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Ireland in 2014 a BA -NAMA Republic, a land devoid of democracy


By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


No matter who you vote into power we still get the same policies and gangsters lining their own pockets .The system is totally rotten and is an insult to the memory of the men and woman of 1916 !I have already denounced the right of the current puppet Irish government to rule over me or my family!

I have successfully avoided contributing to these traitors’ coffers as much as I could possible do, by not buying anything that I did not need in the mad consuming system and by using bartering as a method of getting items or services I had to have .Or simply using the Black Economy! Democracy in Ireland is a myth, we go through the motion of voting but who we get to vote for and what they in turn do when they get their hands on the reins of power is an entirely different story! It’s a story of corruption, self-serving  insiders and sell out politicians and Unions all saying the right things but doing exactly the same politics of the previous crooks and puppets of the elite and vested interests who have total control of the media and judiciary! We are no longer a nation of citizens but a nation of debt slaves and cash generating surf’s, forced to pay for everything from water to a roof over our heads to sub standard health services and a disastrous education system that brainwashes our children and robs them of their true identity!

We are a proud Celtic nation, an accent people the Egyptian and Romans revered. We are the descendants of the great famine, Are we now going to allow ourselves become financial slaves? Cash cows, to be milked for the rest of our lives by gangsters and their political puppets who wrap themselves with the nation’s flag! Yes robbing people of their identity  makes it easy to convince them that they are worthless and to make do with the crumbs that fall from the table of the rich and powerful elite who have sold us into slavery!

The government’s latest example of selling to the highest international bidders, the cash flow generating opportunity, from the hard pressed motorist of this BA-NAMA Republic under the guise of road safety (speed traps to you and me) is apparent for all to see .These new cameras will link up the revenue, motor tax office and the cartel of the Irish motor insurance rip off merchants into one super massive cash generating machine for the operators! So you won’t be able to go anywhere with these gangsters knowing it ,all we need now is for the Supermarket loyalty cards info into the same system and a complete picture is then available for our masters to have total control over our miserable lives as debt slaves!

Happy New Year, hopefully 2014 will see the resurgent rebel Irish spirit, when the citizens rise up and pull these objects of tyranny and their collaborator operators  down all over the country!

Either way, I remain loyal to the spirit of Ireland and our rich heritage, our true Celtic culture and our constitution (First )  that enshrined the principles of direct democracy and that all citizens were equal . The protection of the natural resources of our ancient lands and the benefits to be shared equally among our people .The right of every citizen to a roof over the head, and free lifelong education and health care! We do not need career politicians eagerly carrying out the dictates of Brussels and Berlin or Goldman Sacks and the IMF.

Rise up and take back our country from our out of touch puppets in the Dial

Mise Le Mass

Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh

call on the Irish government to abolish FOI fees entirely.

Up- date on the FOI from our friends over at  www.thestory.ie

Access Info Europe and the Centre For Law and Democracy have called on the Irish government to abolish FOI fees entirely. In an open letter written to Public Expenditure and Reform Minister Brendan Howlin, Helen Darbishire from Access Info and Toby Mendel from the Centre for Law and Demcoracy wrote:

Various arguments have been put forward to justify charging up-front fees simply for making requests, none of which can be justified by reference to either international standards or comparative law and practice. Charging up-front fees for information requests violates international standards. It is clearly unacceptable to charge people to exercise a fundamental right. This is reflected in the Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents, which expressly prohibits up-front charges for requests (Article 7(1)). Indeed, the drafters of that Convention considered and specifically rejected a request from Ireland to allow for such charges.

full article at source: http://thestory.ie/2013/11/18/international-ngos-call-for-ireland-to-abolishfoifees/

Beware of German (KfW) Bearing Gifts?..


As reported in today’s press, Ireland has secured a sort-of backstop to its exit from the bailout via an agreement with Germany‘s state- and local authorities-owned KFW Development Bank (see: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/kfw-is-a-public-bank-providing-development-loans-at-lower-interest-than-commercial-rates-1.1595460 and http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/bailout-a-calculated-political-gamble-that-just-might-not-pay-off-249727.html). This was blessed by Germany (http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/merkel-backs-ireland-bailout-exit-without-overdraft-29754656.html). And it may or may not qualify as a backstop for the Exchequer (see speculative analysis here: http://www.irishexaminer.com/archives/2013/1115/ireland/bailout-exit-declaration-exaggerated-half-truth-249716.html).
One can only speculate as to the possible conditionalities imposed by Angela Merkel and her potential coalition partners on Ireland under the exit deal, but here’s an interesting parallel development that has been unfolding in recent weeks……

full article at source: http://trueeconomics.blogspot.ie/

Up-date on rights to freedom of expression and access to information

By Gavin Sheridan

As we expected, the Government has reacted to today’s media coverage of FOI and gone on the offensive. Yesterday included an embarrassing incident between the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and internationally recognised experts on the rights to freedom of expression and access to information, ARTICLE 19.

Morning Ireland discussed it this morning (listen here), but suffice to say, ARTICLE 19 are strong opponents of the current and planned fee regime – “a violation of international law” doesn’t get much stronger.

To our amazement the Department had cited Article 19 as a source to justify fees.

The money quote:

“ARTICLE 19 understands that the Government of Ireland has issued a press release justifying the expansion of stringent fees on Freedom of Information Act requests by referring to the ARTICLE 19 Model Freedom of Information Law, developed in 1999. This justification represents a fundamental misunderstanding of both the Model Law and international law.

ARTICLE 19 strongly opposes the current Irish policy allowing for imposition of fees for making requests as well as the pending bill before the Dail to expand fees by allowing requests to be split and charged for each facet. We believe that it violates international law by placing unreasonable restrictions on the right of all persons to access information held by government bodies…………..

full article at source: http://thestory.ie/2013/11/13/latest-government-spin-released-a-country-analysis/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+thestory%2FQSEJ+%28The+Story%29


From “Gathering”to “Scattering”

The political parties in the Irish Government are indeed the friends of the Irish Youth! This is their real message.”Get lost “

Youth in Ireland

see also :

 By David Burns

I last wrote for Generation Emigration about the desire to make my way home as I’d never got to know the place before I left it. It seems, especially as of yesterday, that I will be swimming against a rising tide.

Logging into the Zuckerberg express last night, I saw my friends back home were all posting protests or travel plans. A few of them ‘shared’ the call of activist group 1913 Unfinished Business, aiming to demonstrate outside the Dáil today at 5pm.Others had retweeted the quip that, cutting both Dole payments for U-26 and air tax, Michael Noonan might has well drop ‘the lads’ down to Australia himself.

Personally, I can understand the view held by the Government and others that people of that age group should be in work or education. I can understand it, despite national figures standing at 30.8 per cent for youth unemployment, because people normally equate youth with resilience. I can understand a general dismissal of protest movements against the 2014 budget because people habitually equate youth with irresponsibility as well.

full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/blogs/generationemigration/2013/10/16/with-this-budget-government-policy-changes-from-gathering-to-scattering/

see also : http://www.irishtimes.com/news/video/?vid=1.1570568

A parting shot across the bows of Irish Politicians…..

by austbe

I have decided to write one last article before I take the break I have to take.

This post is firmly pointed at current politicians, both in Government and out and future politicians who may enter the political world in the Local, European and National Elections in the not too distant future here in Ireland.

My inspiration for this article has come from a number of international views articulated over the past week or so… and from my own personal views.

In order to escape accountability for its actions, the Irish Government now does everything in its power to promote a collective amnesia in the Irish people.

Secrecy and Silence are to of the tools in the Governments first line of defense.

If Secrecy fails, Government resorts to attacks on the credibility of it victims, the Irish people.

If Government cannot silence its detractors, it tries to make sure nobody is listening and it does a very good job of this with its stranglehold over the national broadcaster RTE and control over vested insiders in the commercial media.

After every scandal, shortcoming or failure of government we are preached at so much that we now expect to hear the same predictable apologies and excuses.

Either it never happened or, the accuser’s are lying or, the accuser’s are exaggerating or, the people brought it on themselves! or simply, it just happened, its in the past and we need to move on.

With our People now experiencing depression level economic conditions, more and more of our people everyday, are arriving at the horrendous conclusion the Suicide is the only way out.

Our Children are being educated and raised for export because successive Governments have failed to provide a future for them and by extension, failed to provide a future for the whole Country.

We do not need a plethora of Politicians and Public Servants to continually remind us of their commitment to values and social practices they fail to deliver on, while espousing that we are exceptional among the community of Nations.

We simply need them to do the job they were mandated to do, with the interests of the Irish people their only priority.

But the truth is, successive Irish Governments have long since sold their integrity to the Financial Institutions.

Outspoken Citizens who dare to castigate Government for its failures are in turn castigated for having the audacity to suggest Ireland is not exceptional and in recovery.

Europe offers, on a regular basis, the mantra that Austerity has worked here in Ireland and that we are turning the corner, when in reality the progress they point to is a total fiction.

They simply choose to ignore or deny the existence of the realities of life in Ireland today.

For the rest of us who have been sacrificed on the high altar of Financial protectionism, the people who are subjected to systematic enslavement and worse, we have not forgotten!

We do not deny reality for we are living it!

Despite Government here and in Europe’s best efforts to compel is to move on and forget.

The People of Ireland do not harbour any illusions about Ireland’s political club members and their very real self-centered intentions, nor do we forget about the Odious Debt that has been woven into the fabric of Irish society now and for future generations.

What I do not understand, is why so many Irish people, despite their obvious reservations and disgust at the failures of the past eight years, still ultimately support either Fianna Fail, Fine Gael or Labour and still support the notion that these prophets and deliverers of our failed, burdened society, still have the right, never mind the ability to lead us out of this nightmare.

Is this a form of collective Stockholm Syndrome?

That’s it from me, signing off until sometime in the future, take care and god bless.

“Austerity and Evections will push people to open revolt”

By Thomas O Cléirigh


The Banks have no legal or moral right to dictate to the Irish people, the Irish government have totally lost all credibility and are no longer the legitimate government of this republic.

We the people are slaves to no one, least of all to a bunch of “Gombeens” and the cheerleaders of corrupt bankers and their pals in Europe .We have now got to make a stand and if this means open revolt so be it! Throughout this crises we have taken everything that was thrown at us as we looked on and saw the gangsters who have brought this financial meltdown upon us be rewarded,and the attempt by the collaborators within the Irish government to keep the same old system in place by passing the blame for this catastrophe and the enormous costs on to the shoulders of the ordinary downtrodden citizen whilst the elite within the political system carry on sucking us dry as they feather their own nests whilst preaching the Austerity gospel according St Angela in Berlin.

Arise noble people of Ireland and take back our country from the corrupt financial vulchers and their henchmen who infest the Dail .

Yesterday at the GPO I bore witness to the testimony of an X cocaine addict, he told the assembled 250 demonstrators he was sentenced to 3 years jail for the theft of 400 Euros worth goods whilst under the influence of the drug from a well known retailer, he rightly asked why was he put into jail when bankers have stolen billions from the people of Ireland and they were rewarded with golden handshakes of   up to 600,000 euro pensions.

This is the society our corrupt political system is maintaining and the same old gombeen politicians are also in bed with the gangsters in the Bank .the central bank governor is also a member of the boys club as are the top union bosses and our national airwaves are well under the control of the vastest interests who by hook or by crook will push us into financial slavery. They have already stolen our national independence and we are now paying interest of Euro 1,000,000,000:00 every month on Private held Bank gambling debts that we are not responsible for. This is not our debt and we should have done exactly the same thing Iceland did and arrest the previous government ministers and all directors of the various Bank directors on charges of fraud and corruption and dereliction of duty.

If the Government are now set on allowing the same toxic bankers to steal the homes of the ordinary citizen then we are on course to an all out revolution and I will be in the front line.

Kenny ,Noonan and Gilmore are  guilty of incompetence at best and treason at worst .They have broken every promise in their election manifesto and I blame them for the countless lives lost in the meantime by desperate citizens forced to take their own lives as a result of these leaches who are continuing to collaborate with faceless bondholders and hot money men in the IFSC . The system is rotten and our political system is infested with self enriching leaches out to get as much as they can for themselves.

All thrust has broken down between the people and the Government, Kenny and his band of collaborators are no longer acting in the best interest of the people of Ireland and they should all go or be pushed off the stage!


People of Ireland and fellow citizens come stand up and take back our country!

Thomas O Cléirigh

BoomBustBlog Hard Hitting, Bleeding Edge Research Results In 2nd High Level Ouster/Resignation In The UK & Euroland


By Reggie Middleton

For the past two months I have been releasing heretofore unseen documentation, proof-backed allegations and logical assertions throwing light on what I view to be gross misrepresentations, attempts at financial reporting prestidigitation and what I consider to be outright fraud in the Irish and UK banking system. BoomBustBlog has been the only source of such information and except for a few outliers, the MSM has literally refused to run stories on this.

Alas, even though mainstream editors, producers and reporters are trying to ignore what the BoomBust has done, massive shock waves have shaken loose those at the very top of the power structure. Unfortunately, much of what is going down is beyond the ken of the hoi polloi due to the taboo nature of the most important message that I convey.

Remember what happened when I initially dropped the Irish bomb on the unsuspecting Irish public? The head of the Irish Central Bank Regulatory Authority unexpectantly resigned…

full article at source:http://www.boombustblog.com/blog/item/9104-boombustblog-hard-hitting-bleeding-edge-research-results-in-2nd-high-level-ouster-resignation-in-the-uk-euroland

No to imposed debt slavery


“Governmental propaganda suggests that public opinion demand this or that decision; it provokes the will of a people, who spontaneously say nothing. But, once evoked, formed, and crystallized on a point, that will becomes the people’s will.

The government really acts on its own; it just gives the impression of obeying public opinion, after having first built that public opinion. The point is to make the masses demand of the government what the government has already decided to do.”

We have a perfect example of this propaganda Coup by the puppet Irish government as they have bamboozled their own citizens into paying off the gambling debts of bondholders .The bondholders have total control over the media, the Irish Government and the Troika, these are the tools they use to subdue us, the ordinary citizens and any decent is presented in the Irish media as marginal incompetent anarchists. It would seem the majority of our citizens have become complying robots.

Wake up citizens of Eire and take back your freedom!

Thomás O Cléirigh

Government denies facilitating Apple tax avoidance

By Simon Carswell, Suzanne Lynch

The Government has denied claims in a US senate report that Ireland’s tax regime has allowed Apple to avoid paying billions of dollars in tax.

Speaking in Brussels this morning, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore said that Ireland has a “very transparent tax regime.”

The issues raised in the US Senate report, including the claim that Apple used two Irish subsidiaries which are not tax-resident anywhere, are “not issues that arise from the Irish taxation system,” he said

“They’re issues that arise from the taxation system in other jurisdictions and that’s an issue that has to be addressed first of all in those jurisdictions.”

Mr Gilmore said that while the Government will look at the report, Ireland has a very transparent tax regime.

“Let’s be very clear about this, Ireland has a very strong, very transparent tax regime. There are problems in other jurisdictions, those problems are going to have to be addressed.

“Any loopholes have to be closed off, and we will work to have those closed off both at European Union level and through the work we are doing at the OECD.”…

full article at source:http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/technology/government-denies-facilitating-apple-tax-avoidance-1.1400752


see also :http://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/ireland/mep-paul-murphy-rips-up-property-tax-form-in-european-parliament-595072.html



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