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Ryanair and actor Gérard Depardieu’s recent mess

Ryanair has been quick to rub Air France’s nose in actor Gérard  Depardieu’s recent mess –  its latest website sales banner suggests that now  even the passengers “pisse” on its competition.

priceless !

Ryanair is clearly grateful  to Depardieu for an  unmissable moment (Screen capture:  Le Post)

(Read more online  French News here)

Known for its brash marketing approach –  it refers to  its aircraft as flying buses and once suggested offering standing-room-only  tickets —  the aggressive Irish-based, low-cost airline was clearly flushed with  delight at reports that an apparently inebriated and overloaded Depardieu had  flooded the galley floor of a City Jet Paris-Dublin flight.

The incident occurred because, in line with flight safety regulations, staff  on the AF 5010 which was carrying 127 passengers, declined to let him use the  toilets in the minutes before takeoff. Bursting to go, Depardieu was said by one  account, to have headed into the galley with a plastic bottle, where he  proceeded to miss his target.

The Air France low-cost subsidiary made light of the matter   in this tweet even though the incident meant the plane which aborted takeoff  and returned to the terminal was delayed two hours for a mop-up.

Read more: http://french-news-online.com/wordpress/?p=6992#ixzz1WWW34VFg

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