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Turkey Set To Block YouTube Momentarily, After Google Refuses To Yank Clips Exposing Prime Minister

As was reported earlier, the Turkish premier, embroiled in what increasingly appears a career terminating corruption and embezzlement scandal (it is not exactly clear yet just how involved the CIA is in this particular upcoming government overthrow), blocked Turkey’s access to Twitter last night, hours after vowing to “destroy twitter.” The idiocy of this escalation against dissemination of information in the internet age needs no comment. Well maybe one. This is what we said in our post from this morning: “since Turkey will certainly not stop at just Twitter, here is what is coming next: “Last week, Erdogan said the country could also block Facebook and YouTube.” It now appears that at least half of this threat is about to materialize because moments ago Google just announced that it would not remove a previously uploaded video, one in which Erdogan tells his son to hide money from investigators (one which can be seen here), and which Erdogan demanded be pulled from Google (seemingly unaware that by doing so he simply made sure that everyonesaw it). This means that within days, if not hours, Turkey will likely block Google-owned YouTube, if not Google itself……………………

full article at source: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-03-21/turkey-set-block-youtube-momentarily-following-google-refusal-yank-clips-exposing-pr


Public Appeal Aimee Foley and her Mom

By Thomás Aengus O Cléirigh


This Minister is a puppet in the hands of hidden money men! These faceless unelected money men are the true rulers’ of Ireland now. We are all financial slaves and we the ordinary people are nothing more to the sell-outs ruling our country now. Billions have been lost in bank bailouts and I belive 10 billion more  is now needed again to keep the corrupt and bankrupt Banks of Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland afloat. The Government hasn’t got these funds and so I expect they will do a Cyprus job on the unsuspecting depositors of these Banks before March next year!

Pouring billions down black holes in the corrupt banks and giving billions in tax breaks to corporations like Google and Apple and a whole load of Hot Money institutions down at the IFSC in Dublin docklands is the only game in town .  Recent figures from the central bank show that 2.75trillion Euros was  sloshing around in “managed funds “ down there and not one red cent was being paid to the Irish state in taxes for providing a safe haven for such hot funds.! Another name for this is “money laundering”! At the same time, we the ordinary people will have to endure another smash and grab from the government in the next budget on the health services to pay the interest on gambling debts from the gangsters in the banks and the hidden corrupt banks in the IFSC Money laundering centre. Headed by John Burton Chairman of IFSC Ireland and former Taoiseach!

It is appalling that a Mother and Daughter have to adapt measures such as this to call on the Minister to provide  the necessary services to give this woman a chance for life.

The funds have been stolen to bail out the minister’s real masters “ The faceless moneymen” and our country will continue to be sucked dry until the people of Ireland wake up and turf these puppets and liars out of the Dial and put in real people committed to providing community services and health services for all our people!

Best of luck Aimee.

Google pays €17m tax on €15.5bn revenue

By Mark Paul

Google’s Irish-based operation increased its revenue in 2012 by almost a quarter to €15.5 billion, according to accounts filed over the weekend.

But, after charging “administrative expenses” of almost €11 billion, which includes royalties paid to other Google entities abroad, Google Ireland paid just €17 million in corporation tax last year.

The company, which at year end employed 2,200 staff at its European, Middle East and Africa (Emea) headquarters on Barrow Street in Dublin, boosted its gross profit by 22 per cent to more than €11 billion. Its administrative expenses also jumped by €2 billion, however, wiping out most of the gains in operating profit.

full article at source: http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/technology/google-pays-17m-tax-on-15-5bn-revenue-1.1544187

Digital platform shows all that PRISM knows about you


Are you curious to see how PRISM gathers all that information about millions of e-mails sent every day?

An MIT’s application, called Immersion, visualizes how the data is being stored and categorized according to the relationship within the data itself.

National Journal’s technology writer Brian Fung reported that Google’s information is available with the use of Immersion, on government request.

Then, Immersion goes through your Gmail account and reports all the data collected using effective visualization tools.

It displays the results as a sort of bubble chart showing who you trade email with the most. Also, it highlights the relationship between those people.

If you want, you can try it yourselves. Just click on Immersion.

First, you will get preliminary results and then more details as the data is analyzed further. This information is available for Google as the company searches for keywords within your email.

full article at source: http://www.euronews.com/2013/07/09/digital-platform-shows-all-that-prism-knows-about-you/

Autopsy Of A Dead Market: The Google Flash-Crash


Still chasing US equities up and down each  day? Buying-and-holding large caps for their ‘safety’? Reassured that  money-on-the-sidelines will take us higher? Waiting for the Great  Rotation? Perhaps the following post-mortem from Nanex on today’s flash crash in the stock not of some microcap but of nearly $300 billion market cap behemoth Google, will reduce just a little of the fervor over what so many call the stock ‘market’ and its ‘free’ and ‘efficient’ nature.

This was no ‘fat finger’ as we are supposedly reassured by the media; but as BusinessWeek notes on trader’s comments:

“Funny how two years ago this would have been a big issue. Now the market has almost become complacent of these errors.”

Via Nanex,

On April 22, 2013 at 9:37:11.500 (ET), Google Flash Crashed. The  price dropped from $796 to $775 in about 3/4 of a second, then rebounded to $793 a second later. The drop invovled 307 trades and 57,255 shares  from 10 exchanges + dark pools. During the drop, there were 5 orders  placed for every trade executed (meaning 4 orders placed/canceled for  every trade).

See charts of HES later the same morning which was likely from a fat finger (Google crash probably not from a fat finger)

  Full article here: http://www.nanex.net/aqck2/4171.html


Google pays just €8m tax here by routing €9bn profits abroad

 Sent into to us to day

Thought this item might be of interest …..

Google pays just €8m tax here by routing €9bn profits abroad


By John Mulligan Irish Independent

Saturday October 06 2012

IT handles billions of searches every day, but internet giant Googleis still keeping its Irish tax bill in the low millions thanks to a sun-kissed island that’s a honeymoon favourite.

Google, which has its European base in Dublin, said yesterday that its Irish operation generated a whopping €12.5bn in revenue last year and gross profit of €9bn. Despite this, Google only paid just over €8m to the Revenue Commissioners here.

Google keeps a lid on its Irish tax bill by routing much of the profit from its Irish subsidiary via Holland to Bermuda.

The process is reckoned to have saved the internet search goliath billions of dollars and euros in taxes over the past number of years.

Other multinationals based in countries around the world use similar schemes to pare their tax exposure to the bone.

The Google scheme is completely legal thanks to international taxation agreements, but it’s the kind of efficient financial engineering that gets right up the nose of politicians such as US President Barack Obama.

The accounts for Google Ireland released yesterday also reveal that while the company generated a gross profit of just over €9bn in 2011, it racked up administrative expenses totalling almost the same amount.

That meant it made a pre-tax profit of just €24.3m which left the company with a €8m Irish corporation tax bill.

Google Ireland — which employs 2,500 people here — said the rise in administrative expenses was due to the higher headcount necessary to support the growth of the business, higher marketing costs and more royalties.

Those royalties — considered an expense and so not taxable for Google Ireland — are siphoned off to another Google company based in Ireland, whose management team are ostensibly based in Bermuda.

In a book published this year called ‘Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google’, author William Poundstone outlined some fiendish interviews and puzzles prospective Google techies are faced with.

It would appear that the company’s tax executives have to be just as clever as Google’s engineers.

The latest set of accounts for the Irish arm also confirm that it paid €227m to buy the three buildings that comprise its headquarters on Dublin’s Barrow Street.

The head of Google’s operations in Ireland, John Herlihy, said 2011 was a period of “sustained growth” for the business.

“We continue to reap the rewards of the growth in the digital economy,” he said.

– John Mulligan

Irish Independent

Irish Economy 2012: Exports body names Google, Ireland’s top exporter — for believers in fairytales?

By Finfacts Team

Irish Economy 2012: The Irish Exporters
 (IEA) today launched its annual publication, the ‘Top 250
Exporting Companies in Ireland.’  Internet giant Google has been named as
Ireland’s largest exporter with export turnover
having increased by 55% from €6.5bn in last year’s listing to €10.1bn in
the current year (from the 2010 accounts).  The IEA says the Irish operation is
now Google’s largest outside of the US, and employs staff from 40 different
countries. However, the UK is Google’s biggest overseas market and advertising
generated there, as well as in other countries, is booked in Ireland for tax
purposes. Google UK has a payroll of about 1,000 servicing customers in its
market and it reported a loss in 2010. The IEA says: ‘Ireland’s position as a
global services export hub is boosted by internet companies,’ but this is the realm of fairytales. The outsize data dictated by tax strategies of
companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and so on, does not even provide an
additional  tax benefit for Ireland.

full article at source: http://www.finfacts.ie/irishfinancenews/article_1024613.shtml

Comment :

Another example of fairy tales on the Irish economic growth !When we see multi corporate companies paying their share of taxes we might then get some extra cash to fund our public services .Apparently Google doesnt like paying taxes to anybody including the Irish Government. (see link below)

Facebook IPO Is Bubble Redux?

By Staff report

A global frenzy buzzes now like so many angry bumblebees. At any moment, a company started in a dormitory just eight years ago will sell promoted common shares to the investing public and become the hottest technology diva ever. Unusual animal movements have preceded extraordinary natural disasters—might they also mark onset of man-made financial mayhem? Hundreds of millions of us like using Facebook. At first blush the features and benefits seem a compelling bargain. But as far as investors in this offering are concerned, are valuation levels for Facebook’s Class A common shares supported by realistic hope or by artful hype? – Washington Times

Dominant Social Theme: Now that Facebook is worth US$ 100 billion, where’s the next hot deal?

Free-Market Analysis: Frankly, we’ve been surprised by the lack of articles doubting Facebook’s US$ 100 billion valuation.

This article in the Washington Times, written yesterday, is about the closest we could come, recently, in the mainstream media.

We’ve been frank about our perception of what Facebook is – a creation in part of American Intel, which evidently and obviously has a stake in utilizing the data that Facebook “mines.”

For this reason we have described Facebook as lacking a business model, which is odd for a company that was just valued at US$ 100 billion.

Where is this business model?

Google provides a service – a search algorithm. Microsoft provides computer software.  Apple provides innovative and beautiful software.

We had the same nagging skepticism when it came to Yahoo. One day, not so long ago, we realized that whatever Yahoo had been, it wasn’t that now. We couldn’t define, in fact ,what Yahoo was – and others seem to feel the same way. Yahoo is on a long skid down.

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/3902/Facebook-IPO-Is-Bubble-Redux

Comment :

Personally I would wait for the dust to settle and then short this obvious vastly overpriced stock. Anybody investing in this Tripe should have their heads examined .

I’m Being Followed:

This morning, if you opened your browser and went to NYTimes.com, an amazing thing happened in the milliseconds between your click and when the news about North Korea and James Murdoch appeared on your screen. Data from this single visit was sent to 10 different companies, including Microsoft and Google subsidiaries, a gaggle of traffic-logging sites, and other, smaller ad firms. Nearly instantaneously, these companies can log your visit, place ads tailored for your eyes specifically, and add to the ever-growing online file about you.

There’s nothing necessarily sinister about this subterranean data  exchange: this is, after all, the advertising ecosystem that supports  free online content. All the data lets advertisers tune their ads, and the rest of the information logging lets them measure how well things are actually working. And I do not mean to pick on The New York Times. While visiting the Huffington Post or The Atlantic or Business Insider, the same process happens to a greater or lesser degree. Every move you make on the Internet is worth some tiny amount to someone, and a panoply of companies want to make sure that no step along your Internet journey goes unmonetized.

Even if you’re generally familiar with the idea of data collection for targeted advertising, the number and variety of these data collectors will probably astonish you. Allow me to introduce the list of companies that tracked my movements on the Internet in one recent 36-hour period of standard web surfing: Acerno. Adara Media. Adblade. Adbrite. ADC Onion. Adchemy. ADiFY. AdMeld. Adtech. Aggregate Knowledge. AlmondNet. Aperture. AppNexus. Atlas. Audience Science

full article at source:http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/02/im-being-followed-how-google-151-and-104-other-companies-151-are-tracking-me-on-the-web/253758/

Yes, tax the Super Rich. Tax them now.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Yes, tax the Super Rich. Tax them now. Before the other 99% rise up, trigger a new American Revolution, a meltdown and the Great Depression 2. Revolutions build over long periods — to critical mass, a flash point. Then they ignite suddenly, unpredictably. Like Egypt, started on a young Google executive’s Facebook page. Then it goes viral, raging uncontrollably. Can’t be stopped. Here in America the set-up is our nation’s pervasive “Super-Rich Delusion.” U.K. workers protest turns violentA splinter group is blamed for smashing windows and attacking police vans as tens of thousands march against government cuts. We know the Super Rich don’t care. Not about you. Nor the American public. They can’t see. Can’t hear. Stay trapped in their Forbes-400 bubble.

read the rest of this article at source :http://www.marketwatch.com/story/tax-the-super-rich-now-or-face-a-revolution-2011-03-29

This call would never be considered here in Ireland .But we will get to this stage a lot sooner if the government continue to pour the rest of our national wealth down the toxic toilets that are our banks .

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