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Northern Ireland court case sheds light on Irish banks lending practices during the boom

“About this time Mr McDonald [Bank of Scotland (Ireland)] told Mr Walsh that he was coming under considerable pressure to lend more money due to increased lending targets imposed by the bank and the bank was keen to expand the loan book to key customers and Mr Walsh was identified as a key customer or a preferred customer.  Mr McDonald advised that the bank had received particulars of Direct Line House in Leeds and it was proposed that Mr Walsh should acquire this property.” Extract from Northern Ireland High Court judgment Chris Walsh v Bank of Scotland (Ireland).

Will this nation ever forgive developers for having racked up colossal lending, which, when the State decided to guarantee the banks and use NAMA to acquire the lending, fell on our shoulders in circumstances where the loans will never be fully repaid because of the collapse in property prices? Maybe we will, but in a judgment delivered in Belfast’s High Court in April this year which has just now been published, we get an insight into lending practices at banks which seemingly show that there are two sides to the lender-borrower relationship.

full article at source:http://namawinelake.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/northern-ireland-court-case-sheds-light-on-irish-banks-lending-practices-during-the-boom/

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