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A new temporary “household charge” of €100 per year.Yeh! Yeh!

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By The Irish Times

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has announced a new temporary “household charge” of €100 per year.

The new tax, viewed as a forerunner to a property tax and a water charge, will be levied on the estimated 1.8 million householders in the State, potentially raising €160 million in revenue in 2012.

Commercial properties and social housing as well as charity-run and sheltered homes are among properties exempt from the tariff.

Younger people struggling to make home loan repayments, who qualify under the mortgage interest supplement scheme, can also qualify for a waiver.

The charge, which was agreed by Cabinet this morning, will be introduced in January next year, with householders given three months to pay up. Late payment penalties have been set at €10 a month.

At a briefing in Government Buildings, Mr Hogan said the new levy was an interim measure ahead of a fully property tax, based on a property valuation system, and was separate from planned water charges. The water tax is to be introduced in 2014.

The Cabinet met to agree a busy agenda before the Dáil summer recess. Among the issues discussed was the timing of the presidential election in October and which referendums will be held on the day.

Following the Fine Gael selection convention earlier this month Taoiseach Enda Kenny named October 21st as the date of the election. However, the date may pose difficulties for completing the legislation that will back the presidential election and the two referendums expected to be voted upon on the day.

There is also uncertainty as to whether the Dublin byelection can be held on the same day.

Proposals from Minister for Enterprise and Jobs Richard Bruton to reform wage-setting mechanisms were also discussed. These may involve reductions in pay and conditions for workers in catering, hospitality, cleaning and security sectors.

A decision on two of the most senior positions in the Civil Service was also due to be taken at today’s meeting. But the Government may delay the naming of the new secretary general to the Department of the Taoiseach and to the Government and that of the Department of Justice and Defence until later in the week.


The Fine Gael and Labour Party Gravy train has arrived at Dail Eireann.

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 The Fine Gael and Labour Party Gravy train has arrived at Dail Eireann.

By Donal Buckley

Freelance Journalist/Writer:


After a 30 year trip through the political wilderness (there were a few brief stops along the way) the 2011 Irish Government gravy train is now disembarking at Government Buildings.

Favours and kick backs have to be honoured by the sack full.

TDs are employing wives, brothers in law and nephews to work for them at the expense of all  citizen in this little country.

Ministers and junior ministers add two drivers each to this employment drive.

The Taoiseach requires four advisors at a cost of Euro 170,000 each per annum (plus perks).

There are thousands of citizens who are well qualified to advise the Taoiseach and the others in need of advice.

Mr Kenny only has to walk down the street and the dogs in the street know the solutions to many of our problems in this Ireland of the cute  w***e in 2011.

The advisors  can be found down at the dole office queuing for Euro180 or less per week.

Advisors can be employed for the average industrial wage immediately.

There are volunteers by the truck load who will offer to advise on an intern basis.

There is a Department overflowing with civil servants paid to advise the Government.

Is that a total of Euros 680,000 for four advisors per year and then the chauffeur driven limo at an annual cost of Euro 250,000.

This is borrowed money which Mr Kenny is lashing out to all his associates.

Borrowed money which we have to repay from ever reducing  resources , from private households, from carers, from the sick, the old, the weak and from our children.

The money squandered by Mr Kenny, Gilmore and co is our money, the citizens’ money and these people  in Government think they can splurge with impunity on their cronies, their families, brothers in law and nephews.

They require two drivers to get to work. Fine then let them pay for the drivers out of their own private funds.

The list is endless, it is difficult to quantify but the way in which these jobs are given out as favours or to family members is   corruption of the political system as it is meant to be.

Mr Kenny’s own rhetoric  decried this sort of cronyism and dishonesty during his election campaign.

Now that Mr Kenny is Taoiseach he regards the tax payers money as his own personal bank account to dish out to his Fine Gael cronies.

His rhetoric flowed like honey but the Government behaviour in its first 100 days in office is not sweet smelling.

Lest we forget there are over 446,000 registered unemployed , ( add 50,000 plus self employed who do not qualify but are out of work for years now) and no equal opportunity advertising of these jobs for the boys (and girls).

There must be at least 1000(conservative estimate) new jobs involved in this carve up.

Nowhere has the Government announced the creation of over 1000 vacancies in Government Buildings.

No pronouncements on equal opportunities for all citizens, especially for those on the dole queues and over qualified for each and every job in Dail Eireann.

Take an example of one unemployed secretary with a family of four, paid a pittance by the Social welfare because the other partner is earning some income.

There are 165(+) secretarial jobs now being filled in Dail Eireann at an average wage of  Euro 42000 per annum.

TDs with their bloated salaries are permitted to block the recruitment of such an unemployed person and instead give his/her own family the extra Euro 42,000.

Mr Kenny TD, Taoiseach, come out from under whatever  hideaway  you have found and please explain.

List of public sector salaries

List of public sector salaries shows the extent of Enda Kenny’s challenge to impose wage ceilings


“Government has to deliver better value in order to reduce the deficit, avoid job-destroying tax increases and protect frontline services. As part of this reform Fine Gael will… introduce a salary cap of €200,000 for everyone”

Fine Gael’s “5 Point Plan to Get Ireland Working

There was something a little surreal in reading the Department briefing notes handed to the incoming Minister of Finance, Michael Noonan and which were published by the Department of Finance last Thursday evening. The first note came from the Department of Finance’s Secretary General, Kevin Cardiff, a highly experienced civil servant who has been present at many of the nation’s crisis-points in the last three years including that ill-fated meeting at Government Buildings on the night of 28th September, 2008 which gave rise to the guarantee and you may remember seeing him alongside then-Taoiseach Brian Cowen and former Minister Lenihan at the announcement of the IMF/EU bailout last November, 2010. Michael Noonan too has been around for a long time and at 68 years of age next month faces one of the greatest challenges in his career as he tries to restore the nation’s finances. Michael is Kevin’s boss and is likely to be for the next five years. Michael earns €169,275 a year and Kevin, who works for him, is reported to earn €228,446 – 35% more. Surreal.

The same briefing continues to be surreal by stressing that one of the four overarching objectives of policy should be to deliver “improvements in competitiveness and reforms to improve competition and reduce costs” and “further reductions in expenditures will be required and achieving these will require firm control of pay”. Surreal.

Page 190 of the main briefing document deals with the issue of public sector pay above €250,000 – not €200,000 as in Fine Gael’s “5 Point Plan to Get Ireland Working” and sets out some public servants whose pay is in excess of €250,000. The briefing goes on to say “a ceiling on salaries would have the greatest effect in the commercial State-sponsored bodies”. Former Minister for Finance Lenihan said in his Budget 2011 speech on 7th December, 2010 “while there are issues about the contractual position of incumbent post holders, I think the position of the Minister for Finance as a shareholder or statutory stakeholder in these companies can be used to enforce the objective of the maximum salary within a reasonable timeframe.”

Now in fairness to Taoiseach Kenny, one of the first reforms he effected as Taoiseach was the reduction of his salary by 7% from €214,000 to €200,000. And he reduced the Tanaiste’s, ministers’ and ministers’ of state accordingly. But what about existing contracts which provide for salaries in excess of €200,000? “private contracts” might be the defence, but is that the case any more?

Last Monday night on RTE’s Frontline programme, Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Alan Shatter referred us to Article 43 of the Irish Constitution in the context of unilaterally changing private commercial lease agreements. That Article includes the following

43.2.2 The State, accordingly, may as occasion requires delimit by law the exercise of the said rights with a view to reconciling their exercise with the exigencies of the common good.

And indeed there are other instances of the “common good” occurring in our Constitution – Article 6, which is an overarching Article, for example says

All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the State and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy, according to the requirements of the common good.

So if the justice minister says that the State can interfere with commercial lease agreements in the “common good” then presumably the State can interfere with private employment contracts and change terms including remuneration. That being the case, then what obstacle lies in the way of delivering the Fine Gael “5 Point Plan to Get Ireland Working” pledge to cap public sector salaries at €200,000?


The First this I notice is that the Head of the Government is the lowest paid public servant on this list: These salaries are outrageous and if Enda Kenny wants to keep support for this Government he should immediately slash these lottery salaries .There is no justification in paying out such salaries when the country is in the financial meltdown it is in and with the savage cuts in essential services this action is morally justified .Before going off the Europe we need to cut our cloth according to our means !

This makes me feel sick !

Out of this World Minsters and TD’s

Nama to seek pay cuts


The National Asset Management Agency (Nama) has said it is not setting a cap on developers’ pay but will force large pay cuts across their companies as it seeks reductions of up to 75 per cent in the cost of running their businesses. 

The agency, which was set up by the Government to take the most toxic loans out of the banks, is aiming to approve business plans submitted by the 30 biggest borrowers by the end of next month.

According to the plans, developers must provide details of how they plan to reduce overheads, including pay, by between 50 per cent and 75 per cent of what they were at the peak of the booming property market.

Nama said the banks had allowed developers to grow their businesses to “unsustainable and unrealistic levels of overheads”.

“We are not getting into what individuals should be paid,” said a spokesman for the agency. “But it is inevitable that there will be very significant pay reductions for executives working in the businesses if their overheads are reduced by up to 75 per cent.”

Developers who assist Nama can hold on to their family homes if they can afford to do so on their reduced pay, as the agency will not call on personal guarantees on loans while they are co-operating. However, Nama will force developers to sell overseas houses and holiday homes to repay loans.

Weekend newspaper reports suggested that some of the 10 most heavily indebted developers may pay themselves salaries of up to €200,000 a year under their business plans. Nama would not comment on specific salaries, saying the division of an overall pay bill approved by Nama under a business plan was a matter for developers.

Speaking on RTÉ radio yesterday, Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said the scale of salaries might not seem right to the public but the developers would not be let off the hook.

If Nama wanted co-operation from developers to finish building projects in order to ensure a return for the taxpayer, then it had to take pragmatic decisions, said Mr Ahern.

“Ultimately, there will be excessive pain for these people one way or the other – either it is bankruptcy or they co-operate with Nama,” added the Minister.

The agency has a first legal charge over their assets so developers will “potentially lose their family homes and all the assets that they have”, said Mr Ahern. “There will be an awful lot of pain meted out to these people who took out excessive loans, and because of the burst they’re not worth what they used to be.”

The agency said it intended to work with developers who co-operated in selling assets and completing projects with a view to repaying loans and helping Nama to recover the highest amount for the taxpayer.

Where developers do not co-operate the agency will take enforcement action, he said, adding it was working on about 12 potential cases to bring developers to court or take control of their businesses.

Nama said it would judge whether it was better value to install an insolvency expert to run their business if a developer’s business plan was too costly. The spokesman for Nama said the agency was “astounded” that insolvency professionals had asked for up to €800 an hour for a 500-hour assignment – a fee of €400,000 for one job – in a competitive tender for contract work with the agency.

Nama will only hire at the lower end of the range offered, from €180 an hour, the spokesman said.

Some €27 billion in loans owing by the 32 most indebted developers has been acquired by Nama in the first two tranches of loan transfers to the State agency.

Nama is buying €74 billion in loans linked to 840 borrowers from five participating lenders. The agency is paying about €40 billion for the loans, which is creating massive losses at the institutions, forcing the Government to inject capital and to effectively nationalise four of the five lenders.

Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has said all loans will be moved to Nama by the end of the year after he approved the fast-tracking of the transfers to remove uncertainty around the process.

Comment :

The Governments fast track approach to consigning developer’s loans to NAMA with super speed expedience is nothing short gross negligence.

This is giving the Toxic Banks a unbelievable opportunity to off load otherwise worthless toxic assets  

Then we here that these same developers can now stay in their stately homes thanks to a deal worked out by the new gangsters in NAMA and that they will also receive a salary of up to 200,000:00 Euros and this when the Fianna Fail & Green Government will tell the people of Ireland that they must take 15,000,000,000:00 out of the economy to safeguard Jobs and growth in the same economy.

For God sake how is taking 15,000,000,000 billion out of the economy going to help grow the economy? Cuts are needed but we are  not going to get them where they are needed  namely in the hugue saleries paid to the top directors in semi state bodies ,mMinsters,TD’s and Top civil servents   Are they even livening in the same country that I am struggling to live in?

The one minster we have in Wicklow was “busy” been fated in the Marriott Hotel in Druids Glen last Thursday

source Wicklow Times

while the rest of us are bewildered by the latest display of the pampered out of touch brigade in Government arriving in their plush Merks at Government Buildings .


None of these seem to be worried that they could be on the dole queues anytime soon in written all over their faces.

If you do anything good in your life promise yourself that you will not vote for any one of these Leaches ever again

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