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Hospital Cutbacks : Government advice !

Ref:Save Loughlinstown A&E Wicklow action group

This fight is only starting as the new vision for Europe is now clear we are to be incorporated into a 4th Deutsche Reich and we are not going to be at the table where decisions are made we will be told what to do and our first instruction has already be giving we are to change our constitution in favour of a dictate from the German and French mouthpieces of the Big Banks in Europe.
All financial matters will now be dictated to us and with the constitutional changes we will be nothing more than debt slaves .The republic is no more thanks to the stooges in the Dail !
Health, Education and a Roof over your head are a fundamental rights and it is a crime to steal these services under the guise of health and safety. We must renew our efforts and expand beyond what was for now normal activities. These are our services and not the bequest of governments to take away whenever they so chose .People of Ireland wake up we are been fleeced.
Stand up for your rights for God sake! Don’t wait until you need to go to an A&E!

“Cancer Is Serious Business” Dr.Burzynski (2)

If you have been affected by Cancer or know of somebody who has, this video should
be brought to their attention please spread this around your contacts. This
treatment can save lives and you can help at no cost to you .I have purchased this
full video and will be showing the full version soon at a local venue in Wicklow Town, or I can deliver it on loan , for you to view anytime at your convenience. In the meantime you can contact me at 1machholz@gmail.com for more information.

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