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Linking hospital boss benefits to sale of Mars Bars makes me sick

By David Mc Williams

A bonus is supposed to be an incentive for an employee to be more productive. In the case of a hospital chief executive, presumably a bonus should be related to running a better hospital.  You’d think that has to be linked to patient care – both in terms of its efficiency and the experience of the patient. It should also factor in other hospital workers, making sure they are not only efficient, but that there is high staff morale.

This is what a hospital does. It exists to look after the health of its patients and, where the staff is looked after, this will be easier to achieve. This is exactly what we patients expect when we present to hospitals and good management seeks to achieve this sweet-spot where respected workers administer excellent service.

It is, therefore, a shock to hear that the bonus of the Chief Executive of Crumlin Children’s Hospital is linked to the sales of Mars Bars, Crunchies and Twixes in the hospital shop……..

full article at source: http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/writing

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By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

You are only now feeling sick???

Stroke politics is alive and well with the twiddle dumb and twiddle dumber political system, the gombeens stay in charge!. I am not at all surprised, what  about the Bankers salaries they were supposed to be capped at 500,000 euro and yet we have Bankers getting over 750,000 ++ paid by the taxpayers of this BA-NAMA- Republic .Is is any wonder we are such an  un-healthy Bunch  and have the highest cancer  rates in Europe? We are a right bunch of Paddies allowing ourselves to be screwed by our own corrupt self-centred greedy elite in this country! As our health services are cut to shreds and we are told less A&E services and further away are better for us we just sit back until the day comes when we ourselves are looking for emergency care in the meantime our vastly overpaid top hospital managers live a lottery style lifestyle and no doubt they are all privately insured and won’t have to sleep in a hospital corridor ever but can you ordinary Joe be so sure???  So the good times roll for these Public servant leeches,parasites,insiders, as the ordinary people suffer!

Wake up and take back our country from these well placed Leeches in our society!    


St Columcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown A&E services demonstration to-day

It’s a miserable cold and rain swept day in Wicklow and the 90 odd brave souls who turned up to the demonstration for the retention of the St Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown A&E services deserve a gold medal .The demonstration (arranged by the people before profit )was in fact called off because of the bad weather and at an address to the assembled citizens ,who in spite of the weather , show up to fight for the retention of these vital services ,Mr Richard Boyd Barrett call for the demonstration to be put back until next Saturday 8th of Oct (same Time ).I call on anyone who can please support this action, we must stand up against those who would rob us of our health services in favour of a commercialised health system.
It’s up to you to make the effort!

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Government and Reilly could be sued over Roscommon closure

Government and Reilly could be sued over Roscommon closure
17 July 2011 By Susan Mitchell and Nicola Cooke

Photo Machholz

The Roscommon Hospital Action Committee (RHAC) has sought legal advice with a view to taking action over the decision to close the emergency department at the hospital.

John McDermott, chairman of the RHAC, said the committee would decide whether to proceed with an action in the Irish or European courts, after it received legal advice from senior counsel this week.

McDermott said a consultant at the hospital was also considering taking legal action against Minister for Health James Reilly, after the politician claimed that the mortality rate for patients who went to the hospital with heart attacks was four times the mortality rate, at 21.3 per cent, of those admitted to Galway. ‘‘He believes his professional reputation has been damaged by the claims,” said McDermott.

The RHAC has disputed the figures mentioned by Reilly. It said figures from the Hospital In-Patient Enquiry (Hipe) system, compiled over the last three years, showed that the mortality rate was in line with other hospitals.

Some consultants at the hospital have backed the HSE’s move to close the emergency department on safety grounds.

However, Oliver Clinton, a consultant surgeon at Roscommon County Hospital, said that he believed the decision to close the emergency department at Roscommon was ‘‘a political one’’, and that Reilly should re-examine the role of the Health Information Equality Authority (Hiqa) and its board members.

The emergency department was closed based on the findings of two Hiqa reports (Mallow and Ennis).

‘‘If James Reilly got rid of the board of the HSE, then he should equally have scepticism for the Hiqa board,” he said.

Clinton claimed that Hiqa did not examine the capacity of neighbouring hospitals to deal with extra patients. UHG’s emergency department is already under pressure, with up to 40 patients on trolleys some nights, for example.

McDermott said he was concerned that only a quarter of the paramedics in the region had received advanced training.

He said it was also accepted that there were not enough ambulances.

It emerged last week that road accident victims in Roscommon who suffer severe bleeding can no longer be taken to Roscommon County Hospital for a transfusion.

John Hennessy, regional director of operations in the HSE West, said that senior doctors were now reviewing the systems which have to be implemented to ensure the proper care of these patients.

source: http://www.sbpost.ie/news/ireland/government-and-reilly-could-be-sued-over-roscommon-closure-57546.html

“In truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.”

Photo by machholz

By Namawinelake

A phenomenon of the current financial crisis has been the colossal sums of money involved – the banks may cost us €70bn to bailout, we have an annual deficit of €18bn, our national debt is likely to peak over €200bn. For a country with a population of 4.6m, these numbers are truly gigantic. Indeed they are so big that we sometimes lose sight of what the numbers will mean to us individually or as communities. Having already suffered levies and charges to our wages, we have also seen cut-backs to services, and these look set to intensify. The closure of the Roscommon Accident and Emergency facility may have attracted a lot of headlines, but in truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.

see full article at source here: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/protesters-in-cork-launch-bond-tracking-facebook-page-see-daily-updates-of-bondholder-repayments/

The Health Information and Quality Authority (New job help impose cutbacks)

The Health Information and Quality Authority says it did not recommend
the closure of the Emergency Department at Roscommon, which ceased operations
on Monday.

HIQA says it simply made recommendations on how to improve the quality
and safety of services for patients in smaller hospitals across the country.

It has also published the timeline of reports on regional hospitals,
which had recommended “changes” at Roscommon.

It shows that the two reports were published long before Taoiseach Enda
Kenny promised to retain the Emergency Department at Roscommon, just weeks
before the General Election in February of this year.

The Government says it was forced to row back on its pre-election
promises because of new information from HIQA which deemed the hospital to be

Fianna Fail TD and the party’s spokesperson on Health Billy Kelleher
says the Government and the Health Minister have been caught out.

Source: http://www.newstalk.ie/2011/news/4government-caught-out-over-roscommon45/



Here we have government ministers jumping on an excuse to close about 12
country /small hospitals and blame the health and safety concerns .(great if you
can get away with it but they were caught out and the public aren’t swallowing
their spin .Taking away the A7E services from any hospital is downright criminal and it is surprising to see how many TD’s supported this measure!

Don’t believe the spin “Cuts are reducing services using a back door called health and safety”

This morning I was listening the same unbelievable spin coming
from Ann Ferris about the health cuts that are been imposed on  St Columcilles Hospital Loughlingstown.Mrs.Ferris
hardly in the Dail is conveniently forgetting promises made to safe guard the
A&E services at this hospital. Trying her best to hide behind the so called
health and safety issues, now suddenly of so much concern to the politicians
is fooling no one. They have devised a scheme to downgrade hospital services  around the country in order to save money and
these savings will only go to paying interest on the so called bailout of the gambling
bondholders .Mrs Ferris and the so called independent Stephen Donnelly should
hang their heads in shame .I am not surprised to see the three amigos of Fine
Gael ditching their promises .Their Boss is not giving a good example so why
should they ?The people of Wicklow got what they voted for and that is a continuation
of the severe cuts policy s of Fianna Fail .It is unbelievable to see that Fine
Gael is on 40% approval in the polls, so with this kind of approval they and
labour pals can do as they please !

If the people of Wicklow and the rest of Ireland are going
to sit on their collective backsides then we deserve the loss of our health
system! Only when we have to pay through the nose to get our children seen to
in a private hospital will the people wake up! Health is not a commodity and
should not be treated as such. The commercialisation of the Irish health
services is only in the interest of vested interests and the international
money men that see this, as one more cash generating instrument they can get their
greedy hands on cheaply. It appears the 5 Wicklow TD’s are falling over
themselves to help them do this!

What are you going to do about this? Get active and do
something the time for talk is over!  I’m doing my small bit but you can help too!

I sent this  e-mail into the east coast radio station this morning .

Morning Declan,

Ann Ferris should not be waffling around the Issues, she was not in the Dail for the vote on the A&E services last week the rest of theTD’s  from Wicklow voted to take away the A&E services from another hospital in Roscommon and other hospitals in the country,what hypocrisy? This is not good enough and this betrayal of the people of Wicklow.This blatant attempt to use the health and safety to get off the hook is despicable and downright insulting. This will not be forgotten Ann Ferris should be fighting tooth and nail to keep what we have and demand the necessary funds to upgrade the A&E services. What we have here is an outright failure to deliver on promises she made during the election. All of the Wicklow TD ’havefailed to fight for the people of Wicklow. Mr Donnelly Also failed miserably to support the people of Wicklow on this issue .We are sick and tired of him telling us of his expertise, we need action and not more lectures on his so-called expertise.

St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown up-date

About 150 concerned citizens of Wicklow showed up to day to
protest against the service cuts proposed for St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown.

We the people of Wicklow are been bamboozled by spin and all
5 Wicklow TD’s have swallowed the lies that this hospital needs to have its
services cut, because of safety issues. After years of reducing the funds, the last
government has tried to run this hospital down in order to justify their strategy
of cutting services. It is because we are now paying enormous interest on the so
called bailout of our country we don’t have nothing left to pay for the upkeep
of our community hospitals .The new government have decided to continue to
implement the policies of the last Fianna Fail government. they have also ditched
all their promises to the voters of Wicklow as they believe they are in their
Dail jobs now for the next 5 years and the voters cannot kick them out until
then .  These same 5 politicians have
lied to the voters of Wicklow and as the wallow in their lottery salaries .Unless
we the people get up off our collective backsides and stand up for ourselves we
stand to lose all of our community services and our public health system .

We must make a stand now!

Demonstration against the A&E service cuts at St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown To-Day

Demonstration against the A&E service cuts at St. Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown

To-Day at 2pm from St Anns church in Shankill, another demo will be at the hospital on Monday @1pm, this is part of the nationwide day of protests outside all
effected hospitals. Please do come and show your support.

We need
to make a stand otherwise our health services will dwindle down to none!

Roscommon ED closure to proceed

Roscommon ED closure to proceed

[Posted: Fri 08/07/2011 www.irishhealth.com]

The closure of the 24-hour A&E at Roscommon Hospital will go ahead as planned on Monday, the HSE has said.While from then, the hospital will operate an 8am to 8pm urgent care centre for minor conditions, the out-of-hours GP service based at the hospital will not start for another month.


What a bunch of Hippocrates sitting in the Dail?The betrayal of the people of Roscommon by their Fine Gael TD Frank Feighan shows that gombeen politicians are alive and well they have an uncanny sense of self-preservation about themselves. No doubt, this lad got a few promises and he will be looked after soon enough! He will cash in his thirty pieces of silver in due course. Unfortunately the shocking fact is that so called peoples servants from around the country still voted for this closure but the same codgers proclaimed their staunch support for their local health services .What a bunch of Hippocrates.

Too many promises made and all of them broken!

No chance of the any of the Wicklow turncoats TD’s of keeping their promises, the lot are supporting the government mantra that the St. Colmcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown is unsafe and are supporting the cutting of its services when they should be demanding more services for the people of Wicklow .The people of Roscommon have shown the people of Wicklow how to stand up for local health services .If you are a voter in
Wicklow now is the time for you to get up and make a stand for our health
services or else put up and shut up!

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