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House prices set ‘to fall further’


Just a few days after the Minster of Finance told us  the Nation, that the property prices have bottomed out .

we now get this report and again this shows that this Man cannot count and must be on something from the countless Head shops around the country!

IRISH TIMES reporters

House prices could continue to fall for a further 18 months, TCD finance professor Brian Lucey has warned.

The prediction came as property website Daft.ie published data that showed that although the property price crash is slowing, it is not yet over.

The latest Daft.ie house price index showed that asking prices fell by 3.4 per cent in the first three months of 2010, which represents the smallest quarterly fall in almost two years. The average house price nationally has now fallen by one-third from the peak in May 2007 to €234,000.

However, commenting on the report, Prof Lucey said that a total fall of 50 per cent is likely. Based on this assumption and average price declines since the peak, the market will not bottom out for another 18 months, he predicted.

Price falls in early 2010 were steepest in Dublin’s commuter counties, Galway city and north county Dublin.

In Dublin city centre, average prices have now fallen 44.2 per cent since the peak to €238,926. This is the sharpest decline experienced in any region.

The length of time that properties spend on the market has risen slightly in all parts of the country, including Dublin where it increased from four to five months. However in Connacht and Ulster, properties sold in the first quarter had been on the market for a 15-month average.

“Buyers are clearly factoring in further deflation,” Prof Lucey said.

Overall, the stock of houses available for sale has fallen by about 5 per cent since the middle of last year. However, in Dublin, the stock has declined by a more significant 20 per cent, which indicates that the overhang of unsold properties may be clearing in the capital.

“Furthermore, the news that almost one in three properties listed in January is either ‘sale agreed’ or sold suggests that those who price their properties keenly will find a buyer,” commented Daft.ie economist Ronan Lyon.

Prof Lucey said the fact there is no real-time or even monthly house price index produced by a Government agency is “unconscionable”. “We are, as a nation, steering blind, not to mention dumb, on the seas of house price deflation,” he said.

He added that based on the Daft.ie figures, the emerging problem of negative equity will deepen, which in turn will act as a bar “to labour mobility, to discretionary expenditure, and ultimately to economic growth”.

Meanwhile Fine Gael’s Kieran O’Donnell said the figures show the Minister for Finance’s claim that prices had reached rock bottom is “dangerously misguided”.

He said: “The reality is that thousands of people are already stuck in negative equity because of the property bubble stoked by Fianna Fáil. Many have lost their job and now face losing their home.

“This is a truly disastrous situation.

“For Minister Lenihan to be encouraging more young people to enter the housing market at such a risky time is downright irresponsible,” Mr O’Donnell added.

Wicklow Head shop closed


Well done Wicklow towns citizens

After months of campaigning we have managed to rid the town of the scourge” Head Shop ”

This is a well deserved result for the Town and a let it be a message of hope to all other communities that are suffering from this scourge.

We must never the less be on the lookout in case someone else decides to try and open another one.

Wicklow citizens demonstrate against Head shop in town

Earlier to-day a demonstration from the concerned citizens of Wicklow town staged a picket on the Head shop here in the town
The town’s citizens are not going to let this situation continue without a fight
Family’s within the town are demanding the closure of this Head shop and will picket any other landlord that will offer premises for any other Head shop I am reliably informed
Well done to the brave ladies and Gents for this morning’s action
Parents believe that products sold are drawing children into experimenting with drugs and this must be stamped out Period!

To all the Wicklow TD’s

To the Wicklow TD’s

Our viewers would like to know, what is your position on the spread of these Head shops?

What the current situation is with regards the spread of these head shops and what
are the current trading times allowed for such shops?
what are you doing rid our communities of these very
destructive and now life threatening dangers to our children.

For your information I attach a report on some compounds that are been sold to children from these head shops

You will be aware that two children were found dead last week in England after consuming “mephedrone”

Will we have to wait for the death of Irish children before we ban these Drugs?

See posting report at http://thepressnet.com/2010/03/18/selling-death/

Selling Death !

Head shops legally selling death!

I attach a report on some of the compounds that are been sold to children from these head shops

You will be aware that two children were found dead last week in England after consuming “mephedrone”

Will we have to wait for the death of Irish children before we ban these Drugs?

On December 18, our reporter delivered all three – Blow, Charge and Diablo XXX – to the National Drug Advisory and Treatment Centre on Dublin’s Pearse Street for analysis.

The results came back on January 6. Blow and Diablo contained mephedrone, while Charge showed indications of lidocaine and flephedrone. The main biochemist said: ‘Mephedrone and flephedrone are synthetic compounds. These are not herbal highs, these are synthetic drugs.’ ‘The presence of lidocaine in the Charge product may explain how it might be marketed as a cocaine substitute, as lidocaine has long been used as an adulterant of cocaine due to similarities in its effects.

‘These compounds may have very similar effects to illegal drugs. While some chemically related drugs such as cathinone are controlled, mephedrone is currently not controlled. ‘A small change in the chemical structure can make a drug that’s not controlled. Mephedrone is chemically related to some illegal drugs.

‘Mephedrone is a substituted cathinone.

Cathinones are derivatives of phenethylamines (the family of amphetamine compounds that include MDMA ‘ecstasy’). The number of these new drugs has meant that that restricting them is difficult.’ According to a December study by Liverpool’s John Moore’s University, the side effects of mephedrone and flephedrone can include palpitations, sweating, insomnia, loss of short-term memory, vertigo, grinding teeth and dizziness. According to the HRB, mephedrone has been linked to two deaths in Sweden – where it was made illegal in 2009.

source http://findarticles.com/p/news-articles/mail-on-sunday-london-england-the/mi_8003/is_2010_Jan_17/cocaine-100pc-legal-head-shops/ai_n48662782/pg_2/

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