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Spain’s anti-austerity frontline: Marching miners invade Madrid


First the Greeks and now the spanish are showing us the Irish what we need to do to get rid of our corrupt politicians and their self get rich schemes. Telling the rest of us to tighten our belts while they and their friends milk the system for all they can get !Nothing has changed. Haughey come back all is forgiven!

The Prospects for European Disunion

Deutsch: 45. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz 200...

Deutsch: 45. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz 2009: Der französische Präsident Nicolas Sarkozy beim gemeinsamen Pressestatement. English: 45th Munich Security Conference 2009: The President of the French Republik, Nicolas Sarkozy (ri), Federal Chancellor, Germany at the press statement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Europe is, economically speaking, in dire straits, and the two most powerful economies on the continent are, at least on paper, led by individuals with considerable differences. The previous French President Nicolas Sarkozy was not merely regarded as a man of austerity but a man Chancellor Angela Merkel could do business with. The Sarkozy-Merkel imprint marks the entire bailout strategy that is now being employed against the Greeks.  It is a model that has ushered in technocratic governments whose loyalties lie less to the citizen than the budget.  Balancing accounts and paying creditors is considered the noble thing to do.  Sovereign interests, at least for those with empty wallets, come second.

Greek efforts to form a government have so far failed, and the Germans are getting agitated.  High up on the list of points that have been discussed between the freshly elected François Hollande and Merkel in their first meeting in Berlin is seeking a unified stance on rectifying the problem.  The issue is how far Merkel will budge, and how far Hollande is happy to yield to Berlin’s hardline approach on such matters as the fiscal compact

full article at source: http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/05/16/the-prospects-for-european-disunion/

What Comes Next for the EU: Three Scenarios


The European Central Bank says it is backing both Italy and Greece despite not having the funds for it. Push is coming to shove for the EU. If it’s to survive, it will have to be as a radically different entity.

So here’s a quick recap of the situation in Europe:

  • Greece is totally broke. Bailouts make it possible for the nation to pay its bills, but add to its total debt. There is no plausible scenario in which Greece can earn enough money to repay its current debt, let alone new ones. If it were a person or a company, it would already have declared bankruptcy and tried to start over. There is a lot of debate over whether the Greeks should jump out of the EU or be pushed.
  • Ireland and Portugal: See above.

full article at source: http://www.bnet.com/blog/sports-entertainment/what-comes-next-for-the-eu-three-scenarios/1471?tag=content;drawer-container


The description of Greece position is really a description ofthe Irish financial position .Our government are bending over themselves to please their masters in the Deutsche bank who will squeeze this country dry until the people go out on to the streets and demand a stop to this madness of accumulating more and more debts. At some point our politicians must realize that we are of no consequence to the Germans .A pat on the back for been a good debt slave is not going to save our country .We must face up to the fact we are not earning
enough to pay the interest on the guaranteed sums of money our government have
taken on .These private gambling debts of the Deutsche Bank must be faced up to
by the German people .Our small nation is been sacrificed by our gutless
politicians out to enrich themselves by selling off the family silver at unbelievable
knockdown prices to their insider pals in private industry .This is Treason and
these politicians must be held to account .


Germany profited in boom so must deal with the bust!

By David Mc Williams

It is now down to Germany. Does it want to save the euro or not? If it does, it will have to underwrite the Irish along with the Italians, Spaniards and a few others besides, not to mention the Greeks.

If it doesn’t want to save the euro, it will have to deal with a rapidly rising new deutschemark, which will soar in value against every currency — not just in Europe but against every currency in the world. In fact, the blueprint for Germany is Switzerland, and last week the Swiss National Bank responded to the rising Swiss franc by capping its rapid appreciation because it is hurting Swiss industry. A post-euro Germany with the new deutschemark would be like the Swiss Franc on steroids. It would be like a massive Switzerland in the heart of Europe with a hugely overvalued currency.

full article at source: http://www.davidmcwilliams.ie/2011/09/14/germany-profited-in-boom-so-must-deal-with-the-bust?utm_source=WebsiteSubscribers&utm_campaign=02a50fdec3-Weekly_Roundup_10_August_2011&utm_medium=email



Germany :Should I stay or should I go???

Are we going to be any better off in a year’s time ?

The markets went on rally mode yesterday and the financial stocks in the USA  got a boost but I want to sound a word of caution .The Euro crises is by no means over in fact yesterday’s proceedings in the Greek parliament was nothing short of farcical. Giving the Greeks another 120 billion because the couldn’t even pay back the interest owed on the first 120 billion is mindboggling stupidity.

There seems to be a collective outbreak of the emperor has no clothes situation here! Even as the announcement was been carried across the airwaves I was hearing from people in the markets that this was only a short reprieve as most commentators didn’t believe the Greeks had a hope of ever paying back these loans .For all of you who believe
that I am always looking on the gloomy side of this financial crises, let me ask a simple question.

With the austerity measures and mountains of debt  we here
in Ireland have been forced to take on by our gombeen politicians and now the Greeks are in the same boat my question is .Are we going to be better off in  a year’s time in fact in 5 years time ?

The answer is “No” definitely not!  Because our debt mountain will be much larger
and if we are now struggling to pay the current levels of debt how in God’s name, how are we going to be able to pay much larger amounts of debt in a year’s time???.Nobody in government can give an answer to this question.Now back to the Greek drama.

I got this report from my Greek friend Giorgos of mine living in Athens yesterday.

The economy, the troubles we see on the tv is only
in the centre of Athens..The population in Athens is 5 million. At the moment
in Athens is taking place the Para Olympics and the event is going well. The
problem with our economy is that we are in big debts, we own a lot of money to
the German and French banks, so they lent us money in order to pay back old debts.
Because if we will not pay them their banks will be in big problem, but in
order to give us the money we have to sellout, very very cheep all public assets
also the government in order to save money cuts the wages and increase the taxes
and spent less. The economy is in a big depression, lots of young people can’t
find jobs. The people now do the fighting with the police in the centre of Athens
are the anarchists. The majority of the people are doing peaceful protests in
the squares. I don’t really know how long it will last. Myself in a few years
time I will retire. I think about the new generation. There is no future for them
hope that the things will turn better.

Reading this I could have sent this back to him explaining about things here in Ireland. However things are about to get even worse as the real big problem in fact “The emperor has no clothes”

The stitch up agreed yesterday is ignoring the elephant in the room Spain and things are really bad as the above  video clip has showen  and again we are familiar with the  problems ,the only difference is we in Ireland got the banks to divulge most of their liabilities so we are told!

Spanish banks haven’t even started to do even this and we are going
to see a lot of Spanish Anglo Irish banks pop up in the coming months so hold on to your socks!

Greek watch day 13

By namawinelake

Some 50-80,000 people are estimated to have gathered in peaceful, non-political protest in front of the parliament buildings in Athens yesterday evening. This is an ongoing daily protest which gathers each evening. For a country with a population of 11.3m of which 4m live inAthens, it was an impressive display, particularly because it was not political or affiliated with any union. The political reaction so far to relatively small, peaceful crowds that gather each evening has been “meh”.
Our biggest protest during the financial crisis was 100-200,00 in 2009 when the (original) pension levy was introduced. 

Read full article at source: https://mail.google.com/mail/?hl=en&shva=1#inbox/13065a8207fecfb5

A message from Anonymous Operation

Dear World Citizens and Members of the Media
This is a message from Anonymous Operation Want in solidarity with our brothers and sisters with Anonymous Greece Money back. Operation Want are Anonymous researchers, writers and others that use the proven method of Follow the Money to seek out and expose the people and politicians that are corrupt. Operation Want brings the Truth to light in support of Whistleblowers, Freedom of Information, Freedom of Speech and Internet Freedom. Anonymous Greece wants the banksters to give the People their  money back .
Information is Free. Please Distribute Globally. The Greek government and media are censoring the people of the world from viewing the massive protests and r-evolution occurring in the streets.
The People of Greece have united and taken to the street once again today, in opposition to the corrupt Austerity Plans of the Greek Government leaders and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  Without allowing the Greek citizens to vote, government leaders have accepted approximately $157 billion dollars (€110 billion) from 2010 – 2013  In “rescue loans” from European Union countries (EU) and the IMF. Such Austerity Plans have been met by the successful opposition of the people of Iceland who have insisted on their right to vote. Currently the people of Spain have taken up the banner of the Iceland protests and Anonymous united. Greece must also uphold their constitution and let the people vote.
The people of Greece are faced with prolonged poverty and a dramatic decrease in their standards of living, as their corrupt government attempts to push through further austerity measures of debts. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that those elites in control of the IMF continue to profit from the misery of the Greek people. The overreaching powers of the European Union (EU) and the IMF will not go unnoticed or unopposed by the global community who stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters of Greece.
Thus, the people of Greece have been left with no other option than to take to the streets in a peaceful revolution against the economic tyrants that are the IMF. The good Greek People have been beaten by the police that are supposed to be protecting them. The Greek government is using the police, allowing the brutality that had even caused death of citizens, to protect the greedy international banking industry led by the elitists of the IMF.
Anonymous demands the following;
  • The Greek governments allow their people to vote and decide their own future.
  • The Greek government must uphold their constitution and not allow the EU and IMF dictate and rule the People of Greece.
  • The Greek government and corporate media must immediately stop their censorship of coverage of the protests. Let there be transparency so the world can watch the power of the People and hear their voices.
  • That the Greek government support non-violence against the People by immediately calling off the police and state sponsored terrorism which the citizens of Greece have been subjected unfairly to for simply exercising their human right to peaceful assembly.
Anonymous wants the economic noose of the IMF is removed from around the necks of the Greek citizens immediately and that the citizens of Greece are granted the right to vote on the outcome of their future.
Aristotle has proclaimed that “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime!”
The hand of the Greek people has been forced. Their voice will be heard!
We Are Anonymous,
Anonymous is everyone.
We are everywhere.
We Do Not Forget.
We Do Not Forgive.
Anonymous is Legion.
Expect Us!

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