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Government is looking after its own “insider pals” 30K pay hike for HSE boss!

THE new HSE chief yesterday defended his €30,000 salary hike as Health Minister James Reilly signalled the Government should look again at public service pay.

Tony O’Brien, who previously earned €165,000 as a health official, before taking over as Health Service Executive director general designate recently, is to be paid €195,000.

Asked if it sent out the wrong message when he is overseeing €130m in health cuts, affecting many elderly and the disabled, Mr O’Brien said the salary figure was a matter for the Government and it was less than his predecessor earned.

He was speaking as Dr Reilly insisted the €700m in cuts that will be needed in the health service next year…….full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/hse-chief-overseeing-130m-cutbacks-defends-pay-hike-3216507.html


This is another well placed pal is been given a lottery salary and perks while the ordinary Joe is been fleeced, stripped of essential home care services and don’t mention A&E services .This is a blatant example of the out of touch politicians and their pals as they continue to dismantle the hard won health services every Irish citizen at one stage was entitled too . Now it is all about the haves and have not’s. Greed is alive and well and if you are with the “in” crowd you will be looked after and to hell with the rest of us. This Government is looking after its own insider pals and this will not be the last example I fear! As long as idiots continue to vote in such brazen gangster politicians they will continue to feather their own nests and that of their insider pals.

The fun hasnt even started just wait for the water charges and the increased household charge(Irish poll tax) are forced through .I wonder who is going to get the top job in these new Quangos ?more that likely more pals of the gangsters in Government!

On that note Big Phil has this message for you lads!

Wake up Ireland, Get up off your knees and rid ourselves of the political élite who have robbed us of our country and whose greed has no bounds!

“In truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.”

Photo by machholz

By Namawinelake

A phenomenon of the current financial crisis has been the colossal sums of money involved – the banks may cost us €70bn to bailout, we have an annual deficit of €18bn, our national debt is likely to peak over €200bn. For a country with a population of 4.6m, these numbers are truly gigantic. Indeed they are so big that we sometimes lose sight of what the numbers will mean to us individually or as communities. Having already suffered levies and charges to our wages, we have also seen cut-backs to services, and these look set to intensify. The closure of the Roscommon Accident and Emergency facility may have attracted a lot of headlines, but in truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.

see full article at source here: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/protesters-in-cork-launch-bond-tracking-facebook-page-see-daily-updates-of-bondholder-repayments/

Roscommon ED closure to proceed

Roscommon ED closure to proceed

[Posted: Fri 08/07/2011 www.irishhealth.com]

The closure of the 24-hour A&E at Roscommon Hospital will go ahead as planned on Monday, the HSE has said.While from then, the hospital will operate an 8am to 8pm urgent care centre for minor conditions, the out-of-hours GP service based at the hospital will not start for another month.


What a bunch of Hippocrates sitting in the Dail?The betrayal of the people of Roscommon by their Fine Gael TD Frank Feighan shows that gombeen politicians are alive and well they have an uncanny sense of self-preservation about themselves. No doubt, this lad got a few promises and he will be looked after soon enough! He will cash in his thirty pieces of silver in due course. Unfortunately the shocking fact is that so called peoples servants from around the country still voted for this closure but the same codgers proclaimed their staunch support for their local health services .What a bunch of Hippocrates.

Roscommon Hospital safety issues

By Donal Buckley

Has HIQA made reports on the safety issues in Roscommon Hospital?The Government have promised to maintain services therefore if there are safety issues the Government are required to act to make Roscommon hospital safe.Reducing services is going to increase patient care in the area? How is this possible … less services to the sick citizens of Ireland is better for their health? Paying the bankers debts with borrowed money taken from citizens  is corruption of the democratic practices.Paying bankers debts with the lives of fellow citizens by starving our hospitals of proper funding and services is a criminal act.No citizen of Ireland voted for this betrayal of our human rights.

Breaking news: Roscommon ED cuts from Monday


By Gary Culliton.

An Urgent Care Centre will be in place at Roscommon County Hospital from Monday July 11, operating from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, the HSE has said.

There have been “ongoing difficulties recruiting the required number of NCHDs required to safely deliver a safe 24-hour service in Roscommon,” Dr David O Keeffe, Clinical Director, Galway Roscommon Hospital Group, has said. “In the recent past we have been managing this issue through the use of locum doctors. That is not a sustainable or safe solution in the long term.”

This service will be supported by an enhanced ambulance service and a Medical Assessment Unit. The Westdoc/GP out of hours service will also commence from Monday the 11th July, located on the hospital grounds. Acute emergency services in Roscommon will, from Monday 11, be provided at the surrounding acute hospitals including: Portiuncula, Ballinasloe, University Hospital Galway, Sligo General, Mayo General and Castlebar – depending on the location of the emergency requiring treatment.

Dr O’Keeffe said: “The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has made clear recommendations in relation to the level of health service that should be provided in a smaller hospital like Roscommon.  It is widely acknowledged that the safest place for patients to receive acute emergency care is in a larger centre with specialists who have all the necessary support and equipment to deliver that care.”

The Urgent Care Centre will be doctor-delivered and will treat adults who present with non-emergency conditions such as sprains and strains, minor burns and scalds, wounds, bites, cuts and grazes. The Westdoc/GP out-of-hours service will also commence from Monday, July 11.

“Roscommon and Westdoc GPs will provide the out-of-hours service and it will be located on the hospital grounds. Patients will be seen in the treatment centre or in their homes if that is necessary,” the HSE said. Doctors will be driven in a Westdoc jeep, which will contain the necessary support equipment, including an ECG and a defibrillator. Patients will be provided with prescriptions and a supply of drugs, should they require them until they can fill their prescription.

An enhanced ambulance service will also be provided, deploying additional ambulance crews in the Roscommon area. During the day, four front-line ambulance paramedic crews will operate in County Roscommon, based in Roscommon town and Boyle. At night, three ambulances staffed with paramedic crews will be in place in the County. A new Rapid Response Vehicle, which will be staffed by an advanced paramedic, will also be deployed in County Roscommon 24/7.

In the event of an emergency, the ambulance will bring patients to the nearest appropriate emergency department. The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) will operate daily from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, with direct GP referral to the Unit and access to same-day diagnostics. Patients requiring treatment for chronic illness will be seen at the MAU.



There will be demonstration at 6 pm to-day outside Dail Eireann.

If you have the time,please com and show your support. The government needs to be sent a message that we the people will not take any more lies and cuts to our health services.


A&E services must be taken away because of Health and safety concerns?

By  RTE News

About 5000 people have turned out in Portlaoise this afternoon, to protest over plans to downgrade the Midland Regional Hospital in the town.

It comes amid concerns that a shortage of junior doctors would see the removal of 24 hours emergency services from the hospital.

Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan has insisted the Midland Regional Hospital will not see any curtailment of services.

The HSE say they will be able to maintain 24 hour emergency services from 11 July, pending a number of remaining junior doctor posts being filled as anticipated.

Speaking at the protest this afternoon, Chairperson of the Portlaoise Hospital Action Group, Kathleen O’Brien called on the Minister for Health James Reilly to upgrade and maintain services at the hospital.

Source : http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0703/portlaoise.html

Comment :

There appears to be a pattern here, any services that a
local authority or in this case the HSE do not want ,they maintain that is
because of a Health and safety risk .What a laugh!

Wicklow hospital ,was closed because of such triumph up concerns.
We have allowed this Health and safety lark to destroy entrepreneurship. I
wanted to set up a business along the coast here in Wicklow but had to give up
because of health and safety concerns and the enormous costs of public liability
insurance .But allowing the government to use this health & safety lark to
close down hospitals is going too far. Nowhere else in the world would the
people put up with this absolute crap? As previously called upon I call again
to all workers in the various hospitals around the country to come together and
force the government to back down .Get your Unions to make a stand.

The Health services we have struggled to create must now not be taken away from us because of incompetent politicians who are serving their true masters in Brussels and
in the IMF. These cuts are been implement because there are  no more Funds available to keep the hospitals going .After they continue to bail out toxic and corrupt banks .The current government promised “not one red cent more”yet next
week they will be pumping another 5billion into the corrupt institution  AIB .
 It has nothing to do with better services or centres of excellence this is the spin we are been fed .The bottom line is if you want these services close to you, You must get up off your arse and stand with the rest of us that seem to do all the fighting for our local
services and send a message to your local TD’ and make it clear this is the
last straw ,no more spin no more promises of centres’ of excellent  we want to keep our local hospital services or else !

Tell them  to take “CUTS” in their own Salaries and those of the outrageously overpaid consultants!

The new Government have reneged on their promises to the public and even
today I see Eamon Gilmore stating that there will be more cuts on the way .This
madness of pumping billions into criminal toxic banks is insane. This is downright
treachery of the Irish nation!


A&E station in St Columcilles hospital:Changes allready in progress!

Apparently the move by the HSE and the Government to remove
services from our local hospital is already in progress according to one of Wicklow’s
TD’s Andrew Doyle (Fine Gael)

Listening to this man’s waffle on East coast radio this
morning I was not surprised to hear him try to convince the listening public of
the need to accept the changes that are apparently under way .He went on to
trot out the well versed spin that nothing will change until all necessary
upgrades to the ambulance services have been completes. As far as I am concerned
Mr. Doyle is way off the mark here, trying to convince people that there are
better off stuck in an ambulance in traffic in an emergency situation instead
of been attended to in the A&E station in St Columcilles hospital is just ridiculous
.We are told every second counts so adding another 1800 seconds (Approx 30 minutes)
waiting before you get to a hospital in now the best alternative to what we
have now? This is utter crap. Mr. Doyle should sit in a car for thirty minutes
and contemplate just how long this really is when your life is on the line and every
second counts. This has nothing to do with upgrading services, the country is
broke because Mr. Doyle and his party have reneged on election promises
.Instead they have implemented Fianna Fail policies and are now pushing new
Austerity measures that the IMF and EU have demanded. Cutting the health
services budget is one of these demands .our local hospital services are been
cut because these gutless politicians haven’t got the balls to stand up for the
people they are supposed to represent. Instead they are hiding behind this waffle
exactly the same waffle we heard when Wicklow Town’s small hospital was closed
only a year ago.

This is all about cutting costs and this is just the
beginning with a budget defecate of 30 billion Mr. Doyle will be doing a lot
more waffling.

Wake up Ireland !

Public meeting to Save our A&E at St. Columcilles Hospital

Public meeting to Save our A&E at St. Columcilles Hospital



Thursday, June 30 · 7:30pm – 9:00pm


The Royal Hotel, Bray. Co. Wicklow

Created By

John Brady

More Info

A public meeting has been organised by the Save Our A&E Group as part of the campaign to save the 24hour A&E at St. Columcilles Hospital,Loughlinstown.All 5 Wicklow TD’s and political representatives from all parties are invited.
This meeting is needed to bring together people and public representatives to try save the essential service provided at St. Columcilles Hospital,Loughlinstown.
Any further downgrading of St Columcille’s will be bitterly opposed. The A&E was continuously in the firing line under
the previous Government and it appears to be the continued policy of FG and Labour to shut smaller Hospitals. The closure, if implemented, means that there will be no major A&E service available in a geographical line from Wexford Town to St Vincent’s Hospital on the southside of Dublin city. According to a recent update St Columcille’s had 21,077 emergency department attendances last year and 3,628 admissions through A&E. The A&E in St Columcille’s is badly needed, it is not feasible to try cram an additional 21,077 people into an already over stretched St. Vincents Hospital which is already at over capacity


Driving Mrs Lizi


Stated costs of Q Visit date 27/06/2010

It has been reported that the security bill for Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Ireland next year could cost the taxpayer more than €8m.

Read more: http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/eygbmhcwcwoj/#ixzz1MlqzSff4

Then we have

Roads in Dublin city centre were closed to traffic from the weekend and for the duration of the visit as part of precautions to prevent trouble. All the places on the Queen’s itinerary, including the national horse stud in Kildare and Cork, have been placed under police guard. The Irish security operation is predicted to cost €30m

Link http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/may/16/irish-police-arrest-republican-dissidents-queens-visit

And this morning we have this:

No funds left for nursing home care scheme

THE FUNDING allocated for the running of the Fair Deal nursing home support scheme this year has run out already, it emerged yesterday.

At the end of April more than 22,000 older people were receiving financial support under the scheme and the money available for 2011 does not allow for any net increase in this figure.

This means no new applicants will be able to enter the scheme this year unless existing applicants die. This could significantly increase the number of acute hospital beds which will be blocked to new admissions, leading to longer trolley waits in emergency departments. At the end of February, 671 beds were occupied by delayeddischarge patients.

News of the suspension of the approval of new applicants for funding under the scheme was relayed to hospitals in recent days by the HSE. Noel Mulvihill, the HSE’s assistant national director of services for older people, advised in a letter that “until we have a clear position on future funding” no new applications for the scheme should be processed.

However, the HSE said last night applications would continue to be processed but they would be granted only if money becomes available to fund them.

The news is a major headache for Minister for Health James Reilly, whose predecessor Mary Harney introduced Fair Deal in October 2009. His spokesman said he became aware in recent days there was an issue over funding the scheme and held a number of meetings on it. He told the HSE to continue to accept applications for the scheme and had instructed officials to prepare proposals on how future applications to Fair Deal would be dealt with.

Dr Reilly’s spokesman said: “At this stage it seems that the funding difficulty may be due to a combination of a significantly greater than anticipated increase in net demand, increases in the cost of care and a number of other factors.”

The scheme, which replaced nursing home subventions, is designed to help pay for the care required by individuals entering public and private nursing homes.

It is budget-capped each year and provides for applicants to defer the cost of their care until after their death if they wish by putting a lien on the value of their home at a rate of 5 per cent per year for a maximum of three years. This could now be increased to raise revenue.

The HSE, in a statement, said it was working with the Department of Health to explore options to meet the increased demand within the resources available. It also said the cost of private nursing homes has increased by about 4 per cent this year.

It is unclear how the cost of funding the scheme could have been so grossly underestimated. One source said part of the problem was older people funded under the scheme were on average living longer than anticipated.

Age Action called on the Government to address the problem urgently. “This is a nightmare situation,” its spokesman Eamon Timmins said. Older people could now be forced to pay the full cost of care or take their place “on a waiting list until somebody currently occupying a nursing home bed under the scheme vacates that bed or dies”.

Source: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2011/0519/1224297286179.html


So it would appear that the Irish Government has no money to look after its own old folks but is prepared to spend at least 30,000,000; 00 on two old folks from England who happened to be members of one of the richest families in the world. Wining and dining these two rich old folk might or might not bring some more tourists to the country but with people dying on trolleys, our countries old, left to die without proper care after a lifetime of disappointment by our political codgers and champagne socialists. Mark my words no sooner will these two old folks leave the country when the same politicians now stuffing themselves and grovelling before the Queen of England will announce new measures “for the good of the country”( you understand) will have to make adjustments to the country’s finances that will result with you and me having to pay more taxes and pay more for ever diminishing public services.  

Anglo Irish relations are important and we do need to encouraged them,and I can’t see any harm in these two old folk taking a few days to tour around, a once owned property of the family .

But friends do not take advantage of each other’s weakness and our “Friends” in England are not exactly showering us with favours with regards their portion of funds in the so called Irish National Bailout .It’s more like a bailout for themselves and we get to pay for it through the nose. Why not demonstrate this friendship by the debt forgiveness? after all we are in fact bailing their banks out by default! Friends like these we can do without! But true Friends we certainly do need.

Minster just shuffling the pack before he pulls a card from the bottom!

By Michael Brennan

Friday April 29 2011

HEALTH Minister James Reilly is planning to get insiders from his own department and the Health Service Executive to replace the outsiders on the HSE board.

He is going to appoint senior civil servants and HSE officials to replace the 12-member HSE board, which unanimously accepted his call for their resignations yesterday.

Those stepping down include UCD Professor Niamh Brennan — the wife of former PD leader Michael McDowell — and former Dublin city manager John Fitzgerald.

Dr Reilly said last night that he had made his move because he wanted to reduce the gap that had developed between the Department of Health and the HSE during former health minister Mary Harney‘s tenure.

“If we’re going back to anything, it’s to ministerial responsibility. I am shortening that chain of command, and I believe this will be for the betterment of patients through improved services,” he said.

The only survivors from the 12-member HSE board will be chairman Frank Dolphin and HSE chief executive Cathal Magee. They will be appointed to the interim HSE board, along with Department of Health secretary general Michael Scanlan and other Department of Health and HSE officials.

The board, which held its final meeting in the HSE’s offices in Adelaide Road in Dublin yesterday, will be officially abolished by the end of the year when legislation is passed.

But Dr Reilly said the structure would still remain — with the intention of keeping a good line of communication open between him, the HSE and his department. He said he would be able to get quicker reports on waiting times for patients in emergency departments.

Mr Reilly praised the retiring HSE board members for their “tremendous public service” and said they had got no pay-offs for offering their resignations.

Dr Reilly’s move is a reversal of the policy of the previous government, which clearly separated the HSE and the Department of Health. It is part of a plan to increase the control of the Department over the HSE as Dr Reilly begins his re-organisation of the health service.

The programme for Government states that the minister and the department will be “responsible for policy and spending”. It says that the HSE will cease to exist “as its functions are given to other bodies during this process of reform”.

However, the switch over to a system of universal health insurance is due to take at least five years.

Editorial comment & analysis: Page 20

– Michael Brennan Deputy Political Editor

Irish Independent


I wouldn’t be feeling sorry for the Board of the SHE they are all well looked after and have other jobs to go to .The Minister  has done a good job in getting rid of them but what is he going to do now  ?

Well of course he has friends he will now look after and we can expect to see them get the nod  this is the norm in Irish politics behind closed doors all the rotten details are kept and in a few years from now we will get to hear of the deals that this Minster is doing right now .Here is an example of rotten deals done it now appears that Brian Lenihan approved of the last bumper lottery payout to the former AIB chairman  see below

By Emmet Oliver Deputy Business Editor

Friday April 29 2011

AIB has said that Brian Lenihan rubber-stamped the €2.7m pay package for its managing director Colm Doherty when he stepped down last year.

The bank, in its 2010 annual report, claimed that the then finance minister considered Mr Doherty’s terms and conditions in November 2009 — and raised no objection.

It said Mr Lenihan approved Mr Doherty’s “existing entitlements” at the time.

The annual report reveals that AIB directors paid themselves €4.3m in 2010.

The bank revealed the sequence of events when Mr Doherty became managing director in 2009.

It said the Government’s own pay watchdog for the financial sector (known as CIROC) signed off on his contractual entitlements, including cash payments to compensate him for a cap on his overall pension benefits.

“Mr Doherty’s entitlements in lieu of pension benefits accrued above his personal fund threshold were notified to, and discussed with, the Government-established Covered Institution Remuneration Oversight Committee (CIROC) in January and February 2009,” said AIB. It pointed out that the Revenue Commissioners also signed off on the arrangements.

“Subsequently, AIB sought agreement from the relevant authorities on Mr Doherty’s contractual entitlements in the context of his appointment as group managing director,” explained the bank.

“The matter was considered in November 2009 by the then Minister for Finance, who agreed to Mr Doherty’s appointment on a voluntarily reduced salary and continuation of existing contractual entitlements, including payment of pension allowances.”

The report reveals that Mr Doherty was granted a €432,000 salary, benefits of €50,000, payments in lieu of pension benefits of €1.96m, a termination payment of €953,000 and another pension payment of €1.04m

Mr Doherty was forced to step down last year when Mr Lenihan demanded changes at the top as part of the recapitalisation of the bank.

It had been reported during 2009 that Mr Lenihan did not want Mr Doherty in the senior role and wanted the AIB board to find a suitable outsider.

– Emmet Oliver Deputy Business Editor

Irish Independent

Again another example of a minster appearing to do the right thing only to be feather nesting his own pal (softening the blow as it were) Lenihan lied to the people, of Ireland and I don’t expect any more from the current government minsters.    

None of these career politicians are trustworthy .The Current Minster was the same guy that negotiated with the last Minster of Health the enormous pay packets for the country’s hospital consultants. The Irish Hospital Consultants Association is one of the most powerful lobby groups in the country and famously described a salary of €250000 as “peanuts”. Is he the right man to get a severe cut in their salaries now??? I don’t think so!

The Minster is just shuffling the pack before he pulls a card from the bottom! This is what they do!

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