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Freeman Guide ( Ireland)

by Tronner

A Short and Friendly Guide toDealing With Policy Enforcers (aka: Gardaí Síochana)

Here’s a brief example to help you understand the difference between Peace Officers and PolicyEnforcement officers. We can look at three different posts held in society, namely; Prison Warden,Garda and Traffic Warden to see how their roles vary from Peace Keeper to Policy Enforcer:1.Prison Wardens – Peace Keeper only

There are approximately 14,415 members of An Garda Síochána, so it is likely that you willencounter them a few times in your life, living on the land. With almost 500,000 recorded roadtraffic offences per year odds are you will be pulled over at some time. So what to do??The Gardai are hired to be our protectors, however when they are enforcing statutes they becomepolicy enforcers. Their role changes from peace keeper to revenue collection agents.The Gardai are not your enemy, but they are also not your friend if they are acting as PolicyEnforcers. They are in an adversarial position much like playing chess. They want to win a situation,they want to get a conviction.Please note you are perfectly entitled to record the Gardai. When they are off duty they can enjoytheir right to privacy, but if they are operating in the public domain you have the right to recordthem. If you have any problems with this you might say “I’m gathering evidence for my defenceofficer”.

Know when and how to exercise your rights and don’t forget – You are actingLawfully!1. Positive vibes


The most important thing is to be as friendly, nice and courteous as possible it will pay off in theend. Act peacefully, respectfully and lawfully toward them. Let them know you are recording them,state the date and time, get the badge numbers, ask for their names and their business cards. If theyare in a huff about this tell them it is for Your safety. If they give any guff ask them” are you denyingme my safety?” or “Is there a problem with that Garda?” Of Course not! Surely?

2. First Contact

You could be driving in your car or walking down the street, first have a look around and see if there are any people nearby who you can ask to witness, most people like a good stare anyway and itwould help in your defence if necessary. Try and pull over near them or call them over (remember youonly have to pull over when it is safe to do so, this gives you some time).

Record, Record, Record

Nearly every phone has a voice or video recorder on it. If you are more prepared you’ll even have a dictaphone or a camcorder with you. Make sure the Garda is awareyou are recording……………………………

Rats leaving the sinking ship

guardian.co.uk,             Wednesday 26 December

The head of Syria‘s military police has defected from the army and declared allegiance to the uprising against the president, Bashar al-Assad, according to a video and a Syrian security source.

The news came as government shelling in the northern province of Raqqa killed about 20 people, at least eight of them children, according to a video posted by activists on Wednesday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published a video showing rows of the blood-stained bodies laid out on blankets. The sound of crying relatives could be heard in the background.

The shelling hit the province’s al-Qahtania village, but it was unclear when the attack happened.

The high-level defection, while not a strategically significant development in the 21-month-old conflict, will be a blow to morale for Assad’s forces, which are hitting back at a string of rebel advances….

fdull article at source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/dec/26/syria-military-police-chief-defects


Ireland Jul-Aug2012 105

This Henchman should face the Gallows as over 40,000 people have now lost their lives as this criminal stood by and allowed the murder of these people an international tribunal should be set up to investigate all acts of genocide carried out by the thugs in Damascus. Rats leaving the sinking ship spring to mind as I read this article! Still this could be yet another nail in the coffin of |Assad and his henchmen!

Arab League out of touch with the oppressed people of Syria!

“Wake Up”  “Wake Up”
people are dying ,people are been murdered what are you going to do about it
write to you TD now !

To Eamon Gilmore TD                  11.09.2011

Leader of the
Labour Party, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Dear Mr. Gilmore,

You are no doubt aware of the serious murderous situation in Syria where ordinary people are faced each and every day with the prospect of been murdered by their own
security forces who have now reached the debts of outright slaughter of any opposition
to the current regime .As a person who has spent a lifetime in and out of
opposition surely you must feel for the rightful aspirations of the people of Syria
to engage in free parliamentary activity and there right to democracy .I call
on you now to demonstrate to the world the absolute rejection of the brutal and
murderous activities for the current Government of  Syria .

Our own history is dotted with people who died in the struggle for our freedom, in their memory, and of our tradition of shearing and caring I call on you now to proclaim to
the world that we the people of Ireland do not support the current Syrian Government
and further more you must immediately call on the United Nation to take
whatever action is necessary to protect  the innocent people of Syria from these
Monsters and to demand that the current leadership of Syria will be brought to
the international court of justice on crimes of murder and human rights abuse.

You are in a position to make your voice heard and you can justly clam to be to voice of the
Irish people in the corridors of power where this murder of the innocence can be stopped.

Your inaction will directly cause lives to be lost so do the right thing and start shouting stop

But let the world hear you!

Is mise,

Thomas O Cleirigh/Wicklow Town

There is something very wrong with the leadership of the Arab League, How can they even consider the possibility of keeping the current murderous Assad and his henchmen in power? The Arab League is becoming irrelevant in the mass public movement now gathering pace in the Middle East. The ordinary peoples of this region are now becoming aware of their civil liberties and their Human rights and they do not need these rights to be dispensed to them by unelected rulers who have stolen the people’s freedom, their countries wealth and enforced laws that perpetuate their criminal activities .The Arab League is nothing more than a boys club for despot dictators from the Arab world who all
would be deposed if there were free elections in each of their countries.Assad and his murdering henchmen must be brought before the international court of justice on crimes of murder against his own people!

related video clips


Report of the Fact-Finding Mission on Syria pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution S-16/1

Background: The Fact-Finding Mission for Syria (“Mission”) was established pursuant toResolution A/HRC/RES/S-16/1 adopted by the Human Rights Council (“Council”)on 29 April 2011.

Full PDF report here Syria_Report_2011-08-17

Leadership of Syria murdering its own citizens!

Again we are faced with a despot dictatorial regime caught
in the act of murdering its own citizens and the United nations are sitting on
their hands .Sending tanks into residential areas of modern cities to murder citizens
demanding their human rights is shocking and only shows that human life and
rights is still the persevere of a select few depending where you live on the
planet. I again say that the leadership of Syria should be branded criminals
and murderers and should be brought before the international court of justice.
Human rights are the same all over the world and it is time for the community
of the world to demand equal enforcement of these rights. Even if this means military
intervention by the UN

Deaths in Syrian city of Deir Az Zor

The sorry state of Syrian State murder is continuing and the
west again sits back and looks on.

The UN as usual is nowhere to be seen or heard the same can
be said of the States crackdown in Bahrain where hundreds have disappeared and hospital
personal have been tortured because they have treated wounded demonstrators. Saudi
Troops have effectively taken over this once independent State and now it is no
more that a puppet state. The international community and press have all but
forgotten the plight of the people of this terrorized land

Double standards in human rights  is the currency of the west my friends!

Murder in Syria where is the UN ????


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of the UN

Dear Sir,

This is sheer murder,

The above video clip demonstrates a breach in international law.

I believe we are witnessing a blatant attack on international law, and citizen’s human rightsand the UN should immediately start an International action,  to bring the leadership of Syria to justice! This is where the real fight for democracy is, ordinary people looking to secure their human rights. I demand that you take action against the leadership of Syria.

You are in a position to save lives and this blatant massacre of innocent people cannot be allowed to continue .If you in the UN cannot stop this murder then what use is the UN to the world ?

Thomas Clarke

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