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Billions for NAMA and sod the rest of us!

“When the U.S. sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold.” 

For us here in Ireland this news from America is extremely important everything from Jobs, negative equity, Bank failures, credit availability and strikes.
Not so long ago, there was a saying “When the U.S. sneezes, the rest of the world catches cold.” The bad news is that America has pneumonia, so where does that leave us???
For us here in Ireland this is a flavour of what we are about to get, don’t believe the spin from the vested interests and government cronies
The news media here in Ireland is controlled by the government and they have their lackeys well placed throughout the country
Keep yourselves informed by looking and searching for the real facts and figures.
Here are some useful blogs that have good information streams






Notice: March on Leinster House 25th May

For all those that want their voices heard by the gangsters in Leinster House

Come to the demonstration on the 25 .05. 2010

And help represent the middle ground, by making a united stand.

 We will overcome the corrupt political system!

This is your chance to be heard!

Next Tuesday

Assemble 19.00 hrs (7 o clock in the evening)


The realities of corruption and cronyism in Ireland

It is a sad reflection on the people of Ireland when a small group of protesters (http://www.eirigi.org/) take the time to demonstrate outside the country’s most corrupt bank on a Saturday afternoon, while at the same time over the other side of the city 8,000 young people chase fairytale promises of the X-Factor

And ignore the harsh realities of corruption and cronyism in Ireland.

With a government pouring billions down this toxic toilet and expecting the young of our country to piss off and emigrate ,is it any wonder?

(Here is a video clip with Fintan O Toole discussing this very fact http://vimeo.com/10189171 )

It is also a sad fact the Irish middle ground were absent from this demonstration ,and if we are to get rid of the current shower that are running our country and bring to justice the criminals that destroyed and sold out our country we will need to come together and join forces with all the groupings that are working to clean up our country and bring about a new government through a general election.

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