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The Peoples Convention

Diarmaid O Cadhla diarmaid.ocadhla@cppc.ie

Dear friend,

Attached is a .PDF copy of a statement issued on my behalf by The Peoples Convention.

The statement is important because it is an attempt to expose the role of the party system in our democracy as against the right of citizens.

We have highlighted the fact that there is no mention in Bunreacht na hÉireann of “party”.  Article 16.2.1 states that the Dáil should be composed of people who “represent constituencies”, it does not provide for anyone to represent either themselves individually or any party.

This presupposes that TD’s should seek mandate from their constituencies on all issues, it also presupposes that private clubs should not be allowed to usurp either the selection or election process, and they should not be given state funding or preferential status.

To highlight this issue, I have refused to complete the Statutory Declarations required by the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) legislation, something required by my involvement in the General Election (2011).

Either the SIPO legislation means something or it is a sham as declared … if it means anything then I should be prosecuted – and we get to debate this question in open court.

You can assist in this matter by publicising this issue, via social network links, forwarding this email, discussing with your friends or in any organisations you have involvement with.

Please contact me if any clarification is required or if you can help in any way,

Is mise,

Diarmaid Ó Cadhla :

2012-04-02 Press Release on SIPO

Website: An Chomhdháil Phobail | The Peoples Convention Follow CPPC_IE on Twitter LIKE the page on Facebook

PS Please note dates for Constituency based meetings:

Lucan, Co. Dubin Wed. 18th April and Blackrock, Cork on Wed. 25th April.

The Health Information and Quality Authority (New job help impose cutbacks)

The Health Information and Quality Authority says it did not recommend
the closure of the Emergency Department at Roscommon, which ceased operations
on Monday.

HIQA says it simply made recommendations on how to improve the quality
and safety of services for patients in smaller hospitals across the country.

It has also published the timeline of reports on regional hospitals,
which had recommended “changes” at Roscommon.

It shows that the two reports were published long before Taoiseach Enda
Kenny promised to retain the Emergency Department at Roscommon, just weeks
before the General Election in February of this year.

The Government says it was forced to row back on its pre-election
promises because of new information from HIQA which deemed the hospital to be

Fianna Fail TD and the party’s spokesperson on Health Billy Kelleher
says the Government and the Health Minister have been caught out.

Source: http://www.newstalk.ie/2011/news/4government-caught-out-over-roscommon45/



Here we have government ministers jumping on an excuse to close about 12
country /small hospitals and blame the health and safety concerns .(great if you
can get away with it but they were caught out and the public aren’t swallowing
their spin .Taking away the A7E services from any hospital is downright criminal and it is surprising to see how many TD’s supported this measure!

Varadkar: We may need second bailout


Sunday, May 29, 2011 – 11:58 AM


According to the Examiner.ie .Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has warned that Ireland may need another bailout. He is the first minister to make that admission.

Minister Varadkar said it was unlikely that Ireland would be able to raise money from the international bond markets next year as originally planned.

In an article published in the Sunday Times today, Minister Varadkar said we might be able to return to the markets “some time” in 2013.

That “would mean a second programme (would be required),” he said, “either an extension of the existing programme, or a second programme. I think that would generally be most people’s view.”

Former head of Libertas Declan Ganley said it had been obvious since before the General Election that a second bailout would be necessary.

“This is the cost of not purging the insolvency from our economy,” he said. “Ireland can pull out of this…but we have to get rid of the insolvency of the bank debt that has been left hanging over us because otherwise, of course we can’t revisit the markets.

“Government policy today says we should carry this millstone of bank debt around us…Who’s going to lend money to us in that case

Read more: http://www.examiner.ie/breakingnews/ireland/varadkar-we-may-need-second-bailout-506852.html#ixzz1NlVEVRSi


Just last week MR. Edna Kenny Stated in the Dail that there will be no need for Ireland to renegotiate its EU /IMF Bailout loans .There is no need for new loans and there is no need to extend the time we received to pay these loans back .I said then and I say again this is cloud chookoo land this man is living on .We then hear today not even a week gone by when the Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar comes out with this .You couldn’t write this stuff lads. Let this be yet again another warning the sh** is about to hit the fan and it’s all coming our way! The boys are getting ready to sell off anything that isn’t tied down, and I mean everything and anything!  

The beleaguered Green Party

posted on Sunday 27.03.2011

On Saturday the 26th Around 300 members of the beleaguered Green Party  met to discuss its future.

The gathering in Dublin was the first such event since the party’s disastrous showing in the General Election, when the former coalition government partner lost all six TDs.

It also came in the wake of party leader John Gormley’s announcement that he would be standing down.

The meeting, called Re-Gather and Refocus, was organised by grassroots members with the support of the leadership.

During the event, members put forward their ideas on how to revive the party’s flagging fortunes.

But the issue of who will succeed Mr Gormley was apparently not on the table.


I am amazed that they would be so calm with the leadership the party is ruined and they have destroyed any chance of a return to government  in my lifetime .Gormely  can afford to just wander off into the sunset with his massive pension and leave the country in the mess it is in .

The party deserves to be wound up and the leadership deserve to be put in jail.

As for the remaining membership they should emigrate they will not be missed!

“Motley Crew Collection” (Roisin Shortall)


I was last night looking at a program  on RTE 1 ,the panel was made up of various political parties, I was immediately struck of the aggressive language coming from Labor and Fine Gael towards the Independents putting themselves forward for General Election. The description from Roisin Shortall Td of “Rag bag” Independents and “Motley Crew Collection” of Independents is simply outrageous and insulting for all those citizens that have and will vote for Independents.

Her statement that TD’s of the established political parties “Did their time serving in the dail” sounded like that these (Rag Bag’s were inviting themselves to a party and nobody else wanted them there )“As one of these Rag Bags Independents or one of the Motley Crew Collection I do not want to serve my time in the Dail and grow old and corrupt and collect an enormous pension at the end of a career of milking the taxpayers of this country. No, I want to bring about the changes stopping this abuse from the some of the very TD’s who “Did their time serving in the dail

Independents have to go through enormous personal costs and every penny is coming from their own pockets, not one cent comes from the taxpayers of this country .People who stand as independents have to be some of the most patriotic citizens of this country and Mrs.Shortall’s outburst describing them as Rag Bags is a sheer display of arrogance. It is because of this arrogance and aloofness the country political masters have lost touch with ordinary people .We desperately needs independent patriots to stand against these political dinosaurs and bring Irish politics into the modern age of total accountability .

The Dail is the people’s parliament and not the private club house for the political elite of all the established political parties.

Thomas Clarke

Greens Call for a General Election in January


Green Party Leader John Gormley has said a date for a General Election needs to be set for the New Year.

He said the election must take place in the second half of January.

Mr Gormley said people felt misled and betrayed and he said three things need to be done: produce a credible four-year plan, deliver a Budget for 2011, secure funding support from the EU and IMF.

The Minister for the Environment said the Government must fulfil these functions but political stability is needed.

He said he has informed the Taoiseach of the party’s announcement and said the Green Party and its members have been disappointed, adding that there is major disquiet in the party.

He said he spoke with the Taoiseach this morning about the issue.



Well well what have we here the Green rats are jumping ship having eaten all that was to eat, they have spread destruction and mayhem, they now try to present themselves as rats with morals against their current king rats (Fianna Fail) that have brought the black death to Irelands financial Independence may god forgive them for their betrayal hopefully the Irish people won’t!  



At long last, the IRISH PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS are waking up from their long long slumber (self imposed)

We are now treated to wild howls of “shame on you”,”no never “and the ultimate “We will strike”

Normally this would be a welcome development but, for the obvious self interest that is being served here and I predict that the general public is not and will not support this exercise on self preservation

The general public are not as clueless as the Unions might otherwise think there are!

Firstly we can see the obvious discrepancies between the public and the private sectors,

Along with 200,000 other misfortunate’s, I have lost my pension, and Business and the prospects are not good going forward,

A job in the Public service would now be considered a lottery win by me and the other 500,000 unemployed

The gravy train in the public service as well in the Dail must be brought back to the levels that a small country on the peripheral of Europe must be done ASAP

The reawakened Unions concerns for the vunrable in our society is to be view with a grain of salt

Where were they when the Greens helped to sell us all in to financial slavery?

If they came out to defend the population from this obvious rip off of the ordinary people then they might get some support,

What about the corrupt bankers that is still in their big glass palaces in the IFSC and at AIB HQ and BOI HQ??? And the casino that is ANGLO IRISH BANK

The public still has not seen any of these Crooks from the financial institutions or corrupt politician being exposed and brought to the courts

These are the issues that concern the general public not Fat union bosses keeping their own plum jobs and perks

What pain are these union bosses taking???

The Public unions must wake up to reality and come down to the planet the rest of us are trying to live on

On this one I am with the hated Government side we must cut our cloth to meet our measure and if the unions are serious then they should call a general strike and let me and the millions of other citizens have our say through the ballot box






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