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Fianna Fail ship on the rocks

Fianna Fáil TD for Carlow-Kilkenny John McGuinness today accused Brian Cowen of weak leadership and called on him to consider his position as leader of Fianna Fáil and as Taoiseach.

In an interview broadcast on KCLR96FM this morning, Mr McGuinness said this week’s Cabinet reshuffle showed “a lack of vision, strategy and imagination.”

He also claimed he Taoiseach had “put the party and tribalism first and the country second, with his reshuffle.

“There wasn’t enough emphasis on the economics of the situation, the need for a powerhouse within Government to formulate policy and move things forward with a direct focus on those who are unemployed,” said Mr McGuinness.

“There isn’t an obvious plan for people…we haven’t reached out to those people that need the leadership in terms of their unemployment status or their business strategy to say, and by the way, this is what we are going to do next to support you and to get you out of your difficulties,” he added.

Here we see the Fianna Fail machine is now beginning to fall apart

The obvious self preservation of the party leadership being the main emphases in the latest Cabinet reshuffle.

Things are bad, when their own party members start attacking their own leadership.

With the establishment of NAMA with the support of the above Mr. John Mc Guinness

This government lost all claim to be of the people and for the people.

They sold us out the international bond holder’s .In America the large banks have realized the reality of the situation on the ground and have started a new incentive to keep people in their homes even to the extent that they write down 35%-50% of the lone on these people’s homes

To-day we here that Anglo Irish Bank is now looking for another 10,000,000,000:00 that’s 10 Billion Euros

So far we have given them 5 billion and the other banks have gotten approx 7,500,000,000 and will be expecting to get another 9,000,000,000:00

With all this money it would be cheaper for the government to pay off every house mortgage in the country and let the banks and international bond holders go and developers and commercial investors go and whistle and negotiate their own way out instead of making the taxpayers of this country pay for them.

Comment on David’s article


You have of course not taken into consideration; the current gangsters running the country are “possible” in the pay of the international bond holders!

There is no other possible explanation, the other night I was looking at pat Kenny’s Front line and a perfect FF Gobsh** was on the panes trying to pedal the whole NAMA bul***

On the same panel there was Brian Lucey of TCD who I thought was not all that forceful in getting across as I suspect he was more at home in the debating halls at TCD

We got from the FF apparatchik (Government respective) the usual guff when he wanted to say or look important “I didn’t interrupt you so do me the courtesy line “

In psychology a classic attempt to upset the flow of an argument when it’s going against you

What a twit .I am not a sports fan of any kind and I could never understand why people start shouting at the TV screens during a football match, however I had to be calmed down twice, by my wife during the show (Frontline)I idiot was just ignoring the obvious, despite the vast majority of the audience and the rest of the panel this Fanatic was trotting out the party line.

A number of years ago I studied psychology, as you know it’s all about observing people and listening to them ,there are of course the involuntary movements that give away the true nature of the person that is been observed  and I can tell you that it is my personal contention that this individual did not believe his own spin.

the maths say it all , the two banks were each worth at close of business last Friday less than 1 billion Euros each  and this Government has already consented that they will have to inject another 3 – 4 billion into Bank of Ireland and another 4billion+ to Allied Irish Bank

I cannot bring myself to mention that other Basket case Anglo

So where to-day will you get any sane person to pay 300% – 400% times more for a Bankrupt Bank?

This is sheer Madness and we the people must in the end take action to stop this lunacy!

Ordinary decent people are shell shocked at what is going on ,how much more blatant cronyism and fraud has to come down the road and hit them before they act is the 64million dollar question .

Just look at the Greens squabbling over plum jobs in the new cabinet it is despicable!

Ps. anybody looking to understand the physic of a perfectly ordinary innocent middle class person with an engineering background, who then turns to violence in sheer desperation, .Its extraordinary to say the least!

Look posting  http://thepressnet.com/2010/03/02/5086/

Guilty as charged


The European Commission cleared the corrupt Irish governments plan to bail out the countries financial institutions. Ireland established the National Asset Management Agency last year as a Toxic “bad bank,” thus bailing out well connected developers and the criminal activities of the top banks

These Toxic and worthless assets will be purchased from these firms with Irish government bonds. To the tune of now 80 billion Euros

The commission said the Irish plan was in line with rules allowing state subsidies to business during a serious economic crisis. The measure, which is said to targeted the real estate assets, but is also bailing out the banks bad derivative positions is key to cleaning up Irish banks

Five Irish financial firms plan to use the plan, according to the commission.

The bank involved are : Anglo Irish Bank,  Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, Irish National Building Society and Educational Building Society.

  what we are seeing is the complete destruction of private enterprise as we know it from now on we will have to ask permission from the corrupt bosses in Brussels to wipe our a****

Out national independence is now lost and our own corrupt government have sold us out to their real bosses the international bond holders

Every one of them deserves to be hanged on charges of treachery!

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