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the Upcoming Seed Event and Why People Need to Think for Themselves to Avoid a Replay of the 1930s

By Daily Bell:

Let’s jump right in and ask you to comment on the Seed Event taking place on Saturday, October 13, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Seedevent.org). Tell us about it. How are you directly involved?

Gerald Celente: The Seed people contacted me after hearing my interviews from various other media.  The Seed Event is very different from most of the presentations that I give.  What is interesting is this is the kind of audience I relate to genuinely. The first book I ever worked on was called Natural Healing, back in 1986.  I also have an honorary doctorate in complimentary medicine from the National University of Health Sciences.

Daily Bell: You identify with the audience?

Gerald Celente: The Seed Event to me is the closest to the ideal type of group that I like to speak with because, by definition, people who attend are people with open minds.  My motto at the Trends Research Institute and the Trend Journal is “Think for yourself.” That was passed on to me by my father.

So going back to the upcoming Seed Event, it’s a learning experience. You go there with an open mind, wanting to obtain information that is going to improve your life, rather than going to an event so you can hear people reinforce your ideologies and reinforce what you already know. I was very much involved in the first “New Age” movement, which began in the ’70s, that went through to the mid-’90s.  I lived in Reinbeck, where the Omega Institute is located. I began meditating back in the early ’80s and took Tai Chi and practiced close combat for 25 years.  So I have broad interests in areas of New Age Philosophy.

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/4197/Anthony-Wile-Gerald-Celente-on-the-Upcoming-Seeds-Event-and-Why-People-Need-to-Think-for-Themselves-to-Avoid-a-Replay-of-the-1930s

Gerald Celente:takls to the daily bell

Gerald Celente: My background is such that after graduate school and I got my Masters in Public Administration, I started running political campaigns in Westchester County in New York, which is a very affluent area. I was very successful at it so they sent me up to Albany, where I became the assistant to the secretary of the New York State Senate; Albany, of course, is the capital of New York State.  It was there that I really started learning about the political game.  It was probably the worst job I ever had because it was watching grown men suck up and bow down all day to get to the top.

So from there I taught at St. John’s University and it was the nation’s first course in American politics and campaign technology – how to run a political campaign.  From there I moved to Chicago and was a government affairs specialist for the chemical industry.  I used to put together, when they were just being formed, political action committees.  So I would hire the people, do the work to get legislation overturned or get different legislation passed.  So I have been around the political scene long enough to have a good feel of it.

full article at source: http://www.thedailybell.com/3526/Staff-Report-Celente-Interview

Keiser Report: Victims of Banking Terrorists 225


Gold : is your only man Gerald Celente

The U.S. jobs data, released on Friday, showed that the U.S. economy had added no jobs at all in August, a hugely disappointing figure that renewed worries that the economy may be heading for a recession.

Wall Street reacted with a decline of 2.2 percent on the Dow Jones industrial average and a 2.5 percent fall on the Standard & Poor’s 500. The benchmark indexes in several leading European markets slumped more than 3 percent Friday.

The stock markets in Asia followed suit on Monday, with falls of more than 2 percent in many leading indexes.

Gerald Celente: ‘S&P downgrade is an Archduke Ferdinand moment’

Here in Ireland, there is no doubt the bailout of the Irish
big banks was a disaster. The gangsters in Government to-day and  in the banks should
be shot! They are traitors and have sold our people into  financial slavery

Gerald Celente: ‘IMF – International Mafia Federation’

All wars are based on deception

sent in today

A very heated interview between trends master Gerald Celente and the Al Jazeera chief correspondent in Washington Abderrahim Foukara about the war in Libya , should we interfere in this inter Libyan conflict or should we just leave it to the so called Arab league , and if we have to interfere in Libya to save civilians from the dictator Ghaddafi then why not Yemen Sudan Ivory Cost Bahrain etc…is it because of Oil , knowing that Libya has one of the best Crude Oil‘s in the market , is it about freedom and liberty or is it about the bottom line as Gerald Celente calls it : OIL and control of the resources , had the major export of Libya been broccoli would have we been there fighting this war ??? what’s in it for the American people , we can’t fix Detroit we are broke and yet we are worldwide spreading democracy , do we have enough democracy in this country to export or should we import democracy

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