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No To Irish Tax Haven

The Independent MEP for Ireland East, Nessa Childers, has called for complete openness and transparency about the operations of the Clearing House Group, the body of senior civil servants and financiers that lobbies government on behalf of the big banks and multinationals in Dublin’s International Financial Services Centre.

No tax havens

The MEP’s comments follow further disclosures that the Clearing House Group lobbied successfully for at least a dozen major tax breaks and concessions for big companies in the 2013 Finance Act.

Ms Childers said: ‘Every tax break or financial concession given to a bank or a multinational in the IFSC is paid for by either a tax increase or a cut in public spending for PAYE workers and people on social protection. We need to know precisely what these lobbyists are looking for, what concessions are being offered to them and the consequences of those decisions for other citizens. We cannot have important provisions of the Budget and the Finance Act determined through backroom lobbying by an unelected cabal of civil servants and financiers.  This highly secretive process reduces the Oireachtas debates on the Finance Bill to a charade. I call on the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD, to immediately publish full details of this year’s lobbying by the Clearing House Group so that we can have a proper public debate.’  

The Ireland East MEP said it is not enough for the government to publish the minutes of meetings of the Clearing House Group. She said ‘The real lobbying is done in the sub-groups dealing with areas like banking, treasury, insurance and international assets and their minutes are still not published’,

Ms Childers also said there are wider issues relating to lobbying: ‘Through a Freedom of Information request last year, I discovered the extent of the international finance industry’s regular and direct access into the heart of the Irish government, to influence not only Irish domestic policy but also Ireland’s stance on EU policy.’

The Union bosses are the mafia that keeps the government in power

By Thomás O Cléirigh


The Union bosses are the mafia that keeps the government in power and not the troika .These wolves in sheep clothing are nothing more than the real collaborators doing the biding of the faceless moneymen that allow the union bosses to extract enormous funds from their members and suck the country dry as they or their pals sit on the various guanos boards of course for hefty fees. The Union bosses are taking salaries equivalent to the Minsters of government and they have the perks and pensions to match. These sell-outs have betrayed the workers and the Irish workers are still like sheep following these leaches as they milk the insider system for all they can get.

Workers of Ireland wake up don’t you see these union bosses are part of the problem and are in no way going to rock the boat. They are out for themselves! Get out of these unions or kick out these puppets of the Labour party now.

These same union bosses have stood ideally by as our health services were  dismantled ,over the last 5 years they have done nothing for the ordinary man in the street they have watch and done nothing as new taxes were imposed on families to pay for private debts of corrupt bankers .These unions are nothing more than puppets of the political system , a extra insurance the government of the day has against workers going out on to the streets and demanding true democracy just like they have in Iceland. We need people power and not hidden planted insiders who run the unions on behalf of the government of the day.

The unions have abandoned the unemployed and they are out to keep themselves in their plumb top jobs! It is totally immoral that workers should be accepting Austerity while these sell-outs continue to pay themselves lottery salaries. When I hear of old folk dying in each other’s arms because they cannot afford to heat their homes I say it’s time to take the fight to the streets and kick these leaches off our backs now .Every decent worker should down tools and go on a general strike with or without the unions now. No more Austerity do as Iceland did tell the Government and their Union insider pals to get stuffed we don’t need their permission to take back our country from gangsters!

Have you ever wondered why Irish workers are not joining other European Workers in demonstrating against the imposed austerity that is paying the gambling debts of hidden faceless moneymen?

Simple: The union bosses are bought and paid for by the real power brokers who rule over us now!

Savage Budget 2012 -13

By  Charlie Weston and Fionnan Sheahan

THE most savage Budget of the economic downturn has hit ordinary families for €1,000 a year.

Property tax, cuts to child benefit and changes to social insurance have put extraordinary new pressure on squeezed family incomes.

Pensioners will lose out with cuts to the household package that helps for electricity, gas and telephone bills.

And in a move that is set to prove highly controversial, mothers on maternity leave will now have to pay tax on State maternity payments – despite paying for this already through PRSI.

No section of society was left unscathed by the draconian Budget.

In the wake of the delivery of a package of cuts and taxes worth €3.5bn, there were scuffles between gardai and protesters outside Leinster House.

The Government was also under fire for announcing the closure of 100 garda stations, as part of the biggest overhaul in the history of the State, under cover of the Budget.

Families will be pounded by a string of new taxes and charges:

* Maternity benefit will be treated as taxable income — costing mothers an average of €800.

* A new property tax will cost €180 for every €100,000 the property is worth. This means a €200,000 house will generate a property tax of €360.

* Changes to pay related social insurance (PRSI) will mean that all those earning above the minimum wage will pay an extra €264 a year.

* Self-employed PRSI contributions were doubled, and will be applied to unearned income such as dividends, rents and deposit interest.

* A €10 cut to child benefit. A family with two children will be down €240 over a year.

* Another €250 on the student registration charge.

* Changes to the drugs payment scheme which will see families paying out €144 a month before the State will cover the cost.

* Changes to motor tax, with some pre-2008 cars to be levied an extra €126 a year.

* Savers are to be hit with a rise in DIRT of at least 33pc.

* The price of a pint rose by 10c last night, with duty on wine up by €1.

* Cigarettes went up by 10c.

There will also be rises in capital gains and capital acquisitions tax, according to the new measures.

New criteria will also be introduced for those aged over 70 in order to qualify for a medical card, with those on higher incomes eligible for a GP card only.

The duration of jobseeker’s benefit will also be reduced by three months.

The full details of the property tax were provided.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the decision to introduce a property tax was “progressive and fair”.

Last night, the Government began passing the Budget measures with votes on the hikes in alcohol and cigarettes.

No coalition TDs defected and the Government passed the vote 108 to 49.

But Labour Party chairman Colm Keaveney has still not committed to voting with the Government on social welfare cuts next week. Former Labour minister Roisin Shortall said the Budget was “regressive and anti-family”.

She also attacked Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore on the size of his pension.

Finance Minister Michael Noonan used his Budget speech to outline his plans for growth in the small business sector – but there are major tax hits for workers and homeowners.

The minister last night denied his Budget will cost the average family €1,000 per year in taxes and lost benefits.

“I don’t accept that figure. You might get an example that fits that but it’s not typical,” he said.

Mr Noonan offered a robust defence of his second Budget, saying it “would be recalled as a reforming Budget” that had finally broadened the tax base by introducing a property tax after years of discussion while also reforming the public and private pension system.

“We have the most progressive income tax system in the EU,” he said.

Public Spending Minister Brendan Howlin admitted it was “not easy” to keep providing public services while imposing over €2bn in spending cuts.


He announced a range of cutbacks, including a €10 reduction in child benefit and reductions in the telephone and electricity allowances for elderly people.

Mr Howlin said the country would come through the “tough” crisis which was almost without precedent in the developed world. “In time, future generations will be proud that we, as a people, tackled this crisis head on,” he said.

Source:  http://www.independent.ie/national-news/budget/most-savage-budget-yet-takes-1000-from-families-3317482.html


European Commission ‘regrets’ bailout report leak | Irish Examiner

The European Commission has said it “regrets” the fact that a draft edition of its latest report on Ireland’s bailout progress was leaked.

The document suggests ending the automatic entitlement to a medical card for those out of work, and questions whether the dole should be cut according to how long a person has been unemployed.

The draft also indicates that Irish households will begin paying water charges in January 2014

see more at source at below link:

European Commission ‘regrets’ bailout report leak | Irish Examiner.


Need any more proof that the gombeens in the Dail are getting their orders from Brussels???Our people have become financial servicing slaves to the gambling faceless money men in Europe.Every one of the members of the Irish government has sold us and our country out! Where are the fighting Irish ??? The republic is no more!

Michael D what about the Irish people and the Austerity Mongers in the Dail

Fighting stuff indeed from Michael D! But why isn’t he fighting for the health services in Ireland, the workers losing their Jobs, what about the unemployed  and their loss of dignity, what about the faceless moneymen destroying our country ,what about the wankers in the Government selling Ireland piece by piece .Why is he so silent on these and other issues?

I have been a long supporter of Michael D but since he was elected into office he seem to have lost his way to the Dail where he should be banging on the door demanding an end to the Troika dictatorship imposed on this country by corrupt politicians and their insider friends like (Peter Sutherland of Goldmann Sachs) and other international Banker friendly spokesmen and woman who infest the corridors of power?

We the ordinary people of Ireland want our president to come out of the Auras and put Fire under our own corrupt politicians in Lenster House.

We want our country back from the international faceless moneymen and their puppets in Dáil Eireann .

So what about it Michael are you up to the Job I voted you in for???

Mise le meas

Thomás Ó Cléirigh

“The big countries in Europe get suitcases of money and the small countries in Europe get a ‘spar-commissar”

Welcome to the European Union where “The big countries in Europe get suitcases of money and the small countries in Europe get a ‘spar-commissar”.(To you and me that is the Troika dictatorship). Yes my friends we now officially have a two tier Europe .If your big enough you can force you Debts on to the shoulders of all the taxpayers of Europe, but If you are a citizen of Ireland ,or of any of the other small nations in Europe you are “snookered” because (as is the case of Ireland)our economy is such a small part of the overall European economy ( 1%) and our politicians are nothing more that gombeens on the take and make for themselves they are happy to pocket the crumbs that fall from the toxic corrupt ECB Table. They  are a disgrace and deserve to be severally punished in the next elections ,But I fear by the time this comes around we will not have anything worth fighting for as all of our countries resources will have been sold to private vested interests whom our corrupt politicians are busy helping to achieve just that!

Here is a link http://www.independent.ie/business/european/relief-for-merkel-as-she-wins-vote-on-spanish-bank-aid-3174140.html to an article that confirms that even the German politicians are now aware of this fact, and following this comment ,we have an article from the local rag  ( where we are informed that one of our local politicians has secured a top paying position in Brussels where his connections and contacts will be uses to promote business!!!!!!  As a “lobbyist” and at 200,000 Euros a year I sure I won’t be meeting him down at the dole queue anytime soon and don’t get me started on what he is collecting in pension “entitlements”. He gets around 100,000 a year pension .This rot is of course rampant throughout our economy and society, it’s who you know and who you are and qualifications are not necessary as long as you are one of the boys, you will be looked after and the ordinary “Joe soap” will be asked to stump up and put up and of course shut up!  


Finding Freedom in an Unfree World

Daily Bell: Hello again. Thanks for sitting down with us. It’s almost time for FreedomFest again this year. Why don’t you fill our readers in on FreedomFest generally, the nuts and bolts of this year’s event and why you believe this is the most important FreedomFest in the history of your conferences?

Mark Skousen: Thanks for contacting me again.  Our political, financial and personal liberties are slowly but surely being squeezed, with dire consequences.  Due to one series of government-induced crises after another, our world is facing more and more instability and controls, and losses of wealth and freedom.  “Mandated” and “prohibited” are the two watchwords of today.

What to do?  I’ve felt for some time the need for everyone in the freedom movement to gather together once a year (actually physically meeting in one location, not just emailing, texting, blogging or tweeting) to learn what’s really going on in Washington and around the world, to network and create bridges with like-minded individuals, to develop ways to counter our losses, to rebuild our standard of living and finally, to celebrate our freedoms, or what is left of them – and maybe even turn the tide away from the growing welfare-warfare state.

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/

Irish Government lies have been exposed

 By Thomas Clarke

Now this should of great interest to all those Irish voters who were inclined to vote Yes in the coming referendum. The Government and particularly Michael Noonan and Edna Kenny have been insisting we the Irish people would have nowhere to go to get funds if we needed a second bailout if we were to vote no. These lies have now been exposed and there is no reason now why we the Irish voters should listen to another word coming from these laying thugs in the Dail.

The Government should now resign having tried to bully and lie to the Irish public into passing this treacherous change in the Irish constitution and allow the Irish public to cast their judgment on them .I suppose they should be grateful that the Irish people do not have access to any guillotine’s, because they should all be brought up on charges of fraud, treachery, and dereliction of duty!

I charge this government with economic terrorism and Fraud!

To my fellow citizens I call on you now to get up off your knees and demand an end to this collaboration with the austerity fascists who have practically destroyed Greece and are attempting with the help of collaborators within the Irish government to sell off our country piece by piece.

For God sake use you brains and vote No to more Austerity!


“A finance ministry draft shows that Berlin is preparing a fresh bail-out to stabilise the Greek economy and stem EMU-wide contagion after a return to the drachma, should the country reject EU austerity demands. The funds would come from Europe’s rescue machinery but costs would be shared among all 27 EU members – not just the eurozone on the grounds “that Greece has a right to Brussels crisis funds, like any other member state with its own currency”. The scheme aims to contain fallout from a Greek exit and “limit the losses of the European Central Bank” on the country’s bonds.”





Labour has turned its back on its election promises and have betrayed the people!

Labour chiefs were shaken by the plunge in support from 19pc six months ago to   just 13pc as it appeared the party was bearing the brunt of voter   dissatisfaction. Just 22pc of Labour supporters indicated they were happy   with the Government’s performance. Fine Gael slipped 3 points to 33pc.   Fianna Fail TD Timmy Dooley, the party’s director of elections for the   coming referendum, said the rise in Sinn Fein support showed the electorate   was “flirting” with that party’s “utopian” views

full article at source: http://www.herald.ie/news/labour-reeling-as-shinners-in-front-to-lead-opposition-3087301.html


A SELF-EMPLOYED father-of-two not going to pay his taxes anymore

A SELF-EMPLOYED father-of-two has said he is not going to pay his taxes anymore and is prepared to go to jail over the issue.

Offaly man Patrick McGreal, 31, says he is no longer prepared to contribute to a system that he says is not working and claims that we pay some of the highest taxes in the world with the least return when it comes to healthcare and education.

“What’s the worst they can do to me? Bring me to court, probably heavily fine me, then I can’t pay the fine so they throw me in jail. But at the end of the day I don’t want my tax money being paid to the likes of bankers who did take a risk and who aren’t suffering,” he told TheJournal.ie

McGreal, who works as a courier selling farming produce around the country, said that at the end of the tax year he does not intend to file any tax returns and adds that he will avoid paying VAT wherever possible

full article at source: http://www.thejournal.ie/i-wont-pay-for-bankers-risk-taking-man-says-hell-stop-paying-tax-414069-Apr2012/


We need more people to now start to cut out the state .Effectively stop the state getting tax from us , we also now need to start a boycott campaign  against the banks buy only what you need to survive do not buy any un-necessary items, stop buying German goods. Anything that will reduce the state’s ability to pay the interest on the private gambling debts   of these faceless gangsters, any money the state gets in taxes is now going to pay the gambling bondholders and the Deutsche Bank! Take you savings out of the Banks and put it into the post office or the credit unions. Stop having any business with the current Government Boycott all TD,s who support the current lying government. They have broken every promise they made to the Irish people and as such do not deserve any support in return. It’s time we the people show we are not going to take anymore of this crap from them. So let’s tell our Government TD,s we will boycott them until the stop supporting this government and stand with the people and stop this madness ,taking money from our services and paying back the private gambling debts of gangsters.

Hell no I will not pay, I will use every opportunity not to pay into the coffers of this corrupt government.   

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