarding the latest budget from our hapless gombeens in the Government. I do hasten to add that I do not agree with everything he says but it is never the less an excellent piece!

Recent events have led to a significant reframing of the Budget 2014. With these, the Government is now actively signaling a more accommodative stance on next year’s cuts. Alas, the good news end there and the bad news begin. Any easing on austerity in 2014 will be unlikely to produce a material improvement in household budgets. In return, the Government will be placing huge hopes on robust growth returning in 2014. If this fails to materialise, lower austerity today will spell more pain in 2015. Like a dysfunctional alcoholic, unable to stop binging at closing time, we ignore tomorrow’s hangover.

full article at source:http://trueeconomics.blogspot.ie/

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