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By Thomás O Cléirigh




Thank you for sharing your inspiring article! As I write this from Ireland ,I am hearing Emanon Gilmore (the vice prime minister of Ireland ) waffle about the Irish labour partiers resolve to stay the course and do the necessary to help get jobs and save the health services .Since He and his other liars in Government got into office we have witnessed disastrous cuts to every single public service not to mention the hundreds of thousands of job losses. This puppet has broken every promise he and his party made to the Irish electorate .

Mr Gilmore is an out and out Troikaroite -freak .The Irish labour party has ditched their loyalty to the ordinary working man in favour of the secure pensions and perks of high office and they are now diligently carrying out the disastrous policies of the Troika dictatorship that is placing an unsustainable burden on the shoulders of the Irish taxpayers who are now expected to pay in full the gambling debts of toxic and corrupt bankers without question.

Gilmore has swallowed in full the notion that it doesn’t matter that these debts placed on the shoulders of the Irish people are private Bank debts, no, what matters is that a corrupt politician agreed with the equally corrupt ECB that no European bank should go belly up and that all banks debts should be socialized and thus the responsibility of the ordinary people. So the champion of the working man is now the cheerleader for the Bankers. His declaration that the Croak Park agreement will continue to be supported is just Nuts!

This political waffler and self-serving leach is protecting a cost to the nation we cannot afforded Gilmore is protecting his own voter base and to hell with the rest of the country .Gilmore and his party are nothing more that puppets in the hands of the Troika .The labour party has abandoned the ordinary people of Ireland to the financial slave traders of Europe.

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The Troika is still hard at work breeding extremism via barmy wish-lists and unpayable taxes

Like some State-sponsored IVF treatment for enabling the birth of hard Left and Right Parties, the Troika continues its triumphant tour through the ClubMed region.

I pointed out last week how the Greek neo-nazi Party Golden Dawn has gone from under 0.3% of the vote to being bigger than Pasok. Yesterday it was the Greek Communist Party’s turn to express their admiration for the neocon hit-squad

Waving the standard banners and anti-austerity slogans,  Greek Communist Party (KKE) trade unionists took over the Labour Ministry’s facade in Athens, effectively locking the Troika out from a meeting between Yiannis Vroutsis and the Troika scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

But the conference did eventually take place, and this is what emerged as the Troikanaut wish-list:

  •  possible rise in the retirement age from 65 to 67 years old.
  • a decreased notice…

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Government is looking after its own “insider pals” 30K pay hike for HSE boss!

THE new HSE chief yesterday defended his €30,000 salary hike as Health Minister James Reilly signalled the Government should look again at public service pay.

Tony O’Brien, who previously earned €165,000 as a health official, before taking over as Health Service Executive director general designate recently, is to be paid €195,000.

Asked if it sent out the wrong message when he is overseeing €130m in health cuts, affecting many elderly and the disabled, Mr O’Brien said the salary figure was a matter for the Government and it was less than his predecessor earned.

He was speaking as Dr Reilly insisted the €700m in cuts that will be needed in the health service next year…….full article at source: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/hse-chief-overseeing-130m-cutbacks-defends-pay-hike-3216507.html


This is another well placed pal is been given a lottery salary and perks while the ordinary Joe is been fleeced, stripped of essential home care services and don’t mention A&E services .This is a blatant example of the out of touch politicians and their pals as they continue to dismantle the hard won health services every Irish citizen at one stage was entitled too . Now it is all about the haves and have not’s. Greed is alive and well and if you are with the “in” crowd you will be looked after and to hell with the rest of us. This Government is looking after its own insider pals and this will not be the last example I fear! As long as idiots continue to vote in such brazen gangster politicians they will continue to feather their own nests and that of their insider pals.

The fun hasnt even started just wait for the water charges and the increased household charge(Irish poll tax) are forced through .I wonder who is going to get the top job in these new Quangos ?more that likely more pals of the gangsters in Government!

On that note Big Phil has this message for you lads!

Wake up Ireland, Get up off your knees and rid ourselves of the political élite who have robbed us of our country and whose greed has no bounds!

St Columcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown A&E services demonstration to-day

It’s a miserable cold and rain swept day in Wicklow and the 90 odd brave souls who turned up to the demonstration for the retention of the St Columcille’s Hospital Loughlinstown A&E services deserve a gold medal .The demonstration (arranged by the people before profit )was in fact called off because of the bad weather and at an address to the assembled citizens ,who in spite of the weather , show up to fight for the retention of these vital services ,Mr Richard Boyd Barrett call for the demonstration to be put back until next Saturday 8th of Oct (same Time ).I call on anyone who can please support this action, we must stand up against those who would rob us of our health services in favour of a commercialised health system.
It’s up to you to make the effort!

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Dental Practice opening soon!

Like so many other smaller towns in Ireland Wicklow has its share
of economic casualties. There were about 27 seven shops in the town closed the
last time I bothered to count however we are still attracting new start-ups and
this is one I spotted yesterday a new dental practice  is opening up .I wouldn’t have
thought this was exactly a growth area but hell we welcome anyone who is prepared
to invest in the town and its people. Best of Luck who ever you are .

Wicklow County Council debts = 68,000,000:00 Euro?

In Case you missed this Wicklow County Council are about to
pay 3,000,000;00 Euro  for approx 3 acres of land in Charlesland area in Greenstones.

According to the Wicklow Times report, it would seem that none of the counsellors are in favour of this purchase and are falling over themselves telling anybody who will listen that they did not  know anything about this .In the same local paper we learn that the county council in debt to the tune of 65,000,000:00 Euros and even if they go ahead with the purchase the land in question will end up been left run wild as there are no funds to build any housing on it .The lands were the subject of a CPO and the seller is now deceased .This whole episode raises some serious questions like who in fact approved this purchase and why are the councillors not involved or at least why do they not have a veto on such purchases? Never the less this land on the open market would not even fetch a fraction of this kind of money to day. This is just one example of incompetence and again nobody
will lose their job and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the same people
will be in line to receive a bonus. All this is in light of the fact we are
facing huge cuts in local services! How the hell did they clock up
65,000,000,:00 in debts and what the hell is it costing us ?Where did this money go?What kind of gobshites are running the county? There should be an immediate audit of all expenditure by an independent agency and somebody must be made accountable .

“In truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.”

Photo by machholz

By Namawinelake

A phenomenon of the current financial crisis has been the colossal sums of money involved – the banks may cost us €70bn to bailout, we have an annual deficit of €18bn, our national debt is likely to peak over €200bn. For a country with a population of 4.6m, these numbers are truly gigantic. Indeed they are so big that we sometimes lose sight of what the numbers will mean to us individually or as communities. Having already suffered levies and charges to our wages, we have also seen cut-backs to services, and these look set to intensify. The closure of the Roscommon Accident and Emergency facility may have attracted a lot of headlines, but in truth there are 1,000 Roscommons coming down the track.

see full article at source here: http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/protesters-in-cork-launch-bond-tracking-facebook-page-see-daily-updates-of-bondholder-repayments/

Don’t believe the spin “Cuts are reducing services using a back door called health and safety”

This morning I was listening the same unbelievable spin coming
from Ann Ferris about the health cuts that are been imposed on  St Columcilles Hospital Loughlingstown.Mrs.Ferris
hardly in the Dail is conveniently forgetting promises made to safe guard the
A&E services at this hospital. Trying her best to hide behind the so called
health and safety issues, now suddenly of so much concern to the politicians
is fooling no one. They have devised a scheme to downgrade hospital services  around the country in order to save money and
these savings will only go to paying interest on the so called bailout of the gambling
bondholders .Mrs Ferris and the so called independent Stephen Donnelly should
hang their heads in shame .I am not surprised to see the three amigos of Fine
Gael ditching their promises .Their Boss is not giving a good example so why
should they ?The people of Wicklow got what they voted for and that is a continuation
of the severe cuts policy s of Fianna Fail .It is unbelievable to see that Fine
Gael is on 40% approval in the polls, so with this kind of approval they and
labour pals can do as they please !

If the people of Wicklow and the rest of Ireland are going
to sit on their collective backsides then we deserve the loss of our health
system! Only when we have to pay through the nose to get our children seen to
in a private hospital will the people wake up! Health is not a commodity and
should not be treated as such. The commercialisation of the Irish health
services is only in the interest of vested interests and the international
money men that see this, as one more cash generating instrument they can get their
greedy hands on cheaply. It appears the 5 Wicklow TD’s are falling over
themselves to help them do this!

What are you going to do about this? Get active and do
something the time for talk is over!  I’m doing my small bit but you can help too!

I sent this  e-mail into the east coast radio station this morning .

Morning Declan,

Ann Ferris should not be waffling around the Issues, she was not in the Dail for the vote on the A&E services last week the rest of theTD’s  from Wicklow voted to take away the A&E services from another hospital in Roscommon and other hospitals in the country,what hypocrisy? This is not good enough and this betrayal of the people of Wicklow.This blatant attempt to use the health and safety to get off the hook is despicable and downright insulting. This will not be forgotten Ann Ferris should be fighting tooth and nail to keep what we have and demand the necessary funds to upgrade the A&E services. What we have here is an outright failure to deliver on promises she made during the election. All of the Wicklow TD ’havefailed to fight for the people of Wicklow. Mr Donnelly Also failed miserably to support the people of Wicklow on this issue .We are sick and tired of him telling us of his expertise, we need action and not more lectures on his so-called expertise.

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