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Global Sovereign Credit Risk Report


Thanks to CMA

about CMA

In late 2001 a group of credit specialists decided to improve the way that business was conducted in the OTC credit markets. Frustrated by the vast, disorganised flow of information and lack of transparency, they set up CMA to deliver innovative solutions.

CMA was first to:

  • Enable traders to view, organize and store the quotes that they receive in real-time, regardless of format (CMA QuoteVision).
  • Provide a new methodology for independent CDS price verification, enabling organizations to have a true market view and more accurately evaluate their end-of-day positions (CMA DataVision).

CMA organises and structures CDS and bond quotes and valuation data to enable credit market professionals to make sense of the data that surrounds them.

for more information on CMA  link www.cmavision.com

I came across this global sovereign credit risk report (4th quarter,2009)


 And though some of our readers might like to compare it with the 1st quarter 2010


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