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National Student March

03 November · 12:30 – 16:00

Location Dublin City Centre

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  Thousands of students & graduates will march on the streets of the capital city to protect education and the future of the country:Can you afford another massive hike in the registration fee to €3000?Can you afford another 10% cut to the student maintenance grant?The march will also highlight the soaring levels of graduate unemployment & emigration…. and the Government’s ongoing failure to tackle these problems.Students will congregate at Parnell Square at 12.30pm and from there, will march to Government buildings at Dublin 2.

Guest speakers at the event will include USI President, Gary Redmond and a host of public representatives



The National Student March is taking place on Wednesday and I will be attending, if there are any of our members that would like to come I can collect you from the Grand Hotel and bring you back after the march, I can take up to 4 persons in my car

see our events notice here http://thepressnet.com/movement-for-political-change/events/

I would ask you to wear one of our special T-Shirts (supplied by us) or can be collected if you are going on your own!

Contact Thomas  e-mail  1machholz@gmail.com

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